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16 January, 2021, 12:44:39 am
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Author Topic: Characters  (Read 454 times)
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DB maybe?

« on: 16 June, 2010, 02:07:04 am »

I'm gonna throw this in here.

 -J.D. Blaze-


 Katana: A plain ol' Katana. It doesn't have any special abilities, but it holds some sentimental value.

 High-Power Sniper Rifle: It doesn't have any special abilities here. It looks kinda like Yoko's from Gurren Lagann.

 Twin .50 Cal Magnum Pistols:
Twin pistols that were given to JDB as a gift. They have the ability to home in on their targets. It also came with a box of ammunition that spawns whatever kind of ammo JDB wants.

 Portable Lounge AI Staff:
A staff that contains a smaller version of the Lounge AI found at the Lounge itself. It functions kinda like Nanoha's staff, in other words, it can shoot lasers, charge up to shoot a giant laser, or create a couple different shields.

An abnormally large HellHound, almost as big as Blaze himself. The HellHound has the same access to the DarkBlaze Aura abilities as Blaze himself, and its hide is extremely thick, capable of stopping point-blank bullets with little trouble. It’s also extremely strong, capable of digging through and chewing on most forms of metal with no ill effect (it actually likes Adamantium Bones, gives it something to chew on for a couple minutes). Despite its size, the dog is extremely agile, capable of leaping mountains and outrunning jets. It’s also fiercely intelligent, capable of understanding human speech, though it’s still incapable of speaking itself. As a Hellhound, it is capable of crossing into the Hell Plane, a dimension accessible only to HellHounds, crossing into it through one surface, and coming out of it through another. It also has the normal dog traits, such as hyper-enhanced smell and hearing, allowing it to warn Blaze of danger in advance. In a pinch, it can merge with DarkBlaze himself, doubling the power of his DarkBlaze Aura abilities, thickening his skin, enhancing his strength, agility, and senses, and allowing him access to the Hell Plane. It’s been imprinted to DarkBlaze, meaning that its soul is attached to his own, meaning that it’s attached to DarkBlaze for the rest of its life, incapable of being controlled or manipulated by another, or auto-destroyed. Should Harbinger die, DarkBlaze should feel no ill effects, but due to the imprinting, should DarkBlaze die, so will Harbinger. Considering the Hellhounds strength, this would probably be the easiest way to get rid of it. (Copied from CoS profile)


 Metal Control:
JDB's inherent power. When he first discovered his ability to use powers beyond normal humans, this was the one he found dormant in his body. He is able to create and control metal, shaping it into any form he wishes. His body is capable of transmitting electricity safely due to this, so he can't be hurt by electric-based attacks.

 The Burning Soul of the Lounge:
As a member of the Lounge, JDB has taken some of it's quirks and learned how to apply them outside the lounge itself. First, he can call a lounge hole wherever he wants to, but he can't always control the exit or what effect going through the hole will cause. Second, he has the ability to fly somewhat, but this takes physical strength so he cannot do it very long. Third, no matter what, no matter where, he can always, always get a Sprite can to drink.

 Dark Blaze:
DB's second innate power. He has control over purplish-black flames that he can create from his body. He can launch them as fireballs, etc.

Via a spell he discovered, DB can create golems out of most anything. If he takes more time, he can create replicas of humans out of dirt. If they take enough damage, they simply crumble into their constituent parts.

Height: About 5'10"
Weight: around 150
Age: Looks to be about 19

CoS Story:
Quote from: CoS Profile Topic
Bio: As a young boy, his hometown and his family were destroyed before his eyes by an unknown force. He managed to escape the annihilating force and lived on the streets of a nearby major city, fighting in the streets and the creatures outside the city. Not content with just fighting random people, he began working as a mercenary, accepting almost any sort of job for money. One particular case involved an investigation into a mysterious group. After some searching, he located the group's headquarters and discovered their plan; to summon a demon for malicious purposes, and that they were close to completing their goal. He returned to attempt to gather help, but found none. He returned to their headquarters to discover them summoning the demon, He attempted to interrupt and stop the summoning by killing the leader, but the summoning did not stop, and only caused the demon to have no one to take orders from. The demon promptly killed all the nearby summoners, and attempted to kill DB as well. However, having been exposed to the magical energies awakened his metal control ability. The ensuing battle was long and hard fought, but DB managed to emerge victorious. Not willing to be defeated so easily, the demon grafted his soul to DB's, which at the moment seemingly did nothing, but increasingly corrupts his soul, along with awakening new powers... After a few years, he was approached by Jawo' of The Lounge, with an offer for him... A rival organization, known as "The Inn", had been attempting to bring them down. Jawo' requested his support in an attack on them, since some of The Lounge's best warriors were abroad on other missions. During the assault, the demon spirit attached to his own flared up, causing him to go berserk and destroyed the whole Inn. Jawo' recited a passage from the Holy Book of Lymon which calmed the demon soul and partially sealed its powers. After the whole incident, Jawo' offered to let him stay on permanently as a member of the team. DB accepted, and so became an official Lounger and began training to explore the mysterious abilities of the Loungers. Again, time passed, and as DB was carrying out a mission, he became entangled in a fight with someone who was involved with "CoS"... And now he fights, to uncover more about this "Clash of Smash", it's history, it's potential futures, and what secrets it may hold...

 Sara Conner (Terminator shout-outs lul >_>)

Also known as the Heavily-Armed Loli, she is an assistant to JDB.


She is armed with many different weapons, one of them being basically a tank cannon. She uses a modified spatial compactor device to swap between them in combat. I'm not gonna list them since it would only limit me...

She is able to physically keep up with JDB in combat, and will even ride Harbinger (much to his dismay) while firing from his back.

She does not have any other real abilities, she relies on JDB for most of her protection, but she is surprisingly hardy herself.



She is a strong-hearted girl, ready and willing to fight whenever needed. During combat she's quick and efficient, not being overly showy with her weapons. Not to say she won't ever do it though. Outside of combat, she acts quiet and shy, not because she is, but because people tend to think she's adorable because of it. She can be a little manipulative at times.

Story: *Not written yet*

Erm, it's not as complete as I'd hoped, but it's late and I need to sleep.
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