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01 February, 2023, 12:10:24 pm
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TIA movelists

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Author Topic: TIA movelists  (Read 2293 times)
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Costume 1: Black and red armour.
Costume 2: Black suit.
Costume 3: Black suit sans jacket, with sleeves rolled up.


Special Attacks:
Dark Moon: Agaranok gathers black/purple energy into his hand and then throws it forward. A black/purple version of Dabura's Hell Blitz from the Budokais, Shin Budokais and Infinite World.
Dark Barrier: Agaranok bends over, gathering energy, before releasing a black/purple dome of energy from his body. A black/purple version of #17/#18/Cell's Energy Barrier from the Budokais and Infinite World.
Dark Blade: Agaranok holds out his sword and slashes with it, launching a short-range shockwave from it. Can be charged to perform three slashes. Similar to Janemba's Rakshaa's Claw from the Shin Budokais and Infinite World.
Dark Claws: Agaranok forms purple claws on his arms and perform a powerful combo with them. Pressing the button repeatedly will increase the number of hits delivered.

Ultimate Attacks:
Dark Void: Cinematic Ultimate. Agaranok knockes the opponent into the air, then back down to the ground. He holds his arms to his sides, gathering dark energy into them, before firing several of them at the opponent. They veer off, forming a circle around the opponent as a glowing rune appears on the ground beneath them. If Agaranok wins the power struggle, he will summon dark chains to hold the opponent down, and darkly say "This is the end... Dark Void!" as he brings his hand down. A black/purple dome will suddenly explode out from the centre of the rune, and Agaranok will clench his fist to signal it to explode. if the opponent wins the power struggle, they will leaps into the air and slam Agaranok into the circle. He will realise what's happened and attempt to get out, but will be too slow and will be consumed instead, screaming "No!"
Dark Puppetry: Cinematic Ultimate. Agaranok will knock the opponent into the air, but get kicked back down when he tries to follow them. He'll shout "Damn!" and look around; he'll spot someone and state "You'll do..." and release purple threads from his body to grab a bystander. The character will turn around at the last second, just in time to see the threads coming...
ZeldaFan: "Huh?"
Sheena: "What the-!?"
Naru: "Hm...?"
Nara: "Ah!"
Gar: "Hm?
Kestin: "H-hey!"
David: "What?"
He will then absorb them, becoming a stronger "Dark" version of that character, with Agaranok's voice. Two of their moves will replace Dark Blade and Dark Claw, and a new Ultimate will replace Dark Puppetry, but otherwise he will retain his movelist.

Entrance Quotes:
"Hmph... let's begin."
"Do not expect me to hold back."
[vs Susan] "Well then, shall we go?"
[vs ZeldaFan or Gar] "Hmph. Show me what you can do."
[vs ILS or Diablo] "You intend to fight me?"

Victory Quotes:
"Such a dissapointment."
"I'm sorry, but you simply weren't good enough.
[vs Susan] "Heh heh... better luck next time."
[vs ZeldaFan or Gar] "As I thought."
[vs ILS or Diablo] "Was that some sort of joke?"
[as Dark ZeldaFan] "Hm... she's stronger than she lets on."
[as Dark Sheena] "Such... strength...."
[as Dark Naru] "I... probably won't get used to this."
[as Dark Nara] "A kitsune, hm..."
[as Dark Gar] "The sword won't listen to me... interesting..."
[as Dark Kestin] "What on Earth is this trash that he listens to!?"
[as Dark David] "How has he managed to learn so much?"
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