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27 January, 2021, 05:23:13 am
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Customizable moves: a realistic take

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Author Topic: Customizable moves: a realistic take  (Read 194 times)
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A nostalgic wind blows....

« on: 27 June, 2013, 09:41:46 pm »

Not 8ad, not 8ad. Let me try and take a sta8 at this with Link. I'm thinking something inspired 8y Skyward Sword.

^8 - Wind Rider: A tornado surrounds Link and launches him skyward, doing damage and pushing away anyone caught in the tornado. After 8eing launched up, Link drifts 8ack down using the Sailcloth, slowing his fall kind of like Peach's Parasol.

8 - Sword 8eam: Link fires his sword 8eam forward. Decent range 8ut not as far as the 8ow, decent damage, but doesn't need drawn 8ack like the 8ow, so it comes out faster.

>8 - Whip: Short-ish medium range, lower damage, 8ut pulls people in closer.

v8 - 8om8 Roll: Pulls out a 8om8 and instantly rolls it on the ground instead of holding it and then throwing it. Travels farther, 8ut only hits enemies on the ground. When used in air, it goes forward and falls in the air, then rolls a short distance when it hits the ground. Can still 8e picked up 8y enemies with good timing. Enemies throw it normally like Link's normal 8om8s.

Final Smash - Fi Attack? (Needs a 8etter name) : Link steps into 8ackground as Fi emerges from the Master Sword and you take control of her. She works more or less just like Super Sonic, zipping in whatever direction you tell her to and dealing massive damage. After the Final Smash ends, Fi vanishes and Link reappears where he was when he 8egan the attack.
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