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Home Run Killfest: A SSBB Story

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Author Topic: Home Run Killfest: A SSBB Story  (Read 1056 times)
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« on: 21 August, 2007, 12:24:26 am »

*This was made A Loooooooong time ago, back when in 2006 when I was 13 and new to Gamefaqs. It got alot of fans and I made a few friends because of it. I restored it from my recycle bin to post it here. So, if you like fanfics, enjoy.*

*Opens with Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and some Toads are seen playing in the castle, having fun. A voice-over starts.*

Voice: Data log, Febuary 33rd, 2006. I've realized I've been forgotten. For years, I've been kicked around, but inside, I've felt a wonderful feeling... hope. Hope ran my life. Hope kept me going. No matter where I was... hope was there. What did I hope for? I don't know. I just knew there was hope. But now I know... that hope... was a lie. After all of my suffering, beatings, pain, I'm now here, waiting, for it to start over. Waiting in that box, wondering, going mad, I realized that my only hope... was death.

*Toad is shown going toward castle kitchen, to the fridge.*

After my escape, I wondered about death... would it hurt? Can I accomplish it on my own? But then I realized... all of those who did this to me, all of those who made me the crazy person who I am... well, let's just say I wanted death, but I sure as hell wasn't going to see it first.

*Toad opens fridge, flames shoot out and engulf him. A gas line is hit, and the entire castle explodes, parts of it falling through the sky. Peaches crown also is shown burnt up. Mario and Luigi are shown carrying each other through the ruble, seeing it is all destroyed. An ambulence comes to take them to the hospital.*

...My name is Christopher Ivan Sandbag. And don't you damn forget it.

*"Home-Run Killfest" is shown on the screen.*

*Cut to present day, a mental institution is shown, where Luigi is being interviewed by the police force.*

Shy Cop Guy: What is your name?

Luigi: Luigi Mario.

SCG: Do you know who this is?

*Shows picture of DK*

Luigi: ...yes. I know this man.

SCG: He was found dead, in his home yesterday, a bananna shoved in his ass.

Luigi: ...maybe he did that himself?

SCG: *sigh* Luigi, you know you can't stay here. Evidence shows that this is the man responsible for the terrorist attack on Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, and the Ice Climber Massacure last month. Who ever this is, he is after you and your friends and we need to put you in a witness protection program.

Luigi: NO! I'm not going back out there!

SCG: I'm sorry, Luigi. But you can't stay here. Your brother was released two weeks ago, and we think it's best that you live your life too.

Luigi: "Live" is an unusual word for the situation sir.

SCG: Well you don't exactly have a choice here Luigi.

*Police Guys drag Luigi away*


SCG: I'm sorry Luigi...

Luigi: *Being thrown into van* NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

*Cut to party on Yoshi's island Warehouse, Yoshi and Pikachu are seen hanging by the bar.

Pikachu: 1 more!

*Bartender hands Pikachu beer, which he chugs*

Pikachu: (drunk) I.. I gotta tell ya Yoshi. YOOU... Make me fe... feel special!

Yoshi: Man, you gotta lie down for a sec.

Pikachu: NO. No. no no no no no. I mean it! YOU... are amazazing.

Yoshi: I think you better lay off the juice Pika.

Pikachu: Hang on a sec bud...

(Pikachu stands up)


*Everyone is silent*


*Cheers are heard*

Yoshi: It's really no big deal Peek.

Pikachu: AND ANOTHER THING! YOU... You... you... hang on-

*Pikachu runs out back to the ally and starts to throw up, a figure approaches him*

Pikachu: (Not noticing) Ah man... AH MAN... hold back my ears sombody... HOLD BACK MA EA-

*Sandbag grabs him by the neck, cut back to party.*

Yoshi: Has anyone seen Pikachu?

Bartender Koopa: Well, he went to go spew chunks and he never came back.

Yoshi: Crap... he probably needs help...

*Yoshi goes outside, Pikachu's body is seen ripped in half, Yoshi screams.*

(Cut back to Luigi, alone on a bus with Fox, the bus driver.)

Fox: Rough day huh?

Luigi: my name is Luigi Mario and that's all you need to know.

Fox: I just wanted to strike a conversation.

Luigi: My name is Luigi Mario and that's all you need to know.

Fox: Uh... I see.

Luigi: My name is Luigi Mario and that's all you need to know.

Fox: *sigh* You know, I wasn't crazy about this either. But when it hit me that there might not be a chance of survival in this world, I swore that I would try my hardest to protect everyone from this. They won't let me do much though, so I drive everyone to the base. It's the best I can do to protect you from harm.

*Luigi is silent, but acknowledges Fox*

Fox: Hang on, I need to pick up another one.

*The bus stops, Yoshi walks on and sits across from Luigi.*

Yoshi: Long time no see Luigi.


Yoshi: Tell you what, whatever happens, we go through it together... Alright?

*Yoshi streaches out hand to Luigi, which he shakes.*

Yoshi: Yeah, we'lll be safe as long as we ju-

*The bus engine blows up, engulfing Fox in the flame. Luigi tackles Yoshi to protect him, dodges the flame, and breaks a window for both of them to escape.*



*Bus explodes, taking Yoshi in the flames*

Luigi: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Luigi runs into the woods, frequently looking back. Yoshi is shown lieing down, he coughs as a white figure approaches him*

*Cut to the SSB Safehouse, where the surviving SSB fighters hide. A SSBM Character Select screen poster is shown on the wall, with Xs through everyone except for Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Fox, Ness, Zelda, Marth, and Mr. Game & Watch. Two shyguys walk through the door, carrying Luigi, who is wet.*

Marth: What happened to him?


Luigi: I tryed to drown myself.

Ness: Why?

*A shyguy walks over to the poster and Xs Yoshi and Fox.*

G&W: It's the end of the frigging world...

Zelda: Game, don't say that-


Luigi: Where is my brother?

G&W: Who?!?


Marth: He left.

Luigi: WHERE?

*Cuts to motel room, Mario is on phone.*

Mario: Relax Bob, the deal is sealed. I'll be over tomorrow to advertise the... um... what is it called again? *Phone talk* THE Wii? O.K, you're the name expert. And relax, no poser killer is gonna bring me down. I'm Super Fricking Mario Baby!

*Hangs up, walks over to sink to brush teeth. Brushes, opens medicine cabinet, puts brush away, closes cabinet. Sandbag is shown in reflection*

*Yoshi is lying down in a bathroom, he wakes up with a shock, looks around, and walks away. He trips, and notices that he is chained to a poll.*

Yoshi: Hello? Help! Luigi? Fox? Where am I?

*Sandbag appears on a TV screen in the corner.*
SB: Hello Yoshi, would you like to play a game?


SB: If you already tried to talk to me, I'm afraid you're wasting your time. This is a recording, and I have much more important things to deal with rather than you. I'm sure you have heard the news, "Home-Run Killer"? Well what they don't know is, I'm not just a killer, I am a collector.
You see, there are 3 others here in the building, all in situations that can kill them instantly. Let's see if you, the famous Yoshi, the one that caused me the most pain in my life, can save them.

*The chain un-hooks*

SB: Once you walk through that door, a friend of yours' trap will go off, and you will choose... do they live? Do they die? The choice is yours.

*Screen turns off, Yoshi cracks open the door. Roy is there, tied to a wall on the other side of a screen.*

Yoshi: Roy! I'm here to save-

*Yoshi runs out, the walls on Roy's side begin to close in. Roy freaks out. Yoshi sees a button that reads "OFF" on the other side of a floor filled with spikes. Yoshi realizes what's happening and runs to the button. The spikes stab his feet, and he quickly runs back to the safe side. Yoshi becomes woozy of the blood loss, and through blurry eyes, he sees Roy scream as the walls close in on him. Yoshi faints.*

*Back at the safe house, a shy guy comes in and Xs Mario's picture on the poster, Luigi freaks out.*


Shy Guy: I'm sorry, but we couldn't just keep him here, he wanted to leave!

Luigi: Well then, you can't keep me here than, can you?

Zelda: What? You can't leave! It's suicide!

Luigi: Well it's suicide if I stay here!

Marth: He's right. Sooner or later, Sandbag will find us and we'll all face the consiquinces.

*Draws sword*

Marth: We should go out there and fight?

G&W: Fight? Are you mental? We don't even know where he is!

Luigi: Well, there's only one thing to do then.

Zelda: What?

Luigi: *Looks back* we go out there... and wait.

Ness: I'm in for that plan, I'm not gonna sit here and die.

Zelda: I'm in too.

G&W: I'M OUT! You go and kill yourselves! I'm staying here.

Marth: Game & Watch, you're a coward and a quiter. I will also go.

*Another Shy Guy walks in*

Shy Guy 2: Sir! We took a look at the crash site. We found Fox's body, no sign of Yoshi. He could be alive.

Luigi: Well, I guess this isn't hide and seek anymore... it's a manhunt.

*Cuts to TV report, Channel 2 news*

Goomba Jones: Good Evening, I am Goomba Jones. Our top story tonight, four of the five Super Smash Bros fighters in the witness protection program are leaving their hideout to seek out the Home Run Killer, a claimer of almost 20 lives. We have footage of one of the fighters, Luigi Mario, brother of the late Mario Mario, making a speech.

Luigi: We have a message for Sand Bag, and we know he is watching our every move, so I tell him this. We're tired of hiding! Come get us! Bring back our friend! Live or die, we will fight without running, much like you have done for the past year. So, what will you do now?

Goomba Jones: The friend they are talking about is Yoshi, the one named star known for hitting the Sandbag the farthest. Where abouts are unknown, and... hang on... this just in, we give you a live recording of inside the SSB Safe-House, where Timothy Game&Watch is contacting our news staff.

G&W: (On recording) Hello? Hello! Can anyone hear me? The police won't come, I'm alone... well, I thought I was alone... HELP ME! I keep getting the feeling that... just... NO! GOD NO! NO! NOOO!!!!


Goomba Jones: ...oh my God...

*Cut back to Yoshi, who get's up and sees the closed in walls on the other side of the screen, Sand Bag comes back on the TV.

SB: Well, maybe you'll get the hang of it next time.

Yoshi:...no....not again...

SB: The next one is in the next door, I'm sure he's... dieing... to meet you.

*Yoshi causiously opens the door, he sees Kirby, attached to a machine that blows air into his mouth. Kirby begins to fill up, and Yoshi searches the room for somthing to stop it. He finds a panel with a square on it. He puts his finger on it, it electrocutes him, a countdown starts from 10, and he franticly takes his finger off. The countdown resets and the machine continues to expand Kirby.*

Yoshi: C'mon Yoshi, stop thinking about yourself for once! Just a shock... just a shock...

*Yoshi trys again, this time hanging on, dispite the pain and shocking. The countdown hits 0, and Kirby is released, flying into the air quickly and crashing into Yoshi.*

Kirby: Ack! Yoshi! Are you alright?

Yoshi: (twitching) Never better...

*Cut back to the SSB Survivors, in the woods next to a campfire.*

Luigi: Well, I think we need to take turns on lookout, while the other three get some sleep.

Marth: I'll stay awake.

Zelda: Are you sure?

Marth: Yeah, you guys and the boy get some sleep, I'll keep an eye out.

Ness: O.K then.

*They head to the campfire, Luigi looks back.*

Luigi: Thank you... for everything.

Marth: We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you, I should thank your bravery.

*Luigi heads back, Marth is sitting by the fire, keeping it lit, when a figure aproaches him*

Voice: Nice night isn't it?

*Marth turns back to see Sandbag, unarmed. Marth takes fighting stance.*

Sandbag: You're going to fight me? I wouldn't recomend it. If you stay with them, you will die. They'll die too, I'll make sure of that. But if you join me, I'll spare them, and together we can make the world better... for people like us.

Marth: I'm nothing like you!

SB: Oh? You're one of the most popular fighters for SSB. That must be alot of losses. It's almost like you're a... punching bag.


SB: Join me Marth, no one will dare attack us!


*Marth stabs SB, SB laughs and absorbs the sword.*

Marth: LUIGI! RUN!

*Luigi, Zelda, and Ness wake up. Luigi runs toward Marth, but SB lifts him with his mind and flings him into the sky. He then makes a ring of fire around Zelda and Marth, leaving Ness defencless.*

SB: Your foolleshness will cost the life of the boy!

*SB sends a bolt of lightning toward Ness, which Ness counters with another bolt.*

SB: What?!?

*Ness and SB fight for the strength of the bolt, when SB jumps to the side and turns Ness to ice.*

SB: I'll come back for him, but I have plans with you two.

*SB, Marth, and Zelda disappear; leaving Ness frozen and Luigi somewhere in the woods.*

*Yoshi and Kirby are walking through a hall, looking for the next character.*

Yoshi: Kirby, where are we?

Kirby: Man, I don't know, I just want to get the hell out!

Yoshi: Not until we save the next person!

Kirby: uh... would the next person be in some complicated trap that would probably somehow cause us pain?

Yoshi: Yeah... why?

*Kirby points to giant device with Link wrapped around a rope that keeps tightening. Yoshi drops his jaw.*

Kirby: I totally saw this on Hannibal Rising...

Yoshi: I'm starting to regret saving you... O.K, we need to find the switch to turn this off!
Kirby: What about that?

*A switch on the celling is shown*

Yoshi: Yeah, that can work.

Kirby: Yeah, but we need a rock or a slingshot or a BB gun or-

Yoshi: Or a soccer ball?

Kirby: Yeah, but where are we gonna get-

*Yoshi picks Kirby up and drop kicks him to the switch, turning the machine off and releasing Link.*

Yoshi: YES!

*Kirby falls back down*


Yoshi: What's he saying?

Kirby: He's saying that we need to find the frigging exit! Cmon, lets go!

*Cut to Luigi, who wakes up in a tree and panics. He falls to earth and looks for his friends*


*He finds Ness, wet and passed out, on the ground*

Luigi: NESS!

Ness: Huh? Luigi? You're alive!

Luigi: So are you!... where are Zelda and Marth?

Ness: They disappeared Luigi! Sandbag came and there was fire and... I don't know what to do!

Luigi: Huh... That's it!

Ness: What?

Luigi: Sandbag! I know where he is!

Ness: Where?

Luigi: Nowhere!

Ness:... how long have you been up there?

Luigi: NO! I mean that they must be in another dimension! That's why there's no leads, that's why they disappeared, that's why he gets everywhere so quickly!

Ness: YEAH!... but how do we get to... uh... nowhere?

Luigi: You!

Ness: Me?

Luigi: Yeah, you're psycic, arn't you?

Ness: Well, I can try... hold on.

*Luigi and Ness hold hands and Ness creates a Psy-Ball around them. After lots of hard work, they teleport to what looks like a football field. They see Marth, half dead, on the ground.*

Marth: Don't... let him... destroy us...

*He faints and a chill goes down Luigi's spine as he sees where he is when he sees a sign on the ground next to Marth.*

*2000- A New Record!*

*Yoshi, Kirby, and Link are running down the hallway, looking for an exit.*

Kirby: Home sweet home, here I come!

*They suddenly reach a dead end. They are confused, and Sandbag appears on a TV in the corner.*

SB: Hello Yoshi and all who have lived to see this recording, congratulations. You have prooven worthy of life... though I'm afraid I must take it from you, just as you have given me hope and took it away.

*A door opens from the celling, and a floating dragon like thing comes down and faces the trio.*

SB: Meet my creation that took me an entire year to make. After experimenting with corpses, I have finally finished him. Say hello and goodbye to... Bowtwodorf.

*Bowtwodorf Warlock punches them, and they quickly dive out of the way.*

Yoshi: Crap!

Kirby: We're doomed!


*Bowtwodorf lunges again, this time hitting the wall, causing the trio to run and dust to get into BTD's eyes, blinding him. Yoshi hides in the corner, not making a sound. BTW sniffs him out, and just as he is about to attack, Link hits his sheild against the wall, making BTD ignore Yoshi and charge at Link. Link makes many dodges and Kirby screams out of fear. BTD lunges at Kirby, but Yoshi gets to him first and tackles Kirby to the ground, making BTD crash into the wall, creating a hole and killing BTD.*

Yoshi: (looking in hole) It's... the stadium!

*Cut to Zelda, who has her hands and legs tied to a pillow on the HRC platform while SB gets his bat ready.*

Zelda: You're sick in the head Sandbag!

SB: Am I? Years of being thrown yards away, over and over again! I too wanted to live my life!

Zelda: Some people don't deserve to live.

SB: Yeah, so why am I stalling with this?

*SB swings back, but Luigi catches the bat mid-swing*

Luigi: I think she was talking about you Sandbag.

*SB hits Luigi in the stomache, knocking him back.*

Ness: LUIGI!

*Ness throws his bat to Luigi, and a Home Run Bat sword fight starts.*

SB: Out of all of my enemies, you have to be the most annoying!

*SB swings, misses*

SB: 4 times I have tried to kill you, but you think of yourself as some kind of super hero!

*Luigi swings, misses, and SB knocks him to the ground.*

SB: Well the adventure is over Superman, after today, no one will remember the brave and stupid Luigi Mario!

*SB swings back ready to kill Luigi, but Yoshi comes out of no where with his own bat, hits sandbag 4 times, and knocks him yards away. Marth, now awake, sees SB coming, takes out his sword, and Dolphin Slashes him in half, killing him.*

Yoshi: (arm streached out to Luigi) We look out for each other... right?

Luigi: (Grabs arm and gets up) We sure do.

*The 7 survivors; Luigi, Yoshi, Zelda, Ness, Marth, Link, and Kirby, and gather around the dead SB.*

Luigi: And to think, the most harmless thing in the world to us... ended up almost killing us all.

Zelda: Never underestimate hope Luigi.

Kirby: Yeah... hey! We need more characters for the next Smash Bros game!

Yoshi: Yeah? How about Solid Snake?

Marth: Yeah right, when Link talks and Sandbag comes back to life.

Link: heh heh... yeah...

*Everyone looks extremly scared just as Ness puts an orb around them, taking them home.*


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Liberty or Death

« Reply #1 on: 30 August, 2007, 11:21:41 am »

Excellent! I'm smelling some Saw influence...

Really great work here!
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« Reply #2 on: 30 August, 2007, 08:03:56 pm »

Thats was great!
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« Reply #3 on: 03 October, 2007, 08:00:14 am »

*loves this story*
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« Reply #4 on: 05 October, 2007, 08:48:03 pm »

I remember this. I was lurking when you made this story.
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Dusty Starr
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Derp it!

« Reply #5 on: 26 October, 2007, 12:35:58 pm »

I remember this story, I loved it!
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But... if our leaders actually reflected the wants of the people... then we'd be a democracy, and that's just gross.
Stalin was that **** guy who pops the ball during a basketball game and ruins it for everyone.
« Reply #6 on: 28 November, 2007, 11:23:10 pm »

*nominates for a sticky*
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Forum Fame. Fanboy Name.

« Reply #7 on: 08 December, 2007, 10:54:42 pm »

*nominates for a sticky*
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Mad Irish Kid
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« Reply #8 on: 10 December, 2007, 06:49:56 pm »

The banana-in-the-ass made me lol.

Kinda reminds of Fooby's Target story.
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« Reply #9 on: 09 March, 2008, 07:18:47 am »

*nominates for a sticky*


Wait, we're admins we can sticky this....
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« Reply #10 on: 03 June, 2008, 10:12:07 pm »

The banana-in-the-ass made me lol.

Kinda reminds of Fooby's Target story.
THIS was the inspira--owait

Koov's not here anymore. >_>
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