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03 February, 2023, 03:31:44 am
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TIA movelists

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Author Topic: TIA movelists  (Read 2293 times)
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« on: 27 January, 2010, 05:27:15 pm »


Costume 1: Normal appearance.
Costume 2: Plumber overalls.
Costume 3: Strikers Charged armour.
Costume 4: Green shirt, blue overalls.
Costume 5: Yellow shirt, purple overalls.

Dark Waluigi: Waluigi assumes his Dark form, gaining a 10 % increase in attack and defensive power.

Special Attacks:
Liar Ball: Waluigi rears back and throws a ball of purple energy. Similar to Kid Gohan's Masendan from Infinite World, only purple.
Sparky Sticker: Waluigi places a sticker on the ground; if the opponent steps on it, they are electrocuted and temporarily immobilised.
Waluigi Punch: Waluigi enshrouds his fist in purple energy and rushes forward. Similar to Vegeta's Shining Rage Attack from Infinite World, only purple.
Vineyard Crush: Waluigi places his hand on the ground and summons a group of vines to grip the opponent. If caught, Waluigi makes a motion and the vines crush the opponent.
Liar Bomb: Waluigi throws a larger Liar Ball, with a more condensed core. Similar to Broly's Blaster Shell from the Budokai series. Replaces Liar Ball whilst in Dark form.

Ultimate Attacks:
Let's Go, Petey!: Cinematic Ultimate. Waluigi kicks the opponent into the air, then flip kicks them to the ground. Waluigi whistles, and the opponent looks up in surprise as Petey Piranha rams into them headfirst, then spinning into them, using his leaves like blades. If Waluigi wins the power struggle, Petey will then summon five regular Piranha Plants to hold the opponent in place while he bodyslams them. If the opponent wins, Waluigi leaps over Petey and kicks them in the chin.
Stark Reality: Cinematic Ultimate. Waluigi punches the opponent back, then his eyes flash purple as everything gains a purple tint. Waluigi disippates into smoke, then grabs the opponent from behind and gut punches them. He kicks them away, into a giant purple Piranha Plant. If Waluigi wins the power struggle, the opponent escapes the Piranha Plant, only to run into Waluigi who forces a Bob-omb into their mouth, which promptly explodes. If the opponent wins, the Piranha Plant eats them. Replaces Let's Go Petey! when in Dark Form.

Entrance Quote:
"Heh heh heh! Waluigi time!"
"Alright! You'll-a fight me!"
[vs David] "Hey, David! Let's-a go a round!"
[vs Silhouette] "I-I dunno what you're-a talking about..."
[vs Mecha] "Al-a-right, Mecha!"
[vs Hinata] "Huh? Okay, I-a don't see why not."
[vs Ayla] "Heh heh... alright, you're-a on!"
[vs Wario] "I'm a not-a the same kid you used to-a push around, bro!"

Victory Quotes:
"Wah ha ha! Waluigi the winner!"
"Come and-a fight me again sometime, when you-a can keep up!"
[vs David] "That it? You're-a slipping, Dave."
[vs Silhouette] "Phew... that-a was close..."
[vs Mecha] "Woo... starting to-a catch up, eh Mecha?"
[vs Hinata] "Ouch... you-a okay?"
[vs Ayla] "Better luck next-a time"
[vs Wario] "I've-a gotten a lot-a stronger, huh bro?"
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