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04 December, 2021, 11:49:41 pm
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TIA movelists

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Author Topic: TIA movelists  (Read 1298 times)
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Costume 1: Normal appearance.
Costume 2: Casual wear.

Wrath of Hell: Diablo's aura becomes a deeper red and he gains a 20% increase in attack.

Special Attacks:
Hellfire: Blitz: Diablo fires a ball of energy forward. Same as Dabura's Hell Blitz from Budokai series, Shin Budokai series and Infinite World.
Hellfire: Wave: Diablo summons a burst of red energy in front of him. A red version of Frieza's Death Wave from Budokai series, Shin Budokai series, Burst Limit and Infinite World.
Hellfire: Burst: Diablo tosses a small ball of fire which erupts into a tall pillar.
Devil's Fork: Diablo surround his pitchfork in flame and then throws it in an arc.

Ultimate Attacks:
Demonic Summoning: Cinematic Ultimate. Diablo uppercuts the opponent into the air, rapidly stabbing them repeatedly with his fork. He twirls it and smacks them down to the ground, before landing and clapping his hands, a summoning rune appearing on the ground in front of him. If Diablo wins the power struggle, Diablo will summon Cerberus, who will try to crush the opponent under his paws before breathing three beams of purple/black energy at them, resulting in a huge explosion. If the opponent wins, Diablo will only summon a tiny imp, who will annoy the opponent long enough for Diablo to impale them on his fork.
Hellfire: Giant Blast: Cinematic Ultimate. Diablo knocks the opponent into the air and follows them, to knock them back down. He holds out one arm and starts to gather hellfire. As he does, he shouts "Hellfire: Giant Blast!" and fires the attack. If Diablo wins the power struggle, he shouts "I'll see you in hell!" and throws a smaller ball of hellfire at it, detonating it. If he loses, the attack slowly overwhelms the opponent's defenses. Only available with Wrath of Hell active. Similar to Vegeta's Big Bang Attack from Budokai series and Infinite World.

Entrance Quotes:
"Heh heh... this oughta be fun..."
"Welcome to hell!"
[vs any kitsune, demon or werewolf][/i] "You're a demon? Well I'm a DEVIL!"

Victory Quotes:
"It takes more than a cross and holy water to stop me!"
"[laughes mockingly and flexes his muscles]"
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