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30 November, 2021, 09:07:53 am
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Welcome to Animal Crossing - As experienced by a newcomer

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Author Topic: Welcome to Animal Crossing - As experienced by a newcomer  (Read 863 times)
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That guy

« Reply #60 on: 14 July, 2013, 02:32:13 pm »

It was a normal load of poison slime, then it "ate" a Devil Fruit that allowed it to turn into an axolotl. Like what Lasso and Funkfreed did.

And you should never stereotype. Now go and think about what you did while you eat your herrings, with pastry for dessert, and build your Lego models.
Ahh, okay. Despite having read it, I guess I most have glossed over that part.

I'd be offended, but then I look up on my closet, where some of the old Lego models I built as a child are, and I just nod quietly.

And for those interested, "Zut alors" could be translated as "Damn" in a polite, even maybe old fashioned way in french, but Canadian French tends to differs and keep its roots fiercly.

That was your cultural info, stay tuned for news on the latest trend in paint drying competition!
And it does indeed mean that, and he was using it in very strange sentences. But it's good now, eh?

Day 25

Yet another day started with me being an awesome mayor, digging up fossils and doing all my typical mayoral duties of visiting my neighbours and looting stuff around town. It seemed to be a boring day, with nothing really happening. After my daily trip to the museum, I stopped by the T&T Mart, which was watched over by Tommy Nook, the little virtual boy selling shit. Though that's not entirely fair, as he did somewhat redeem himself today, giving me both a metroid and Captain Olimar's spaceship.

Though I may still hate him if/when the metroid breaks loose and eats my brain

My house is now decorated pretty well, and it's starting to become truly mayoral. Possibly even the most mayoral, because I'm such a fucking good mayor. Walking outside, I found a letter in my mailbox, from Sydney.

Farewell Illis. It's time to say goodbye. I shed a few tears as all the memories of my time here came rushing back to me. You've been such a good friend, I won't forget you.

Take care, Sydney.

....Wait. What? But... But she can't leave. I liked her, she gave me gifts and stuff. Sydney can't just... leave like that. That's not... That's an outrage. She can't leave Foxvale, the best town in the land. It's got the best mayor! This is an absolute outrage. Right, that's fucking it, I'm going to go to Isabelle and ask her about the citizen satisfaction level, right now. I won't fucking stand for people just up and leaving my perfect town, damn it. So, what did the commitee have to say?

I say, jolly good, wot wot

...Huh? Goodness gracious? Room for improvement? But... But I'm doing a good job, though. I'm a really good mayor. He also said the town is dirty, and there's weeds and garbage everywhere? I didn't... I didn't know I had to pluck up the weeds, no one told me that, it's not my fau-

So many topics...? Did I really do so many things wrong? But... But I was a good mayor... I digged up fossils, and... and fished and caught bugs and... and I took island vacations. I-I sold my fish and donated them to the museum and stuff... I even went around talking to all the townspeople. I mean... I guess I was a bit mean sometimes... and sarcastic... b-but I didn't intend to-

B-but it's their own fault! I mean... I didn't really donate much to it even though I commissioned it, I guess, but...

Look, Isabelle, it's not... I didn't... I-I never meant to... It wasn't...


I guess.... I guess being a mayor really is hard.
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