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08 February, 2023, 04:04:44 am
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Cads user story

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Author Topic: Cads user story  (Read 5343 times)
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I wanna be the minority!

« Reply #285 on: 15 January, 2008, 12:57:55 pm »

*Dmax snaps his fingers again, creating another explosion- and a good smoke screen*

*Blue braces himself*
*ZF gets up and creates a small electric whip in her hand*
*Suddenly, a barrage of poision darts shoot from all directions out of the smoke cloud*

*Blue forces all darts up by shooting an odd blue force from the floor, shoving the darts up. A useless effort, as when the smoke clears, Dmax is standing in the middle with two puppets; One of which is shaped like a bug- standing on all fours with a shiald erecting from its back. The other, a humanoid shape-has holes ALL over its body. Everywhere. Perfect for shooting darts*

Dmax: Meet my puppets. Become familiar with them. Theyre gong to kill you.
*Darts come flying out of the Human one as dmax creates another smoke cloud. Blue tries to force them back, but these ones are to fast- the speed prevents him from defending himself in that manner. So he slides to the side, and when the darts hit the wall behind him, they ignite; exploding, sending blue rocketing forwards through the smoke screen onto the other side, straight into ZF.*

Blue: A two on one is useless. Well just get in eachothers way. What do you say we tag team?
ZF: *Gets up from the floor* Sounds good.
*ZF steps forward as the second smoke screen clears. SHe shoots constant strings of lightning into the cloud, hoping to kill anything in it. But when it clears, no ones in the cloud! ZF Scans about the room... But their no where to be found. But then she notices the air vent above the smoke screen is open*
Dmax: *Talking from inside the roof* ****!
*Scurrying is heard in the roof above them, and zeldafan shoots highly concentrated balls of lightning into it, hoping to scare him out. ALl she does is blow holes in the roof. Nothing. He was gone.*

ZF: Damnit...
Blue: *Steps out from behind her* I dont sense his presence anymore. But why would he run away when he came all the way back up here just to kill you?
ZF: How should i know? Hes just a cowardly bastard.
Blue: That may be, but- O_O
ZF: What...?
Blue: OK, OK, lets not worry to much. The main air vents are in the center. If hes going to flood the whole facility, hes going to have to find them. And theyre about one mile from here. We have time. We have to find him, and take him out before he gets there.
ZF: Alright.
*The two shoiot down the corridor to their left, hoping to catch up with Dmax before he kills them all*
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Its all pointless now.
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