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30 November, 2021, 10:14:22 am
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Welcome to Animal Crossing - As experienced by a newcomer

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Author Topic: Welcome to Animal Crossing - As experienced by a newcomer  (Read 863 times)
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That guy

« Reply #60 on: 08 July, 2013, 04:29:18 pm »

Why have you got some kind of slab from a creepy lab in the middle of you house?

And I hope you're not using that telescope to spy on Isabelle.
I have got something better now, don't worry.

And no. Maybe. Possibly.

You know, I read somewhere that these is a way to tell if a piece of art is 8ogus or not 8y looking at it. Like, the fake versions actually have some su8tle and sometimes not so su8tle differences from the real versions and you can tell 8y looking at them in Redd's tent.
I'm not really big on art, so I think I'd have trouble seeing what is different between the-

Oh, there we go.

Do I have to ignore the fire flower on the pink desk too?
No, you should definitely pay attention to that one, because it's pretty good. Just try to pretend it's floating in mid-air.

Day 19
So I woke up late today, and walked outside, like I usually do. Except today, I was in for a pretty big surprise. Creeping around outside my house, was a.... I don't know anything about animals, he was a thing. Anyway, this thing called Shrunk was creeping around outside of my house, apparently waiting for me. I don't know how long he'd been there, and I don't think I would be able to sleep tonight if I did know. But anyway, he came to me with a proposal:

Their main competitor presumably being Club ROFL.

And despite me being initially freaked out with him just lurking around, I came around to the idea. A club could be a pretty cool thing. I was never really a cool guy who went to clubs, but I was the mayor now. Maybe this could be my time to shine. My time to be the popular guy. Yes, a club definitely sounded like a cool idea. I told him I was totally on board with it, and told me it would be done, but he only needed one little thing.

And X's aren't fine.

Why do I have to work to get stuff I want? Being a mayor is so much fucking hard work.

But off I went, to get the signatures of my townspeople. They all seemed pretty excited for a club, so at least that was a good thing. I didn't need to convince anyone of anything, or catch them a fish, or find them a bug, or anything. They just signed happily. Keaton seemed a bit eager to sign it, though.

You can't ignore his cred.

After getting Roscoe to sign it, he quickly changed the subject on me. It happened really quick, in like a second, so I didn't have time to protest or react to it, before he opened his... mouth? I don't know what a horses mouth is called, or if it even has a name, but I digress. He just pulled a fast one on me, is what I'm trying to say.

And by "let's" you mean "I will, without your input"

Oh, here we go. What is it with the horses in this town, and being unable to call me by my name? Papi is already spreading around Cookie, and now it's something else. Okay, fine, I said. Roscoe, lay it on me.

But... But I'm, like, a kid...

Well.... I suppose, since it's Roscoe, it could have been worse. Cookie, the Old Dog. It won't be long before no one in this town takes me seriously anymore. Actually, I think that time might have been passed quite a while ago. Oh well, Roscoe signed the petition, so it's fine, it's fine.

Having gotten everyone's signatures, I headed back to Shrunk, who now had total permission to open his club. Finally, I would be able to shake the things my mom and/or dad possibly gave me, and I was excited.

Come back in 2-3 years.

What is with all the permits in this town? I needed a permit just to be mayor, and now this guy needs a permit to build a club that the mayor already let him build? I'm not bad at politics, but holy shit. There is some serious bureaucratic red tape going on around here. He also has no idea when the club is going to be finished, so that's super awesome. Damn it Shrunk. Damn it.

Oh well. At least Timmy keeps on his streak of being much cooler than his brother by giving me an Arwing.

Perform a cylindrical rotation!
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