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Pokemon Fanfic Idea

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Author Topic: Pokemon Fanfic Idea  (Read 1436 times)
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That guy

« Reply #180 on: 07 April, 2010, 04:04:22 pm »

Okay, upated and finished the profile. I moved some of the things down to a trivia list, and gave her a past.

Name: Min Ignacia
Age: 15
Height: 159 cm
Apperance: A young looking girl, with black hair set up in two small childish pony-tails. She usually wears a T-shirt and a skirt, though she occasionally wears shorts instead of the skirt. In general, anything that’s easy to move around in. Doesn’t look muscular per say, but she definitely looks more athletic than normal 14 year olds.

Main pokemon: Riolu, nicknamed Lulu.
Additional pokemon that could be caught: Vulpix (nicknamed Pixie) , Cyndaquil (nicknamed Cynder), Tyrogue (nicknamed Rogue)

Min's mother died when she was very young, and thus she can't remember much about her. Raised by her father, he was a nice and friendly man. One day, when Min picked a fight with a couple of bullies, she was outnumbered and got severely beat up, and left behind in a forest, where she was attacked by a wild Fearow. As she was about to be killed, a wild Riolu appeared and saved her life, though it also took a beating from the Fearow. As she was still far too injured to even move, the Riolu cared for her for three days until her father found her. During that time, when Min got a little better, she opted to help protect the Riolu, despite her own severe injuries. They fought side by side against the wild pokemon that attacked them, and when Min's father found them and brought Min home, the Riolu followed. Shortly after, she nicknamed it Lulu and ever since then, they stayed together and trained together.

Bio: Min, often called Mi among friends, is an impulsive, hot headed and determined girl. Once her mind gets set on a goal, you can count on the fact that she will without doubt achieve it, if not through skill, then through sheer determination and will power. She spends a lot of time training both her pokemon, and her own body, believing she needs to set an example for them. In wild battles, and in few trainer battles, she’s even been known to step in front of her pokemon, to guard them against an incoming attack. In a few battles, she even comes out more injured than her pokemon. She seeks to prove her strength as a trainer, and has a tendency to want to have a friendly battle with everyone, occasionally even the friends she’s travelling with. If she loses she often demands rematches. She’s fearless, and is likely to butt heads with trainers and wild pokemon much stronger and fiercer than herself. Despite this behavior, she’s fiercely loyal to her friends, believing them to be the best thing on the journey.

Min looks younger than she actually is, often leading people to think of her as nothing but a "little girl". This aggravates her to an almost impossible degree, and calling her that will make her explode with anger (much to the amusement of her friends). She thinks of pokemon as her equals, and as things to fight alongside her, not as things to fight FOR her.

(If this part becomes a part of the story, it fits. If not, just ignore it)
Min became part of the group as Raine's bodyguard, though she probably starts more fights than she protects her from.

Life motto: “I will never give up. No matter what it is, I’ll power through until the very end!”

Berserk button (the previously mentioned “just a little girl” sentence.
Determinator (both her and Riolu)
Nakama (how she thinks of her pokemon, and her friends)
Cute Bruiser (Strong, but not inhumanly so)
Lethal Chef (Self explanatory)

  • Can't cook to save her life. Her cooking is so bad it can be considered poisinous, though surprisingly not to herself.
  • Lulu grew up with her, and thus shares many of Min's traits, to the point where they at times have the exact same body language.
  • Because of the encounter with Fearow, she has a fear of bird pokemon. It's not a crippling fear, and she can both be around and touch bird pokemon, but they're the only thing capable of making her hesitate, or whimper.
  • Has a tendency to shout when she gets excited or angry (Lulu as well)
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