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05 December, 2021, 09:57:16 pm
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TIA movelists

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Author Topic: TIA movelists  (Read 1298 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 15 February, 2010, 02:13:36 pm »

[sigh] I'm not too happy with this one.


Costume 1: Normal appearance.
Costume 2: Brown outfit.


Special Attacks:
Roundillo Kick: Ayla rolls forward and kicks. Similar to Hercule's Rolling Hercule Punch but with a kick.
Boulder Toss: Ayla slams her fists down to summon a boulder, then throws it at her opponent.
Cat Attack: Ayla lunges forward and performs a 6 hit combo with feral, feline-like strikes.
Triple Kick: Ayla crouches low, then leaps up and performs three kicks in rapid succession. Similar to Hercule's Dynamite Kick or Videl's Eagle Kick, but without the explosions or blue energy.

Ultimate Attacks:
Dino Tail: Cinematic Ultimate. Ayla headbutts the opponent into the air, then jumps up and axehandles them down. The opponent looks up to see Ayla sitting on the head of a tyrannosaurus rex, which attempts to stamp on the opponent. If Ayla wins the power struggle, the opponent will dodge it's feet, but cries out helplessly as the t-rex crushes them under its tail. If the opponent wins, Ayla will jump down in frustration to continue the fight after the opponent dodges the dinosaur's stomps, but is hit by it's tail, gaining an anime bump on her head.
Double Triple Kick: Real time Ultimate. Ayla will perform a brief power-up, her skin turning bright red, and perform her Triple Kick. If these attacks connect, she will knock them over and jump off-screen, before performing three flying kicks into their stomach, jumping back off-screen with each kick.

Entrance Quote:
"Ayla not scared! Ayla win!"
"Ayla strong; Ayla not run!"
[vs David] "David! Ayla want fight! Prove you strongest!"
[vs Waluigi] "Waluigi! Fight Ayla!"
[vs Silhouette] "Sil! Ayla match?"
[vs Mecha] "Mecha! Raw-bot strong?"
[vs Hinata] "Okay! Ayla fight you!"
[vs Sheena, Harumi, ZeldaFan, Agaranok or Gargravarr] "Who you? You strong?"

Victory Quote:
"Ha! Ayla strongest there is!"
"Ayla win; Ayla always win!"
[vs David] "What happen? You stronger than this."
[vs Waluigi] "Ha ha! Ayla win this time!"
[vs Silhouette] "Sil lose? Sil let Ayla win?"
[vs Mecha] "Raw-bot not strong as Ayla think..."
[vs Hinata] "Hinata fun! Let go again!"
[vs Sheena, Harumi, ZeldaFan, Agaranok or Gargravarr] "You not strong as look. Come back when you ready."

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