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25 May, 2020, 01:05:14 am
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random games

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Author Topic: random games  (Read 8693 times)
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« Reply #1530 on: 12 April, 2019, 11:03:31 pm »

Progress progress progressssss

Beat the ogre. Super easy even without the fire weakness.

Then it turns out Vilehand isn't so vile if you go in from the other direction so you can stealth kill his stunt double. He's still a poison-y bastard, but he's no different from any of the other purple cloaks.

And then up top, well. The roof of Ashina Castle sure is a great place for rad sword fights. I'm not sure what happens if you pick the other choice. I don't know if it's a false one like the earlier one with Kuro. But of course I sided with the boy. I'm wondering if there's gonna be more to Owl's heel turn. Him just showing up and deciding he wants immortality, too, feels a bit weak.

The fight is excellent, though. So many super narrow windows to get hits in, and then lots of posturing. And I like that he doesn't use perilous attacks, so there's no way to severely punish him. It's really just like fighting an older version of yourself.

I kept trying to figure out how to punish his Lloyd's talisman move. It's a great time to heal if you need it, but he has so much lag afterward it had to be a good time to strike. First wave I could dodge it and then swipe at him for a hit, but second phase I couldn't seem to do that without getting caught in the trap. Which, at a certain point, if you aren't worried about healing, then I guess you can just hit him. I did use the firecracker on him some, but I don't feel like that's what won me the fight. I always feel like I trade damage when I use it too, which isn't great.

I was pretty surprised there were only two phases. I thought for sure he would have another trick up his sleeve. Maybe he'll still manage to show up later.

I was high off that win, so I decided to go pick some more fights, and I've now killed all the Headless that I know of. The only one I'm missing is Yashariku. Also, it turns out the water one is the easiest. It doesn't have an aura and you move really fast in the water. Go figure.

Um, what else. Oh I have the Shadow Rush now, which is nice. It's even decent in the Owl fight if you can react fast enough to him retreating. So then Isshin gave me the Mushin skill tree, which I can't unlock anything in yet.

The Anti-Air Deathblow scroll showed up in the box next to Hanbei, so I guess I missed Blackhat? I feel like I was pretty thorough around the Castle but I didn't see him anywhere.

With my affairs pretty much in order, I went ahead to the wedding cave, and a giant strawman came and carried me off to heaven. Oh that was the other thing, there was a scroll in Isshin's tower that mentioned a black sword that could open the path to hell, and I'm about to raid heaven for some mystical powers, so I can only imagine where this is going.

True Monk was a nice breather after Owl. Killed me once 'cause I got greedy. Didn't give her the chance on the next go.

The achievement popped to tell me I've been to every area in the game now, which I believe. I daresay this isn't where the journey ends, though.
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