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16 January, 2021, 12:35:38 am
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Author Topic: Characters  (Read 454 times)
NPC Overlord Nikoleis
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Back as soon as I CAN SEE IT, CAN'T SEE 3D!

« on: 08 June, 2010, 02:24:00 am »

Here it goes! Somewhat lighter version of the CoS profiles.

Solar blade Mk1 (sword) - Can shoot light based projectile
Magitech blade Mk1 (sword) - Maintain the magitech blade ability without paying magic (IW)
Electric tachi Mk1 (saber) - Shoots lighting at will and strikes with electric element
Secondary Weapon:
Magitech guard Mk1 (shield) - Defend against close combat attacks efficiently (IW)
Magiteck keyboard Mk1 (tool) - Rewrite reality
Power glove Mk1 (tool) - Virtualization controlling device
Magitech gyroscopic energy charger Mk1 (Accessory) - Can stock up to 3 unused mana points
Protective poncho Mk1 (Armor) - Can divert a counterguard element for absolute protection against the corresponding element
Ultimate equipment:
Metaverse warper: 10 energy charges for basically going anywhere in the multiverse. Yup, that's cool! Except it's broken... Again.

Magitech fighting style Lv2
Physics magic Lv2
Magitech counterguard Lv1
Reality matrix Lv1
Virtualize Lv1



Amateur world saver, this is not the first time he leaves his world to fight somewhere else. Coming from a planet called Gillgothant, he happened to beat the god of destruction Zaralem, with the help of Adynos.

"Metaverse warper on !"

"Ok, this is not Videoland... where did I mistaken... wait... that's the line below! Ok, where did I land, then?... Oh no... not here..."
*Nikoleis, after landing in a fight between clashers releasing GmB, blasted off again*

Back from a far away (number of dimensions-wise) journey, the good old world saver decided to settle down again ... that and his metaverse warper has been destroyed in the attack.

"I am the best!... Am I?" - Nikoleis
"Don't worry, my dear stomach, I am not going to leave you alone!" - Nikoleis, about food
"If you want an autograph, get in line!" - Nikoleis, about himself

Room (n27412):
Messy, and that's an understatement. Cleaning isn't part of Nikoleis's vocabulary. But what to expect from an universal geek? There's some sort of lab in the corner, with the metaverse warper being repaired. It will take time...

- Love good puns (or bad one, for that matter)
- Also Italian dishes (LASAGNA!)
- Saved multiple worlds, multiples times, but still have the worst match up of the arena.
- Warping in water don't work.
- His jokes are lame, at best. Offensive, when he tries too much. But overall, he think he is funny.
- Planet buster so far: 1
- "F(r)iends' techniques" are moves he borrows from people he met from his travels.
- "Evil Nikoleis" is a sort of parallel entity.

Magitech fighting style Lv2:
Nikoleis can uses any of the four "scientific" element with his blade, for some basic power (sample given here). These elements are:
-Kinetic blade: His signature move, cause HUGE knockback, but cannot cut
-Immovable blade: Like the scepter in D&D, just immovable
-Power blade: Stronger attack
-Energy blade: Affect energy like if it was solid
-Drain blade: Drain energy, but lose all offensive abilities
-Energy ribbon: Leaves some sort of afterimage made of energy
Time and space:
-Scaled blade: Up to 0.2 to 5 on each dimension
-Dimension cutter: Ignore everything on it's way but only cause little to no harm, mainly dizziness
-Time blade: Hyper speeded strikes, power divided so the result is the same, mostly
-Orichalcum blade: IW against everything, not less.
-Melting blade: Turns things hit into something similar to a slime
-Liquid blade: Make the weapon liquid for the most part
-Grasp blade: It sticks to metal
-Repulse blade: The opposite, it repels metal
-Tesla coil: Create intense electric attacks on touch
-Melting blade: Made of melted metal, hot!
-Cryoblade: Cool weapon!
-Mirage blade: Using a differential in heat, cause the blade to turn "invisible", as light is deviated. It can still be "seen", but no one can guess which other abilities are used as they are hidden.

Weapon synergy:
Magitech blade: The magitech blade can self maintain any magitech ability set to it until switched.
Electric tachi: It increases the electromagnetic powers by giving it range.

-Nikoleis is able to combine multiple powers (up to his mana) at once for the cost of two abilities.
-He gained control on electromagnetic and thermic energies
-New weapon synergy with the tachi.

Physics magic Lv2:
Again, this is based on "scientific" elements. The list here is not restrictive.
Kinetic burst: Small kinetic explosions
Kinetic boost: Nik can jump really high
Kinetic barrier: Stop any physical move instantly
Gravity control: 0.2 to 5 time gravity
Telekinetic power: Limited to inanimate objects
Assalt beam: Fires multiple energy beams at light speed
Siege beam: One hyperpowered beam
Energetic barrier: Stop any energetic attack
Energy drain: Remove energy from a target
Time and space:
Rescale: 0.2 to 5 time Nik's size
Telewarp: Warp around. Cannot go throught solids and not far in liquids
Time boost: +1 Speed
Slow down: Allow to see attack incoming, even faster than light
Atomic transmute: Can change basic elements, not complex molecular systems
Cristalize: Improve mineral resistance
Disassemble: Turn target into dust
Density control: Change target's hardyness
Magnetosphere: Create a zone where metal cannot move
EMP shock: Disable electronics
Thundershock: *Dzziii!*
Ion buster: Powerful energetic blast
Pyroblast: Create a heat wave on target
Cryobalst: Same with cold
Thermal shield: Weaken thermic attacks (such as ice and fire)
Thermal vision: Forget about invisibility

Weapon synergy:
Solar blade: Nik can also affect light, albeit his control is weak.
Power glove: Can imbue anything with new rules related to controlled elements.

-He gained control on electromagnetic and thermic energies
-New weapon synergy with the Power glove

Reality matrix Lv1:
"So ... Wanna reprogram reality ?" - Sarda, 8-Bit theatre

The reality matrix can modify simple aspect of existence, coding these effects like a computer programs. These are running as a background power, only alterable by GmB as it is written into Physical laws directly. Nik can maintain up to two lines of code for one mana point / turn, modifying one line cost an ability use.
Any ability Nik can use can also be wired to the reality matrix.
Lines are automatically maintained unless noted otherwise.

Weapon synergy:
Magitech keyboard: Allows Nikoleis to freely maintain and change one line of his reality matrix / turn.

Magitech counterguard Lv1:
"Hey! I like that one!" - Nikoleis

Nikoleis's secondary weapon can absord energetic attacks, but instead of cancelling it, it gains the element absorbed. This element can be used with any other ability he has, but it depletes the element. Example include having a fire blade using fire energy or travelling in metal using electricity. Elements can be sent to the magitech converter to give an mana use but it takes a complete turn.

Weapon synergy:
Tachi: The tachi can immediately charge up the magitech charger without using a turn for it.

Virtualize Lv1:
"Never losing your face when on the edge is the point of my style!" - Nikoleis

After coding into reality, Nikoleis can now import shapes in it. These are crude 3D models (like the polygon team in SMB original). Nik can choose to make these affected by some or all of physics. A common use is to remove outside gravitic and kinetic interaction to create floating platforms, add a nested matrix to give a simple IA behavior and so on. Anything created by this power has a rating of 2 stars in every stats when applicable.

Weapon synergy:
Power glove: With the power glove, Nikoleis can completely control his virtualized structure.

Ability boost 1
"The only one better than me is myself, one second later." - Nikoleis
Two of Nik's abilities gained a level.

God Mod Break
Time break

"There's always two solutions to a given problem." - Nikoleis
With this power, Nikoleis can react in two different way to a post, putting the word OR between these. The opponent have to choose a response to both an next turn, Nik choose which path to follow. Duration: 5 turns.

Race:Human-like, psychomorph and biomorph
Weapon:None (doesn't wear his battle armor)



Tyrenion, warlord of Ar'luan, is a member of the exomilitary forces of Cyrdora. Or was, as an accident during a mission almost killed him on his world, only the fact Nikoleis passed by (being lost again on the wrong world, mind you). Not able to go back where he lived once, and not wanting this to happen anyway, he found in the CoS a way to improve himself and forgetting about his error.

"Let's fight with honor." - Tyrenion

Room (n568):
The perfect military, all is clean and shiny, but nothing superficial. The armor is stocked elsewhere in the gym.

-He hates fighting children
-Without the armor, he is human in his abilities

Race:Human like
Weapon:Rallgar, the mage sword
Secondary Weapon:Shield
Accessories:Adventurer gear
Ring pops:
Gives Magnetism, Electric, Candy and Cow control. Cows have Acid milk, flammable farts, sonic moos, Ability to grow or shrink and Super adorability

Rallgar's powers



Where Nikoleis goes, Adynos follows. Or is forced to. After saving another world (not like they "actively" did it, it was an accident), Adynos obtained this stange sword, which is actually a person. Rallgar is now part of the team.

"Why me?"
"To think I could have been wielded by a powerful knight..." - The duo

Rooms (103):
Adynos' room is not really the perfect one, but he does work on it sometimes. It feels like the farm he lived before.

- Adynos never went to school!
- And worked in a farm
- Also hold a grudge against Nikoleis

Rallgar's powers:
Adynos wield a ... rather strange sword. In fact, this is the embodiment of a mage, called Rallgar. He can think, talk and is actually wise. Problem is, not Adynos. Anyway, being more than a simple blade, Rallgar can protect himself against any energetic attacks and transfert this capacity to Adynos's shield. Also, defense made of energy are more or less ignored. Technically, anyone wielding the blade could have this power, but Rallgar decided to stay with Adynos.
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