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08 February, 2023, 04:04:02 am
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Cads user story

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Author Topic: Cads user story  (Read 5343 times)
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I wanna be the minority!

« Reply #285 on: 10 January, 2008, 04:06:58 pm »

Chapter 4: A ruthless "king"

*A malicious grin formed upon reapers face as he stared up at the man tied up before him. Hes in a dark courtyard, with a large audience before him in heskla. The man is tied to a large wooden pole half naked, and beaten severely*

Reaper: Now, tell me, where are the rest of the survivors from Project 1?
Man: *Spits in reapers face*
Reaper: *Grabs man by the throat* Listen to me you worthless failure of a project, if you dont start talking right now, your going to face a fate worse then death.
Man: *Strecking his neck out to reach reapers face, he headbutts him with tremendous force*
Reaper: DAMNIT! Somebody get callous in here.
*Lord_Callous walks into the courtyard via a large door that materializes out of thin air*
Callous: Yes/
Reaper: Do whatever you do with this peice of trash.
Callous: Right away, sir...
*Callous places his hand on the mans forehead*
Callous: Tell me, whats your name...?
Man: *Spits on callous*
Callous: Thats to bad... Cause now i havge to force it out.
*Callous squeezes the mans head, and the man begins to scream and thrash*
*After a few seconds, the man screamsl...*
Man: MAGIC!!!!
Callous: Hmm... Alright then, where are the others?
Callous: Heh... I guess i'll just have to force that out to.
*Callous grabs the mans head violently and squeezes as the man screams*
*10 minutes pass, and the man blacks out*
Callous: Sorry Reaper, but hes stored that information so far back in his head not even I can get it out from him. Unlike his name, which is brought to mind every day, this information is blocked out even from me.
Reaper: Damnit!
Callous: That doesnt mean we can torture him to get the information...
Reaper: Physical torture doesnt work. Ive been trying. Unless you would like to...
Callous: I would be honered.
Reaper: Good. Take him to cell #223.
Callous: Very well.

*Reaper parts ways with callous, who walks into the castle standing in the middle of the enourmas courtyard.....*

{I know its not a full chapter, but the segments in Heskla arent exactly meant to last long.}
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Its all pointless now.
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