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Cads user story

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Author Topic: Cads user story  (Read 5798 times)
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I wanna be the minority!

« Reply #315 on: 12 February, 2008, 03:01:34 pm »

Im very proud of this chapter! Grin

*Dmax, panting, gets up*

Dmax: Big success!

*Dmax walks down a corridor behind him*

Dmax: Now lets get out of here.


*ZF jogs down a hallway, turns, and sees nik holding blue*

ZF: Nik!

Nik: Hello there!

*Blue stutters as he fully wakes up*

Blue: Let go of me!!!

ZF: Let him go Nik-


*ZF, Nik, and Blue all turn around to see Death_Ballad standing there, confused*

DB: Whats going on?

ZF: Its none of your buisiness. Now... *Turns to Nik* Let him go.

Nik: Cant, sorry.

*ZF Charges a lightning bolt in hir hand*

ZF: Cmon, im tired. I really dont want to have to do this.

Nik: *Ignoring ZF, he begins to step into the created portal when a dart whizzes towards his arm, causing him to drop blue and lose concentration, which leads to the portal dissapearing*

Dmax: Sorry! I was aiming for her.

Nik: You have bad aim.

Dmax: >_> **** off.

*ZF, with the lightning bolt still in hand, leaps at Nik*

*Nik jumps over her as she dodges, and she collides into blue. Dmax, taking advantage, throws 3 darts at once at the 2. Nik begins charging a strange ball of dark energy in his hand as Blue grabs ZF and leaps out of the way of the darts. He leaps out of the way just a Nik fires the ball, which he deflects with a stange blue shield. Meanwhile, ZF creates an exlectric sword in her hand and bounds towards dmax through the air, swiping down with the sword. Dmax ducks and takes a step forward, so hes under her while shes in mid air. He stands up quickly, head butting her in the stomach and flipping her over onto her back. Blue and nik, in the same room, meanwhile, are fighting hand to hand. Blue throws an uppercut, which Nik sidesteps and uses blue temporary vulnerability to get in a right jab. Blue, almost unnaffected, throws two punches with both hands towards Niks face, but nik grabs both of his hands, and twists them downwards, but blue, using Niks lack of hands, headbutts him, causing him to let go. Blue then gets a strong punch to his stomach. Nik counters by grabbing blues head, lifting his knee, and kneeing him to the nose. Blue, stunned, staggers backwards, and Nik finishes him with to jabs to his stomach. Blue doubles over in pain and collapses to the ground*

Nik: You put up a good fight, but in the end you were no match. Sorry!

*Meanwhile, ZF stands up, and swipes her sword towards Dmax's hip. Dmax rolls under it, and upercuts her on his way back up. Stunned, ZF shakes her head, and notices Nik picking up a half concious blue. ZF shoots a bolt of lightning at them, which strikes Nik in the back. Nik falls over, and drops blue. Dmax, taking advantage of her lack of attention on him, shoots a blue beam into her stomach, sending her flying down the hallway*

ZF: Ugh..... *Stands up slowly* Where... where did you learn that?

Dmax: You'll get a kick out of the one!

*Dmax, with both hands, begins shooting lightning bolts rapid fire down the hall towards ZF. Zf dodges them all, but is still suprised by this sudden power.*

Dmax: The looks on your face is PRICELESS!

ZF: Wha-........ Where did you learnt that?!

Dmax: "Learnt that?"

ZF: Huh?

Dmax: You just said "Learnt that."

ZF: ... I didnt even notice... I mean, i-

Dmax: Whatever.

ZF: hmm........ {Under her breath} learnt that?

Dmax: Anyways, my tricks are for me to know and only me.

ZF: Sure.

*ZF leaps past dmax, kicking nikoleis in the back of the head as he tries to get up. She lifts blue to his feet*

ZF: You ok?

Blue: yeah... I think so...

*Blue staggers to his feet*

Nikoleis: Ok, thats it.

*Nikoleis gets to his feet*

Nikoleis: I tried to be kind. I tried to do this the easy way. I HATE violence. I really do. I never wanted to fight. But now... Now your starting to go to far. There is a point where one must stop being the nice guy. And this... Is that point.

*Nikoleis, in the (Very literally) blink of an eye, creates an evil looking sword made of dark energy in his left hand. Before they can move in the slightest, as if Nikoleis had frozen time, he shoves the sword straight through ZF's skull. Oddly, no hole is left and no blood is spilt, but ZF falls dead to the floor. He next turns to Dmax*

Dmax: O_O Hey man, im all for you capturing blue and the like! Heh heh heh...

Nik: *Glances down at ZF and begins murmuring in a forreign language. Once done, he speaks in english once more.* Self induldgence! Skip 2, 3! Enter! 4! Annihilation! Limit Breaker Saynomi! *Nikoleis shoves his hand into ZF's back, and slowly, she rises to her feet*

Nikoleis: *Looks at dmax* Get ot of here is you honor your life.

Dmax: Why?

Nikoleis: *Ignoring his question, he punches blue with so much force in the face that a crack is made in his skull, and he falls unconcious. Nikoleis then creates another portal and leaps through it*

Dmax: Well what the hell?

Death_Ballad: *After watching the whole thing* Wow.

Dmax: *Looks at DB* Well hey there sweet stu- *An enourmas beam of pure energy shoots dmax through several walls and rooms*

DB: O_O *Looks at ZF, her eyes glowing (Shes in the 4th state of Limit breaker, AKA the second strongest) she then begins running down a corridor to get away*

*Dmax staggers to his feet*

Dmax: What the- *Dmax barely leaps out of the way of another beam of pure enrgy* Holy crap!

*Dmax begins running away, dodging multiple beams of pure energy. Soon, he reaches a window, and a dead end*

Dmax: *Turns around to see ZF floating behind him, her entire body charging electricity.*

Dmax: Cmon now, with that kind of energy charging your going to blow up the whol-

*ZF shoots a ENOURMAS beam (20 feet wide, 10 feet tall) straight at Dmax. the beam destroys the hallway theyre in on its way to him, and dmax has no choice other then to leap out of the window behind him to get out of the way. Dmax; while falling, looks back up at the fortress, and sees an enourmas explosion*

Dmax: Shes still firing blasts?

*Back up at the fortress*
*ZF, unable to contain the enourmas power within, begins shooting of waves of electricity, which cause enourmas explosions and destruction around her. DB, noticing her, begins to run away, but one of the electricity waves zaps through her, damaging her horribly*

DB: AGH! *Falls to the floor*

*Multiple waves blow through the fortress, as the alarm sounds*

ALARM: High damage to fortress. Systems failing. Fortress d- *The alarm nearby is blwon up by an electric wave*

ZF: AAAAAAAAAAAGH! *Lightning beams shoot from her eyes, striking the roof above DB. This sends rocks crashing down on her legs, trepping her.*


*ZF clutches her head and thrashes about, each thrash sending out another wave. Soon, storm clouds appear above the fortress, and lightning strikes multiple times down at the fortress, furthering its destruction.*

*In mid air, dmax can still barely see the fortress being destroyed*

Dmax: Good go- HOLY SWEET JESUS!

*The fortress explodes in an electric flurry. Beams of lightning shoot out in all directions as the entire fortress is blow to peices, the peices being scattered through the land below. The force of the explosion is so powerful its push sends dmax flying towards the ground even faster*
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Its all pointless now.
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