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Sonic Z

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Author Topic: Sonic Z  (Read 2896 times)
Marie Rose
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« Reply #90 on: 15 May, 2010, 06:45:25 pm »

Sorry about the late update again, I’m getting quite lazy nowadays. With what was going on in the last chapters, you could basically separate this and the last three chapters into a different saga, which was what I was originally gonna do, but I didn’t. So let’s get to the main part of this saga, eh?

Doomsday Saga: Chapter 73 – When Legends Collide

It was an hour later, where the fights were said to take place. Upon seeing the Sue sisters crush the first group so easily, some of them began to forfeit. We cut to Cherry and Ivy at the commentators table, where Cherry was smoking as they watched. “This **** ain’t easy, y’know? I mean, seriously, who talks like this? It’s ****ing stupid what I do!”

“Chill out, you fool, we’re on camera.” Ivy replied, pointing ahead. “If you don’t calm down the studio is gonna fire you.”

“**** the studio!” Cherry threw a chair at the camera, tipping it over.

Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads took their seats in the middle of the audience, as Mads carried a tub of popcorn. Amber spotted Sally in the middle of the clear desert styled arena with various pillars around and waved as she yelled, “Do your best, Sally!”

“Thanks, Amber!” Sally replied, cheerfully waving back.

At that point, Sonic and the others had recently arrived and were walking towards the arena as Sonic was talking with Sonya. “So thanks again for helping us out with finding the remaining emeralds in such a short time, and participating in that jet fighter battle on the way here.”

“It was the least I could do.” As she looked ahead towards Sally, she then asked, “How do you guys know her anyway?”

Tails immediately responded, “Well one of Eggman’s created nukes which was targeted for Sonic was directed into space, towards another planet Sally lived on. She got mad and came down here, causing trouble at a mall until Sonic, Knuckles and I stepped in to stop her. She left and announced she’d be back to defeat us, and here we are.”

“I see you’re speaking gibberish again.”

“But it’s true! It really happened!”

“Right, well good luck, you guys!” Sonya quickly took off as the others walked onto the battlefield and towards the Sue sisters where Shadow was currently waiting.

Upon starting, Amy immediately accessed the dark power from Virus and charged at Sally, punching her right and speeding off after her while Shadow quickly followed using chaos control. Sonic spin dashed towards Mary, who quickly hopped and ran backwards on top of Sonic as he rolled, while blocking several of Knuckles punches, kicked him and then flipped before roundhouse kicking Sonic further away. Tails fired at her repeatedly, with her easily evading the shots at super speed as she slowly got closer. She then grabbed his tails and threw him at Knuckles from behind while kicking Sonic into the air at the same time.

Close by, Amy still continued her assault against Sally, who soon managed to break away from her and do a huge leap into the sky. Amy looked up and Shadow dropped down nearby, and eventually saw Sally slowly descending towards the arena on a flaming meteor. Amy and Shadow leaped out of the way as it landed, causing an explosion and leaving a giant crater where she landed.

Amber turned to a random group of civilians and gloated as she said, “I taught her that, you know.”

During the period between landing the meteorite and seeing the crater, she snuck up behind Amy and punched her in the chest repeatedly as she spun round, hit her with several kicks and knocked her to the ground with a headbutt. Shadow slid by her as she jumped and fired an energy beam, though Shadow quickly jumped and spin attacked her, which she blocked. She then flew back as he threw several chaos spears at her.

Back with Mary Sue, Tails was currently having tea with Purity while Mary easily evaded all of Sonic and Knuckles attacks without countering. She soon slapped Knuckles into a pillar and then kicked Sonic into the air. Sonic quickly recovered and tried to hit her with a bounce attack, but she simply blocked it with an arm and threw him 30 feet ahead of her before yawning. Mary leaped up high and landed on a pillar behind just shortly before pointing her finger at Sonic and firing a searing hot laser, which chased him around the map till she stopped as he ran up another pillar, jumped and turned to face Mary as he stood at the top.

Figuring that it really was hopeless at this point, Sonic harnessed the energy of the chaos emeralds to transform into Super Sonic, causing a smile to spread across Mary’s face, a look of confusion on Sally’s face, disinterest from Shadow and a mix of smiling and cheers from others. Sonic smirked seconds before charging at Mary at the speed of light, but unfortunately, she punched him right in his stomach, with enough force to send him flying into another pillar, creating a large hole and depowering him.

The audience was stunned, as were the Loli Rangers who happened to be watching. Loli Red, her eyes wide in shock, turned to Loli Green and said, “Hey Kuudere-chan, did Mary Sue just punch out Super Sonic? With one blow?

“It seems so, Tsundere-chan.” Green immediately replied.

“That’s so messed up.”

Mary sighed, discovering that she had gone to full power too fast to have some fun. Just then, Sonic awakened, flipped up and promptly transformed into Super Sonic again as a fiery yellow aura resonated around him. He charged at her once more, punching her as she was caught off guard. She stopped herself moments before crashing into the audience. She dodged a punch as Sonic came at her and kicked him into the commentator’s box. She quickly crashed through the window and the both of them started hitting each other with chairs while Cherry was crying over her personal problems as she continued smoking. Sonic tackled them out another window and they twisted multiple times before separating as they hit the ground.

Mary stomped the ground, summoning a large blast of energy from underground, which Sonic avoided as she flew back into the air. Mary threw a large energy ball which split into more beams, though Sonic easily zigzagged between them as he dashed at her and they exchanged blows while ascending into the air. Sonic dodged one of her punches and hit her with an elbow to the face, followed by a series of punches and kicks. He then moved at light speed around the area, scoring several more hits as he sped by in different directions while charging a light speed attack. He then ran into her from above and dragged her to the ground, leaped and spun into a ball as he landed 15 feet away from her. As she got up, Sonic hit her with his light speed attack, going straight through her stomach as he did so.

Most of the audience were in shock, but Sonic didn’t worry, as he knew what was to come. Just as he expected, Mary leapt to her feet moments later and closed the gaping hole in her stomach before taking a deep breath. She glanced at her yellow top which now had a large hole in the middle and glared at Sonic, who slowly backed away. Mary fired a small wave of energy which Sonic jumped over, but was then immediately kicked into the air as Mary leaped at him. She missed an uppercut as she flew after him and Sonic tackled her through a pillar. She then quickly grabbed him and slammed him down into the ground with a piledriver.

Sonic quickly got to his feet and hopped back slightly, ready to go once more. Everyone else around the arena had their attention focused on them, besides Purity still drinking tea, and Sally who had been beaten and tied up by Shadow and Amy when she stopped to cheer on Mary. Mary suddenly dropped her battle stance and held out her hand, waiting for a handshake. Though Sonic was cautious at first, he eventually shook her hand, deciding to end the match in a draw as Sonic reverted back to normal and the crowd cheered once more.

Ivy sat up, looking into the centre of the arena and nudged Cherry who was still smoking. “Hey, it’s over, do your thing, Cherry.”

“Cherry’s not here, man.” She replied spinning round in her chair as she giggled.

“Wake up, fool!” Ivy yelled as she slapped her, bringing her back to her senses briefly.

“Huh? What happened? Is it over?” She looked around.

“Yeah, you can finish up.” Ivy got up. “Screw these guys, I’m going home.”

“But don’t you have to be here with me?” Cherry asked.

Ivy shook her head and pointed to the door. “Nononononono! Screw you guys, home.” She immediately left.

Back outside, as Sonic and Mary had a heartwarming moment concerning their fight, Sonic was suddenly impaled by a long purple spike, followed by several more. As this shocked almost everyone present, Mary was also impaled a dozen times, had a large purple beam blast a hole through her and had acid thrown on her from a purple portal nearby, which slowly burned off her skin as she dropped to the ground. Shadow looked in the direction of the attack to see Virus very far off in the distance and glared before taking off after him as Virus flew off.

Purity rushed over to Sonic, as did the others while Sally wriggled over as she asked, “Mary, are you okay? You’re okay, right?”

“I’m...not sure if I’ll make it.” She spoke softly.

“B-but of course you can, you’re Mary Sue! You can’t die!”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine in a short while, I have faith in my sister” Purity replied.

“You’re just saying that as an excuse not to heal me.” Mary retorted.

“Thankfully, Sonic is okay, he’s just mostly dead. It’ll take a little while for him to recover though.” Purity said.

Lily, who was sitting in the crowd, smirked as she excused herself and headed for the exit. The Loli Rangers, fully aware of what she’s capable of doing, followed her shortly after.
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Marie Rose
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« Reply #91 on: 21 May, 2010, 05:26:56 pm »

Enjoy the padding, but please ignore the clear reference to Sonic 2006. Nothing to see there, people.

Doomsday Saga: Chapter 75 - Sorting Alignment of Chaos

At the arena, it was a little while after all the previous commotion, and the sky appeared to be slightly darker. Sonya ran into the centre of the arena as this went on, as Mary Sue had now fully recovered and looked as if nothing had happened, Purity was sitting beside Sonic as she slowly healed him, Tails and Knuckles watched her, and Sally held Amy back from running off to kill Virus herself.

“What happened here?” Sonya asked.

“Someone tried to kill Sonic.” Knuckles replied. “It feels like something similar has happened before, but Purity says he should recover soon enough.”

“Sadly, it may take quite a while.” Purity added. “Unless you can find my medical kit at my hospital across town. Though there may be monsters roaming the streets.”

“No problem, leave it to me.” Sonya replied.

“I’m coming too!” Amy exclaimed.

Sonya shook her head. “It’ll be faster if I just speed in and out of the area.” After Purity told her where to find it, she nodded and immediately took off.

Rose floated down towards them right after and said, “The Loli Rangers have left the area, along with Lily. It would be wise to tail them.”

“Right.” Tails nodded. “I’ll get my giant mech and find them.” He said before rushing off.

“Where does he find the time to build all these things?” Knuckles said to no-one in particular.

Meanwhile, Virus was flying through the dark sky, trying to make it back to somewhere when he was suddenly tackled by Shadow and they crashed through a building wall. Virus kicked Shadow off and threw him across the room before firing a single wave at him. Shadow redirected his fall using the thrusters beneath his shoe by propelling himself right. Virus leaped backwards into a portal, but was then hit by a rising kick from Shadow as he appeared behind the hedgehog. They both backed up a little as Virus smiled.

“Ahh, Shadow, it’s always nice to catch up with you.” Virus said.

“A shame I can’t say the same.”

“I’m glad we get to do this one more time before I’m through with everyone here.”

“Don’t count on that. Sonic isn’t the type to die just from that, he’ll probably only be mostly dead.”

Virus sighed. “I figured. You know, it’s really frustrating when you plan things and yet your targets just refuse to die, even when they should. It probably isn’t that big a deal, but illogical stuff like that really makes me wanna strangle someone, y’know?”

“Sadly I do not. Let’s just fight and get this over with.”

“Ahh, of course. How many times has it been now? Three I think it was, you won the first, the second you could say was your victory because my job was done, and the third was mine. If I win this then we should be even.”

“Don’t count on it.” Shadow said, getting into a fighting stance.

Virus summoned various black holes with a wave of his hand, which Shadow quickly evaded as he dashed right, leaped up to avoid being impaled by one spike and tried to spin attack him. Virus opened another portal as he did and fired a large energy beam which Shadow blocked moments before Virus punched him through another wall nearby. Shadow quickly recovered and threw several chaos spears. Virus zigzagged in-between them and charged at Shadow as he split into three copies, though Shadow simply hit all three with a chaos blast, knocking him back. As Virus got to his feet, Shadow hit him in the chest, followed by several more punches, then a short hop as he roundhouse kicked him across the face.

Shadow charged at him, covering himself in a purple aura as Virus did the same. Virus summoned a purple portal in front of him at the last moment and vanished before Shadow could hit him, but then appeared from below and hit him with an uppercut, then blasted him towards another wall. Shadow quickly recovered, touched the wall with his feet and propelled himself back towards Virus who fired another beam. Shadow teleported using chaos control and appeared beside Virus a second before shoulder barging him and knocking him into a wall. 

Shadow teleported various times, knocking him around in the air until Virus managed to counterattack and hit him with a downward kick, dragging him down through the floorboard of some random building and into an indoor car parking lot, dragging him along the ground for a few moments before Shadow hit him with a chaos spear and kicked him into one of the pillars.

Virus began to glow brightly as he summoned several black holes behind him, sinking various vehicles into the holes and opening them up nearby to fling them at Shadow. He leaped across them towards Virus, who promptly punched him in the face, with Shadow countering with a kick to the stomach, followed by hitting Shadow’s chin upwards with his elbow, then with Shadow hitting Virus with an elbow drop to the chest before grabbing and throwing him outside.

Virus flipped and landed on one car, with Shadow following him as he leaped out the same window. Virus threw more spikes, which scratched him slightly as he tried to avoid them and then jumped towards Virus who hopped back onto another car as he did so. This continued for a short while until they got near a motorway, where Virus leaped ahead and punched Shadow, sending him flying. He then lifted a lorry and threw it, but Shadow suddenly charged through it, covered it waves of purple energy and tackled Virus.

Virus summoned a giant purple decaying hand to stop Shadow but he simply spun round and charged through him once more. The third time Virus leaped up, and Shadow followed, but Virus thought he would do so and summoned a portal beneath him, grabbing Shadow’s legs with tentacles, and then hammered him into the ground. As Shadow broke free he kneed Virus in the face, knocking him back and to his knees.

The Loli Rangers were watching with binoculars from far away. Fearing the worst, Loli Red said, “This looks bad, guys, we gotta help him, or else we won’t get paid!”

“Oh no!” Loli Blue exclaimed as she put her hands to her cheeks.

“That means we can’t do fun stuff.” Loli Black said.

“And that’s terrible.” Loli Green finished, with a nod.

Loli Yellow held up a sign saying, “I think not helping is a better idea at the moment.”

As usual, the others ignored her and decided to summon their giant mech: Magical Girl Moe-chan to lend a helping hand. Before they could do anything, they saw another giant robot approaching them at blistering speed, when he suddenly stopped and landed on the building. The giant robot was piloted by Tails, which was basically a large robotic version of himself, with the blue and yellow design of the second Tornado. The yellow parts of Tails fur were blue on the robot, and the white parts were yellow, though the fingers and outline of the robot’s ears were also yellow, and it had green eyes. “I wasn’t expecting to use this today, but I’ll have to stop you if you’re working with Virus!”

“That’s so awesome.” Loli Black said as she shed a tear, concerning Tails’ mech.

“Very well, fox, we shall battle!” Loli Red replied.

Back on the motorway streets, as Shadow and Virus stared at each other, out of breath and clearly tired, with cars evading them as they drove past, Virus was suddenly impaled by a black hand. Lily suddenly appeared behind him, who smirked as she lifted him off the ground, also shocking Tails, the Loli Rangers and startling Shadow. “Sorry about this, Virus, but its my turn now.” She flung him off the bridge towards the sea and then fired a large green energy beam, powerful enough to vaporise him. She laughed maniacally as she did so. “It looks like I’m the main villain now.” Lily saw Rose land on the bridge far behind her but turned her attention to Shadow. “You look a little tired. Maybe you should lay down…for good.” Lily tried to trip him with a tentacle but he jumped, and get caught by one Lily fired above. She then charged up another blast and knocked him off the bridge with it.

After a deep breath, she spun round to face Rose as she said, “So let’s continue where we left off last time…”

Eggman was watching this from the safety of a newly constructed base, and upon seeing Virus taken out, sported a devilish grin and got up, as he proceeded to take action.
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« Reply #92 on: 29 May, 2010, 09:55:05 pm »

I was gonna put this up yesterday, but was too lazy to finish writing it.

I’m sure you must have been thinking, “Man, that giant Tails mech was pretty damn random.”, well, remember back at the beginning of the Avenger Saga with that fake previous catch up? Doesn’t seem so random now, does it?
(It seemed like a good excuse to use it, even though its night…)

Doomsday Saga: Chapter 75 - The One Winged Angel

As the saxophone to Skyscraper Scamper started up, Sonya was speeding along a long road going downhill. Moments later as the path stayed level, she sidestepped several cars, then hit a speed pad sending her through three continuous loops before speeding off the unfinished road and into the air. After a bit of flying through the air, she landed on the side of a building and ran along it, soon before hitting a spring and landing on a rail. As it curved downwards, she hopped to a parallel rail on the right and hit another spring, leading to three more close to each other. She landed on top of a building, ran across and hit another spring, launching her across three more again.

She landed on the streets and ran into a tunnel, avoiding the barely noticeable cars on both sides as she jogged down the path, turning left and right when necessary. After coming out, she hopped across cars in her way, then soon back flipped over a large lorry. Approaching an intersection with cars travelling in all four directions, she hopped to the left and then right to avoid two cars, then drifted around a small corner which came up. She encountered a bridge just ahead and followed it, charging through the tons of virus infected creatures she came across and jumping over electric traps.

On another bridge, Lily was waving to no-one in particular. “Hey there! Thank you for taking 5-10 minutes out of your time to join us again. Have a good time!”

Rose, deciding to take advantage of this opening, immediately summoned a large icicle from underneath, impaling her several times with her mastery over ice. She then created more icicles and threw them, impaling Lily several more times, one being straight through the forehead. After a few moments, Lily pulled out the large icicle lodged in her stomach and forehead, then pulled out the smaller ones as she said, “Geez, Rose, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to kill me!” Lily transformed her arm into a chainsaw and dashed towards her, swinging madly as Rose dodged the swings and jumped back. As Rose leapt forward to hit her with an ice axe, Lily blasted her back, cut her across the chest with her chainsaw then smacked her across the face with a nearby car.

She flew into a building wall but quickly got up, at which point Lily grabbed several cars and threw them. Rose summoned a large hand of ice which caught a few of the cars, then morphed it into a shield as Lily began firing beams of energy again. “This is a blast, right, Rose? I don’t remember you being this weak though.” Lily finally blasted down her shield, and discovered Rose wasn’t there, moments before being punched from the side.

“Oww! My hideous face!” Lily exclaimed as she held her cheek, getting to her feet. “Nice move, Rose. It was cool as ice!”

Rose groaned. “Please don’t tell me you’re going to keep talking?”

Lily shrugged as she said, “It’s in my contract.”

Further behind them, Rose saw Tails’ mech crash into a building wall as Moe-chan landed by the side of the road. “Taste the rainbow!” The Loli Rangers said in unison as they fired a giant multicoloured energy beam from their staff. Tails mech, which I will now call Tornadoman, leapt to his feet as it resonated a yellow aura and dashed right, evading the beam and the next few by jumping around then firing 5 missiles in midair. Moe-chan blocked them, but as its vision was blinded by the smoke from them, Tornadoman punched it in the stomach, hopped and hit it with a roundhouse kick, followed by a dropkick from high above as Moe-chan hit the ground.

“Focus, girls!” Loli Red said. “Robot fights are serious business! We need to stay alert!”

“We should also use wrestling moves.” Loli Black suggested.

“I agree.” Loli Green added.

Moe-chan flipped to its feet and charged at Tornadoman, who blocked its attacks and tried to punch her. Moe-chan sidestepped its punch and suplexed the robot, climbed to a tall building and followed up with a flying elbow drop before leaping back. They high fived each other before Loli Red said, “Good work, girls!”

“Yay, carnage!” Loli Blue exclaimed, pumping her fist into the air. Tornadoman charged at them as it got up, while Moe-chan did the same, then they grabbed the others hands as they met, struggling to push the other back. “Yay, let’s crush it!” Loli Blue said once more.

“Increase the power, girls!” Loli Red demanded.

“Yes.” Loli Green said before doing so, as did the others.

“K-kuudere-chan! Where are you touching?!” Loli Red said in shock, furiously blushing.

“My apologies, my hand slipped.” She said, moving it.

“Just as long as we’re clear on that.” 

After a few moments of silence, Loli Green then said, “Did it feel good?”

“Do you just live to torment me and ask awkward questions?” Loli Red asked.

“Yes.” She nodded.

Since the Loli Rangers were busy being comic relief, Tornadoman picked them up and slammed them into the ground, then kicked them across the street. Tails scratched his forehead as he said, “Maybe that was a little too much…” He then blocked a blast which Lily had fired at him, before she was kneed in the stomach.

Moe-chan got up once more, with Loli Red saying, “Let’s take it to the next level, girls!”

“Yes.” Loli Green nodded. “We’ll have to go commando.”

“Uhh, no we don’t, Kuudere-chan.”

“Too late, Tsundere-chan.”

Loli Black shrugged as she said, “Count me in.” before reaching down.

“I love that movie!” Loli Blue said cheerfully before doing the same.

“N-no! Stop that, you guys! It’s wrong!” Loli Red yelled.

Loli Yellow, who had been quiet all this time, held up a sign saying, “What is this, I don’t even.”

Loli Black looked at the board and said, “I think you have a typo in there or something.” Loli Yellow looked at the board, then back at her as she shook her head.

Back at the stadium, Sonya finally arrived, though Knuckles and Amy had taken off. She handed Purity the kit as she asked, “So where did the others go?”

“These other five individuals informed them of black humanoid beings rampaging through the city, and at the same time there was a large group of humanoid monsters with dark purple auras doing the same thing. They left to stop them as soon as possible, and Mary just simply left when no-one noticed. You were awfully fast considering the place was across the city.”

“Yep, it’s partially thanks to my cool clothes like the black Sonicteam t-shirt I’m wearing.” She turned to a camera as she said, “For only $19,99 including shipping and handling, coolness may vary.”

Ignoring what she just said, Purity replied. “He should be healed within a few minutes.”

“Well that’s good news.”

Once again back near the bridge, Lily was launching a successful physical assault against Rose, as she said, “After I kick your ass, I’m literally gonna bite it!” she knocked her back with a kick, then fired a ball of sludge, which wrapped around Rose. “I’ll try to wrap this up shortly.” She leaped up and lengthened her claws to stab her, but Rose rolled away and leaped out of range as Lily jabbed her claws into the ground and tried to impale her with tentacles. “Come to Dr. Claw, Rose.” She thought for a second and then said, “No, wait, that makes no sense…”

“Do you have to something to say about everything?” Rose said as she narrowed her eyes at her.

“Well yeah.” Lily replied, taking out a short list. “I kinda came prepared with around ten lines or so I’d try to say at some point. Mads helped me out with a few too. At some point I have to find a good time to say, “You should have gone to specsavers.”

“Well, will you stop saying stupid things if I stop responding?”

“Nope, in fact I’ll just talk even more.” Rose groaned and rolled her eyes at this. Lily tried attacking while she was distracted, but she immediately blocked the hit and suddenly covered her entire body in ice, turning her right arm into an absurdly sharp blade and her left arm into a cannon as she did so, while sprouting a large ice wing from the middle of her back. She aimed the cannon at Lily and fired a large blast of ice at her, impaling various parts of her body as she went flying. Lily quickly got up and began to claw at her, missing with each swing until Rose eventually sliced her right hand off. She backed away, clutching the arm as she said, “You monster! I need a helping hand here! Could you lend me one?”

Rose raised her foot and fired a barrage of ice from beneath her foot, knocking her down once more. She then dodged a kick and hit Lily with a roundhouse kick of her own. As Rose prepared to end it, Lily suddenly extended her hand and grabbed a little girl running away nearby, which stopped Rose from punching her out. Lily threw the girl up and held onto her using a tentacle sprouted from her back, just as she repeatedly punched Rose in the chest and kicked her to the ground. She held the child in front of her again as Rose tried to slice her in half and clawed her repeatedly before blasting her back. As Rose tried once more, Lily held her up and wagged her finger before kneeing her in the chest, then impaling her through the stomach and firing a large blast.

Lily placed the girl on the ground and walked over to Rose’s body as she lay on the ground, saying, “Seeing how you weren’t making things easy, I had to get a little persuasive, you understand, right?” Rose simply glared at her, just before Lily turned her hand into a chainsaw again. “Well I’d better get moving soon, y’know, chaos and whatnot.”

Just then, she saw something covered in flames falling out of the sky and coming towards her. She jumped back as the person landed, creating a small crater in the road as they did so. Blaze the Cat emerged from the crater, and the first thing she did was help Rose to her feet as she had recovered from Lily impaling her. Lily sighed as she saw this. “Y’know, I knew I should have just finished it 20 seconds earlier, but no! I just had to blab on for several moments! I hate these kind of things where unneeded help shows up at the last second!”

“I see you’ve joined with that creature.” Blaze said.

“Yep, not by choice, mind you. Joining when I was pretty much dead kinda knocked a few screws loose in my brain.”

“They were quite loose in the first place.” Rose remarked.

“Joining with this chaotic and psychotic creature has influenced me to say and do things I normally wouldn’t, like eating brains. They’re kinda chewy though, like mince, but a little more watery.”

“Are you still talking?” Blaze said, clearly annoyed.

“Sorry, I tend to rabble on. Excuse me for not being kewl, and not saying much, and being a cat, and using fire, and other things…”

“Will you stop talking if I-” Rose placed a hand on Blaze’s shoulder, and shook her head as Blaze turned to her.

Once again back at the arena, half the audience had cleared out and Sonic had just recovered, quickly getting to his feet and glancing around the place. “Thanks for healing me, Purity, what happened while I was out?”

“Fights were taken to the streets, and everyone has left to do their own thing, you should get going too.”

“Right.” Sonic nodded. “Thanks again!” He exclaimed as he took off. As he left the place and ran down the street, he noticed another Egg Carrier and tons of ships accompanying it nearby as they sailed across the sky and immediately headed in that direction.

G.U.N had earlier been called in to help with the crazy invasions going on involving all the monsters and machines roaming the city, and Rouge was carrying Shadow out of the water as she flew back to land. “So I heard you fought Virus again, did you two catch up on old times?” Rouge asked.

“Not necessary, but its not as much of an issue right now, since someone else has taken his place.”

“I’ve noticed. That cat and the ice girl and taking care of it, so just let the others take it from here.”

With Lily again, she then said, “Y’know, I hated Virus for quite a while, so killing him myself felt a little satisfying. Unfortunately, he’s already infected part of the city, so there are others out there still subjected to his bidding even though he’s gone. Of course, for the people I don’t devour, they become my loyal subordinates, with powers similar to my own. Sadly, I need to do these things, as I shall die when this organism finally leaves my body.”

“Enough talk.” Blaze charged at her, punching her in the stomach several times. Rose then knocked her back with three kicks in succession, followed by an elbow to the face by Blaze, and a punch across the face from Rose. Blaze roundhouse kicked her, and then Rose grabbed her arm as she prepared  to stab Blaze, giving Blaze time to hit her with an uppercut. Rose hammered her down and Blaze kicked her against a wall. After several more punches and kicks from the two, they then clotheslined her. As Lily struggled to get up, she suddenly pointed up and yelled, “Look out, it’s the plot!” Just then, fiery beams of annihilation were fired down from the ships at random spots in the city, while tanks and mechs operated by G.U.N fired back.

Lily tried to run as they were distracted, and as Rose noticed, she fired ice from the wing on her back, narrowing missing Lily as she kept running. Eggman looked at the monitors on his ship, and noticed Knuckles gliding across the ships, taking out a few of them as he did so, so he prepared to launch missiles at the echidna. Though Sonic was able to keep up with the ships, he still needed a way of reaching them. As if right on cue, Sally Sue flew by him, and yelled, “Hey, hop on you moron!”


“You wanna get up there, right? Then let’s go.” Sonic wasn’t sure why she was helping, but agreed nonetheless and held onto her legs as she flew up. Knuckles saw them coming and jumped to reach them, grabbing onto Sonic’s hand as they flew to the back of the Egg Carrier. Sally created a hole and dropped them off, and as Sonic asked if she was coming, she shook her head and replied, “I can’t stop here, this is egg country.” Sonic and Knuckles glanced at each other, shrugged and ran on ahead.
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You may have noticed I haven’t been trying hard enough to make these pre-chapter comments funny recently. Sadly that is because I am low on material, and forgot a few jokes I was planning to save for this point. Just don’t start sweating me when I dish it out. Haters gonna hate, holmes.

Doomsday Saga: Chapter 76 - Attack on the Eggman Fleet

Aboard the Egg Carrier, Knuckles punched down a wall as Sonic and Knuckles ran down a green lit dark machinery path. Knuckles pounded the ground, sending a shockwave of rocks ahead, knocking several robots into the air. Sonic leaped up and used the flying robots to take out more ahead with a few spin attacks. Knuckles then punched Sonic ahead, smashing through a dozen more robots still curled into a ball. He stopped by a giant black version of his egg pawns, and leaped out the way as Knuckles leapt up at it and punched it through the metal door just ahead. 

They entered and split up, Sonic taking an upper left path while Knuckles ran downwards. Knuckles punched out several combat based robots, then grabbed one and ran ahead using it as a shield as more fired at him. He charged through several more then threw it at the last batch by the door, while Sonic spin attacked several robots and spin dashed through more on the path in the background. In the next room it was an arena styled area and brightly lit as robots suddenly began entering from each side. One robot appeared to be a somewhat muscular red ninja robot, which said, “I come free with every Egg Carrier purchase.”

Sonic and Knuckles nodded to each other, with Sonic deciding to take out the fodder robots while Knuckles handled the ninja. The ninja blocked one of Knuckles’ punches and fly kicked him as it said, “My flying kicks are for limited purchases.” Knuckles punched him in the chest, then as he aimed for the head, the robot caught his fist and said, “I now come with kung fu grip.” before kicking him to the ground. “My mercy is sold separately, ****.” the robot said as he hit Knuckles with a dropkick. Knuckles quickly got up and punched it into a wall, then followed through with a punch to the gut, tearing through its metal. “We don’t take refunds.” the robot said as it collapsed. As more robots arrived, Knuckles gestured for Sonic to move on while he took care of them, which he did so.

Sonic arrived in the centre of the Egg Carrier, which was an exact replica of the original inside. Eggman was waiting, already inside of his mech that he used during the Mary Sue Saga. “Welcome, Sonic. I’ve made a few changes since the last time we met. Let’s see how you fair against my upgraded creation!” Eggman promptly charged at him, swinging immediately while Sonic jumped over the machine. Eggman quickly turned and fired half a dozen missiles as Sonic ran, leaping and ducking as they hit the walls and glass floors. The blast radius of the last missile flung Sonic into the air, at which point Eggman punched him into a wall then held him there with the mech’s hand.

Sonic suddenly began to glow and resonate a vibrate purple aura as it broke free from its grasp and punched the mech across the room. Sonic dashed towards it and slid under the robot, then as it turned around, hit it with an upward spining attack, and then a roundhouse kick, knocking it to the ground. It then turned on its thrusters, hitting Sonic using the engines within its feet. The mech leaped up and tried to crush Sonic with its feet, though Sonic jumped to the right but was quickly hit by an energy blast that Eggman fired.

Outside near a junkyard, Lily was running away as Rose, connecting her chopped off hand as she continued firing ice at her. She continued to dodge and turn corners as she sang, “I raaaan…I ran so far awaaaaay!” She immediately stopped as Blaze jumped out of a corner and tried to punch her, but missed by inches. Rose eventually managed to cut off her other hand, but Lily quickly picked it up and continued running. Rose threw a wave of icicles, which Blaze covered in fire as they flew by, turning it into a small wave of water, which Lily narrowing avoided as it startled her. They did it again, with Lily jumping behind a building. Rose caught her running out of an alleyway and froze her legs, moments before planning to fire a beam of ice, with Blaze ready to burn it.

“Hey Rose,” Lily began with a smile. “What killed the dinosaurs?”

Rose simply groaned at her and fired, with Blaze burning it to cause a beam of water. Lily quickly turned her arms into hammers and smashed the ice before leaping behind another building. After a few moments, she poked her head out and yelled, “You guys should go easier on me, I was frozen today!” Rose and Blaze followed as she took off, looking around for half a minute until they spotted a silhouette by a tree which Blaze blasted. Lily poked her head out from behind another building wall and said, “Fortunately, even a figure made out of black goo can fool people at night. You should have gone to specsavers, Blaze.” She then pumped her fist in the air. “Yes! I finally found a good chance to say it!” Blaze promptly punched her out as Rose caught up.

Lily got to her feet, and said, “Don’t we make great Boke and Tsukkomi routines? I have a knack for that sort of thing. But unlike you guys, this creature connected to my biological structure makes me almost invincible. I even managed to connect my hand with my arm again. This thing is like a permanent black latex jumpsuit, with even a death styled logo on the front, and I don’t even have to bathe since I’m technically dead!”

“So that’s what that smell was…” Blaze said to no-one in particular.

“Hey Rose, you didn’t mention to my parents that I came back to life, did you?”

“No, I did not.”

“Good, they don’t need to know whatever I’d been doing. Anyway, I should get back to kicking your asses.” Lily’s left hand suddenly detached itself and fell to the ground, making her sigh. As she tried to pick it up, her right hand dropped as well, at which point she then asked, “Could somebody get those?” Blaze faceplamed while Rose groaned again.

Moe-chan was firing a beam of energy from its staff at TM (Tornadoman) who was doing the same, but without a staff. Loli Red turned to the others while this was going on and said, “More power, girls, we need more power!”

“More cowbell?” Loli Black said.

“No, not cowbell!”

“But we gotta have more cowbell, Tsundere-chan!” Loli Blue argued.

“We must also construct additional pylons.” Loli Green added.

Loli Yellow took out her board and began writing, with sweat dripping down her forehead and focusing intensively for around 30 seconds as she wrote out her message. Revealing the board, she had simply written, “Yes.”

Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads were currently roaming the city streets and running across bridges, taking out the Virus and Lily infected civilians while trying not to outright kill them using physical attacks. With the numbers increasing as they moved along further, Ivy and a large group of demons came to help them out. Amber waved as she said, “Nice of you to help out.”

“I was bored, that’s all.”

“So what happened to that thing you said you were doing?”

“It made more money on DVD.”


“Just drop it, it’s long to explain.”

The Metallic Council of Maniacal Evil looked on from the roof of a tall building, glancing around at the unwanted destruction of the environment with all the commotion going on. “So are we going to finally take part in this?” Mecha Sonic asked.

“We’ll do the decent thing and wait until everyone else is done.” Metal Sonic replied.

Metared got to his feet, the camera focusing on him from a low angle as he said, “Gentlemen! Forget the ridiculous scene in front of us! It is not worth participating in!”

“Why the hell not? Isn’t this the best opportunity?”

“Perhaps, but not right now. I’ll take my time robbing some stores before doing anything else.” Metared said as he left, but the others continued watching. 

Some of G.U.N’s forces were firing at the Egg Carrier and its fleet until a bright light suddenly appeared high in the sky, which turned out to be a massive beam of green energy as it hit one of the overseas bridges, wiping out a large chunk of the G.U.N forces nearby and nearly hitting Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads. Tails, being somewhat distracted due to this, gave Moe-chan ample time to punch him out.

The beam seemed to come from the Space Colony Ark, which was being operated by Eggman Nega using an alternative power source that won’t be mentioned. As he prepared to fire again, Sally Sue got in the way of the others and deflected the blast back, heavily damaging its cannon. Mary Sue, who had shortly arrived, overlooked all the madness and chaos going on in the city below and let out a tiring sigh.

Meanwhile, Sonya went back to her beach house, as she had helped out enough and figured they didn’t need her help any longer. Upon entering the beach house, she discovered none other than Virus, sitting on her couch watching TV. He slowly turned towards her, gesturing to a space on the couch beside him. “Hello there, I’ve been watching you for a while. Please, take a seat, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is on.”
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Previously on Sonic Z…

Sonic wore a black trench coat and shades as he stood in a park, waiting for someone, when he heard the sound of crows scattering and turned to see Metal Sonic slowly walking towards him, in a cold tone saying, “Mr. Blue Hedgehog.” He stood a few feet away as he said, “Is my cameo surprising?”

“Somewhat. What are you doing here anyway?”

“I am here because it is my purpose to be here. After all, without purpose, we would have no reason for living.”

“It is purpose that created us.” Mecha Sonic said as he approached them from the right.

“Purpose that connects us.” Silver Sonic added, floating down towards them.

“Purpose that pulls us.” Metared said, coming from behind a tree.

“That guides us.” Sonny said from a bench, followed by Sonya adding, “That drives us.” Both of them clearly infected by Virus.

“It is purpose that defines us.” Jet the Hawk added, walking out of a pond nearby.

Finally, Shadow finished by saying, “It is purpose that binds us.” As he approached Sonic from behind.

Metal Sonic stepped forward as he continued. “We’re all here because of you, Sonic. We’re here to take from you what you stole from all of us: Screentime.” He then stabbed Sonic.


On some other day, the big man, Tails, was chilling in the hood with his girls, wearing a leather jacket and smoking cigars as they cuddled in bed when the phone suddenly rang. Tails answered it, realising it was Sonic, with a greeting of, “Yo, this your boy, Miles, what’s happening, bro?”

“Hey man, there’s some major beef going down. Eggman’s been player hating and is challenging us to a dance off in an hour. You in?”

“Course, man. You know I got your back, bros before hoes, init?” He looked back at the girls. “No offence, girls.”

“Alright, meet me at Casinopolis in 30 minutes, peace out, holmes.” Sonic hung up.

Tails quickly phoned Loli Black, and began talking as she picked up. “Yo, homie, Eggman’s tripping and is trying to get me and my boy, Sonic, served. You down for this?”

“Yeah, boi! You know how I do! I’ll round up my crew and we’ll show Eggman what happens to haters who hate.”


Amy had cornered Tails in a dark corner of his room where the only light around was his computer. Tails laughed before saying, “You’re too late, Amy, I’ve spread the word of TV Tropes online  on websites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Now everyone will be aware of the tropes, and spend endless hours circling the site.”

“That’s insane!” Amy exclaimed.

“Of course! You don’t know what it was like, Amy. You enter like a newbie, just curious about one or two links. The next thing you know, you’ve spent over two hours going from page to page, reading random crap when you should be doing work! But the disease can’t be stopped, once TV Tropes gets you it never lets you go! Not until it sucks out hours upon hours of your free time! And soon, you too shall experience it and welcome tropes as an everyday activity.”

“Never! Not everyone will succumb to the tropes, and I could hit you right now but I won’t. I must find Cream before TV Tropes ruins her life.” Amy took off as Tails laughed maniacally.

As Amy burst into her house, she found Cream sitting silently at her computer, the TV Tropes homepage on the screen. She gasped before slowly approaching her. “C-Cream, are you okay?

“No, Amy. I-I found this website, and now I’ve got…” Cream spun round and pointed to her eyes, having the TV Tropes logo in her eyes. “Troper’s eyes!”

And now, the conclusion…

Doomsday Saga: Chapter 77 – To Corrupt a Proclaimed Goddess

Sonya was sitting in the house, chuckling as she watched the TV. “I always did love this episode.”

Virus tapped her from the side as he said, “Umm, you do remember I’m still here, right?”

“Hmm? Oh right. So why are you here?”

“Well I’ve been waiting for someone to return so I could make a suspenseful return. I got bored waiting and began watching TV.”

“I’m sorry for being late then.”

Virus got to his feet. “Easily forgiven. So I wish to inform you that everything is easily going to plan. The conflicting sides, the chaos in the streets, the various unmentioned killings, my greatest threats wearing themselves down in my absence. I’ve been here the whole time, since, if you could create copies of yourself, it would be stupid to show up unprepared. To be honest, Shadow’s surprise attack wasn’t calculated, but it led to getting one of my main threats involved earlier than she would have been. I applaud her method of waiting until my copy was warn out before vaporizing it, which I could sense as our minds are linked.”

Sonya raised her hand. “Umm, could you get to the point?”

“Of course. You see, getting to Mary Sue was my ultimate objective, and I achieved it quite a while back just for today. I simply manipulated Sally’s actions without her noticing to arrange that tournament with Mary, with the rules and making her suggest sparring. Making Mary get a cut from the training session was all that was needed, so investing one of my copies within Sally was beneficially after all. It’s now time to bring Mary over to my side and rid the city of my enemies, and you’ll sit there, wondering how I did all of it.”

“But you just told me...” Sonya responded. “Plus I could just rush back and warn the others.”

“Sadly, you’re already too late.” Virus said with a smirk, summoning a portal behind him which he slowly slid back into.

Back on the Egg Carrier, Knuckles had finished the robot fodder in the previous room and ran to the centre room of the Egg Carrier, where Sonic and Eggman’s fight was still going on. Knuckles hopped back as Sonic sped by him, running backwards, facing Eggman as he evaded the missiles Eggman fired. Eggman then fired a large energy beam as he charged at Sonic, who leaped to the right and charged at him, jumping left as Eggman tried to punch him then leaping up to avoid Eggman’s roundhouse before spin attacking the robot. Knocking it back, Sonic leaped at the robot but missed as the robot dropped to the floor and fired a energy blast, knocking Sonic into the air. The place rumbled slightly leading Eggman to believe G.U.N were attacking again, so he contacted Eggman Nega to fire the ARK cannon again, but he replied that its been damaged and he needs time to repair it.

Knuckles punched the mech as Eggman was doing so, then spent a bit evading its attacks when Sonic hit Eggman with a full force light speed attack, knocking the mech through a wall to the outside along with himself, landing in the middle of the streets. Eggman immediately blasted half of the forces around him then smacked Sonic with a car, sending him flying though he quickly recovered as Knuckles dropped down from the ship. Eggman fired one of the mech’s hands, which Knuckles punched into the air, then Sonic knocked it back with a spin attack, sending Eggman flying back into a building.

In another area nearby, Lily fired several tentacles from her hands at Blaze and Rose, who ducked and slid by them, just before Blaze elbowed her in the face, then Rose kicked her further away and to the ground. She fired more, which Blaze and Rose leaped over and then they both punched her into a car. Lily began to run as she knew she stood no chance, and soon ran right as the Loli Rangers came after her, firing laser beams as they were still mad about her killing Virus.

“This has gone on far enough!” Most of the people in the area heard a voice yell, making them stop in their tracks. Just then, Mary dropped down from the sky, landing on a broken down bus, dressed in purple and resonating a similar aura, to show the change. As they turned to face her, Mary quickly appeared behind Lily and impaled her, then threw her to the side as she said, “Thanks for covering for me while I was away, but your turn is over.” As Rose and Blaze immediately attacked, Mary simply sent them flying with a swift kick, just as Moe-chan ran up to Virus, clearly overjoyed.

“You’re alive!” Tsundere-chan exclaimed. “Can we have our payment now?”

“But of course.” Mary pulled a large bag of money from nowhere and gave it to them. “Sadly, your assistance is no longer needed as I now have all the power I need, so I’ll now wipe you all out.”

“What?!?” All the rangers said in unison.

Mary immediately punched the large robot out, and then deflected the missiles TM fired as Sonic, Knuckles and Eggman arrived shortly. Eggman fired a large energy beam from the Egg Carrier by remote, but Mary easily blocked it and sent it back, blowing the ship to pieces.

“I totally never saw Virus’ betrayal coming.” Loli Red said.

The others agreed with her while Loli Yellow suddenly said, “You guys are idiots.”, which no-one heard.

Just then, Shadow and Rouge arrived, landing beside Sonic and Knuckles as Shadow said, “It seems he’s returned. Sadly, I’m not surprised at all.”

“Who exactly is this guy controlling Mary anyway?” Sonic asked.

“His name is Virus, and its an awfully long story. You seem to always be out of the loop when important things are transpiring.”

“Yeah, I’m quite unfortunate in that way…”

After a minute or so of Virus flawlessly beating up everyone who attempted to attack him, Tails was talking with Sonic, Knuckles and the Loli Rangers about needing to cure Mary of Virus’ influence by suggesting going inside her and locating where the original Virus is. Lily came running up to him as she overheard and said, “I figured you were in need of a shrinking machine, and I just happened to have a working one about a minute away.”

“It seems Tails isn’t the only one who’s crazy prepared…” Knuckles remarked.

“Right, let’s go.” Tails said.

“Hey, wait up, we’re going too!” Loli Red said, following them.

During the next few minutes, Mary continued to pummel the others and was currently punching Shadow then kicked him into a car. Tails and the Loli Rangers had arrived in their mechs, but had to wait for Mary to open her mouth before going inside, which came when Mary powered up and prepared to launch a massive energy beam at Lily, but Rose quickly kicked her out of the way. As Lily got up, she ran towards Rose and hugged her as she exclaimed, “Rose, you saved me!”

“You’re rather affectionate considering you tried to kill me earlier.”

Lily moved back a little as she said, “Hey, technically you attacked me first.”

“But your unstable attitude would result in you attacking me anyway.”

“I’m not unstable! You have no idea what I’m like!”

“Well you never give people their personal space.”

“Personal space? You’re just an ****! You kept neglecting me when I wanted us to be friends! I know its clichéd for an anti-social aloof person to be around a cheerful active person but that’s not the point!”

“You know it’s not easy for me to do that after so long. You‘ve never gone through any troubles.”

“HEY! I WAS FROZEN, TODAY!” Lily randomly shouted as she glared at Rose, while she narrowed her eyes at Lily. There was a long period of awkward silence until Rose eventually walked off, with Lily continuing to stare at her.

Meanwhile, Tails and the Loli Rangers were travelling down Mary’s throat with their mechs, with Tails explaining to them what they’re going to do. “Okay, Virus is most likely to be in the brain, which shouldn’t be that difficult to make it there, hopefully. We’ll have to look out for white blood cells, as since Mary is infected, they’ll most likely think we’re the enemy.”

“And seeing how overpowered Mary is, the blood cells shouldn’t be taken lightly. I just hope your analysis of paths within the body is accurate…” Loli Black said.

“Well I’m just hoping we don’t see any of those infected white blood cells then.” Loli Red replied.

“Are you scared, Tsundere-chan?” Loli Green asked.

“No, I’m not scared.” she replied, somewhat annoyed.

Both of their mechs suddenly stopped, as they spotted  two infected white blood cell up ahead, being miniature versions of Mary also wearing purple, and smiled as their hands glowed purple. Loli Yellow held up a sign saying, “Aw crap.” while Loli Red screamed upon seeing her, until Loli Green said once more, “Are you scared, Tsundere-chan?”

“I-I’m not scared!” She yelled.

The two Mary’s charged at them, but they moved to the sides and fired back as they flew off. They blocked the hits while advancing on them until they eventually lost the blood cells going towards the nostrils. As they headed towards their destination, they quickly encountered a miniature version of Mary wearing white. “Hey, you’re unaffected.” Tails said as he saw her.

“Yeah, but only around half of the blood cells actually have free will, so its not that hopeless.”

“If that’s so then where are all the other white blood cells?” Loli Green asked.

“They’re all busy watching Gilmore Girls.” She said, rolling her eyes. “I honestly don’t see the appeal of it.”

“Could you lead us to the source of the problem?” Tails asked.

“Sure, he’s in the brain, but I figure you knew that. Follow me.” The miniature Mary took off, with Tails and the Loli Rangers following close behind.
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(What really amuses me right now is that the beginning post of this page is where the Doomsday Saga really started)

Previously on Sonic Z…

Things blew up, beams were fired, stuff happened.

Doomsday Saga: Chapter 78 - Demise of a Teenage Psychopath

Tails and the Loli Rangers were still moving at a steady pace with the unaffected Mary Sue miniature blood cell. “So what are you planning to do?” the blood cell asked.

“Well, a long while ago Shadow came to me, talking about something affecting his behaviour, and discovered it was a living virus, so I had to do a bit of research on it to subdue the virus.” Tails explained.

“Umm, what does it do, exactly?” Loli Blue asked.

“Exactly as you’d expect. He infects others by entering their blood stream, copies itself as it alters their body, then moves on to others, continuing to copy itself as it corrupts more people, like a hive mind.”

“So killing the original will kill the others?” Loli Red replied.

“Perhaps, I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, I have a serum which should remove the negative effects of it spiritually connected to the real Virus.”

“Meaning it’s a small power boost.” She finished.

“Pretty much.”

Just then, several more infected Mary’s appeared far behind them, firing at them as they slowly caught up. Their mechs sped up to outrun the Sue’s, who gained more numbers as the chase went on. The white blood cell Mary eventually led most of them down a different path, Tails stayed behind to stop the last few as he handed over the serum to the Loli Rangers. Unfortunately, one Sue managed to get past their defences and continued to follow the Rangers on their way to the brain. Tsundere-chan suddenly got up and said, “You guys, I may have to leave to take care of that nuisance myself. I feel its my duty as the leader.”

“That’s just nuts, Tsundere-chan. We couldn’t beat Mary even with the five of us, I doubt you can beat one of those by yourself.” Loli Black said.

“What she said.” Loli Yellow wrote on a sign.

“Well fighting her and Virus at the same time will just be harder, so I feel this is necessary, good luck, team.” As they entered a dark area of the body with purple veins going across the place, Loli Red leaped out and tackled the miniature Mary, them both landing on one of the veins, which seemed more like a flat bridge. Loli Red drew her sword as Mary got up.

Back outside, the sky was beginning to become dark red as most of the characters attentions were focused entirely on Virus. Mary was slowly moving back, avoiding the punches that Knuckles threw, soon before kicking Blaze into the air as she jumped at her from behind, then she bent back to dodge Knuckles’ next punch and kicked him into the air. Mary hopped backwards over Sonic’s spin dash and hit him with an energy blast while hitting Rouge with the extreme wind of her punch. Amy appeared from a trash heap behind Mary and leaped down, preparing to hit with her hammer. Mary quickly did a backwards uppercut with her foot, hitting her then grabbing her hammer. As Rose and Lily fired at her, she moved at light speed around the shots and whacked Rose across the street with Amy’s hammer, then suddenly appeared behind Lily and hit her with a roundhouse kick so hard it sent her upper torso flying.

As she hit the ground, the lower torso started running away, leading Lily to yell, “Run, lower torso! Run like the wind!” Mary quickly grabbed it and threw the lower half towards Lily, just before Shadow teleported behind Mary and used a chaos blast, which she blocked. She then kicked Shadow across the street as Sonic then hit her with a light speed attack from the side. Mary quickly flipped up and smiled before glowing blue and partially red. She used the light speed attack, moving around the area while perpetually activating chaos blast, injuring half the people who got hit and destroying half the area as he moved around.

Eggman managed to avoid most of the previous attack by flying into the air. He then landed and opened fire on Mary, who simply stood there with the gunfire deflecting off of her. As Eggman punched the ground, sending a shockwave of energy towards her, Mary leaped into the air, and as Mary was about to land, Eggman suddenly threw a small electrical field trap, which caught Virus by surprise. Though he was in pain at first, he overcame it moments later and broke free with willpower, but then Rose froze most of her body in place, at which point Lily took out a remote and pressed a button. The satellite she used in the Mary Sue Saga fired from just above, creating a huge explosion as Rose leaped out of the way.

Lily stood beside Rose and Eggman‘s mech, pumping her fist in the air. “Yeah! High five!” She glanced between the two, who simply ignored her.

Mary shortly emerged from the rubble, unscathed, and clutched her fist as she smiled. “Simply amazing, I am now unbeatable. Your best efforts can only hope to enrage me at best.”

“It’s better than nothing.” Lily shrugged. “Man, I’m so high right now…” she randomly grabbed a piece of the scenery and began chewing it. Mary wasted no time and charged through the three of them, then quickly turned around and kicked Eggman into a building. As Mary turned to the others, Crystal suddenly dropped in and punched her, then Amber dropped down and immediately hit her with an uppercut, Mads then blasted her across the street.

During the next minute or so, Sonic, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads continued to attack Virus as he taunted them, slowly toying with them and tiring them out. Shade had recently gotten to his feet, saying, “I guess he’ll now destroy this planet, just as it destroyed mine.”

“Don’t count on it.” Sonic said, getting to his feet. “This planet has one thing your planet didn’t.”

“And what’s that?”

“Sonic the Hedgehog!” After a few moments, he sighed. “I’m sorry, that was quite corny.”

“Very corny. And how are you going to make a difference?”

“By becoming Super Sonic once again, which I really should have done a bit earlier…”

Mary overheard this, and using Virus’ normal power, opened up a portal behind Sonic and impaled him before speeding over. “I had completely forgotten you had those emeralds. Thank goodness in this body I can hear voices from over two miles away.” She quickly took one of the emeralds from Sonic’s injured body and was shocked he still wasn’t dead. He quickly dodged one of Rose’s punches and continued pummelling them all.

Meanwhile, inside Mary’s body, Loli Red was fighting the infected miniature Sue. She dodged Tsundere-chan’s first slash as she charged at her, dodging the next and trying to hit her with a roundhouse kick, which Loli Red ducked under and hit her with a rising slash. Mary quickly recovered and grabbed the arm with her legs, landing hard on the surface and nearly bruising it. Mary punched her several more times and then kicked her off the edge. She grabbed the side of it, flipped round to the other side and jabbed her sword into the vein to prevent falling as she surprised Mary with a flying kick from the other side, though this affected Virus outside, hurting him for a moment. Mary prepared to poke her with fingers at light speed, but Loli Red quickly stabbed her, then hopped and with a spinning slash sliced her head off, and finally kicking her into the darkness far below.

After a period of silence, she then smiled. “I-I did it! I beat her! I really did it!” Tears came from her eyes before she pumped her fist in the air.

Further ahead, the Loli Rangers entered the area where the brain was, which was basically the same as where Loli Red was, but contained a large purple ball of energy high up in the middle of the area, which dissolved as they arrived. Virus emerged from the ball, slightly taller with a tail and sharp spikes around his wrists, covered in small sparks. “Welcome, old companions. Sadly, I don’t have time to chat, so let’s get to the point.” Moe-chan shot energy blasts at him while Virus held out his hand, summoning a portal which absorbed them and fired them back, soon before he flew right with them following. They moved around firing blasts and throwing spikes until Virus suddenly charged at the robot within a split second, knocking it out the way as he sped by. They soon hit Virus, only for him to vanish into any portal and hit them with a swipe of his claws.

Virus formed a large shield of electricity around himself and charged at them again, though they tried to hold him off with an energy beam, to no avail as he charged through, sending them flying. Loli Green opened a small window inside the ship and started shooting at him while Loli Yellow piloted the ship. After a while of chasing him, Virus stopped and charged up an attack, spreading his arms out and firing dozens of spikes from his body as several dozen portals appeared, sending the spikes flying all over the place. Though Moe-chan was damaged from the attack, at the same time Loli Black threw the syringe, and though Virus saw and slashed it seconds later, a small bit still splashed on him.

He clutched his chest and began generating more electricity, seeming to be in serious pain. He then shot a large number of tentacles at the rangers, which slowly got bigger, so they quickly turned around and sped off as Virus chased them. “Y’know, that reminded me of House of the Dead.” Loli Blue randomly said. The others also agreed to a point. Shortly after, they picked up Loli Red as they sped by, who still happened to be crying tears of joy as she got into the cockpit.

“What happened, Tsundere-chan?” Loli Black asked.

“I finally did it. I beat her.”

Loli Green suddenly walked up to her and hugged her as she literally said, “Hug.”

Loli Red then asked, “So what happened back there?”

“Well,” Loli Black began. “We fought Virus, doing kinda badly in our big robot, until he did this big damaging attack which left him vulnerable. We threw the syringe, which he sliced in half, but bits of it still hit him. He doesn’t seem to be dying though, just simply showing pain and perhaps mutating a little.” She gestured to Virus far behind who had several tentacles poking out of him and appeared as if his spiritual skin was boiling. “In simple terms: This **** be wack, yo!”

“I got it.” She nodded. “I still gotta phone my mom and tell her that I actually won.”

“She wasn’t the real Mary Sue, y’know.” Loli Green replied.

“Please don’t ruin my victory.”

They soon encountered Tails who had managed to defeat the infected blood cells, and he quickly joined them as he saw Virus far behind.

Outside, in the short while Purity had arrived to heal Sonic, and Sally was fighting Mary, and managed to put up a decent fight before Mary eventually punched her out. Lily ran up to her and asked, “Hey, are you okay?”

“Feels good man.” She replied with a smile.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“You’re one to talk.” Rose remarked.

Moments later Tails and the Loli Rangers exited through Mary’s nostrils again, but still had to wait a minute to return to normal size, while Virus also followed, shocking some of the people still standing. As he did so, Lily then said, “Y’know, I don’t think you’d be able to achieve much anyway, because Mary Sue has a vow against killing her opponents, and even after you took over, I think that still couldn’t be changed.”

“It doesn’t matter, regardless of what you throw at me, I’ve still won, and I’ve just about gotten sick of your mouth.” Using the partially infected Mary, he commanded her to fire a beam into the clouds, suddenly making it rain.

Lily looked up as it started raining heavily, smiling as she said, “Well I guess my time’s finally come…” The organism on the other hand was in excruciating pain and attempted to flee, only for Rose to fire an icicle and stick it to a building, then firing several more to keep it there as it suddenly died. Lily dropped to the floor, saying, “Water, my one weakness…and why was that weak to water anyway?” After more silence, she started singing, “I’m dyiiiing in the rain! Just dyiiiing in the rain! What a horrible feeling, I’m, dying again!”

“Even in death you’re still cracking jokes.” Rose said, kneeling beside her.

Virus ignored the two and continued. “I don’t really need Mary any longer. Most of the people who could stop me I have already taken care of, it is time I put an end to this and finish what Rule 34 once started: Opening up a dimensional rift and making this world overrun with tentacled monsters which will regularly be used for Hentai purposes.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad.” Mads said.

“Of course, I’ll kill off all the men while this is happening.”

“You monster!”

Virus raised his hands as he spoke, “Now, return to me, my brethren and followers, and witness the end of this civilization.” Virus called back the rest of the hive mind, and began to merge with all the copies he had created over the months, forming a massive muscular form with no legs, which overshadowed part of the city as he once again opened up dozens of portals and impaled most of the people around, laughing as he did so.

Rose held Lily in her arms as she went on. “We’ve gone through so fun times, right? You trying to kill me, and ignore me, and beat me up, fun times, right?”

“Would you please be serious about this?”

“I really enjoyed the time we spent together though. I wasn’t even forced or anything to take the path in life I did, I was just bored and wanted something more. If I had continued just being a student, I would’ve probably had a long and successful life, but it doesn’t matter. I met some funny people and had fun being a villain, like when we were a team, and if I was given the chance to go back and decide what path I wanted to follow, I’d still do it again, because even though you disliked me, I still considered you my best friend.” And with that, Lily finally closed her eyes, and Rose shed a few tears for her.

The heavy rain continued as Mary flew into Virus, being in the center of the creature as Virus spoke once more over the city. “My friends, look upon you, and accept the future of my omniscient rule. Everyone who could once by considered a threat has been thoroughly beaten and crushed beneath my power. I have outclassed your ultimate life form, I have beaten your blue hedgehog savoir, and I have even corrupted one of the strongest fighters in this universe. My power has no limitations among this planet. I am your dark messiah, I am your god, I am the virus.” Right on cue, lightning stuck in the background. “Rose, as you aided me in the past, I have decided to grant you a quick death.” She quickly put up a ice shield blocking out the tons of tentacles flying at her.

She moved over to Sonic, continuing to deflect the tentacles to Virus’ amusement. He soon noticed an ice hand appearing beside Rose, carrying the chaos emerald he had taken earlier. She threw it back towards Sonic just as Virus impaled her with his tentacles, followed by a dozen more. There was a bright flash of energy, and then Sonic appeared, flashing a purple colour compared to his Super Sonic self and he immediately destroyed the tentacles. “Thanks again, Rose. I’ll take it from here.” He said before giving her a thumbs up and flying into the air.

Rose continued to bleed as she slowly crawled over to Lily and grabbed her hand, coughing as she lay on her back beside her. “I was never cut out for being on the side of good anyway, but I’ve lived long enough. We ride together; we die together.”

“Villains for life.” Lily suddenly added, causing Rose to smile as they lay there, before finally passing on. 

Sonic flew up to Virus’ level, who appeared to be quite amused at the power being witnessed before him. Virus’ subordinates watched in various sections of the city, the dark sky swirled as it continued to rain, and the strikes of lightning continued as they floated in midair.
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We’re finally here. This is it. The big one. The Climax. The Grand Finale. The final battle. Coming to a website near you!…Right now. (This isn’t the final chapter, just in case someone didn’t realise)


Doomsday Saga: Chapter 79 - The Light in the Darkness

As the Perfect Dark Gaia theme started, it showed the broken down surroundings of the city, Ivy’s group of demons who had finished clearing the streets, Purity who was still healing people, and the people still infected by Virus who were watching Super Sonic and Virus as they floated in the air. Sonya was running towards the area, and looked up to see the moon which looked a dark red colour. Back at the scene, Sonic quickly took off, flying at a steady pace towards Virus, dodging his small blasts, then jumping across several tentacles before leaping into the air.

Sonic flew down towards Virus, easily evading the tentacles coming at him and hitting him in the forehead with a spin attack, propelling him back from the impact. Virus immediately opening up a dozen portals, firing a barrage of tentacles at Sonic as he flew back and moved around in the air trying to evade them. He was eventually hit by one and crashed through a window. He leapt out quickly and onto the roof of the building, with Virus following as he clawed at the surface and punched the roof while Sonic flew across them.

Sonic flipped and landed on Virus’ large arm, running along it as Virus swiped at him but missed by inches. Virus shot beams from his eyes but missed as Sonic jumped and hit him in the forehead again before backing up. He continuously evaded Virus’ repeated swings but was then sent flying with an energy blast. Sonic dodged one tentacle as he regained himself, then another before hopping across several and destroying a few by spinning in midair. Sonic then charged at full speed towards Virus, incinerating anything he could throw at him, until he charged right through his body, pulling out Mary Sue as he did so and making Virus explode into thousands of tiny particles as the song stopped.

Sonic laid her on one of the buildings nearby and tried to wake her up, but unfortunately Virus wasn’t dead yet, he had simply reverted to an earlier form, complete with a tail and wings. Virus noticed he was busy and tried to kill him with a sneak attack, but Sonic dodged it and turned to face him. Sonic flew up again and stopped 10 feet from him. “Heh, normally the evil beings I face would be finished at this point.”

“Well I’m far from done, so don’t count me out yet. Should we find a spot to do battle?”

“Sure.” Sonic gestured behind him and took off with Virus following close behind.

As they dropped down, Virus summoned two portals beside Sonic, trying to crush him with two disembodied hands, but Sonic jumped and launched a spin attack, which Virus blocked before hitting him with a roundhouse kick. Virus jumped at him but missed trying to punch him, before Sonic hit him in the face, Virus’ kick then missed as Sonic punched him again, ducked under his tail, but was then hit but several claw swipes by Virus before knocking them both into a building. Virus kicked Sonic off him and got to his feet, saying, “So just how exactly did you guys take advantage of my talents?”

“Hmm? You mean this aura I have, right? That’s not really important, but its funny how I’ll be using some of your own power to take you down.”

Virus smiled as he spoke. “I doubt it. When I was recalling the countless copies of myself, I noticed some were a little hard to convince, as if they’d been altered in some way. I chose not to look into it further, but this doesn’t mean its no longer under my control. I could simply vanquish useless copies just like that.” With a click of his fingers, the additional purple aura Sonic had suddenly vanished, at which point Virus tackled  him out the window as he was distracted. He then grabbed him and threw Sonic at another building. Sonic landed on the side and leaped up as Virus hit it with an energy beam, quickly charging back and punching him as he did so.

Virus quickly moved around Sonic, with Sonic attacking as he got close but discovering they were fakes until Virus hit him from behind with a downward kick, causing a small crater from the impact as Sonic hit the ground. As Sonic got up, he saw Virus lift several flaming lorries and throw them at him, exploding as they hit the ground and continuing to travel along the streets for another 100 feet before exploding again. Sonic appeared to be standing beside Virus, looking ahead and exclaiming, “That might’ve actually hurt a little if it hit me.”

“I’d assume so.” Virus replied. Virus quickly threw a punch, but missed as Sonic ducked and kicked him. After a bit more air combat, seeming pretty even, Virus managed to impale Sonic with his tail, followed by several more from his hands, he then dragged Sonic down with a dropkick and continued to pummel him as they moved down the streets, shortly before holding him up against a building wall. “You put up a good fight, but it sadly wasn’t enough.” Virus suddenly summoned several more tentacles behind him.

“Hey, aren’t you at least going to gloat or something?” Sonic asked weakly.

“Of course not, I’d rather finish you off immediately, so I’ll shut u-” Before he could finish, something suddenly flew into the area and hit Virus, with enough force to send him flying and through a building far away. Sonic then discovered it was Sonya, who had recently used the chaos emeralds to obtain a super form.

“That was awesome!” She exclaimed. “This feeling is amazing! Its like I’m on fire, but in a good way!”

“Thanks for coming slightly earlier than expected, me.” Sonic said, injured but still in his super form.

“No problem, also Purity will be over shortly to heal you, since I pointed out where you guys were. I’ll hold off Virus for a while as you heal up.” She said before flying into the air.

“I appreciate it.” Sonic replied.

As she floated into the air, Virus pushed some of rubble from the building out of the way and floated over to her, clearly not happy. “I guess it was pretty stupid of me to tell you anything, considering you’re also a hedgehog.”

“I’m actually a female clone of my friend over there.” Pointing back towards Sonic.

“The absurdity leaves me with so many questions I’d rather not say. But with your friend out of the action, my only problem is you, so this shouldn’t take very long.” Virus charged at her, who evaded his attack as she flew to the side of him. Virus spun round and whacked her with his tail, sending her twirling till she landed on a building window. She jumped as Virus landed nearby, then began doing flips and sidesteps as Virus emitted energy waves from his claw swipes, eventually managing to hit him with a spin attack to the face.

Meanwhile, close by Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, and the Loli Rangers had fully recovered due to Purity healing everyone. Tails was speaking with the others about once again stopping Virus, and started explaining about his research. “So as we all know, Viruses are pretty much small germs which get inside living organisms and replicate itself within the living cells. The serums I had created were pretty much anti-vaccines to counteract the dormant spread of the effects, to which it would override the bodily functions and the mind would be spiritually linked with the leader, adding additional power as a result of joining, like becoming a member of a big clan in an MMORPG.

For example, you could say Virus is the leader of a country, but he wants to rule another, so he moves there and populates the place with his spawn and commoners of his own town. Everyone following so far?” They all nodded somewhat, then he continued. “From what the rangers have told me, it seems Virus may have evolved over time, possibly from sharing bits of DNA from its host every time it produces another copy, linking back to the original, though I’m not sure. I believe he have been a-” All they could now hear was Tails rambling on about the subject, then going onto Trojans. He eventually stopped and sighed. “We’ll simply catch Virus off guard and inject him with the additional vaccine I have, which should stop him.” The others nodded in response, understanding the situation.

Sonya and Virus were still moving at light speed through the air, with Virus managing to easily counter most of her attacks and eventually hammer her into the ground. As she got up, Virus opened up several portals around him and fired large beams of energy, which Sonya leaped back to avoid, while the others trailed her as she kept dodging. Virus then appeared behind her, coming out of a portal and trying to impale her, but she suddenly leaped over him and grabbed his tail, swinging him round several times then throwing him across the street. “Seriously, what’s up with you trying to impale everyone the first chance you get?” As Virus got up, his aura began to glow brighter, seemingly charging up an attack, but stopped when someone tapped his shoulder from behind.

He turned to see Mary Sue, back to normal, who punched Virus so hard he flew through 3 tall buildings and landed in the sea by the bridge. She turned to Sonya and said, “Well you can take it from here, I just had to get out a little frustration.” Virus quickly returned, but before he could attack he was hit by a chaos spear from behind, followed by Tails and the Loli Rangers assaulting him in their mechs. Since he was capable of taking down supers, he easily beat them, at which point the Eclipse Cannon fired again, but Virus simply moved to the side, and then Mary kicked it into the air, hitting Virus and weakening him.

Shadow charged at him with another sample of the vaccine, so Virus launched half a dozen tentacles at him, which he dodged by teleporting, but was soon hit, at which point he threw it to Sonic who was speeding past and immediately jabbed it into Virus’ forehead. Virus began writhing in pain on the ground, boiling and emitting smoke and within the last few moments he began laughing. “Viruses will always exist, friends. Disease exists on, regardless of whether I’m the one to cause it, remember that…” Virus then simply evaporated, following a period of silence.

Mary suddenly generated a bright white aura as she rose into the air, as if she were a true goddess. “Well done, people of this universe. You have defeated this villain without me having to help at all…besides that one punch I threw. Now that everything is cleared up, I feel it is time I moved on, possibly going back to the dimension I was in before, since they’re probably still wondering where I am…I will also erase everyone’s memories so no-one remembers this tragic event.”

“You can do that?” Sonic asked.

“But of course. Maybe tomorrow though, since I’m kinda tired. You guys probably won’t notice though. In the meantime, farewell, everyone. It was nice getting to know you all.” There was a bright flash of light and then Mary vanished into thin air.

Sally Sue shed a tear as she did so. “It pains me to see you leave, but I understand your reasons. Perhaps she just was…too good for this sinful earth.”

“Now, now, Sally. Even Mary has said herself that she isn’t perfect.” Purity replied.

Loli Red pouted as she crossed her arms. “Stupid Mary Sue! We never got to have our final battle! Now I’ll never defeat her! I hate her so much!”

“Hey Tsundere-chan, there’s a note on your skirt.” Loli Black pointed.

“Huh?” Loli Red removed it and looked at the note, which said, “Dear Tsundere-chan, you’re probably mad that I left without us settling things, even though I won every time we fought, but whatever. You may not beat me now, but most people can’t. The fact that you keep trying is somewhat inspiring, and I like that, despite you wasting my time. Maybe we’ll fight again in the future, but for now, keep trying and show me how strong you are when we do meet again.” Tsundere-chan began to cry upon reading it, but covered her face so no-one could see.

Eggman left the scene in his mech as the others were busy staring at where Mary just was. “Seems things didn’t go to plan again. Perhaps another approach is in order…I’ll check up on this god of evil I read up about recently…”

Amy glanced around, also noticing a blank white spot in the background, and asked, “Where did Blaze go?”

“Oh, she went to meet Eggman Nega at the Space Colony ARK.” Knuckles said. “How she’ll get there, I have no idea.”

“So its finally over, huh?” Sonic said, walking up to Shadow.

“I guess so.” He replied.

Tails then said, “Well, alls well that ends well, right?” most of the others immediately glared at him. “Uhh, sorry…”


Mary Sue walked onto the side of a screen, the area being pitch black apart from a monitor behind her showing various Mary Sues in fanfiction. “Hello everyone, my name is Mary Sue, but I’m here today to talk to you about a problem plaguing a lot of fanfiction: Sueitis. Sueitis can affect a lot of characters in today society of fictional stories. It doesn’t care how much backstory you have, it will make you overpowered, an attention ****, and overall disliked by readers.

If you notice some symptoms in the characters of your loved ones or your own, consult a decent writer as soon as possible. Perhaps in the coming future we can help to reduce the number of characters who ruin a story as if they were a black hole, and in turn have more unique and creative ideas. Don’t be like me, please, think of your original characters…think of the readers. Thank you.” She curtsied before walking off the screen.
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Well we’re finally at the end. It’s been a crazy year and a half, but its finally time to rap it up. After reading all the way up to this point, some people may rage a little at this at first, but I honestly don’t care, since when you think of all the random things that‘s happened, this ending makes the most sense, and I figured it was the more satisfying choice, but I had it decided for quite a while. Anyway, enjoy this last chapter, and have a happy summer…though pretty much all of you already are having your summer.

Epilogue: Chapter 80 - Alls Well that Ends Well

It was a few weeks after the events of the last chapter. Places in the city were still being fully rebuilt, the infected people had no memory of the event after returning to normal, and Rose and Lily had a funeral…again. Sonya went to live in Mary’s current dimension, taking her beach house with her. Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads simply waved goodbye at some point to the others and took off to explore the galaxy.


It was a bright summer’s morning as Sonic landed on a clear pavement as Windmill Isle Day started playing. He started jogging shortly before he ran, turning at corners and going over bumps, and leaping over various platforms. He soon reached a bunch of café shops, charging through a lot of tables as well as Eggman robots along the wide path with slowly curved right. 

Sonic went through a downward loop, across a large gap using a ramp, moved on and jumped onto a middle rail overlooking the sea. Sonic flipped back and forth between the three rails to avoid spikes as they curved about, soon before getting off. He leaped across one roof, then another before spin attacking five flying robots in quick succession and going through a loop higher up. After hitting the ground, he drifted round a left corner, then did so once more and hopped over five barrels traveling down the narrow street. He then hit four springs, spin attacked another three and the four sent him flying right through 5 hovering giant rings. Sonic moved on as the song came to a stop.

Two construction workers called Tim and Bob were watching this from far away, and as he sped by, Tim turned to Bob and said, “Hey, just why did we build all those loops and such on the ground, exactly?”

Bob shrugged. “I’m not sure. We were high, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“Oh right.” He nodded.

A bit later, Sonic arrived at Tails’ house, as Tails and Blaze were in the garden. He waved as he ran over to them. “Hey guys, what’s up?”

“Hi Sonic.” Tails greeted him. “Blaze is going back to her dimension now.”

“Yes. Eggman Nega has stopped crossing over, and now so must I. It was good seeing you again.” Blaze shook hands with Sonic as Tails operated the transporter, teleporting Blaze moments later. Tails then explained to Sonic about Cherry finally passing on and ascending to a higher plane of existence, after finding out where her parents were living and talking with them for a while. Sonic took off to meet Amy at her apartment, who was on a balcony overlooking the city.

“Hey Amy, how are things going?” Sonic said as he approached her.

“Just fine. I’m a little sad about losing that additional power I had with that virus, and at first I was thinking of using it to forcefully make you love me.”

They both laughed until Sonic suddenly stopped and said, “Hey wait, that’s not funny. But you wouldn’t need to do that anyway, because I love you, Amy.”

“You really mean that, Sonic?” She asked, blushing as she turned to him.

“Of course I do.” As Sonic leaned in to kiss her, there was suddenly a knock at the door.


The recent part had apparently just been written by Lily Locket, who was wearing yellow pyjamas and typing it up on her computer.

Her mother yelled from downstairs for her not to be late for school, to which Lily replied, “I won’t! I’m getting ready!” She sighed and saved the word document, and closed it before throwing off her things and leaping into the shower down the hall. Her school uniform constituted of a red typical school uniform with  red outlined on the white skirt, and white stockings. She rushed out of the house with her orange backpack, waving to Cherry who happened to live next door to her. She soon reached the high school, which had the unfortunate name of ‘Get High’, sadly.

Upon reaching her English classroom, she spotted Rose sitting near the window and yelled her name as she ran to hug her. Rose looked up and quickly got to her feet with open arms, but missed each other as Lily leaped and flew out the window, which most people in the room ignored.

A minute later Lily made it back into the classroom, where Rose asked, “So how are you today?”

“Just great, as usual. I haven’t been doing much in a while.”

“Apart from writing people you know into your story.”

“Ahh, so you saw it.”

“Well, the big bad himself told me about it.”

“So what did you think?”

“Well…” Rose took out a checklist. “It was a little random, needed a bit more prose, it was pretty damn long, most of the randomly inserted spots for songs seem unnecessary, it seemed a little rushed, and the final battle felt a little anti-climatic, somewhat stupid and kinda boring.”

“Well what do you expect with all the awesome events leading up to that point?”

“And what was up with our deaths?”

“It was like a meaningful echo, it fit perfectly!”

“And why was it a self insert story?”

Lily shrugged. “I guess me being in it makes it funnier.”

“I also didn’t get the very last bit.”

“Well it was joke based around the end of that one game where Tails says the exact same lines, which, by the look of the city when everything was rapped up, would be a pretty stupid thing to say.”

“It’s not funny when you have to explain the joke.”

“But you just asked me to explain it!”

Just then, Virus, who was called Vinnie in real life, walked into the room and up to the two of them, and of course had dyed his spiky hair purple.

“Hey Vinnie,” Lily began. “I heard you told Rose about my story.”

“Yeah, and you made me look like a sophisticated ****…not that I mind, of course. What gave you the idea for Virus though?”

“Well remember that game you sent me online during the last half term? Yeah, thanks for that.”

“You should really get your computer some protection or something then.”

“And you should stop sending infected files.”

“I got that file from Rose.” He said, gesturing towards her.

“Uhh, yeah, sorry, my bad.” She said, scratching her head. “So how does it end then?”

“Well I couldn’t finish it so I’ll do it sometime soon. Perhaps it was already finished by some higher force.” Lily looked into the sky. “Maybe we don’t even really exist, we’re just some magically created beings in another story…”

“That would be stupid.” Vinnie replied.

“Indeed.” Rose added.

Later that day at lunch, in the green cafeteria room, Lily, Rose and Virus sat together, like they usually do. The Sue Sisters sat at another table further away, and near their table was one where Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Amber and Mads sat. Sonny and Shade were humans, Sonny had blue hair, wore some shades and had a black backwards cap on, while Shade had black hair and was currently in an emo phase. Lily then randomly said after looking around, “Y’know, we stick together so much that some people literally think the three of us are a couple. People just used to think that way about my and Rose.”

Rose, who was eating a piece of chicken, suddenly dropped it as she said, “Wait, what?”

“Not that I have a problem with it.” Vinnie said as he started smoking.

“You should probably stop smoking because here comes your sister.” Rose pointed out.

“Aww crap.” Vinnie put it out as his sister, who was Mary Sue in Lily’s story, approached them.

“Morning, guys. Vinnie, were you doing bad things again?” She said, glaring at him.

“Of course not.”

“He was smoking.” Lily remarked.

“You traitor!”

“Well Vinnie, I’m gonna have to give you detention.” Mary said.

“We’ll see. Oh, and Lily knows that her close friends know about her story now.” Vinnie said.

“Is that so? Well what was the deal with my character? I was so broken I was on the level of Superman when it came to abilities. But I’ve always wanted to meet Superman…”

“Well it makes sense, right?” Lily cleared her throat before continuing. “You’re the class president, popular among girls and boys, with some girls actually being attracted to you like yours truly, you’re the top of the swim team, the track team, you’re a gold belt in karate which they had to create recently, and pretty good at Tae Kwon do. Not to mention your name is Serenity Starlight. I had to make fun of it at some point.”

“She does have a point.” Vinnie agreed.

“Well I guess.” Serenity then looked outside and saw the Loli Rangers surrounding a student. “If you’ll excuse me, I have business to take care of!…Sadly.” She quickly leaped out a glass window.

“So did you actually practice on the song we’re meant to be doing later today, Lily?” Rose asked.

“Of course I did…what song was it anyway?”

“Endless Possibility, remember? You were the one who suggested it like three weeks ago.”

“Oh yeah, Endless Possibilities, I can easily play that.”

“It’s Endless Possibility.” Rose said, glaring at her. “There’s no plural!” She yelled.

Lily backed away slightly. “Okay! Geez, what’s gotten into you?!?”

“Sorry, I just hear it being said wrong a lot and it pisses me off, I mean, I’ve played the game and found the CD, there is no plural! I feel like I could strangle the people who ignorantly say it wrong!”

“You’ve got issues.” Vinnie remarked. “Anyway, we can use one of the classrooms in a bit to practice before performing later. My geometry teacher seems rather fond of me, maybe a little too much.”

As they practiced in an empty classroom, Lily wasn’t doing so well singing as she also played a guitar, which Vinnie pointed out she didn’t need to do both but she didn’t wanna take his advice. Rose was playing the drums and Vinnie was playing another guitar, and during their practice session, the Loli Rangers burst through the door, with Loli Red looking around before saying, “Do you know where Serenity ran off to?”

“No.” They all said in unison.

“I didn’t know you were a drum player, Rose.” Loli Green said.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“It just doesn’t seem like you.”

“I also play piano.”

“That’s what I expected.”

Lily stroked her chin as she said, “Wouldn’t Endless Possibilities sound even better with a piano?”

“Endless Possibility.” Rose angrily corrected her.

Loli Black suddenly stepped ahead of the others as she started rapping. “You know there’s something you should know, so I’m gonna tell you so, don’t sweat it, forget it, enjoy the show!” She threw her hands up in the air.

Vinnie raised an eyebrow as he said, “Umm, Badass-chan, what are you doing?”

“Working all day now its time to unwind, kick back, relax, take a load off your mind!”

“Why are you rapping?” Rose asked.

Loli Black ignored them as she went on. “I’ll be busting the moves and I’ll be busting the rhymes, we’ll be busting up laughing cause its party time!” She said, sliding to the left, then to the right before jumping into the air. Moments later she was thrown out of the room along with the others.

Another little while later, Vinnie and Rose were walking down a path around the outside area of the school towards a fountain as Rose was talking with him. “So you think Lily will actually get this down without screwing it up? How well she can play a guitar while singing tends to vary for some reason, though she usually pulls through.”

“I don’t know, feels bad man. Lily can be rather stubborn about these things.”

“Yeah, but she did play guitar before you joined.”

“I remember when I first met you guys, you two were trying to start a band and had several people leaving your group, so at first I joined mainly so Serenity would get off my back about getting a hobby, and to stop being a delinquent. Since then we’ve hung out a lot, people have wondered whether I regularly have threesomes with you guys, and Lily seemed to dislike me for a long time as if I was destroying your relationship.”

“Yeah, she can get like that sometimes. Things should go well today, though.”

“Yeah! We’re gonna play the crap out of Endless Possibilities!” Lily said, suddenly appearing beside her as she pumped her fist into the air. 

Rose slowly turned to her, with the intent to kill as she said, “What was that last bit you said?”

“Endless Possibilities.” She said with a cheerful smile.

Rose immediately started angrily choking her as she exclaimed, “That’s one of the things I hate about you! I told you to stop saying that! Why must you torment me?!?”

Vinnie in a completely deadpan manner, said, “We should get down to the main hall in a bit.” as he watched Rose choke Lily who was struggling to breathe.

That bit later, Lily, Rose and Vinnie made it to the main hall which was packed with students, as the Sue Sisters just finished playing ‘With Me’ from Sonic and the Black Knight. Sonny threw his hands up into the air as he said, “Duuuuuuude! That was totally awesome!” The others agreed as well.

Lily was coughing a little as they entered, saying, “Geez, you actually tried to kill me back there!”

“You brought it on yourself, Lily. Stop tormenting Rose and say Endless Possibilities for once.” Vinnie replied.

“Say what?” She replied, glaring at him.

“Endless Possibility, that’s what I meant to say.”

A random group of girls were talking about various Sonic songs, one of them saying, “One of my favourites is probably Open Your Heart, I’m not sure if its for nostalgia reasons but I just love it.”

“One of mine is What I’m Made of, sure its kinda cheesy, but its awesomely cheesy!”

“I like I Am All of Me, that one was so ****!”

Serenity appeared among them and said, “My favorite has always been Live and Learn. For years I didn’t get the lyrics, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t crowning music of awesome material.” The others immediately changed their opinions and agreed with her, at which point she said, “Y’know, you guys don’t have to change your opinion just because I said it.”

“No, truly, I had just forgotten that one until now. That was easily the best.” 

“I’m unsure whether you’re making fun of me, or if you’re telling the truth…” She then heard someone shout her name, looking towards the entrance to see the Loli Rangers, and immediately ran as they gave chase.

Somewhere far away, Sonic stood atop a building looking far off into the distance with the clear blue sky above. Meanwhile, Lily, Rose and Vinnie were walking onto the stage and got ready to play as Lily spoke to the crowd. “Hey everyone, we’re going to be playing Endless Possibilities-” She glanced at Rose who was about to take out a knife. “Uhh, I mean Endless Possibility, because its awesome, and I love it. Well, I hope you enjoy it.”


As Lily began playing the guitar, Rose and Vinnie joined in moments later, then it shifted over to Sonic who was jogging across a few rooftops just before leaping off onto the pavement below. Sonic ran along, dodging and leaping over the civilians shortly before sidestepping several cars as he turned to the right along the road. He did the same again, jumping across four cars afterwards. He then passed by Amy and Cream sitting by a fountain in Spagonia, shortly before drifting round a street corner where Team Chaotix were exiting a store. He then leaped over a shop as he moved on, hitting two diagonal springs then landing on a rail and quickly running down a back alley route ahead.

He hit a speed pad and sidestepped left and right between the walls blocking his path, then hit a ramp at the end and landed on another rail in midair, which curved right and launched him into the air shortly after. It cut back to the group, who were obviously still playing. With Sonic, he continued at a steady pace, running up three flights of stairs before hitting a spring on the ground. He flew high into the air, landing on another rail which travelled downwards in a spiral around the incredibly tall building. Reaching a path below he immediately hit an upward ramp, launching him into the air again, above the clouds where the floating island could be seen in the distance before going under again.

As he flew back down, he landed on the side of a building and ran down it into the streets again. He ran along the empty streets, hopping over barrels being thrown by robots ahead. After reaching them, he spin attacked them and hit the springs behind them, flying over the ledges nearby. He then ran along, charging through various Eggman robots in his path then speeding through a large loop before jumping off a ledge nearby and landing on a snowboard going down a long road.

At the hall, Vinnie then suddenly said, “You’re loosing speed, you’re losing your fall!”

Lily replied with, “But inside me’s a power you’ll never know!”

Rose then said, “And when and how, it ships like you!”

“You better all stand left, cause we’re coming through!” They said in unison, just before Vinnie had a guitar solo for a little bit.

Back with Sonic, he had just flew off a downhill road, leaping off the board in slow motion soon before hitting the ground and speeding by the four SA’s at an ice cream shop. He ran along, up the side of a building till he reached the top and hit another ramp, landing on another rail with it curling towards the end. Lily then sang, “I see it, I see it, now! It’s always been inside of meeeeeee! And now I feel so freeeeeeeee!” As she sang the last note, she slid along the stage on her knees while Sonic flew by the window in the background.

Sonic was now leaping left and right across many buildings, soon before Tails showed up in the Tornado beside him. Sonic smiled at him and hopped onto the wing, while Tails gave him a thumbs up as they flew higher up and off into the distance. At the hall, they were now rapping up, with only Lily and Vinnie playing, till it just became Lily in the last few moments as the view zoomed out, and Lily raising her arm into the air as they finished.
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