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08 December, 2021, 05:24:53 pm
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CoS social geometry questions

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Author Topic: CoS social geometry questions  (Read 230 times)
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« on: 22 January, 2013, 07:35:27 pm »

A lot of this is going to be from my character's perspective so hang tight.

1. Still have no idea
2. Well, there's always fusion. As long as we have enough hydrogen, Gaffit could technically just fuse all the elements we need together.

Gamma Corp is run by Lotus (But Gaffit likes to pretend to be in charge) but she makes sure that none of the CoS money and trade is used to keep the business legitimate. However, Gaffit and Lotus both use their powers in order help the world and make the company more successful, with Gaffit inventing free and unlimited wireless energy by having solar-powered nanobots exist in the atmosphere to send harmless electric waves down to the Earth. And Lotus uses her powers to regrow entire rain forests and repopulate endangered species. Rief does hire himself out as a merc though. He travels from world to world in order to pick up more weapons he finds useful and to recieve more training in battles. Beta and W.A.R. help out at Gamma Corp when they're both not out on mission and Drake enjoys the life of a vigilante super hero in New York.

Energy: *Looks around* I think we have more than enough energy to last a couple universal lifetimes.

1. The CoS should not be engaged in war at all. If the conflict is on a world not associated with the CoS, only one Clasher should be allowed to interfere with the conflict, preferably whoever gets there first. Could you imagine what would happen if the CoS was split over an issue and the war spilled over to the CoS? We get enough collateral damage from one on one fights.
2. If war is declared against the CoS then God help whoever did the attacking because then it's open season.
3. TIA is an official ally with the CoS. An attack on TIA is an attack on the CoS and the CoS will offer aid upon request. Other planets are allowed to submit a request for an alliance with the CoS, but gaining an alliance is difficult.
4. I'm assuming the CoS military would be a primarily volunteer endeavor, however, I'd be surprised if anyone turned it down. Not sure how we'd pick a military leader though. We could probably divide our forces up through teams.

Geographic Locations:
1. The CoS is located directly between everything. It is one hell of a hassle to find.
2. Yes, technically there are unlimited CoS locations. The one we've discovered is meant to fit our limited dimensional consciousness.

1. I thought the Creator System was pretty set in stone. Though they didn't actually create anything, they just sort of run the bureaucratic side of things.
2. A new Creator is chosen when the majority of current creators agree to the establishment of a new seat. There should never be less than 3 Creators at any one time. A tie between Creators on the matter of a new seat results in decision by popular election.

Foreign Policy:
1. Hey, anyone who wants to try sending nukes our way is more than welcome to try. Other than that, I say we'll mind our business, the rest of the universe can mind its.
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