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16 January, 2022, 06:57:50 pm
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SSBBSB: The Musical!

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Author Topic: SSBBSB: The Musical!  (Read 449 times)
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« on: 19 August, 2007, 06:11:08 pm »

*Statues tumble down, everything goes back to normal. Even the net breaks.*

Marioman: Ouch!

Nic: Hey, thanks CJayC!

CJC: It's cool bro.

*He goes away*

Ahriman: Hey, you did O.K today man, what's your name?

JEI: Just Eat It.

Ahriman: How would you like to form an alliance with me? We need a New Zealander...

JEI: Yes. YES!!!!

*TML appears in ghost form*

TML: Hey kid, you did O.K.

MG: Hey TML, how's death?

TML: It's extremely painful. But enough of me! You have to mod the Brawl Board now!

MG: Me? But why?

TML: Random plot twist, of course! That, and there's a very important connection to all of this!

MG: Really?

TML: Yeah! You see, this all happened beca-... YOU!

NTDude: Ah!

TML: I'll kill you!

MG: Wait! What about-

*TML runs after NTDude*

*The GB and SB meet together*

GB Guy: Well, we're sorry we hid you and shunned you away from our strict rules.

Fooby: Yeah, sorry we pissed in your sinks.

GB Guy: Wha?

Fooby: Nothing.



Everything worked out,
What a happy end!
The SBers and GBers
are friends again!

So let's all join hands and-

MMR: Wait, this all seems copyed off from somewhere-

*MMR is shot*


Don't cha know our little lives are now complete!
Because Main Guy is sweet!

Callous: Super Sweet!


THANK God we live in a

Spat: Quiet,

Koover: Little,

RGB: Troll filled,

M Metroid: Noob ridden,

Charmy: Pissed off,

OK: Unforgiving,

CJ: Unloving,

UO: Idiotic,

Marioman: Fanboy,

Fooby: Hate filled,

Lumines: Jerk off,

SA2: Weirdo,

Dizi: Death attracted,

911: Reg Praising,

Cube: Perfect Numbered,

GSG: Color filled,

Jawo': Unfair,

STS: Jackass,

Random: Random,

GF Jake: Question asking,

Nic: Uber cool,

Ermine: Creture hating,

Penguin: Copying,

Penguinish: Copying,

TBizzle: Likable,

TML: Got ya!

NTDude: Please don't kill me!

LuigiKong: Comic filled,

Just eat it: Foreign,

MMH: Decapitating,

LinkCable: Grammar hating,

CM: Hug Loving,

Yamata: NO NO,

Ecko: In the middle,

Nergan: Kinda dead,

Blank: Not really,

CJC: Moron Made,

MG: Awesome!


SMASH BROS BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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