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Cads user story

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Author Topic: Cads user story  (Read 5343 times)
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I wanna be the minority!

« Reply #285 on: 14 January, 2008, 10:50:54 am »

Chapter 4-02: The battle rages on.

*Trejik gazed at the ball of earth, pondering if they had died or not. But suddenly, the ball of earth begins to move and shift.*
Trejik: ?

*The ball of earth explodes, and ermine flies out riding on a boulder*
Ermine: [Thinking] I have the same element as you, remember!

*Ermine rushes up to trejik, creates a sword in his arms, and slashes down at trejik. But a peice of rock from the boulder blocks the blow. Ermine swings again, sideways, but the sword stops mid-swing and turns to sand, which morphs through ermines finger-tips and forms a dagger in trejiks hand, which he swipes down at ermines head. Inaffective, as ermine is able to stop the dagger and bring it over to him*

Trejik: This battle is going nowhere...
*But it was going somewhere. A bright flash exploded from trejik. It had a brownish tint to it. *

*MEANWHILE, in the skies above*

Raizor: What was that?

911: It was the limit breaker again. Every limit breaker has 5 stages. Stage one is basic - inhanced ability, extreme physical preformance, etc. But the other stages...

Raizor: Yeah...?

911: They allow more and more power over their element. Fire storms, earthquakes ranging hundreds of miles, blizzards of temperatures so cold it freezes instantly. Once they reach a certain stage of their limit breaker, nothing is out of their control. These limit brekaer "Levels" are signified by a flash, or balls of light.

Raizor: But wouldnt that mean that at some point, this planet would collapse under the pressure? Like, and earthquake that envolopes the whole planet could lead to an environmental breakdown! The planet would implode!

911: Calm down. The stuff i just said is restricted to level 5; the highest level in a limit breaker. And sasori has limited that power. They cant physically reach level 5. Not on this planet at least.

Raizor:... And on other planets...?

911: Dont worry about that.

*Back on the battle field*

*Trejik suddenly snaps the small piece of earth back from ermine. Ermine tries to get it back, but Trejiks hold on the earth is stronger then him. Trejik morphs the earth into a dagger, and slces forward. Ermine, haveing no choice, leaps from the boulder hovering hundreds of feet in the air, and sky dives down into the forest. Trying to use earth to break his fall, he attempts to creat a sand blanket that will leave him unharmed. But the earth on the ground doesnt budge; Trejik has locked it! Ermine cant control the earth below him becuase trejik was controlling it, locking it in place! Ermine plummeted down to the forest below.......*


*SA2 creeped through the raigen ruins*
SA2: *Glances at the skull ring on his finger* Hmm... What does it do? Kill me after a certain period of time? Make me deah? Its starting to annoy me.

*SA2 continues to walk when a man rushes past him*

SA2: Hey! You!

*The man swirls around*
Man: Hmmm... Didnt even notice you.
SA2: Hey, i havent seen any people for a while now! Who're you?
Man: My name is judg. [thinking] I have no time for him. I have to get to that guy... Hmmm... Maybe a quick kill? No. He seems a bit strong, so it'd take time i dont have.
SA2: Judg? Ok.... Well im-
Judg: No time. I have to go.
*Judg speeds away on a beam of light at startling speeds*
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Its all pointless now.
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