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03 February, 2023, 02:56:33 pm
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Cads user story

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Author Topic: Cads user story  (Read 5328 times)
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I wanna be the minority!

« Reply #315 on: 25 February, 2008, 10:06:33 pm »

*Gar walked, tire, through the savanna*

Gar: My god... That woman could have gave me an energy drink or something... And why after going crazy and trying to murder me, did that guy just walk away all calm? Come to think of it, his eyes were a little clouded.

*Gar looks off into the horizon and notices that a forest is about a mile away*

Gar: Sweet!

{A few hours later....}

*Gar, approaches the forest*

Gar:Hey, forests have lots of water and food...and im starving! Besides, it looks more peaceful the-.....

*Gars voice trails off as he raises his head to look up at the sky, and he notices and enormous earth ball floating there*

Gar: The hell...?

*Gar jogs into the forest to see whats going on*

{Meanwhile, towards the outskirts of the Raigen Ruins*

Doc: Ok, woah woah woah... hold on... What?

Judg: *Closes his eyes* I want to serve under you... {Thinking} God, this is humiliating.....

Doc:...........No *Turns and begins to walk away*

Judg:HEY! YOU SHOULD BE HONORED! The great angel of judgment wants to serve under you!

Doc:I find this slightly disturbing... Stalker disturbing...First you attack me for virtually no reason, and now you track me down and ask to be my slave? The hell?

Judg:............ You should still feel honored....

Doc: Does honored equal disturbed and creeped out all a sudden? Go away. Im not to be caught up in this foolish competition.

Judg: Foolish? Who wouldnt wan to be a king?!

Doc: Are you an idio... You know i think that question has already been answered.

Judg:Oh, so now your cracking jokes, eh?

Doc: *Sighs* Do you really think this whole thing is to become king of some mythical land?

Doc:*Pauses his walk for a brief moment, then shakes his head and continues walking away*

Judg: What?

Doc: Your stupid.

Judg: Am not!

Doc: Fine. Maybe your not necessarily stupid, but your too naive.

Judg: So train me not to be so naive!

Doc: *Pause* Why do you want me to train you so bad anyways?

Judg: You kicked my ass back there! Ever since i got here, ive been stronger then everyone ive faced! That ass kicking was like a wake up call. I wanna be as strong as you! How do yuo perform those spells? Are they like your element?

Doc: No. Lightnings my element. Now im as stupid as you may be thinking. Your heart rates elevated, you have minor sweat on your palms, and youve swallowed twice more then the average male ever since this conversation started. What do you REALLY want with me?

Judg: {Thinking} DAMN! How did he know all of that? {Speaking} No! You dont understand! All i want is to become stronger! Thats it! I swear! Im just nervous you'll say no and kill me or something!

Doc:...Why would i kill you?

Judg: I dont know... There are some ruthless people out there.

Doc: You know what? Fine. I'll train you. On one condition.

Judg: Ok.

Doc: Pass a little test for me. Theres about a 1 in 198 chance of you passing. And if you lose, you'll leave me alone, and never speak to me again.

Judg: Fine!

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Its all pointless now.
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