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16 January, 2022, 03:39:56 pm
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SA2's Gaming Blog Topic

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Author Topic: SA2's Gaming Blog Topic  (Read 2014 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 09 July, 2013, 02:51:47 pm »


Finally at the third game so after this I no longer have to talk about it. I also bought this on day 1 yet again (You’re judging me, aren’t you? I swear it wasn’t an intentional thing; I just had a lot of money on me when these games came out. Well, I was low on money at this point but I knew this one was good). This one went back to having Neptune as the main character since a lot of fans said Nepgear was boring in comparison, or so I heard. Plus, unlike in the first two where the other 3 goddesses aren’t available until near the very end of the game, they make up all of the playable characters. There’s only a few new ones but they all have a HDD form (at least until DLC), and HDD is actually worth using in this game. All the human characters are gone and good riddance, fuck them. The game takes place in an alternate universe for a majority of  the plot due to spoiler details and there isn’t much difference aside from Noire, Blanc & Vert having somewhat different clothing & such (Noire is more obnoxious, Blanc is more sociable & less prone to violence etc.) though Planeptune has a different goddess called Plutia in that dimension (or Pururut in JPN) who’s a ditzy, lazy & carefree person who just wants to have fun & sleep so naturally she & Neptune get along pretty fast. Plutia & Noire join very early on then the rest overtime.

The little menu things added were mainly challenges that functioned like achievements but weren’t and gave permanent stat boosts (like reviving a certain character a number of times, walking in dungeons using that character etc.), and the HDD armor customization to mix & match pieces for different stat boosts. They had that in the first & second game, but it matters a lot more in the third game & can really make a difference in fights. Plus, you get far more HDD sets than in the previous games, and most are handed to you over the course of the story. Blanc probably gets the most, considering the amount of consoles Nintendo have (and some are really modelled after the look of the console like the SNES armor has the button layout & all). Going HDD takes 20% of a character’s maximum SP and doesn’t take more to maintain it every turn now. Super moves are now done using an EXE gauge which becomes available from chapter 3 if I remember correctly and goes up to a maximum of 4 gauges that increase 1 bar every chapter, and you build it by using multi-hitting attacks. There’s a shit ton of tag-team EXE skills too, pretty much every character has some, and some have an EXE skill with 4 specific characters. Most of the ones that require 2 gauges suck though, there’s honestly no point using supers above 1 gauge most of the time, most level 2 supers do less damage than a character’s level 1. I also love the theme that plays whenever you use an EXE skill:

There’s one with Plutia in place of Neptune, as well as one for the main characters of the second game but whatever. Might as well mention a broken super while on it. While Neptune has Neptune Break as her level 1 EXE skill (which mentions the move breaking the game as its description) and can naturally go beyond the damage limit without accessories, its Noire’s Infinite Blades EXE that takes 1st place partly because Noire has one ability that Neptune doesn’t: Ignore Enemy Trait. Since a lot of enemies are machines, physical attacks don’t do full damage against them. IET bypasses all that shit and does full damage regardless of what resistances they have. Not to mention, Infinite Blades hits all enemies on the map & debuffs them, Neptune Break doesn’t.

“Alright, I’m a badass mean machine, about to fuck up these girls. Got a whole bunch of-“

“Nope. I got Infinite Blades. Stay free…is what I’d say if you didn’t have so much health.”

Enemies have a shit ton of health in this game compared to the first two, or at least its more noticeable. Sure, you had to break their guard in the other two, but it didn’t take that long knocking it down, it takes quite a while here. Pretty much no point busting out EXE skills till that guard is down then you go all out before that guard starts recovering piece by piece on the enemy’s turn. This is also the first game in this series where I’ve had to grind in the storyline to progress. It was really early too. Couldn’t defeat a boss with Neptune & Plutia alone in chapter 2, so I had to go buy rings to up my health and grind a few levels. I felt confused, having forgotten it’s an RPG because there was never a point in the first two where the game basically said, “You too weak, son. Go back to that last area & kill shit for half an hour.” Bosses get tough later if you’re not grinding, or doing the quests which require you being stronger than the story is expecting you too anyway. Pretty much every chapter you’ll get a quest or two telling you to go fight some rare powerful monster. Of course, the game doesn’t tell you shit about where it spawns. That’s where the scouts come in.

You get a few guys that you send to explore dungeons and come back overtime to tell you what they find. Could be some items, an opportunity to increase drop rates there, alerting you of rare monster spawns, and sometimes they find fuck all. I’m not sure whether paying them tons increases chances but they level up the more you use them which increases their chances of finding shit anyway. The things that need killing for quests are usually better than storyline bosses at that particular moment so I usually needed the best stuff available in the shops, being higher levelled and so on to beat them, but they weren’t that hard. There’s one rare monster in particular called the Gargoyle for a quest in chapter 4, who’s not reasonably beatable on a first playthrough unlike the others. Sure, it’s possible but the effort required is way beyond what some grinding and better equipment can achieve. On a second playthrough, he was the only enemy who put up a fight (never killed any characters but he sure tried). There’s also a lot of optional dungeons that can only be discovered using scouts & they’ll also sometimes recruit newer scouts too. The optional dungeons will usually be far above your level when you find them. Twice I would visit a new dungeon and get curbstomped by the first enemy, or watch it no sell my attacks, try to run & be denied because the game doesn’t believe in a tactical retreat, so I had to save every time I visited these optional dungeons. They never say whether it’s safe to explore the area at your current level either.

Any other complaint pales in comparison to my biggest one though: The drop rate system. Good lord is it bad. It’s mainly concerning the tough spawn enemies. Later on, they’ll be many quests wanting you to track down a rare powerful monster, and collect 3 of the special item that it drops. The monster which takes 3-4 minutes whittling down and has a drop rate of like 10%. You can imagine how frustrating that is. There are game “chips” to increase the drop rate, but I swear they weren’t even tested because they barely work. Drop rate chip lv1 or lv5, doesn’t matter: Whether the character using the chip killed the enemy, whether multiple characters are using them, whether they were part of an attack that killed the enemy. Shit doesn’t matter. Hell, one time I kept fighting a large enemy with a drop rate lv2 chip that dropped nothing the first 4 times. As soon as I took it off, I got 2 drops. Immediately, 2 drops. Shit is faulty as hell. Oh, the lv5 drop rate chip comes from a tough enemy spawn too. Yeah. Since I mentioned chips, I’ll get to that. You get chips doing all sorts of things: Enemy drops, finding them in dungeons, storyline given chips etc. There are yellow, blue & red kinds and the combination of chips are burned onto CDs to be used. Some CDs will have say, slots for a red lv5 chip, lv4 blue & lv3 yellow, or just lv3 blue & lv3 yellow, depends on the CD. There’s around 24 or so for a majority of the alphabet.

Aside from the very first, you get CDs by collecting large medals, which are gotten from beating those rare powerful monsters. Since you only get 26 CDs, you gotta be careful which chips you put on the discs. You can also give the discs names after burning the chips. Oh, using certain combinations of chips will give an extra effect too. At first I put down dumb ones like disc-kun then I eventually used names for particular discs depending on what I wanted them used for, and I’ll list them all:

Disc-kun - (Physical Defense Lv1 & Drop Rate up Lv2)
Floppy-Woppy - (EXE Charge Lv1 & Physical Defense Lv1)
Disc-san - (Same as F-W)
Golden Girl - (Physical Defense Lv2 & Drop Rate up Lv3)
Booster Gold - (EXE Charge Lv1, Animal Defense Lv2, Lily up Lv1 & EXE Gauge Boost Lv5)
Exp - (Physical Defense Lv5 & Gained EXP up Lv3)
Media Lily - (EXE Charge Lv1, Magic Defense Lv1 & Lily up Lv4)
Hopefully Decent - (Critical Rate Lv4 & Drop Rate up Lv5) – The point where I realized how bad the drop rates were
The One - (Critical Rate Lv1, Plant Defense Lv1 & Gained EXP up Lv5)
Prep Time - (Physical Defense Lv4 & Gradual EXE fill Lv4)
Skyfall - (Post-HDD SP Drain Lv2, Physical Defense Lv4 & Gained EXP up Lv3)
The Grinder - (Skillseal Immunity, Physical Defense Lv2, Lily up Lv5) – Lily rank grind, same with next two
Grind The Love - (Critical Rate Lv2, Physical Defense Lv4 & Lily up Lv5)
Love Grind - (Virus Immunity, Physical Defense Lv4 & Lily up Lv5)
Staying Free - (EXE Gauge Boost Lv5)
The Heart - (Break Damage Limit, Physical Defense Lv4 & Lily up Lv3)
Hope - (Break Damage Limit, Physical Defense Lv2 & Drop Rate up Lv5)
Sensation - (Critical Rate Lv4, Physical Defense Lv4 & Gained EXP up Lv4)
Revengeance - (Critical Rate Lv3, Physical Defense Lv5 & Gradual EXE fill Lv4)
Fate - (Paralysis Immunity, Physical Defense Lv4 & Gradual EXE fill Lv4)
The Infinite - (Break Damage Limit, Physical Defense Lv5, Drop Rate up Lv5)

It’s also a shame you can’t check out the costumes & accessories in the shop before you buy them just to see how they look, since there’s so many & they’re not cheap (No, I’m not talking about things like swimsuits. How rude to assume such a thing. Plus it would be very inappropriate to go running around dungeons & fighting monsters in such things). So yeah, I’m done. This went on far longer than I was expecting, but shit happens.
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