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24 January, 2022, 04:09:15 pm
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The Adventures of Rock Bratinstin II in Drangleic (DSII Spoilers)

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Author Topic: The Adventures of Rock Bratinstin II in Drangleic (DSII Spoilers)  (Read 477 times)
The Saga Continues
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« on: 12 March, 2014, 01:53:01 am »

So, after defeating the dreaded update and watching the intro cinematic, my saga began. I found myself in a dark, heavily forested area with just some cloaks and shit on my being. Playing Dark Souls the day before had instilled in me the idea that I should explore every nook and cranny and do it brazenly, despite knowing that this was a catastrophically dumb idea. There were no enemies, just some dogs that seemed only sort of interested in me, so I did some exploring. I came upon an area with holes in the ground. As I followed them, it came to my understanding that they were actually footprints from a large hippo cyclops monster which proceeded to one shot me.

After dying again to make sure there was nothing cool I was missing, I entered a nearby cabin where I met three old ladies in red and a younger lady in red who seemed to be their serving wench. The ladies were not particularly kind and gave me the hollow run down that the intro cinematic already gave me and generally heckled me. After giving them my name (Bratinstin II, since the character restrictions wouldn't allow for my full chosen moniker of Rock Bratinstin II) I was given a Human Effigy as a reward. Maybe they're not so bad after all. Finally I was able to customize my character and choose my class. He looks slightly like me, or as much as the creation would allow (its more robust this time, to be fair.)

I decided before I got the game to be a Knight, since they have nice starting stats and lack a shield at first. I wanted to get used to dodging and rolling since even in Dark and Demon's I usually tanked with a shield. It was a good choice since the starting armor is neat. As for a gift, I went with Seed of a Tree of Giants based solely on the name. I recently found out it makes enemies attack and notice invaders should I get invaded, so I consider that a cool call. Once this was done it was into the designated "learn the game" area where I killed some bandits and got used to the torches and other new intricacies of control.

At the end of the training zone, I finally saw light. Exiting from a crevice in a wall I stepped out into a new area, filled with sunlight and by the ocean. The place almost seemed like a quaint little farming village. Its known as Majula, and it serves as the game's HQ in the same way the Nexus and (sort of) Firelink Shrine do in their respective games. I then met the Maiden in Black Emerald Maiden, the game's level up NPC. Early impressions of her are more positive than the MiB, mostly because she speaks without that weird accent, doesn't have pancakes stitched to her face and has Emerald in her name and cloak.

Some light exploration of Majula yielded results. A shield from an armor merchant who stutters and sounds like a he has a crush on the player character, a ring and official position in the Way of the Blue covenant (I doubt I'll stick with it, but the "you can be invaded in any form" thing is still in the back of my mind) courtesy of the game's resident crestfallen guy, and an encounter with something very surprising that nearly destroyed me and sent me fleeing to a bonfire. I would spoiler it but I don't want to, its just that awesome and hilarious. Just goes to show even Majula isn't fully safe. After dying a few times in a cave due to not paying attention and falling into a watery abyss, I finally ventured forth to the next (and only available) area; The Forest of Fallen Giants.

In addition to an awesome name, the Forest looks pretty cool. Its still very sunny and all, but its filled with dark ruins, massive gnarled roots and branches and lots of hollows. I won't go into too much detail, but for awhile it was all in good form. I was taking out Hollows and trying to get some souls (the first level up requirements were a bit steeper than I expected.) I came across an old merchant lady and bought a hand axe. It wasn't as good as my broadsword, but I wanted to play axes guy this runthrough so I equipped it. Fast forward a bit and it breaks. Turns out weapon degradation happens at a much quicker rate in this game, but it is instantly fixed if you rest at a bonfire. If the weapon breaks though, its broken for good. Or at least it is now, I don't know if there's a blacksmith that can fix it. Souls well spent.

As someone who beat Demon's and Dark Souls (the later twice), I was getting used to the game's tricks and was guessing some ambushes and such here and there. Naturally I felt I could just do whatever at this point. I was rewarded for this thinking by a giant eagle dropping a scary knight down to fight me. I attempted to fight him and was nearly slaughtered, but thankfully I ran and he didn't follow too far. I licked my wounds and vowed to be more careful. My next major event was not being careful and being crushed by a boulder trap.

Crushed isn't a good word; only sort of crushed. I had enough health to tank the hit, and thankfully the enemy nearby did not. I then met some nerd who claims to be a cartographer. Talking to him about maps for a little bit (thrilling stuff) eventually nets me a key to the mansion he's squatting in over at Majula. I fast track my way over there and check it out. It seems empty for the most part, but then I find the basement. "Oh cool." I said. "I wonder what cool secrets this pl-" and then I saw a skeleton warrior running after me and my Dark Souls Nam flashback kicked in and I ran my ass back to a bonfire to make sure it went away. The mansion can wait.

So pretend I told you about an hour of random enemy fights and slight NPC encounters and deaths and stuff. This hour ended by finally finding a shortcut to a bonfire as well as the first boss, The Last Giant. I rather like his design, and I appreciate that he destroyed me my first time because I tried to get fancy with magic weapons and shit (like I was back in Demon's Souls or something.) I went for a more straight forward approach, but still got a bit too sure of myself and was killed while healing. The third time was the charm though. I feel a bit bad for him since he seems to be in pain, although midway through the fight he rips one of his arms off and tries to beat you to death with it, which is great.

With a boss soul, a bunch of normal souls and a key for my troubles, I unlocked a door and found another door demanding I show the sign of the King. I fiddled about with this for a bit before decided I didn't care anymore and would come back to it. Instead, it was time to try my hand in some jolly co-operation. Placing my sign outside the previous boss' lair lead to a quick summon. The first fight did not go well though; I got a bit distracted and cocky and was smashed by the boss, dying instantly. The second time went much better, as me and my summoner weaved in and out like a pair of expert fighters. The third and final time saw me meet up with a phantom I fought with the first time. I imagine he laughed at me when I died (his build was better too) but Dark Souls II doesn't convey that information too well.

Newly renewed and filled with vigor, I found the correct path and was greeted by the second boss, The Pursuer. He's the knight that I fought earlier that didn't pursue me, but he was going to pursue me now for sure. His intro is fucking awesome, and I was so in awe that the first fight involved him impaling and cursing me and promptly beating my ass. The second time was a bit better, and it seemed like I had a chance to take him out until I rolled off the side of the arena to my death. Not having this nonsense anymore, I took him on a third time and won. The fight was fantastic; in felt like a lighter, earlier in game style fight against the False King in Demon's Souls. One jolly co-operation later for good measure and I returned to my Emerald lady friend in Majula to level up and ponder my next path.
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