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08 February, 2023, 04:55:05 am
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Cads user story

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Author Topic: Cads user story  (Read 5343 times)
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I wanna be the minority!

« Reply #285 on: 31 December, 2007, 01:13:13 pm »

Chapter 3-07: A huge advantage.

*Ermine swiped down with his sword of earth, straight towards trejik*
*Trejik didnt see it coming, as he was focused on FS, and the sword dug deep into his shoulder*
Trejik: AGH! DAMNIT!
*Trejik swirled around and backhanded Ermine across the face, sending him into a nearby tree*
*THis gave FS his chance, as Trejik had focused on something else, and the daggers dropped harmlessly to the floor without him keeping them up. FS dashees towards Trejik, and bit him in the side, before flinging him into another tree 3 feet away. He then rose high into the air, and unleashed a flame storm right down on him., Trejik didnt stand a chance, and every flame hit him. Penguin watched*

"But the battle was far from over..."
*FS had killed trejik, and all that remained was a pile of flaming rubble where trjik once stood. But suddenly, a glow broke through the rubble... And another... before the rubble exploded as earth shoved it away with extreme force*

*In the skies above Their battle, 911 and Raizor floated, watching the fight*
Raizor: I never really understood limit breaks...

911: What?

Raizor: I just... Never did.

911: Thats common knolodge to us!

Raizor: *Turns head side ways* To you...

911: *Facepalm* Alright, limit breaks are simple. When one elemental opponent kill another elemental opponent using NO elemantal powers, the killed opponent stays down. He doesnt come back. BUT if the killer kills his opponent using his powers, he has a problem. Its a sort of "Final resort" thing sasori made up for fun. If the person killed was killed by he hand of elemantal powers, like an earth sword or a fire ball, they come back, about 3 times more powerful then before. ALL elemental power is given to them. There is no limit to what they can do, hence the name "Limit breaker." Earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, nothing is out of their grasp.

Raizor: So im guessing this Trejik fellow has just entered limit break mode?

911: Yeah... You know, ive only seen people limit break twice... This should be interesting.

Raizor: Should be.

*Back on the ground*
*Trejik flew out from the rubble with two earth swords in each hand, straight at FS*
FS: OH CMON, Theres no way you survived that!!!!!
*Trejik lifts the earth swords to strike. Ermine, having recorvered, leaps towards him and tried to stop him, but an enourmas earth hand shoots from the ground and punches ermine all the way across the forest into penguin. Penguin, deciding to fight, creates and axe of ice in his hand and rushes trejik as he swoops his sword down. penguin manages to use his axe to block the sword blow, and FS recovers and blows magma at trejik. Trejik creates and earth sheild to block the magma and grab penguin by the neck at the same time. Trejik lifts penguin into the air and readies his sword to stab him, when ermine raises earth daggers from the ground and hurls them at trejik, who easily blocks them by lifting some nearby sand and deflecting them. FS shoots more magma, but trejiks shield easily blocks it. Ermine, rushes him, leaping thru all of the earth hand that attemps to stop him, and he actually makes his way to trejik, who has to drop penguin to punch ermine in the face, but, having turned his attention to ermine, FS got his chance, and he lept up and bit trejik in the back. This was a bad idea, as trejik was able to turn his body into solid rock! He shot a rock spike from his back where FS bit him, witch, although not doing much damage, stabbed FS through the roof of his mouth (THough it didnt exit through the top)*

Ermine: [telepathic] Penguin, GO!

*Penguin leaps up and hurls an ice axe down at trejik, but trejik easily defends by leaping into the air, propelling himself with a boulder. Trejik, standing on the floating boulder, liftf himself high into the air. He then takes all earth within a 1000 foot radius, and lifts it into the air. This creates a small floating island. Trejik then proceeds to collapse the floating island into itself, burrying anything in it alive*
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Its all pointless now.
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