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03 February, 2023, 02:43:06 pm
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TIA movelists

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Author Topic: TIA movelists  (Read 2293 times)
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Costume 1: Normal appearance.
Costume 2: No jacket.

Super Silhouette: Silhouette turns a golden colour, gaining a 20% increase in attack and speed.

Special Attacks:
Chaos Spear: Silhouette gathers golden energy in her hand and throws it forward as a blade-like blast.
Chaos Burst: Silhouette bends over and unleashes a purple dome around herself. Similar to Android 18's Energy Field.
Chaos Blade: Silhouette draws her sword and  charges it with Chaos energy, then slashes repeatedly. Pressing E can increase the amount of strikes, and >E can cause her to fire a Chaos energy blast.
Chaos Boost: Silhouette surrounds herself in red energy and jumps forward to ram the opponent; pressing E again will cause her to kick the opponent away. Similar to Pikkon's Blaze Shoot from the Shin Budokai series or Infinite World.

Ultimate Attacks:
Chaos Blast: Cutscene Ultimate. Silhouette kicks her opponent into the air, then back to the  ground. She growls as she gains her red Chaos Boost aura, and starts to draw in energy. She screams "I am the Ultimate Life Form!" and unleashes a red dome of energy from her body. If she wins the power struggle, the opponent takes the full force of the attack. If the opponent wins, they curl into a defensive position at the last moment. Similar to Majin Buu's Angry Explosion from the Budokai series and Infinite World.
Chaos Rain: Real time Ultimate. Silhouette gathers blue (golden if Super) energy in her hands, then hurls it forward as twelve rapid-fire blasts, one after another. Similar to the other Energy Barrages from the Shin Budokai series and Infinite World.

Entrance Quotes:
"Okay, let's get started!"
"I'm not the same man I used to be..."
[vs David] "Sure, okay David."
[vs Waluigi] "Waluigi! You've done it this time!!"
[vs Mecha] "Mecha... up for a friendly match?"
[vs Hinata] "Hm? Sure, kid. I'm always free."
[vs Ayla] "Heh... remember who you're dealing with, Ayla."
[vs Link] "Link! You better not go easy on me!"

Victory Quotes:
"Ha ha! I'm still he Ultimate Life Form!"
"Now do you see the power of Chaos Control?"
[vs David] "You're getting sloppy, David."
[vs Waluigi] "You're gonna get it now, Twig boy!"
[vs Mecha] "Hah... that was fun."
[vs Hinata] "Heh heh... sorry, guess you're not ready to play with the big girls."
[vs Ayla] "Sorry, Ayla. I am the Ultimate Life Form, after all."
[vs Link] "You sure you weren't holding back?"
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