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TIA movelists

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Author Topic: TIA movelists  (Read 1298 times)
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Mecha Sonic

Costume 1: Normal appearance.
Costume 2: With cape.
Costume 2: With flame decals on wrists and shins.

Semi-Super: Mecha Sonic gains a 10% increase in attack and speed, and a 5% increase in defense.
Complete: Mecha gains an additional 10% increase in attack, defense and speed. Only available while Semi-Super.

Special Attacks:
Rocket Punch: Mecha removes his hand and fires a missile from his arm. Similar to #16's Rocket Punch.
Spin Dash: Mecha curls into a ball and charges forward. Similar to Super Buu's Ill Ball Attack.
Chaos Storm: Mecha hold out his arm and fires a small group of energy blasts. Similar to Super 17's Flash Bomber. Only available in Semi-Super and Complete forms.
Photon Rain: Mecha raises his arm and fires blue blasts into the air, which then home into the opponent. A blue version of Kid Buu's Assault Rain. Only available in Semi-Super and Complete forms.
Ultimate Press: Mecha surrounds himself in a barrier and rams the opponent. Similar to Broly's Gigantic Press. Replaces Spin Dash in Semi-Super and Complete forms.

Ultimate Moves:
Limitless Power: Cinematic Ultimate. Mecha punches the opponent into the air, then flies after them to grab and thwo them down. He says "I can't hold back anymore..." and raises his arms into the air, forming a lava-like ball of energy. He shouts "Regret this in the next world!" and throws it down. If Mecha wins the power struggle, he screams "You brough this upon yourself!" and powers up, then fires a blue beam at the ball, detonating it. If the opponent wins, the ball slowly overcomes their defenses.
True Nightmare: Cinematic Ultimate. Mecha uppercuts the opponent into the air and teleports after them and performs a brutal looking combo, before elbowing them down. He floats calmly down to ground, a bit away from them, and says "I will show you..." He powers up and extends his arm cannon, gathering blue energy at it's tip. He adds "...one final terror!" and fires a massive blue beam. If Mecha wins the power struggle, he screams "You're just an insect!!" and puts more power into the beam, overpowering his opponent and consuming them. If the opponent wins, the jump up and deflect the beam towards the ground, only to find Mecha in front of them and he kicks them down into the dirt.

Entrance Quotes:
"I will fight if I have to!"
"Do not underestimate me."
[vs David] "If that is what you want."
[vs Waluigi] "Waluigi... may I have the honour of a match?"
[vs Silhouette] "You really wish to fight me?"
[vs Hinata] "Hinata... if that is your wish."
[vs Ayla] "[sigh] ....Ayla, I am called a robot."
[vs ZeldaFan and Neko-chan] "...you gave me a second chance..."

Victory Quotes:
"...the little birds ran away."
"It appears victory is mine."
[while Complete] "This power... I can feel it overflowing....!!"
[while Complete] "All life forms will bow down to me!!"
[vs Team Dark Lead] "Heh... that was fun."
[vs ZeldaFan and Neko-chan] "...thank you."
[vs Dark Lead, ZeldaFan and Neko-chan while Complete] "Friendship? What a laughable sentiment!"
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