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27 January, 2023, 08:55:03 am
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Cads user story

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Author Topic: Cads user story  (Read 5328 times)
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I wanna be the minority!

« Reply #300 on: 07 February, 2008, 11:26:26 am »

Oh, I thought I had been... Must've imagined it...
You did come CLOSE to death, but your not dead...

Anywhoo, heres another chapter;

*A man in a black cloak, hooded, stands underneath the Flying fortress*

Man: Hmm... He IS good at hiding his aura...

*The man dissapears from where he's standing, and soon Re-appears... Hundreds of feet in the air right next to the Fortress. the man punches a hole in the wall and crawls through*

Man: Childs play. *Sighs* I really do hate violence, but if Reaper wants me to, i guess i have to...

*The man walks down a corridor to his left, and soon dissapears*


*Blue and ZF enter a large room, with a big machine in the middle*

Blue: Here we are. The main Air control system. I think this is where he would be heading.

ZF: So where is he?

Blue: He may not have gotten here yet... Though i expected him to get here BEFORE us.

ZF: So what, we just wait he-

Blue: Shut up.

ZF: Excuse m-

Blue: SHUSH!

ZF: *Falls silent*

Blue: Listen...

*Blue closes his eyes, and when he opens them again, theyre glowing blue*

Blue: Get down.

*ZF Drops to the floor, and a Small needle glowing black shoots by her head*

*A man a couple feet away from blue, holding an unconcious Dmax*

Man: Wow, i didnt expect even YOU to be able to detect me when im camo'd...

Blue: Everyone has an "aura." Even a Camo MASTER cant comepletely hide it.

Man: I suppose your right.

Blue: im always right. Now, which one of Reapers lackies are you?

Man: Lacky? v_v I dont appreciate your terms.

Blue: I really couldt give less of a ****.

Man: Classic Blue. Well, i suppose i could tell you on the way back to heskla.

Blue: *Chuckles* You really think im going with you?

Man: Oh cmon now, why cant we do this the easy way/

Blue: Because i dont feel like being executed?

Man:..... That is a good reason. But i really hate violence, so why not just come peacefully?

Blue: No.

Man: *Sighs* Everything always has to be so hard. !!! Oh, by the way, i found this little miscreant in the air ducts. *Drops Dmax* He a friend of yours?

Blue: Hell no!

Man: Ah. Well, you can have him. Hes not dead, i just put him to sleep for a little bit.


Blue: This man is a bounty hunter... hes come for me.

Man: BOUNTY HUNTER? Ha! No way. I hate violence a little to much to be considered a bounty hunter. But when Reaper asks me to do something, i do it.

ZF: Why is he after you?

Blue: I'll explain later.

Man: Im giving you one last chance. Come peacefully.

Blue: No. You know, since you've BASICALLY come to kill me or at least take me to my death, you could at least tell me your name.

Man: If you insist.

*The man grabs his hood and pulls it back, revealing his face.*

Man: The name is Nikoleis.
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Its all pointless now.
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