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Not a game based story but I'll post this where TMEDCE readers will see it

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Author Topic: Not a game based story but I'll post this where TMEDCE readers will see it  (Read 528 times)
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« on: 13 February, 2011, 05:51:06 pm »

Because it's just something I wrote to use for a comic.... It's hard for me to write and I started this about a month ago but alot of things happened and I didn't get round to working on it.... It's poorly written and I'm sure there's some mistakes I still haven't noticed.... Lot of things to work on still but I guess it's at a stage I can show you guys....

*Receipt Chapter 1: Writing a first chapter is hard....*

It was another boring normal morning over the old town of Stoic; A small old looking town at the edge of a cliff built around a small castle with a single crooked tower overlooking the whole town. It was quiet in the cobbled streets and Penn, our young protagonist in his late teens wearing a pale green t-shirt with short brown hair with a single tuff of hair on top sticking out but swept to one side still, was walking to work. Walking alone he enjoys the silence as he walks.... Until a young girl with a cute smile, medium brown hair and a big pair of dem jugs runs up behind Penn. "PENNNNNNNNN!" She shouts as she jumps onto his back giving him a tight hug.

"Gah, Jenny! You do this every morning, if you don't stop then I don't think my body can take it." Penn shouts at the girl hanging off his back.

"But how else will I get my ride to work?" She asks as she moves into piggyback position. "Go Penn, go!" She shouts as she kicks Penn.

Penn stumbles forward trying to get Jenny off his back to no avail and in an exhausted state eventually reaches his place of work Maid Pawn; a small old looking shop at the side of the road with a sign in the window saying "Well buy and sell anything!". Jenny jumps off his back and then pulls a can off drink out of her bag. "You earned it. I bought it for you this morning but I couldn't just let you have it for free so I thought up this genius plan."

"Don't buy me anymore drinks ever again!" Penn shouts.

"See you later, Penn!" Jenny says as she gives him a thumbs up with a wink and she enters the shop opposite Maid Pawn. Penn falls into the door of Maid Pawn to open it and rolls off into the shop.

*Cut to the title page for chapter 1 of Receipt*

Later that day after the shop had opened a pathetic looking man walks into Maid pawn holding a bag with something in it. The door opens and the bell rings getting the attention of Penn as he looks up while sweeping. The pathetic man looking nervous as Penn stares at him speaks up "Erm... I'm looking to sell some stuff I found in the old ruins just north of town.  Well I only have one thing because it's already been picked dry."

"Sell, eh? I'll just call the boss." Penn replies. Penn leans towards the back of the shop where there are stairs as he shouts "HEY BOSS! THERE’S SOME LOSER SELLING JUNK!"

The pathetic man looks a little pissed at this "Hey! I... " His anger quickly fades into a depressed look more befitting of him and continues "No... You're right I guess." He sighs.

From the back of the shop appears a beauty dressed in a maid outfit descending the stairs, she has short blond hair curled at the front with a ahoge from just behind the top of her hair sweeping to the back. She's surrounded by sparkle and bubbles and Penn over the side is in full blush mode. The pathetic man looks shocked with a hint of nervous and thinks to himself "A maid?!" The name of this beautiful maid is Receipt; our titular character.Receipt smiles and sparkles as she greets the customer "Ah, welcome. What kind of goods does sir wish to sell?"

The man gulps and replies as he presents his item "W-Well I found this treasure box in the ruins. I can't open it but it just has to have something good in, right?"

Receipt inspects the box for a short while and then she looks to the side disappointed and mutter to herself "Junk.... what a loser?" Receipt looks to the guy and replies "Hmmmmm... Welllllll... While I'm sure that's true I'll only buy it assuming the box is empty which probably won't sell for much at all." Receipt smiles and sparkles as she adds "Okay?"

The man blushes as he's intimidated by Receipt "H-ha, yes!" He replies while smiling. He then realises his stupidity and with that 'oh crap' face he thinks to himself "Oh crap why did I say that?!"

At this moment Belt, a fabulous young gentleman with short styled blond hair wearing the shops apron over a pale purple shirt and a grey tie with a belt buckle on it, appears from nowhere to the side of the now further shocked customer. Belt now holding the box and inspecting it "Ah, this box is well made with an unbreakable lock with no keyhole. It would be a fine way of keeping things safe. But as it can't be opened it is rather worthless." He says as he throws it back to Receipt while the pathetic man looks on in shock.

Receipt catches it and then says "I see. Well I guess I could buy it for 10g."

The pathetic man in a state of shock replies "T-ten gold?! B-but that’s hardly worth anything and I-" Receipt smiles again with the sparkles and the guy changes his tone "Of course!" He says with a smile as Receipt smiles while she rings it up. The pathetic man leaves the shop with his small sum of money in hand and  a smile on his face which suddenly fades when he's back outside the shop. His face turns to one of shock as he realises he's been had "OH CRAP! I TOTALY CAVED INTO HER!!" He begins to cry as he moans "And it took me so long to get it too." he says and he walks off defeated.

Back inside the shop, Receipt places the box on the counter and young meganeko named Penny rushes forth from the back of the shop will words of praise; She has hair parted in the centre and short braided pigtails either side resting in front of her shoulders and wears red half framed classes "Another wonderful deal Miss Receipt. I could only dream of owning such charisma." She says with such passion as if it excited her to see Receipt in action.

Penn interrupts Penny's suspiciously over the top praise "Er... Receipt? How are we gonna sell this thing if we can't open it?"

Receipt looking only slightly embarrassed replies "Oh my, I almost forgot." She calls out to the back of the shop "Till!" A small girl with short spikey hair wearing a white shirt and a red dungaree dress appears and Receipt continues "Till, could you try and open this box for us?" Till smiles and nods as she takes the box and begins various ways to open it, meanwhile the rest of our cast discuss the box further.

Belt starts the ball rolling "The style and shape of the box lead me to believe it's a jewellery box. I suspect the contents to be extremely valuable; the size would be perfect for a ring." Belt laughs as he goes on "Perhaps it's an engagement ring and will only open when you propose." He turns to Penn with a smirk. "Care to try Penn?"

Penn blushes and protests "M-Me?! No way! I don't even have anybody I like!"

"Hmmm Really?" Belt replies. At this point Till is still trying to open the box by smashing it and taking sharp objects to it.

Penny jumps up and shouts "I'LL TRY IT!" And swipes the box for the side and turns to Receipt. "Miss Receipt I-" She's stop by Penn who grabs her and takes the box back.

"I don't think proposing like that would work; Marriage is about love not perverse sexual lust." Penn remarks

Penny shouts back "MY LOVE IS PURE!"

"Nothing is pure about the stuff you want to do!" Penn replies "Anyway we really pulled one over on that loser then?" Meanwhile Till pulls about a chainsaw to try to open the box.

Belt replies "Possibly but however the chance of it being jewellery is the same chance of it being a used condom."

Penn questions the last sentence "Why does it have to be a used condom?!" Till gives up on trying to open the box as she couldn't even scratch it and hands it back to Receipt. Till goes back to playing in the back of the store.

Receipt interrupts the conversation "Hmmm... It seems the box won't open."

"Ah! We could sell it as a mystery box!" Penny explains "If tell people that the contents are a mystery maybe people will tempted by it. Like how people always buy lottery tickets even though they never win."

Receipt compliments Penny "Ah, perfect! Good idea."

Penny seems to have a face that says "I just came" as she says "Oh, your praise is too much Miss Receipt. It was nothing really... Oh such wonderful words....<3" Of course the sparkles and bubbles are in full effect here as she blushes.

Penn asks "But what kind of idiot would fall for that?"

Just then the door opens and a rugged adventurer looking man with a lazy atmosphere topped with spikey brown hair and a jaw with stubble all over it wearing a light brown scarf equipped with a sword and such things you'd expect scrambles into the shop closing the door behind him looking nervous. "You gotta let me hide for a while, I just-" He sees them all look at him: "Huh? What's with this foreboding feeling?"

Receipt gets close to him with the box with a sinister smile "Ah Simon, how would you like to own this mystery box of treasures?

They say it can only be opened by a true man." Receipt sparkles like before.

"WHAT KIND OF IDIOT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?!" Simon shouts "Besides Rachel is already pissed at me for something I did this morning; she would kill me if I went and bought useless things on top of that. Speaking of which, I gotta hide!"

Receipt then sighs "I guess it can't be helped. Nobody will fall for that trick." She tosses the box aside.

Simon then dives under the counter and hides as he gestures to Receipt to keep quiet. A Girl with long ginger hair wearing a blue sleeveless suit jacket with a red tie and a green plaid skirt enters the shop and turns to Receipt "Hey Receipt, Have you seen that worthless idiot Simon around?"

"Ah Rachel. He's right under this counter" Receipt replies with a smile.


"Sorry, only paying customers are allowed to hide." Receipt say with the same smile. Rachel then looks down at Simon hiding under the counter with a dark foreboding smile. Things cut back to the outside of the shop where only the sounds of Simon screaming in pain can be heard. The phone the rings and Receipt heads towards the back of the shop to answer it while Rachel leaves the shop leaving an injured Simon behind.

Meanwhile Penn is leaning on his broom staring at Receipt while she talks on the phone. A hand grabs Penn's shoulder shocking him. It turns out to be Simon still bleeding from here and there "Heh... Staring ain't gonna get you anywhere, kid. You don't wanna turn into a stalker; it's too much work and never pays off. I knew a guy how followed a girl around, he even followed her off a cliff. She had a rope, he wasn't so prepared."

Penn looks at him "Should I really be taking advice who sold his soul to a demon?"

Simon snaps back "She's not a demon and I didn't sell my soul! Only my dignity." Simon calms down and continues "Besides it's obvious you like her, you turned down better jobs just to work with her." He looks to the sky. "Young love is so beautiful."

Penn replies "Are you still talking? I still have sweeping to do." He continues to sweep while looking down while. Simon goes to walk off while smiling and then sees Penny staring at Receipt more intensely than Penn. Simon stops and has a look on his face that seems to say 'WTF'. Receipt finishes up on the phone and turns to Penn who's taking a short break to drink, she puts on her smile once more as Penn looks up at her with suspicion.

"Ah Penn, I see you're not too busy. I have a delivery." Receipt says politely.

"Well I do them every day so I don't see why not" Penn says as he drinks some of the drink Jenny gave him earlier.

"At the Castle." Receipt adds. Penn does a spit take as he hears those words. Receipt continues on "Make sure you don't lose this
pass or you won't get." She hands him the pass and carries on "And take Till with you, I'm sure she'd love to see the castle." Till comes running out towards Penn with a huge smile as she looks up to him.

"Alright, I'll take you along too." He says to Till. In a lock and load montage way Penn grabs the package to deliver, takes his broom and hops on a moped followed by Till jumping on the front breaking the mood and looking excited with her fists clenched and held up in front of her. "Till, get on the back." Till looks to Penn with puppy dog eyes "No Till, back." Looking sad for only a second she jumps over Penn and lands on the back on top of the package tied to the back. Penn then heads out.

Now back inside the shop an old man descends the stairs at the back of the shop, quite scruffy looking with messy grey hair and a messy moustache. "Ah, morning everyone." He says softly.

"Morning sir." Receipt replies.

"Ah, I keep telling you that you don't have to call me that Receipt; you don't work for me anymore. Just call me Arthur."  Says the old man.

"Hey Mr D!" Simon says as he greets Arthur.

"Ah, Simon. Nice to see you... Er... Well?" He says as he sees the wounds on Simon. "Ah, Well I'm off for my morning tea. Cheerio."

"Mind if I tag along?" Simon replies "I could use a drink."

"Eh? Ah, well I guess that's fine. But you look like you could use a hospital more than a drink" Arthur says while looking slightly confused. They both leave Maid Pawn and head toward the local bar.

Back to Penn's quest to deliver the package with Till to the castle. Penn stops his moped at the top of a hill looking down on the street and looks towards the castle looming over all the small houses and other buildings in the town. Another moped pulls up beside him and a familiar female voice shouts to him.

"YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Jenny shouts while saluting for some strange reason. "You're out on a delivery too huh?"

"Yeah, we’re delivering a package to th-" Penn begins to say before Jenny interrupts.

"Ah, Till!" She cries as Till smiles at her "I got you a drink" She hand Till a bottle and Till begins trying to open it.

"HEY! Why does she get a drink but I have to earn mine?!" Penn shouts.

"She earned it by having to be with you." She replies as Till give her bottle to Penn to open. Penn doesn't break eye contact with Jenny and hardly seems to notice he begins opening the bottle.

"If I'm so bad to be with then why can I never seem to get rid of you?" Penn remarks as Jenny blushes but before he can notice he opens the bottle witch sprays into his face. "GAH!"

"BWAHAHAHAHAA! Nice work Till!" Jenny laughs as Till takes the bottle back from Penn and begins drinking. Jenny looks down at the hill and smirks. "Hey, how about we race down the hill? If you win I'll be nice to you for a day and if I win then you have to give my rides to work every day for a week."

"That's not a fair trade off! But because I'll win anyway I do it. Let's make this happen!" Penn says confidently. With that they both line up on the top of the hill. Till jumps to the front of the moped because it's on now.

Three! Close up on Jenny's eyes. Two! Close up on Penn's eyes. One! Close up on Till's smiling excited face. GO! They both fly off the start line and race down the hill.

They both speed down the hill and drift round it's corners in an almost Initial D style race. Penn is in the lead as Till gives a big smile as she spreads her arms out like that scene from Titanic. They come to a set of stairs as Penn just goes full speed and jumps the whole staircase "Screw you stairs!" Penn shouts.

"You told those stairs, Penn." Jenny says sarcastically.

Just before the end Jenny takes the lead meanwhile towards the bottom of the hill the local law enforcement Zak with medium dark black hair swept to one side and thin rimmed square shaped glasses and his subordinate Desmond a younger kid with scruffy light brown hair and a naive look upon him were walking down the street. At the speed she was going it didn't take long for Jenny to smash straight into Zak, both her and Zak are sent flying and crashing down the street While Desmond stood watching expressionless. After stopping just before the finishing line with Jenny on top of Zak with her behind in the air showing her panties and her breast gainaxing in Zak's face. Penn pulls up beside them crossing the finish line and Desmond apathetically asks "Oh no, are you ok Zak? You really had me worried."

Zak opens his eyes to see down Jenny's cleavage and jumps in shock. "I ALMOST DIED!" He shouts straight away crawling out from underneath Jenny.

"Peopleareinsucharushthesedaystheygothroughlifecrashingthrougheverythingwithoutacareforotherpeoplewhojustwanttoliveaslowlifeandsavoureverymomentpeoplelikeyouforcemetolivemylifefastwhycan'tIlivemylifewhereIcanchoosemyspeeds?!" He moans so fast that his speech is almost incomprehensible.

"W-whaaa?" Jenny says looking up at the babbling officer. While nobody is looking Penn sneaks off to avoid all this pointless craziness.

"IthoughtbybeingonthesideoflawandorderI'dbeabletocontrolthespeedsmyselfbutitturnsoutmywholelifeisawasteoftimeforthisfastmovingworld." Zak begins crying and pulls out his gun aiming it towards his head. He pulls the trigger and it clicks but it doesn't fire. "Hah, I guess because we were in a rush this morning I forgot to load my gun. Maybe rush has it's good sides."

"Ah I knew I forgot something." Desmond says in a monotone voice as he punches his palm with his other hand and looks away in frustration.

"Sorry but me and Penn were racing and-" She pauses as she notices something. "Where did Penn go?"

Penn arrives at the castle gates as a man in a suit and shades walks up to him. "Hello there sir, what business do you have with the princess?"

"Just delivering this package she ordered." Penn replies.

"I'll have to see your I.D. pass sir, we can't just have anyone walk in can we? Though if they tried I'd love to show them my knuckles close up."

Penn reaches for the pass but doesn't find and with an oh crap face realises that he may have dropped it in that race earlier. "Hey, I think I left the pass in my other pants... Maybe You could ask the Princess about it I'm sure she'd back me up."

From the intercom on the wall we hear the Princess "Package? I don't remember any package."

"But you order it an hour ago! “Penn objects. The guards just looks at Penn and shakes his head slowly "I'll just go then. Heh heh" Penn says nervously. He quickly heads round the corner out of the way. "Okay Till, we gonna have to make it in the back way. You ready for a fight?" Till just smiles and nods. "Alright let's do this." Simon says as he jumps over the wall struggling to get over while Till simply hops over the wall.

Meanwhile Simon and Arthur sit down inside the local bar. Simon strikes up the conversation "This is the best place to come to get away from Rachel. Sure that Elle is just as violent as Rae but it's not so easy to get on her bad side." Just then he notices a woman behind him with a vengeful aura.

"Oh what are you two talking about Simon?" She asks

"About cars. You know that kinda thing." He says while giving a thumbs up to Arthur.

"Oh I see, That's nice. Enjoy your drinks" She says as her vengeful aura disappears. She hands the drinks over and walks off before quickly staring back with a sinister look for a second.

"Ah, yes I used to come here even before I lost all my money." Arthur comments. "I used to sneak out so Receipt didn't notice. Her drinks aren't her strong point."

At the same time over at the shop receipt is standing with a crushed broom in her hands "Huh, suddenly I just got an overwhelming urge to kill."

Back at the bar the music changes to a uplifting and light-hearted tune and Simon smiles as he says "Ha, I love this tune." The music continues to play as the scene cuts back to Penn and Till sneaking in the castle gardens.

Penn hiding behind a bush peeks around the corner and sees a surveillance camera and remarks "A surveillance camera?!" He then turns to Till and begins to say "Ok Till there's a camera a-" before he realises Till is playing with a dog and then he pulls an oh crap face as the dog begins to bark. All of a sudden both he and Till are surrounded by an army of bodyguards.

Set to the music from the cafe a fight starts and Penn pulls out his broom. He jumps into the air and swings his broom striking a few guards as it hits the ground with a heavy impact and then he pounces forward with a horizontal slash. Penn continues fighting his way through heading to the tower where the princess is by running and slashing anyone who trys to stop him. Then from all directions a bunch of guards came flying towards Penn, at this moment he slammed the end of his broom into the ground and swung around on it and kicked the guards sending them in the other direction. Meanwhile Till is swinging the guards themselves around by the feet and punching them hard enough to send them flying all the while smiling and having fun.

Running from a pile of passed out guards Penn heads to the tower. Just at that moment a bishonen butler jumps out as if from nowhere. "Heh, you're pretty good but-" He pauses as he looks around. "Where is that light-hearted tune coming from? No matter, this is as far as you co-" THWACK, he gets a broom to the face as Penn continues to run to the tower. "HEY WE DIDN'T EVEN FIGHT YET!"

"I've done enough fighting this chapter and if I fight you we'd have to do two chapters. And Maid Pawn has a same chapter delivery promise." Penn shouts back as his runs on. After making it to the tower Penn busts open the door and looks up at a huge spiral staircase "So many stairs... I hope my body can take it." He says as he starts to run up the stairs. He screams as he runs up them as an epic battle against gravity ensues.After reaching the top he enters the Princess' room. She sits there in a white dress with long curly almost white blond hair and then turns to Penn. "Oh is that my package?"

"Now you remember?!" Penn replies in shock.

"Well I guess I have to thank you for your kindness." She looks down and blushes as she starts to take off her clothes "Would this be ok?" She says to the very stunned looking Penn.

Just then the butler from before enters through the window with a flying kick. "PRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNCCCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!" He shouts as his kick makes contact with Penn "You pervert forcing the Princess to strip for you. I'll kill you!" He says before beating the crap out of Penn and the Princess smiles with an expression that suggests that everything went as planned.

Outside Till is picking flowers and placing them on the KO'd guards all over the place as an injured Penn walks up to her. "Ok Till we're done her let's go."

Meanwhile at the shop Receipt is sitting behind the counter looking rather depressed. "I didn't get much screen time on the first chapter even though I'm the titular character."

"Don't worry Miss Receipt; I'm sure you'll be the focus of the next chapter." Jenny says to try and comfort her. "I'll make sure of it." She says in a serious manner.

*Chapter 1 End*

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« Reply #2 on: 14 February, 2011, 02:28:36 am »

Not a game based story but I'll post this where TMEDCE readers will see it

When I saw the title, my immediate thought was, "Neither was mine, lol"
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