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15 January, 2021, 06:28:45 pm
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The Beginning

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Author Topic: The Beginning  (Read 2257 times)
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That guy

« Reply #900 on: 27 June, 2010, 08:10:31 pm »

Sheena: ...Yeah, I'll leave you to it. I'll go get some breakfast, I still have no idea how I got here... nor how I got all these burns...

Naru: Heeey Shee-shee X3

Sheena: Oh god, not now....

Hmm.... I feel like I really should remember something, but I can't remember what... I guess if I can't remember it, it wasn't important. Then again, maybe I don't remember it BECAUSE it's important, and someone doesn't want me to remember? Nah, that can't be it. Did someone screw with my brain, maybe? It is pretty much the only part of me that doesn't get injured on a regular basis, so maybe it finally did get injured... no, no that's stupid... everyone else would have had their brains screwed with too. I'm not the only who can't remember anything... maybe we were hit by an EMP, for brains? Like, a.... a BPP. A brain... physic... pulse. Yeah, a Brain Psychic Pulse. Nah, that's also stupid... though it sounds kind of cool. I wonder if someone can MAKE a BPP. Or has even thought of the idea. Come to think of it, what would BPP even do? Wouldn't it be kind of dangerous, like, shutting down a brain? I guess you'd die if that happened. Now I'm definately sure we weren't hit by a BPP. But we still suffered spontaneous memory loss... maybe a psychic did it to us? What psychics do i know... well ,there's Gen, but he wouldn't do that. Then there's.... uh.... I forget. I don't think any other psychics I know would do this kind of thing. Wait, how do we even KNOW we're forgetting something, if we can't remember what we're forgetting? Theoretically, that makes no sense... if we have no recollection of what we've forgotten, then we can't be certain that we HAVE forgotten anything. But if we've forgotten what we once remembered, and thus feel that there's a gap in our memory, does that mean that we remember that we have forgotten? Hmm... I don't make any sense right now. Now, other causes of memory loss... we can't all have hit our head, that would be a terrible cliché... What if we travelled to another dimension, which was then deleted, thus erasing our memory of that ever taking place? Nah... we could have been kidnapped by aliens, who scrambled with our brains! Actually, that makes sense... my ass does kind of hurt... was I probed? If I was, at least I can't remember it. No, the alien theory can't be true either... we wouldn't be caught by aliens. Well, i would, but the other people here are too strong for that. Still, I was missing an arm... and my ass still hurts. Could the memory loss be connected to the rectal pains? I guess the nerves could be screwing with the brain, but... *Continues to ramble to himself*
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