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04 December, 2020, 09:13:50 pm
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random games

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Author Topic: random games  (Read 9185 times)
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« Reply #1455 on: 11 February, 2019, 09:51:34 am »

Had two very different Smash experiences this weekend. Played my brother on Friday night, who desperately needs to get a Gamecube controller adapter. He was using the JoyCons and apparently he has the thing where his left when repeatedly disconnects. He's also only got 24 characters unlocked. And he's pretty rusty, too. Got to try out a lot of the roster looking for characters I would lose with, though (Fox and Falco, apparently, after about a dozen games).

Then I played Floyd yesterday, and that was a wakeup call. For one thing, I misinterpreted it when he said he was going to play Plant and that he was "a bit green." I thought that meant out of practice, but it actually meant "growing strong and thriving." I need to get better at confirming kills (and not killing myself, apparently).

Evened out the weekend by going into quickplay and climbing a bit higher. I think I'm around 1.5 million GSP right now.


I've been playing Apex Legends here and there since it came out. It's my first BR game and I think I get why it's fun. The lack of downtime is a nice plus. If you lose, you're back to the lobby and queuing for the next drop. There's a lot of tactics and strategy to be had. I like the scouting aspect. The tension. Waiting for the right moment to strike. Choosing the wrong moment and getting your squad wiped.

The game also feels really good to play. Movement is fluid, the guns feel good, and each character is pretty fun to play as. I've been picking Lifeline more often than not (partly because I have kills on her and don't want my card to embarrass me when I pick other characters), but I want to learn some of the others like Bloodhound or Pathfinder.

Downloaded Origin to my PC (after avoiding it for a long time), so I've got Apex downloaded and also finally redeemed my code for Titanfall 2 that I got for cheap last year.


Didn't play too much Astroneer this weekend (not as much as I wanted to anyway), and I unfortunately lost about an hour of progress last night after a crash. There's no auto-save feature. Instead you have to return to your base and enter your shelter whenever you want to save. You should be doing this anyway as you venture out and return with more resources, but I was trying to stretch out an expedition last night and got a bit greedy, I guess.

I was exploring a mountain range, trying to see what I could see from the peaks and had run out of tethers just as I got to the summit. In the valley below, there was an abandoned rover, and I could just make out a medium wind generator. I wanted to run down and grab it but wasn't sure I could make it down and back without suffocating. I looked around some more and found a deposit of composite (the resource needed to make tethers). Something else I appreciate is that it actually takes longer to excavate rock than it does soil, and the sound and animation changes slightly, too.

When I made it down to the abandoned rover, I not only found the windmill but a medium solar array, too. It was as I was taking stock of the site and deciding how to proceed that the game came to a halt, so I'll have to make my way back there when I pick up next.


I climbed mountains in Breath of the Wild this weekend, too, but first I had to deal with the Yiga clan. I feel like I did their hideout the right way. I got caught once and died in the ensuing scuffle (those blademasters hit hard). When I reloaded, I equipped my sheikah stealth outfit and went to work. Most of the time I was moving through the shadows, taking out each guard one by one, I kept wondering "Why bananas?" Master Kohga was a pretty fun fight, too.

From his chamber, I climbed straight up into the highlands. I was better prepared for this trip than that first climb up Mount Lanayru so many months ago. In addition to my warm doublet, I also had Bozei's Snow Boots and a Ruby Circlet. With the Gerudo tower scanned, I looked at the map and decided to make a loop, traveling east from plateau to plateau before swinging back west.

It's pretty satisfying to just "nope" the ice enemies out of existence with a fire arrow or a flamesword. I still skirt around Lynels, though. I'm going to have to make a tour of dispatching them at some point down the line. I really regret not taking a picture of the big sword while I was up on the highest peak, too, but I at least found the rest of the statue and several shrines along the way.

I wouldn't say I deviated from expectations upon returning to Gerudo Town. After returning the helmet, I went with Riju to calm Naboris. I did make a point of wearing my Gerudo stuff to fight it, which meant I was running a defense potion. That fight was more fun than I remember the other two being, also.

I've got free reign of the desert now, and so far I've only gone out and destroyed the Molduga (killer music). I've got lots of sidequests to do before I leave this region, though the memory of a glowing mountain that I saw from the highlands haunts me.
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