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Cads user story

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Author Topic: Cads user story  (Read 8950 times)
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I wanna be the minority!

« Reply #270 on: 26 December, 2007, 09:02:46 am »

Chapter 3-04: New friends and mortal enemies.

*True walked around the forest for hours looking for food, but everything seemed unedible*
True: *Walks up to a bush bearing some berries* Looks "eatable" enough...
*True presses a butt on his helment, opening a small hatch allowing him to eat, and puts the berry in*
*True spits out berry quicky and throws it across the forest, and it explodes a little way off*

In the forest.

True: *Turns around to see a man wearing a dark cloak conceeling his face (Chaos, reapers servant guy doc blasted away) standing behind him about 20 feet away* Who are you...?

Chaos:... My name is ahriman.

True: Ok, arhiman, what are you DOING there?

Chaos: Oh, i figured you could use some help. *Takes out a small bag, and dumps the contents on the floor, a load of small sandwiches*

True: O_O Awesome! ... Wait... Where did you get sandwiches in the middle of the fo-

Chaos: Dont talk. Eat.

True: Ooook... [thinking] And why hasnt he questioned me on this bionic suit? [/thinking]

Chaos: *Sits down* Its not poisinous. You CAN eat it.

True: Oh! *Begins to eat a sandwich*

Chaos: [thinking] this aughta be good... he looks like he'll be OK. Not what i wanted, but... ok. [/thinking]


*Cads bursts into the tree where gaffit is sitting*
Gaffit: Youve been gone for an hour, where were you?

Cads: *Panting heavily* In that meteor...


*Trejik, having avoided FS' fire blast, throws 4 earth daggers straight at FS*
Trejik: Heh...

*The daggers combust in thin air, and disentagrate before they hit Flamesnake*
Trejik: Lemme guess. You have the air aroud you superheaed?
FS: Yessir.
Trejik: Just ****ing great...

*Jumps backwards, and heaves his hands upward, creating an enourmas earth wallbehind him, which actually forms into the shape of a hand*
Trejik: here we go...
*Trejik shoots his hands forward, and the hand splits in half, forming two hands. Those two hands split in half, forming 4.*
Trejik: And for the grand finale...
*Trejik builds up energy into the hands, and the grow enourmas.*
*Trejik shoots all 4 hands straight at FS, but he manages to slither in between, around, and over them with extreme ease as they try to get a hold of him. Penguin was slow to react, and was grabbed by one of the hands*
FS: Ermine, get penguin!
*Ermine begins dashing forward to penguin, but hands of earth hinder his progress, eventually becoming overwhelming for ermine, and he's captured.*
Trejik: Two dow- *FS fires a pillar of magma from his mouth straight at trejik*
Trejik: 9_9 *Jumps over it, but it bends in mid-air and comes up at him*
Trejik: Nice!
*Trejik twists in midair around the magma pillar, and creates an unbreakable earth surf board beneath him, and rides the magma downward towards FS*
FS: *Quickly shoots back, avoiding trajik*
Trejik: *Summons another earth wall, and it raises higher and higher, bigger and bigger, until its a staggering mile high.*
FS: ****.
*Trejik breaks the wall up into hundreds of peices, and forms those peices into daggers, forming a total of 1200 daggers floating in the air, ready to be thrown*
Trejik: Unleash hell.
FS: **** **** **** ****!
*the daggers rain from the sky, at light speeds, straight at FS ermine and penguin. FS manages to move his "Super heted air" sheild over ermine and penguin, but it` leaves him defensless.*
Ermine: !!!
*Ermine finally decides to fight in a desperate act to save his friend. He leaps high into the air, and raises an earth shield to block most of the daggers, but its not enough, So ermine decides he has to stop it at the source. He begins bounding straight at trejik at extreme speeds and agility. Ermine creates a huge sword of earth in his hand, and raises it to strike...*

More latah.
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Its all pointless now.
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