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27 January, 2023, 09:34:11 am
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Cads user story

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Author Topic: Cads user story  (Read 5328 times)
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I wanna be the minority!

« Reply #300 on: 04 February, 2008, 11:11:26 am »

*Heavens reaper lined up 10 men in front of him, all terrofied of his presensce.*

Reaper: Listen up. You have all refused to tell me the locations of the remaining survivors. You have been sentenced to death. Now, i offer you salvation. You dont evenhave to tell me the location of the survivors. All you have to do is beat me in battle. 10 on 1. You see, im bored. Need something to do. Lets see if anyone of you pathetic fools have what it takes to kill me.

*The 10 men leap into action*

*Man 1 (M1) leaps at reaper with a sword of ice drawn. Reaper dissapears from where hes standing, re-appears behind the man, and snaps his neck effortlessly*

Reaper: *Laughs* Seriously, he wasnt even try-

*An earth dagger whisks by his head, which he dodges last second. The earth dagger is followed by Man 2 and Man 3 (M2, M3, i think you get the idea) who both create earth axes in their hand. Trejik again dissapears, and reappears next to M3. He grabs his axe, breaks it in half, grabs him by the jaw, and pile drives him into the earth with enough force to shatter his head into peices (Which is unseen my M2, as the earth covered his head, hiding the carnage) M2, thinking hes stilll alive, rushes to save him, but reaper intercepts him mid way, grabs his arms, and swings him into the air. While the man is in the air, reaper leaps up, and with one finger, jabs his lower stomach. This jab breaks an artery, and before the man even hits the ground again, the man bleads out injto his stomach and dies. The remaining 7 users remain on the ground, frozen with fear*

Reaper: Heh... Like shooting fish in a barrel.

*M4 cries out in anger, creates a pair of fire gloves, and charges at reaper. Reaper stands still until the man tries to punch him with the fire glove, which he effortlessly dodges. The man, going near light speed, unleashes an incredible flurry of punches rapid fire, all of which reaper dodges my moing to the side, ducking, and any other number of maneuvers easily to escape all punches*

Reaper: *Jabs at M4's stomach, knocking the air out of him*

M4: You... *Pant* BASTARD...
Reaper: If i had a dime for every time- * A small needle made of medal whizes past his head, thrown by M6*

Reaper: Amazing... A meta element. I havent seen one of you in a while.
M6: And im the last one you'll see!
Reaper: *Laughs hysterically and continues to speak even as M4 continues another flurry of punches, which he dodges*
Reaper: Cmon, you really think you can beat me?! Watch this.
*Reaper dissapears from where he was standing, and M$ dissapears with him. Soon, a sound is heard above M6, and M4 falls from the sky, dead*
M6: *Screams as reaper appears behind him, grabs him by the hair, and snaps his neck*

*The remaining 5 dont move*
Reaper: It appears youve all given up... To bad. Im sorry i have to work it out this way, bu if you dont move, ill come to you.

*Before the 5 can even see it happen, M5's stomach explodes, and he flies backwards. The cries of the remaining four echo through heskla*

Reaper: *Now standing in the place of M5* Punching through his stomach at light speed... I havent done that in a while. *Blows the blood off his arm*

Reaper: You all refused to tell me... If you had, you would be back on earth.
Reaper: Thats to bad.
*M7's eyes widen as reapers finger peirces his chest and runs into his heart. Reapers gaze turns to M8*

Reaper: ah, your a smart one. Which one?
M8: Blueanihilator.
Reaper: Very well! Where?
M8: He's in the mechanized fortress...
Reaper: Thank you. Unfortunatley, i never planned on letting you go... You see, this wasnt a way to escape your execution. What we've been doing IS the execution. The whole "Challenge me" thing was just a fun cover up.
M8: Wha...
*M8 disintagrates, and reaper turns his gaze to the last two.*

Reaper: Lets finish up, whall we?

*Reaper approaches the two...*
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Its all pointless now.
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