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Pokemon Fanfic Idea

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Author Topic: Pokemon Fanfic Idea  (Read 1436 times)
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« Reply #195 on: 25 April, 2010, 03:53:18 pm »

I was actually considering making a Pokemon RP, but I'm not certain how I feel about that idea after seeing this...

(Just a note, this is essentially modeled after a lot of aspects of myself and is the character that I use when my girlfriend and I would occasionally do our Pokemon RP. <_<)

Name: James Elliot
Age: 27
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 149 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Appearance: Has longer hair, slightly feathered and styled in a boyish fashion. He's somewhat tall, and relatively slender. He wears dark dress clothes regularly. His normal attire is composed of a long, black button-up shirt with green pinstripes, with a deep black vest over it. He wears black dress pants and shoes, and has a silver tie. Carries himself with a relaxed confidence, and sometimes wears a black pintriped fedora.

Personality: James appears very composed and relaxed,  always focused on what lies ahead of him. He seems confident in his abilities as a trainer, and has a tremendous amount of faith in his Pokemon, who he treats as equals. He has spent years honing their abilities, and has assembled an impressive team from his time training. He never keeps them in their Pokeballs, letting them roam with him, unless this situation calls for them to be stored more conveiniently. He is relatively friendly and encouraging of other trainers, helping them realize hidden potential or giving them advice. When in battle, he has absolute trust in his Pokemon, and often lets them approach battles how they see fit, as experience has created a sort of mental link between him and his Pokemon, and they often are able to evaluate situations in a similar manner to him. During battles in which he feels evenly matched, he becomes incredibly focused and concentrated, intent on winning. He is usually quite polite and respectful of others. He has conquered many gyms and leagues in his time as a trainer, and now spends his time roaming the world on his Pokemon journey. He is sometimes a difficult to find and reclusive trainer, but has a knack of appearing out of nowhere to help others.

History: James began his Pokemon journey growing up in Olivine City, in which he recieved his first Pokemon in a chance visit with Professor Elm. His father was usually working as a sucessful businessman, but his family was always very supportive of him and lived a relatively simple and satisfactory life. 

Machiaveli: Starting as an Abra that James caught early in his journey, Machiaveli was the 3rd Pokemon to join his team. He is very Modest and humble, but has a great amount of wisdom and knowledge. He is very kind and compassionate, and has a deep connection with James. He wears a short white hood that James gave to him upon his capture, to signify his importance and trust between the two. It covers his shoulders and goes down to his middle-abdomen, and he always wears the hood down.
Notable Moves:
-Focus Blast
-Shadow Ball
-Signal Beam

Tesla: The 4th Pokemon to join James, Tesla began as a Magnemite. Despite his robotic appearance, Tesla is actually very Bold, and thinks quick on his feet (or in this case, magnets). While he is sometimes blunt, he always means well. He became a Magnezone after being exposed to rock from Mt. Coronet that James' father sent him as a gift. He wears a read band around the midsection of his right shoulder screw, given to him by James.
Notable Moves:
-Flash Cannon
-Rain Dance
-Magnet Rise

Cousteau: The last Pokemon to join Jame's party, James caught Cousteau as a Shellder while fishing in his hometown of Olivine. Sassy in nature, Cousteau is often humorous and joking, but still shares a deep compassion and bond with his friends. Unfortunately, being a Cloyster means he can't move much on land, so he often resides in his ball or is carried by Frederick unless water is nearby. He wears a small teal piece of cloth around the midsection of his largest left-hand shell spike, given to him by James.
Notable Moves:
-Ice Beam

Frederick: The 5th Pokemon to join, Frederick started as a Larvitar. He has always been a bit shy and reserved, sometimes Impish, making some afraid to approach him. However, despite his withdrawn appearance, he can grow fierce in battle, and still show great compassion for James and his friends, who he is much more open with. Now a Tyranitar, he bears a black piece of cloth tied around his left arm, given to him by James.
Notable Moves:
-Stone Edge
-Aqua Tail

Siegfried: This first Pokemon to join James, Siegfried was given to James as a Totodile by Professor Elm. One of Jame's closest friends, he shares a strong bond with his trainer. Jolly and friendly, Siegfried is quick to make new friends, despite his sometime intimidating appearance as a Feraligatr. He wears a gray scarf/bandanna around his neck, given to him by James.
Notable Moves:
-Dragon Dance
-Ice Punch

Sigmund: The second Pokemon to join, Sigmund has always been reserved and Adamant ever since being caught as a Scyther in National Park. He is very serious and often remains to himself, but deep down he truly cares for his teammates and his trainer, and is able to show compassion for them in the right moments. He has a deep bond with James, as well as Siegfried, being the first few Pokemon to join him on his journey. He wears a tattered brown cloak, covering most of his upper and middle body.
Notable Moves:
-Bullet Punch
-Swords Dance

- James has a penchant for fancy clothing and attire, often wearing them in places in which they may not be the most suitable. Somehow, he is mysteriously able to keep clean in situations liked these.
- James also has a taste for a variety of music, most prominently being techno and jazz. Sometimes he wears headphones when journeying, which often makes him unaware of his surroundings.
- Has an odd and supressed fear of heights.

I honestly don't like using Tektek, but here's a rough idea of his appearance.

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