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16 January, 2021, 12:09:22 am
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Author Topic: Characters  (Read 454 times)
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« on: 07 June, 2010, 05:56:35 pm »

Nice! And longer profiles are better! Well, since it seems we may not have a whole lot of characters to start off, I'll throw in one of mine.

Name: Drake Kin (AKA Dragoon)
Race: Human
Class: Dragoon

Weapon: Ultima Spear: An ancient spear from the long lost order of the Dragoon Legion. The Ultima Spear was wielded by the current leader of the Dragoons, which means Drake by default. The Spear homes in on its target when thrown, its speed and force increasing with distance. Drake can instantly summon the Spear to his side when needed. A switch on the spear allows Drake to switch it's element between Gravity, Lightning and Air. The tip of the spear can be fired like a powerful bullet which is instantly replaced.

Weapon 2: Shock Absorbing Armor: An ancient Dragoon secret. The full body armor worn by the Dragoon is a massive shock absorber, which absorbs force thrown at it. Primarily used to absorb the force of any fall Dragoons suffer during their strikes, it can be used to decrease damage taken from hits, though it’s not as effective in this task. The suit has a built in life support system, allowing Drake to travel through areas that would be otherwise dangerous.

Ability 1: Gravity Control: Drake has inherited the magic of the Dragoon race, gaining the ability to manipulate his own gravity and the gravity of anything that touches him. This allows him to lower his gravity and make massive leaps into the air. He can also change the gravity of his spear even if it’s thrown. This ability allow his Jump strikes to be practically unstoppable.

Ability 2: Dragon Summoning: Drake’s Dragoon abilities allow him to summon the ancient Dragons of the old Legion. Normally, every Dragoon would receive one Dragon to ride into battle. But with the order long gone, the Dragons follow Drake’s orders alone. This army of Dragons includes Dragons of every mythical nature, though Drake can only summon up to 3 at a time.

Strength: ***
Speed: ***
Defense: **
Jump: ****

Height: 6’2
Weight: 145 lbs
Age: 18
Skin Tone: White
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Short
Garments/Clothes: Normally wears simple jeans and a T-Shirt, but Drake can summon the ancient Dragoon Armor straight onto his body. It’s made from an unknown compound that is naturally colored black. The head piece has a Dragon Mask that can be closed to protect Drake’s face, the eyes of the mask colored blood red.

Bio: When Drake was 12 years old, he had his fortune read by an old Fortune Teller. Upon simply touching his palm, the Fortune Teller recoiled. She revealed that Drake’s family comes from a long line of Dragoons, powerful warriors who could summon and control the might of Dragons, but the Dragons were assumed to have died out millennia ago, and the Dragoon Legion’s power with them. It was likely that Drake’s parents didn’t even know of their ancient lineage. Drake didn’t believe the tale obviously, but the story stuck with him as he became fascinated by his ancestry. When Drake turned 17, his parents took him on a trip to Greece, but throughout his entire trip, Drake couldn’t get an annoying buzz out his ear. When they went to visit the Coliseum, the buzz in Drake’s ear became a roar of thousands of voices calling out to him. Leaving his tour group unnoticed, the voices led Drake to a seemingly dead-end hallway within the Coliseum. When he touched the far wall, it opened up to reveal a massive chamber filled with thousands if not millions of sealed Dragons deep beneath the Arena. In return for releasing the noble race, they granted him their power, as well as bestowing upon the Ultima Spear and the Dragoon King’s Armor. Drake’s spent the last year back home in America, adjusting to his newfound abilities by saving the day time and time again, not minding missing out on the fame and fortune and letting the newspaper’s “Dragoon” get all glory.

Theme Song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/59561


Edit: Well, since they're in there now, here's Rief and W.A.R.:

Name: Rief
Race: Human
Class: Cyber Ninja
Type: Weapon Spec.

Weapon 1: Razer Laser Weapon Projectors (RLWP): Two small hilts sheathed on Rief’s back that are crafted precisely for Rief’s grip. When activated, the hilts create any weapon Rief desires out of Razer Lasers. Since Razer Lasers have no weight, these weapons can be immense, but mostly Rief uses his familiar Kris. (It's basically a lightsaber that can take any shape)

Weapon 2: 50 Caliber Beretta Pistols: Two bladed-pistols holstered on Rief’s chest. The pistols have been modified with his old Bow and Arrow’s upgrades. The bullets it fires seek out their targets so they never miss, and the gun is modified with Fire, Ice and Lighting element. The clips automatically reload themselves after they’ve been expended. The two pistols can be combined to form a Machine Gun, a Sniper Rifle, or a Shotgun.

Weapon 3: The Cloaking Emitter: A blue glowing device placed in the center of Rief’s chest. Despite its name, it doesn’t actually emit anything, instead when activated, it takes anything that could be sensed of Rief and rips it from space time while leaving Rief unharmed. This blocks Rief from being seen, heard, smelled, felt, or sensed, because those things are simply not their. Rief can expand the cloak around anything he wants.

Weapon 4: Alchemical Potion Generator (APG): A belt worn by Rief that is lined with vials of potions which are instantly replaced when used. These potions work on People and Objects alike and take affect on contact. This weapon can only be countered by an ability that specifically blocks Magical Potions. These potions are stackable, and when used on Rief or his allies, they have the exact opposite effect.
Weaken-U: Quickly drains the opponent or object of their strength. Lasts 5 turns.
Slow-U-Down: Slows down the opponent or object’s speed. Lasts 3 turns.
Magic-B-Gone: Quickly drains the opponent or object of its magical traits. Lasts 5 turns.
Double Damage: All opponents or objects take double the damage from each of Rief’s attacks. Lasts 8 turns.
Pain-4-U: Causes Rief’s opponent excruciating pain. Lasts 6 turns.
Sight-B-Gone: Temporarily blinds Rief’s opponent. Lasts 3 turns.
Aim-No-More: Causes Rief’s opponent’s accuracy to fall devastatingly. Lasts 7 turns.
Down-N-Up: Confuses Rief’s opponent, giving them extreme vertigo. Lasts 4 turns.
Go-2-Bed: Puts Rief's opponent to sleep. Lasts 2 turns minimum.
U-C-Things: Causes Rief’s opponent to have vivid hallucinations. Lasts 3 turns.
I-Melt-U: A very potent acid.
I-Hurt-U: A potion that does direct damage to his opponent.

Weapon 5: Emergency Exit Overide System (EEOS): A small badge that Rief wears next to his heart. It's equipped with a teleporter and a life support system. Though it's power is limited so it can only be used in emergencies. The badge allows Rief to escape from being bound, trapped, or stunned.

Weapon 6: All Terrain Shoes: Soft and flexible shoes worn by Rief that allows him to travel in all terrain, which allows him to safely walk over water, lava or acid unharmed. It also allows him to control himself while the air, allowing him to manipulate his body while airborn.

Weapon 7: ****: One of the few weapons Rief still uses from his old fighting style, a magical piece of dice that when rolled, has a variety of affects. The dice's effect takes two turns to initiate, one turn to roll the dice, the next turn to use it's effect.
1: The dice creates an unbreakable shield around Rief for 1 turn, preventing him from harm.
2: The dice fires hundreds of lightning bolts that travels at light speed towards his opponent from all directions.
3: The dice creates a mine directly underneath his opponent that fires poisoned needles in all directions
4: The dice creates a small acid fog that surrounds and follows Rief's opponent for 1 turn.
5: The dice creates a clone of Rief, that fights alongside Rief for 4 turns.
6: The dice depowers his opponent's weapons, making them useless for 1 turn.
The number the dice lands on depends on the seconds in Rief's post. If he posts in seconds 0-9, it lands on 1, 10-19 and it lands on 2, 20-29 and it lands on 3, 30-39 and it lands on 4, 40-49 and it lands on 5, and 50-59 and it lands on 6.

Weapon 8: Jet Yoyo: A jet-powered yoyo that uses a built-in jet engine to travel at extreme speeds and hit with a massive amount of force. The Yoyo has an infinite amount of string. Rief's still practicing with it.

Weapon 9: Concealed Tonfa: A pair of Tonfa strapped to Rief's forearms that extend to their normal size at the press of a button. Both Tonfa contain a hidden half-foot blade inside their shafts as well as a small engine in the shafts that allow the Tonfa to spin at blurring speeds. The Tonfa can be switched between Light and Dark element, granting either seering holy damage, or rotting shadow damage.

Weapon 10: Belt of Power: A belt that can manipulate the gravity around Rief as well as control the magnetic fields of metallic objects around him, allowing him to manipulate them.

Weapon 11: BFG 11K: Throwing all subtlety out the window, this is a gun powerful enough to obliterate reality, it is however rather long to recharge (1 post) and can fire only one round each time. It causes a singularity on what it hit, transmuting matter and energy into raw destructive power.

Weapon 12: Monju: Rief keeps a pouch of 4 large pearls at his hip called Monju. Each Monju can be imprinted with a one-syllable word, then that word is brought into reality. So if Rief imprints the word "Blast" onto a Monju, a massive fiery blast appears. Rief can also string multiple Monju together, creating words of multiple syllables, or two words combined together, such as "De" "Stroy" or "Large" "Blast", increasing the power of the Monju exponentially with each Monju used. Each Monju has a recharge time of 5 posts.

Height: 5’10
Weight: 160 pounds
Skin Tone: White
Eye Color: His left eye is brown while his bionic right eye is red.
Hair Color: Black
Garments/Clothes: Rief wears futuristic clothing that retains medieval ninja elements, including an eyepatch that covers his right eye. He also wears a long black glove on his left arm that hides his bionic arm. He wears a black trench coat over this.

Strength: ***
Speed: ****
Defense: **
Jump: **

Bio: Rief was a common thief, until one day he was assigned the task of “relieving” a nameless magician of his most powerful magical artifacts. Rief managed to infiltrate the magicians imposing fortress, but was caught by The Magician himself. The Magician cast a freezing spell on Rief and was all too ready to kill him, when The Magician decided that having a thief for a minion could potentially be of great use to him. The Magician released Rief, and told him that he would be trained by The Magician himself to become the greatest Thief in the world. The Magician taught Rief how to blend his own poisons and the art of becoming invisible along with other elaborate thief tricks. The Magician made Rief a magical tunic, which would always blend itself in with its surrounding environment, shoes which would never make a sound, a pair of unbreakable Kris which bring good fortune, and a pack of cards, filled with an unlimited number of playing cards which were magically made to rarely miss their target. Rief worked with The Magician for many years, gaining his respect and his trust. The Magician allowed Rief to keep anything he stole while on a mission. Rief aquired many powerful items on his own this way. eventually Rief saw the Magician as a good friend. One day The Magician revealed to Rief that he was actually quite old, and very near death. The Magician asked Rief to seek out a source of incredible power that would allow The Magician to make himself young again. Rief complied and set out to find a source of power that would heal his friend.

Continued Log: Rief saved his friend, but was not satisfied with what he had learned, determined to learn more about the art of thievery and fighting. When Gaffit asked him to escort Gaffit V back to his time period, Rief jumped at the chance. When Rief went to the future, he made sure Gaffit V got home safe before seeing what he could learn of fighting in the future. Rief entered a secret society of Ninja, learning all he could of their fighting style, which combined classical ninja fighting with futuristic technology, while Rief added his own experience into the mix. Satisfied with all he had learned, Rief went back in time, to re-enter the Clash.

Notes: During a raid on his Ninja Dojo, Rief lost his right eye and left arm during the conflict. These were replaced with bionic replicas. His right eye can see all spectrums of light and works as a telescope and a magnifier, importing the data it gains directly into Rief’s brain. His left bionic arm is made out of an extremely potent metal that combines Adamantium and Razer Lasers together, it also makes his left arm insanely fast.

AP: 31
JD: 720

Theme Song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/50645


Name: Weapons-Android Reaper-class (W.A.R.)
Race: Android

Weapon 1: Plasma Rifle- A high-tech plasma rifle that can be upgraded by W.A.R.
Weapon 2: Grenade Dispenser- A grenade dispenser built into W.A.R. that allows him to manufacture various types of grenades.

1: Technopathy- W.A.R. has control over machinery, including himself. He can augment his body to create various weapons, such as converting his left arm into a beam sword,  adding Rocket Boots, Missile Launchers or augmenting his Rifle and it’s type of ammunition. He cannot repair damage sustained to himself however.

2: Power Discharge- W.A.R. runs off of a Positronic Brain which grants him enough power to last until the end of the Universe twice. W.A.R. can convert this power into the form of electricity, which he can mold to his own use.

Height: 6'
Weight: 10,000 lbs
Age: 5
Accent: None, speech is cold and calculated
Skin tone: White
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Gold/Red
Hair Style: Sleeked back
Garments/Clothes: Wears normal clothing
Notes: W.A.R. looks human on the outside, but is Adamantium on the inside. W.A.R. possesses robotic reflexes and intelligence, along with robotic strength and defense.

Strength: ****
Speed: ***
Defense: ***
Power: **

W.A.R. was Gaffit's last creation before leaving for parts unknown. Before leaving, Gaffit hooked his newest creation to a charging station, which activated W.A.R. at full charge five years after Gaffit's departure. W.A.R. awakened to find pieces of LawnChair, ToolBox and HK-47 strewn across the room and the lab having been ruined by Gaffit himself with clear signs of radiation burns. W.A.R. believes himself to be the creation of the best pieces of each of Gaffit's three greatest inventions combined, LawnChair, ToolBox and HK-47. Gaffit left instructions for W.A.R. deep inside his mind which tell him that he was created for a purpose, and that W.A.R. will have to find this purpose for himself. The instructions also state that Gaffit locked out many of W.A.R.'s destructive abilities, so that W.A.R. will have to earn his power. Unsure of where to go, perhaps to search for his lost creator, W.A.R. opens the door from the lab, and sets out on his journey.

AP: 3
JD: 160

Theme Song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/119778


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