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FFIX/VII story

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Author Topic: FFIX/VII story  (Read 1602 times)
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« on: 31 August, 2007, 10:37:13 am »

couldn't really think of a Title for this story so here goes
Warning, contains spoilers and in some cases rubbish which I have thrown in for no apperent reason other than the fact that I'm lazy

K so this takes place at the End of Advent children and FFIX but it may be inconsistent with Advent children.

Its the end of FFIX, zidane and Dagger have got back together but there is one thing missing in this momentous occasion, Vivi. Now his sons(?) were seen at the play but not himself sooo......

*Daytime at Maiden Sari*

Vivi: *sigh* i'm going to kick myself for missing that play, the one last year was a bit... tainted so to speak but someone has to watch the moogles.

Moogle: Kupo!

Vivi: Its not like anything big will happen like last year.... Hmm?

*all of sudden, Vivi's high mage staff starts to vibrate out of control, Vivi tries and tries to control it but it flies out of his hands and shoots off towards the iifa tree*

Vivi: WTF?

*the staff continues to fly knocking away severral moogles who try and stop it, Mogguta tries to grab it to pull it back but stops abbruptly as if he has noticed something, he sniffs the air and stares at the tree*


Mogguta flys back at breakneck speed back to Vivi

Mogguta: *puff* iifa *pant* tree has the *puff, pant wheeze*
Vivi: What?

Mogguta: The... mist, its back kupo.

Vivi: How is that possible, we defeated Kuja and that wierd guy Necron, so how can more mist be generated.

*another moogle who was staring with mogguta comes back*

Mocchi: Its the mist! but its... shiny Kupo.

Vivi: Shiny? in what way?

Mocchi: see it for yourself kupo.

*Sometime later Vivi is on the treck to the iifa tree, the roots blockingcondie petete mountain path subsiding after the collapse of mamoria*

Vivi: (Maybe I should have gone to that play afterall, it got good reviews)

*a gigas appears infront of vivi*

Vivi: oh for pitties sake FIRAGA! *gigas is turned to dust by the flames*

Vivi: Thats that sorted, now to the OH ****

*Vivi sees the iifa tree, it is now once more shrouded in mist but the green glow which once only help within the lower layers now permeates throughout the tree and can be seen from the mountain path*

Vivi: I REALLY should have gone to that play!

*Meanwhile at Alexandria*

Little Vivi1: Can't wait to tell daddy about this!
Eiko: Where is the little guy?

LV1: He's at Maidon Safari
LV2: Safri
LV1: No i'm pretty sure he said safari
LV3: Are we going on a Safari
*the Vivis argue amonsgt themselves for a while*
Eiko: Hm? * all of a sudden the white robes she had stored away in her pocket (thier magical, they can fit) start vibrating and like Vivi's staff flies off to the north8
Eiko: Wow! i wonder why it did that?
*The entire crowd, freya,Amarant, Stiener, Beatrix, Quina and now even Zidane & Dagger start looking at Eiko*
Eiko: What? I didn't do anything!
* A green flash is seen North of Alexandria. Zidane and Dagger look into eachovers eyes and both nod simoultaniously*

*Cloud is alone on his motorbike in the area near rocket town, the fields are green and the structure that defines the town can be seen on the horizen*

Cloud: *Sigh* Man this is boring, i mean its not as if i liked having a meteor on a collision course or the 3 freaks trying to kill me but, Red's looking after his tribe, Barrets on the hunt for new sources of energy, Cat Saith.....well maybe not him but even Yuffie and Vincent have got more going on than me and Tifa and they were freaking extras! I didnt have to get them when i went to save the world from meteor! *phone rings, Cloud goes to awnser* What is it?

Tifa (on phone):Aww, your so cute when youre in a sulk.

Cloud: all i said was "What is it"

Tifa: You only say that when youre in a bad mood, so what happend?

Cloud: Nothing

Tifa: Oh so thats it.

Cloud: What's it?

Tifa: You're bored again, arn't you?

Cloud: Maybe.

Tifa: *giggles on phone* ah anyway Cid called, there was some weird stuff going on at northern crater apperently

Cloud: Is this the reason i'm stuck here?

Tifa: pretty much yeah, Cid wants you to meet him at his house

Cloud: If we were going to Northern Crater why didn't he just pick me up in the highwind from our house?

Tifa: Because it would do you good to get away from Midgar area for a while!

Cloud: *Sigh* (Women)

Tifa: What was that?

Cloud: I said I love You, bye *Hangs up*
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This could not be a bigger crisis if it were a 15 storey hotel, with a fountain at reception and the letters on the floor in gold: "This is a large crisis"

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« Reply #1 on: 31 August, 2007, 10:37:59 am »

*Cloud enters Cid's house, by the looks of it, the place hasnt been cleaned for 2 years*

Cid: What took you so long?

Cloud: Tifa "Wanted" me to take the scenic route

Cid: huh? *takes a look at clouds face and sees his expresion* ooh riiiight.

Cloud: You wanted to see me?

Cid: What? oh yeah! right, almost forgot about that.

Cloud: (its gonna be a long day)

Cid: What did you say?

Cloud: I said there was a lot of pollution by Junon Bay
*Cid looks perplexed by this but shakes it of and continues*

Cid: anyway I was flying by North Crater when the whole thing started glowing green, and all of a sudden WHAM! i got this stuck on my ship!
*Cid takes Cloud outside to the highwind and points out that there is a FFIX zombie stuck to the rear, It falls off and engages Cid and Cloud in battle*

(insert battle music)

What will cloud do
--> attack
E- Skill

*cloud attacks the zombie, it does a 3100*
*zombie attacks Cid dealing 121 dmage, Cids limit break fills up*

What will Cid do
--> Limit
D. Blow

Limit menu
lvl 4 ---> Highwind

*Cid summons the highwind to just pwn the zombie, zombie dissapears in a cloud of smoke and the victory music plays*
Cid and cloud both get 300 exp

Cloud: WTF was that thing?

Cid: I dunno but something wierd is definatly going on.

Cloud: I better call the group together, were going to Northern Crater.
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This could not be a bigger crisis if it were a 15 storey hotel, with a fountain at reception and the letters on the floor in gold: "This is a large crisis"
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« Reply #2 on: 31 August, 2007, 10:40:57 am »

*At North Crater*

Cid: do you see what i ment

Cloud: Yeah, this place is wierder thaan usual

Barret: And WTF is with these monsters? they are a hell of a lot different, say where's Yuffie?

*A terrible Scream is heard in the background*

Vincent: She's over there.

*Yuffie comes running out without her weapon, 5 seconds later a dragon zombie appears with her weapon stuck on its back*

Cait: What IS that thing?

Red: I don't know but it does not look friendly!

Cloud: right! time to take this overgrown lizard to the cleaners!

*A hard Battle later, the dragon is still standing, Cloud Cid and Tifa are worn out from the fighting but the dragon looks as if its rearing up another attack*

Cloud: Little help?

Red: okay, Cure3! whoops missed

*The cure spell misses Cloud but hits the dragon who instantly recoils*

Cid: Hey its an un-dead monster!

Tifa: Right.... LIFE!

*Tifa's spell hits the monster which instantly collapses*

Vincent: That thing was quite tough

Cid: (angrilly and sarcasticly) O RLY VINCENT? I WOULD NEEEEEVER HAVE GUESD

Yuffie: Yay i got my weapon back *pulls it out of the dragons corpse* eeew, monster muck

*A faint clapping is heard in the background*

Huh?: Well done, I havn't been that entertained in a long time

Red: Who are you?

???2: why should he tell you that? ruins all the fun of guessing.

* 3 black ghost-like figures apear before the group*

Barret: Are you the guys that have been messing this place up?

???3: Maybe, maybe not

*All 3 figures start laughing evilly*

*Outer continent, right by the iifa tree, the Hilda Garade 4 is seen flying in but keeping its distance*
Zidane: Damn, what is up with that thing?

Freya: Curious, its as if Memoria was active again

Eiko: Then why did it steal my equipment?

Zidane: Why you asking me? Freya seems to be the knoledgable one here.

Freya: Zidane, you can't give a complement with the word "knoledgable" in it to women so what were you implying?

Zidane: I dunno, its as if someone was controlling my voice like a writer of a user story

* F-! they're on to me!*

Beatrix: Remind me again why I came with you....

Steiner: Well....*searches around for a distraction* Hey look! its master Vivi!

Zidane: Where? *looks around and sees Vivi on the ground below* YO VIVI!

Vivi: huh?

Zidane: UP HERE!


Zidane (to crew) : hey guys, set her down would ya?

*the airship lands and Zidane and Co. exit to greet Vivi*

Vivi: wow! i'd never thought i'd see you again!

Amarant: Hey ladies, spare me the tearfull reunion. So kid, do you know whats happening?

Vivi: no, all of a sudden my staff just flew off towards it so i decided to see what was going on.

*Eiko has wonderd off and has found a pool of the mist-like green stuff*

Eiko: hmm I wonder what this stuff is? *poke*

*all of a sudden, a bright light envelopes the party, random noises are heard and when the light disapears, so does the party*

Meanwhile back at North Crater

Cid: Danm it! i thought that dragon was strong, these guys are just kicking our asses

(one of the ghostly figures shoots off another fireball which sets Red's fur alight)

Red: &!$@ ! that &!$@ing hurt!

Vincent: *tries shooting at one of the figures, it dissaapears then reaappears at the same spot* crud! im out of ammo!

???1: ow! that almost hurt! *maniacal laughter*

*a thunderbolt hits cloud in the chest, he flies back*

???2: enough of these silly games, we have work to be done

*all 3 ghostly figures dissapear*

Tifa: Cloud!? Cloud! are you okay?

Cloud: I'm....fine

Saith: We better get out of here

Barret: Good idea, Cid! start up highwind!

*an undisclosed location*
Seriopth: danm it all! twice i've tried and twice I have failed. I'm not even sure how I excactly survived last time and I'm Seriopth! I have my own freaking fan base!

Huh?: prehaps we can be of assistance next time?

*the three ghostly figures reappear before seriopth, seriopth draws his sword in response*

???2: relax, we mean you no harm, for the time being at least

Seriopth: then who are you

???3: you may call us.... the Black Waltz

*the 3 figures take shape of the black waltz trio from FFIX, for those of you who don't know what the black waltz are, they are basiclly badass, evil black mages, here are some pictures*

BW1: http://www.finalfantasytr.com/ff9/tamcozum/1/tam-co35.gif
BW2: http://doo.nomoretangerines.com/no421/blackwaltz2.gif
BW3: http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b24/RamenJunkie/Game%20Review%20Screenshots/FF9-1.jpg

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This could not be a bigger crisis if it were a 15 storey hotel, with a fountain at reception and the letters on the floor in gold: "This is a large crisis"
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« Reply #3 on: 01 September, 2007, 02:32:27 pm »

you can post responses you know

Seriopth: and that means?

BW1: both our worlds have lifestream, yours forms the energy phenomenon that is mako, for us, that stream is diverted, the souls engrossed become stagnent forming the mist

BW2: It spawns the monsters and ills the mind, but in the combination of mist and magic, we came to be.

BW3: But we faced off against a team of heros unlike the ones that give you such pain, defeated one by one we were. Destroyed, until thier memories revived us in the hellfire of memoria.

BW1: on Memoria's destruction, the iifa tree rebelled the lifestream it was diverting linked with this world, forging a portal of lifestream allowing travel between the worlds.

Seriopth: and you know this how?

BW3:all memories are linked. Memoria gave us the memories of Garland who knew of the weak link between worlds, and the man who destroyed memoria was our creator, Kuja. But he was weak, he had a change of heart and let the heros he hoped to kill escape unharmed, but alas *evil laugh* so did we.

Seriopth: touching backround story, never have I had to listen to something I care so little about, so unless you have some reason for being here, I will have no choice but to remove you from my presence.

BW2: the magics you once saught have been revived! as has its counterpart!

Seriopth: ....Meteor and Holy

BW1: I guess you're not as stupid as you look, yes the ledgendary materia have been revivied, and we want to help you obtain both of them.

Seriopth: Interesting, and what do you stand to game,

BW3: the annoying pests will no doubt have made it to this world, destroying it will remove us all of our troubles.

Seriopth: heh, looks like we have a deal

*they all laugh evilly*

Area near Wutai, Yuffie has dragged Vincent along eith her to visit her home

Vincent: Why did you bring me here?

Yuffie: because you needed cheering up! A nice visit would be good for you.

Vincent: God! this is worse then when you tried to get me involved in that play at Golden Saucer.

Yuffie: So the stage wasn't for you...

Vincent: (I should have stayed in my coffin)

Yuffie: But this time it'll be fun!

Vincent: Don't utter the F word in my presence, please?

Yuffie: What F word? Is Cid sneaking behind us again?

Cid (off screen): $@* NO!

Vincent: The word you used to describe this torture

Yuffie: Materia?

Vincent: *sigh*

Yuffie: (what's his problem? huh?)Whats that?

*Yuffie and Vincent spot a teenager dressed in blue lying unconsiense to the side of the road, on closer inspection its revieled that he is wearing a blue waistcoat and trousers which is odd for the time period and has two daggers attached to his belt, Vincent spots that he has a tail*

Vincent: Uhh Yuffie? I don't think hes hu- *Yuffie looks as though she is searching him for materia* what are you doing?

Yuffie: *pulls her hands back and tries to look innocent* Nothing. Nothing. Nothing at all.

Vincent: Right... as I was saying he's not hum-

Yuffie: shhhh, he's coming round

*Zidane slowly regains consienseness and sees Yuffie, mistaking her for Dagger he instantly makes out with her*

Yuffie: mmmmphhhh mmmmmmphh

Vincent: Disgusting

*they finnaly stop when Zidane realises that Yuffie is not Dagger, about 2 minutes later Yuffie is just stunned*

Zidane: (****) sorry 'bout that

Yuffie: wow....

Zidane: where am I?

Vincent: Wutai

Zidane: Never heard of it.

Vincent: And i've never heard of a kid eith a tail who walks around dressed like its 500 years ago.

Zidane: Wha? oh right... the tail

Yuffie: what tail? *realizes* EEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!

Zidane &Vincent: ow!

Yuffie: *starts hitting zidane* MONSTER MONSTER!

Zidane: Ow! Hey! stop,Quit it!

Yuffie: Die monster! Die!

Zidane: I'm not a monster!

*Yuffie continnues to beat up zidane*

Zidane: Call her off! call her off!

Vincent: Yuffie, calm down...

*Yuffie calms down slightly and stops hitting Zidane*

Zidane: Damn, is this how you treat every guy who makes out with you?

Vincent: So where are you from ....

Zidane: the names Zidane, from Lindblum

Yuffie: where's that?

Zidane: Seriously? you've never heard of it?

Vincent: there is no place with such a name in the history of this world.

Zidane: So.... i'm on a different world? ....Where's Dagger?

Yuffie: Dagger? who's Dagger?

Zidane: So I'm alone, on a strange world. Just great....

Vincent: (nows my chance to get out of this) Yuffie, I think you'd better take care of this....young man, you can yake him to Wutai, I'll find the others

Yuffie: Okay....we'll continue our date when we get back *Yuffie and Zidane leave*

Vincent: Damn

Yuffie: So... i guess we kind of got off on the wrong foot

Zidane: thats one way of putting it.

Yuffie: I said I was sorry about that,

Zidane: Yeah, so what was with emo king a while back?

Yuffie: You mean Vinny? he's always like that to everyone

Zidane: He needs to lighten up sometime. *Yuffie giggles* did I say something funny?

Yuffie: No, its just I've been telling him that for the past 2 years.

Zidane: So are you two like.... partners?

Yuffie: *looks embarresed* well no, i mean yes, I mean kinda.

Zidane: Right, right.

*Random battle ensues*
*battle music*

Yuffie: let me handle this one, you're safe with me

Zidane: Please, I could take that thing by myself



What's that? 2
Soul blade 6
-->Thievery 8

*Zidane hits a 3451 damage attack using thievery, the monster dies*

Victory music

*back to the field*

Yuffie: Cool,

Zidane: Yeah it is kinda cool

Yuffie: so you're used tp fighting monsters?

Zidane: All the time...infact there was this one time

*I'm gonna end this scene here because its gettting boring to write and you get the gist of whats gonna happen for the next Five minutes between theese two*

*black screen, Tifa's and Cloud's voices can be heard*

Tifa: is he alive?

Cloud: I don't know what it is at all, so how do you expect me to know whether or not its alive?

Tifa: I dunno, check its pulse

Cloud: Nothing, i think its dead, or wasn't alive to begin with

Vivi: uhhhhhh.....

Tifa: *Gasp* it moved!

Cloud: What is it?

*now cloud and Tifa's faces first are blurred then become fully distinquishable*

Vivi: Who, who are you?

Cloud: Well atleast its awake but... I cant see its eyes, only Yellow circles

Vivi: what?

Tifa (to vivi): Hey there, are you okay?

Viva: I'm.....I'm fine, mrs..?

Tifa: call me Tifa, and you are

Vivi: Vivi

Tifa: Vivi huh? you sure are dressed funny!

Cloud: Am I interrupting a special moment here? leave it it'll only slow us down

Tifa: Hey! leave the little guy alone

Cloud: thats what i'm trying to get you to do.

Tifa: He's coming with us

Cloud: What? Why?

Tifa: he's coming with us so we can protect him from the monsters, also it'll give Marlene someone new to play with

Cloud: and I don't have a say in this?

Tifa: Nope

Cloud: (god i hate marrige)

Tifa: You say something Cloud?

Cloud: uh....(quick, think of something that ends in ige)

Tifa: Cloud?

Cloud: i...uh...said *sees a band of zombies* Look out!

Tifa: No you didnt you said *notices the zombies* Crud!

*the zombies have surrounded Cloud tifa and vivi*

Tifa: got a plan?

Cloud: Hit them hard till they go away

Tifa: good plan

Vivi: *struggles to his feet* let me help

Cloud: No. you'll only get yourself hurt

*one of the zombies jumps to attacks Cloud while his back is turned but gets intercepted and killed by Tifa*

Tifa: hey! im not killing them all myself here!

Cloud: tsh, fine *kills another one*

*Cloud and Tifa proceed to hack and punch all the zombies to pieces ecept for one who tries to climb up onto a rock and attack from above*

Cloud & Tifa: Look out

*A fireball suddenlly hits the zombie in the chest sending it flying*

Cloud: I didn't need you to cast fire Tifa, i had that totally under control

Tifa: but i didn't.....

Cloud: then who did?

Vivi: uh....me

*Cloud and Tifa stare at Vivi*

Tifa: Have you always been able to do that?

Vivi: yeah, for as long as I can remember why?

Tifa: See Cloud? he won't slow us down at all.

Cloud: fine it can come, but i'm not babysitting for it.

*In Reno's Chopper, The Turks are scanning the area near Junon for any wierd activity*

Reno: Why are we doing this again

Elena: Were scanning th-

Reno: I know what were doing, I don't know why we're doing it

Tseng: Because there was some big energy blast from Northern Crater and an energy Bolt hit Fort Condor

Rude: .... steady the chopper

Reno: Why? You seen something?

Rude: *taking out binoculers* I need to zoom in

Elena: What is it? another one of those weird monsters?

Rude: ......no.

Tseng: Then what is it?

Rude: .......

Tseng: *Sigh* Let me look *Rude begrudingly gives up his spot and binoculers to Tseng* Now wheres this thi- .....ooooh.

Reno: "ooooh" what?

Tseng: ooooh cleavage

Reno: *jumping out of his seat to see* Where?!

*the Helicopter goes out of control*

Elena: Reno! The Chopper!

Reno: Oh right, right. *Reno regains control*

Tseng: Damn, lost them.

Rude: ........

Tseng: Ah well it was a good view for a while at least, strange outfit she was wearing though.

Elena: I'm right here!

Tseng: Sorry 'Laney.

Reno: Weird in what way? kinky? *Gets slapped by Elena* Ow!

Elena: Serves you right

Reno: Hey we saved your life before!

Elena: So you keep reminding me.....

Rude: Did you see the people she was with?

Tseng: No....there were others with her?

Rude: Yes, one male in full armour and a teenage Girl

Reno: (wonder if she's legal)

Elena: We should help them.

Reno: What? why?

Elena: Well there gonna need it with those weird things popping out of North Cater like that

Tseng: She's right, land the chopper.

Reno: *landing the chopper* you're only doing this so she'll go out with you after that "ooooh cleavage" bit.

Tseng: Shut up Reno...
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This could not be a bigger crisis if it were a 15 storey hotel, with a fountain at reception and the letters on the floor in gold: "This is a large crisis"
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« Reply #4 on: 01 September, 2007, 02:34:48 pm »

Dagger: Is it neccery for you two to watch my everymovement?

Steiner: Princess, it is our duty to protect you

Beatrix: Its Queen

Steiner: Apologies, force of habit.

Dagger: It does not matter....

Beatrix: Are....are you cryig your majesty?

Dagger: No.....I'm perfectly alright.

Beatrix: Are you sure?

Dagger: ...

Steiner: *noticing the helicopter* What is that? An airship?

*The Turks land the helicopter a few yards away from Dagger @ Co. Steiner is standing at the front of the group with his sword drawn*

Reno: (Oh great, another psyco with a large sword)

Tseng: (Shut it Reno) Well Hello. And what do you suppose are you three doing in such a dangerous area?

Elena: (Real Smooth Tseng)

Beatrix: Stand Back your majesty, we can handle these people

Reno: Majesty? Since when was there any monarchy around Here? *Gets His Ass kicked by Beatrix* Guys....help me!

Steiner: Let that be a lesson not to Disrespect Queen Garnet Til Alexandros

Tseng: Sorry about my Collegues actions but there hasn't been a Monarchy in this world for over 100 years.

Dagger: So we're in another world...

Steiner: You Cannot trust these rouges, It could be part of another kidnap attempt.

Beatrix: But it would make sense why the Landscape is so different now.

Dagger: I think we should join them

Steiner: Are you sure?

Dagger: If it helps us find the others then I don't mind. *to the Turks* we're looking for our friends, could you help us find them?

Elena: We could take you to the Midgar area, you should be able to find someone there who at least knows something.

Reno: *still writhing in pain* Isn't anyone going to help me?

Elena: shut up *kicks reno*

Rude: ....

Beatrix: Fine, We'll go with you, but you better be carefull about what you do or say

Reno: Okay Okay, I'm sorry. Just make the pain stop!

Beatrix: Tcsh, Fine *casts Curaga on Reno* (crybaby)

*On board the helicopter, Its a bit cramped*

Elena: So where are you from exactly?

Dagger: From Alexandria on the Mist continent of Gia

Elena: So if thats a different world to ours, how did you end up here?

Dagger: I don't know, all I know is when I woke up, Steiner and Beatrix were lying out cold next to me and my friends had all gone.

Tseng: Did you notice a bright flash of light

Dagger: Yes, why?

Rude: Simmilar Energy bursts like the one we found you three near hit an area near Wutai, Corel reactor, Calm and Icicle Inn.

Dagger: Then We must Go there!

Tseng: We're here to accopany you to Midgar, no further as per our agreement

Dagger: But-

Steiner: How Dare you treat Queen Garnet like this! If she says we are to go to Wherever theese strange events have been happening then you will-

Dagger: Let it go Steiner.

Steiner: Yes your majesty

Elena:*whispering to Dagger* I'm not happy about just dropping you off, I like having you people around

Dagger: *whispering back Why? we only met a few minutes ago

Elena: I know but the Turks is such a Guy's Club, its nice to have some female company, and besides...

Dagger: Besides what?

Elena: If you stick around Reno's more likely to get Owned by your boddygaurds *the both start to giggle*

Reno*from the pilots seat*: What's so funny? Whad did I miss?

Elena: Girl Talk

Reno: Oh, nevermind

*At the Golden Saucer*

Cait Saith: Good to be back, controlling this body, guess i got attached to it. *Sees Quina* Hi *sees Quina a bit better* uhhhhh sir? Welcome to the Gold saucer, do you want me to do your fortune?

What Quina looks like: http://www.ffcompendium.com/art/9-quina-c.jpg

Quina: U look like marshmellow.

Cait Saith: Uhhh (What is this freak?)

Quina: Marshmellow yummy

Cait Saith: I guess so?

Quina: You Yummy Yummy! Me Eat Yummy!

Cait Saith *starts to run/ hop/ skip very fast away*: Help! Help! Mad Thing on the loose! *Trips over Eiko* Ahhhhhhh!

Eiko: Owwww! Hey Mister watch where your going!

(what Eiko looks like http://www.uweb.ucsb.edu/~joyv/eiko.jpg)

Cait Saith: Call it off! Call it off!

Eiko: huh? oh hey Quina.

Quina: Can't talk, chasing Yummy Yummy

Eiko: Oh you mean this guy *points to Saith who is cowering in the corner*

Saith: Is it gone?

Eiko: I don't think it wants to be eaten, or if its edible

Quina: Okay, I go find yummy yumys elsewhere *starts chasing man in chocobo suit*

Man: Ahhhhhhhh!

Saith: Oh thanks its gone! was that thing seriously gonna eat me?

Eiko: probbably would have taken one bite to see if you tasted good first

Saith: *gulp*

Eiko: anyway I'm Eiko and you're...

Saith: Cait Saith

Eiko: I'm Eiko nice to meet you, don't mind Quina, Its fine once you get to know it

Saith: right.......(and i thought I was weird)

right, back to Wutai where Yuffie has brought Zidane to

Zidane: so this is your home right?

Yuffie: yeah but its boring around here, no materia or anything. Its just a tacky resort town now.

Zidane: Materia? whats that?

Yuffie: what, you've never used materia before? its what lets us use magic.

Zidane: Never been much of a mage myself.

yuffie: Then what we're you?

Zidane: A thief, oh and can you say thanks to the guy with the claw you we're with?

Yuffie: Why?

Zidane: He "Dropped" a load of Gil but took off before I could give it back to him *Yuffie giggles* did I say something funny?

Yuffie: Not really but *holds Zidane's hands, he starts looking nervous* we have so much in common.

Zidane: Do we?

Yuffie: Yeah! we're both thieves, energetic and we'd make such a cute couple *more giggling*

Zidane: (Oh god, what have I gotten myself into?) Sorry to say this but I kinda already got a girlfriend.

Yuffie *looking dissapointed*: oh..... whats her name?

Zidane: She's called Dagger, well actually her names Garnet but I call her Dagger. *Yuffie looks upset* We were very close but now.... are you crying?

Yuffie: No, no. So where is she now ?

Zidane: No idea. I'm on a strange world and she could be anywhere.

Yuffie: (hmmm so there still may be an opportunity here *giggle, snort*)

Zidane: You say something?

Yuffie: Nope, come on and I'll show you around *she quickly dashes behind Zidane and starts pushing him down the path*

Zidane: Hey! wait!

Meanwhile on top of the dao-chio statue
Black Waltz1: Awwww so cute, Its almost puke inducing mwahaha

Zidane: Hey, have you noticed its gotten colder here?

Yuffie: Mayble we should snuggle up to keep warm

Zidane: I'm being serious here! *a snowdrop falls on Zidane* snow?

Yuffie: that is wierd, we havn't had snow here for a long time, maybe its fate telling us to stick together

Zidane: (oh god, theres no discouraging her is there)

BW1: Well I think thats enough of the Romantic comedy section *suddenly appears infront of Zidane and Yuffie* now we move to the dramatic scene.. of your deaths ha ha ha.

Zidane: YOU!

BW1: So you do remember me after all, shame; I wont get to do a long backround speech. Shame for you anyways as it means your deaths will now be oh so quicker.

Zidane: I thought I destroyed you in the Ice Cavern!

BW1: Its weird how things like that come back to haunt you isn't it? Like this one for example....SEALION ITS TIME FOR YOUR REVENGE! KILL!

*A massive Block of Ice appears, Frozen spikes potrute out of it until it birsts to reveal a Huge Winged Sea serpent complete with an orb below its head*

Zidane: That Old thing? I've taken it out before and I'll do it again.

yuffie: Really?

Zidane: Yeah, what you have to do is aim for that orb until it shatters.

Yuffie: This is gonna be easier than I thought *drawing he weapon*

BW1: Don't be so sure *with a snap of his fingers Yuffie is pulled into the air and attached to orb like a human shield, Her Hands and Feet are frozen in place with Blizzard and she is now stuck to the monster* Lets see you beat it now *the Black Waltz dissapears*

Yuffie: Help!!!!

Zidane: I'll save you!

*The Sealion first launches a barrage of ice Javelins fromm its wings towards Zidane who barely avoids them*
Zidane: Damn, couldn't do that before

Yuffie: Are you gonna just stand there or are you gonna get me down from here?! *the monster launches the blizaraga spell at Zidane who maneges to dodge one more, It follows up by slicing Zidane with its wing*

Zidane: *one hand on his arm* Forgot how much that hurt *When the monster tries again to attack with the wing, zidane jumps on to the monster and runs to where Yuffie is* okay, im gonna get you out of here!

Yuffie: Oh thank you! *zidane breaks the Ice holding Yuffie in place and she falls down but landing on both feet*

zidane: *still on sealion* I think I'm forgetting something....oh, right *stabs the orb with both daggers, then jumps down but botches the landing and falls on his face* oww.

*the sealion flails for a bit before falling into the river, dead*

*meanwhile at Northern Crater*

Sephiroth: Well that was a faliure

BW3: Not really, it did all it was intended to do but I would have liked at least some death to be involved

BW2: Well at least they know of our precence here and by judging what number 1 saw it will join together all of our ...problems so we can take them out at once

BW1: Besides I have more than just Sealion to be summond at my whim.

Sephiroth: Other monsters?

BW1: Much bigger monsters

BW3: and you No.2, did your preperations go as planned?

BW2: The machine is running again, powered by the underwater reactor at Junon, all that is left to do is to install the corrupter which is your role i believe Sephy?

Sephiroth: first, Do not call me that. Secondly with your help I have resurected Kadaj and company, they are gathering the parts as we speak.

BW3: Excelent, all that is left is for us to wait.

BW2: although I could probably run off a few from the production line from the reactor alone

BW1: Patience, if they find out about that then we would have to adjust our plans, and that takes forever

Sephiroth: and what new of mother?

BW2: the best, we have recovered a small amount of Jenova cells and thats all we need for now

Sephiroth: You know what I mean

BW2: as for her body, no sign so far although we have recovered an arm which is being harvested for cells as we speak

Sephiroth: ...the one part of the plan I'm against.

BW3: Relax, Jenova may still be whole after they are produced, once stage 7 is implied they will perform the reunion.

BW1: everything is falling into place, I just hope the pests are smarter than they look

BW2: Don't you mean Dumber?

BW1: No, whats the point of taking over the world if there isnt a challenge heh heh.
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This could not be a bigger crisis if it were a 15 storey hotel, with a fountain at reception and the letters on the floor in gold: "This is a large crisis"
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« Reply #5 on: 12 September, 2007, 09:51:16 am »

* at Tifas bar*

Tifa: Ahhh home sweet home, so many memories here.

Cloud: You could say that

Tifa: Why do you always have to be so negative all the time? I've known you scince childhood and I don't think I've ever seen you smile *Cloud forces a smile*, see? isn't that better?

Vivi: *entering slowly* thanks for bringing me here.

Tifa: thats all right Vivi, you're the one who helped us out against those monsters.

Vivi: you two got most of them, I didn't do that much...

Tifa: Don't be like that, come on I'll take you to see Marlene

Vivi: Okay...*phone rings*

Tifa: just a second little guy *on phone* who is it?*

Yuffie(on other end of phone line): Hi tifa! you would not believe whats happend to me! oh by the way this is Zidane! *to zidane* say hi to Tifa

Zidane: uh hi.

Tifa: So when did you two meet then? Hey I thought you were going with Vincent to Turtles paradise?

Yuffie: Yeah but he didn't want to go but then I found Zidane and you're not gonna believe this...He's got a tail!

Tifa: A tail?

Yuffie: Yeah isnt it cool, he says he's from a different world!

tifa: Really? wierd, we found this kid by the side of the road but.... its like he's from a completly different world as well,

Yuffie: Hey! maybe they might know eachover, what was that kids name?

Tifa: Vivi

Yuffie: okay, hey Zidane, a kid named Vivi's on the phone

Tifa: Hey vivi, someone named Zidane wants to talk to you.

Vivi; Okay

*on phone* Vivi: hello?

Zidane: Vivi! it is you! how are you?

Vivi: i'm fine, its great to erm.....

Zidane: hear from me again?

Vivi: yeah, that

Zidane: can't say the samefor myself though, got attacked by a black Waltz

vivi; Oh no!

Zidane: Don't worry I took care of him, well his pet anyway. So, have you seen Dagger at all? is she with you?

Yuffie:(*grumble*always about her)

Vivi: No, I thought I was the only one on this world from our group

Zidane: Me too but since we're both here they've gotta be somewhere

Vivi: Yeah I guess you're right

Yuffie: Hey! you're using up all my credit!

Zidane: You're the one who made the ca- hey leggo! Uh vivi? better put that Tifa chick back on the phone, owww okay! okay! take it back!

Tifa: What was that about?

Yuffie: nothing, just running low on credit, could we all like meet up over here please?

Tifa: We just got back...

yuffie: Oh okay! i'll get someone to give us a ride soon bye! hey Zidane, have I told you about the turtles Paradise bar yet? -click- *dial tone*

Tifa: you know this zidane guy Vivi?

Vivi: Yeah we're friends

Cloud: So what's Yuffie doing?

Tifa: She's coming over

Cloud: Quick, hide away all the Materia. I'm not having anything stolen his time!
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This could not be a bigger crisis if it were a 15 storey hotel, with a fountain at reception and the letters on the floor in gold: "This is a large crisis"
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« Reply #6 on: 12 September, 2007, 09:52:50 am »

*on board Renos helicopter*

Reno: hmmm? comunications request?

Elena: what are you? retarded? awnser it

*on radio in a crakled voice* Rufus: Tseng? where have you been? we've got a bit of a crisis on here!

Tseng: Sir?

Rufus: The whole of Junon area has gone crazy, I thought you lot were supposed to be surveying the area!

Tseng: We are sir its just......

Rufus: then how come you have missed the fireball that just hit Junon?

Tseng: Sorry Sir, we'll be on our way, over and out.

Rude: when did that happen?

Tseng: must have been after we met you lot, we wern't concentrating on the area then

Dagger: I'm so sorry

Reno: Its no problem, it may get a bit more interesting now.

*they fly off to Junon*

BW3: I thought we agreed to wait before production comenced!

BW2: It was only a trial run besides, its hardley fair that number 1 gets all the fun.

BW1: At least I knew what I was doing, you just blasted the town and set the first one loose.

BW2: well at least we know it works now even without the corrupter which we still havn't got the components for.

BW3: Fair enough, we will let that mishap slide but try not to get too reckless number 2.

*back at Junon, some of the buildings are on fire and the people are running around screaming, but they generally seem to be moving away from the harbor*

Reno: This place has really gone to ****

Elena: all this from one fireball? but where did it come from?

Rude: .....whats that over there?

*in the centre of the flames a black figure stands perfectly still, looking human with a pointy hat*

Tseng: what does that guy think he's doing, standing in the flames, he's gonna get himself killed

Dagger: we should save him!

Reno: I'd like to see you try *Beatrix and stiener look at him menicingly* okay i'm going, *walks off towards the figure* Hey! get out of there!

Figure: .......

Reno: can you hear me?

Figure: .........

Reno: I said can you hear me you weirdo!

Figure: KILL!

reno: oh ****

*the figure launches a fireball at Reno who quickly turns around and starts running back to the group. The fireball hits reno in the back sending him flying into his own helicopter*

Elena/Rude/ Tseng: RENO!

Dagger: *GASP* it.....it cant be.

Tseng: Can't be what? what is that thing?

Steiner: A Black mage

Beatrix: we'll take care of it, just take her majesty and go!

Elena: But......

Steiner: GO!

*Junon area the helicopter has landed in the field with the Turks and Dagger outside*

Tseng: Okay Princess i want awnsers! What was that thing that attacked us?

Dagger: I...I've already told you, it was a Black Mage

Tseng: Oh good, at least we know what they're called now, that'll really help us. Now what are Black Mages?

Dagger: *sniff* they're souless golems, they were made as weapons for war on my world, they were only designed to kill...

Rude: Like robots.

Elena: how do they make them though? It may explain how they're making more

Dagger: Well I'm not sure exactly but i know one of the main ingrediants was the mist?

Rude: Mist?

Dagger: Souls that have been diverted from their true path. I didn't think there was any in this world, It also creates monsters and makes people go crazy.

Tseng: So somewhere there making weapons out of weird and deadly substances which creates monsters. This is big.

Elena: Tseng?

Tseng: What?

Elena: are you okay?

Tseng: No I'm not, first we got that energy blast from Northern crater, then we almost lost Reno back in Junon. Its starting to get to me.

Rude: .....

Elena: dagger? We're gonna take you back to Midgar now, We'll drop you off at an old friends place

Dagger: But what about-

Rude: We don't have a choice.

Elena: I'm sorry but we can't go back for them now....


*At the Icicle Inn Pub, Freya and Amarant are sitting at the bar*

Freya: They're staring at me...

Amarant: Maybe its because you're a rat?

Freya: Don't make me kick you're butt

Amarant: Like you could

Freya: Wait till I finish this drink then we'll see

*Cid Bursts into the pub*

Cid: ****ing monsters, hey give me something hard to drink!

Barkeep: Sure thing, thats 23 gil

Cid: all right ya con artist *pays up and sits by Freya who finishes her drink*

Amarant: you were saying?

Freya: Shut up.

Cid: Hey Rat face! go outside if you're gonna argue with your boyfriend

Freya: What!

Cid: You heard me.

Freya: Thats it *gets down from the stool* If you wanna die be my guest

Cid: Bring it on freak!

Barkeep: Hey you two! no fighting in here, take it outside!

Cid: I got no problem with that, do you or are you too chicken?

Freya: Fine, we'll settle this right now

Amarant: Damn, and it was her turn to pay for rounds


Cid: all right, bring it on *takes out his spear*

Freya: All right I will *takes out hers*

*First Cid lunges foward in an attack which freya easily avoids, then she jumps over Ten feet in the air before falling down with her spear aimed directly at Cid's head, He justs manages to avoid getting hit but it creates a small crater in the snow where Freya landed*

Cid: ****

*In Wutai, Vincent strolls in*

Vincent (to himself): Maybe I shouldn't have left Yuffie on her own like that, its just she can beso irritating, having a conversation is like nails on a chalk- THE HELL?

*Vincent Notices that the house next to Yuffies (the cat infested one has been crushed, one of the bridges over the river has been impailed with what seems to be a very large icicle and of course, the body of Sealion is laying in the river*

Vincent: Oh god, please be allright Yuffie

*Vincent searches the town for a sign of Yuffie or even Zidane, first he tries her house, the shops, the Dao-cho mountain but finaly he tries Turtle's Paradise to see Yuffie and Zidane sitting at a table, Zidne is stuffing his mouth with food as Yuffie just watches, pretending to be eating hers*

Yuffie: *suprised* Oh! hey Vinny

Vincent: Yuffie? what happened here? why is there a 15 foot monster in the river?

Yuffie: Well basicly there was this weird guy with a pointy hat and wings, then he called that monster and froze me to it! how rude was that? Well anyway there was this battle and in the end Zidane kicked butt and saved me, not that I need saving. Right Zidane? *Zidane starts to choke on his food*

Zidane: Akkkkkk! *Yuffie slaps him hard on the back repeatetly to stop him choking*

Vincent: Right..... so you and Zidane are friends now?

Yuffie: Yup! you got a problem with that?

Vincent: No, no. I'll see you sometime Yuffie *Vincent Leaves*

Yuffie: Weird, I wonder whats wrong with him?

Zidane: What was wrong with him when he came in or what was wrong with him when he left?

Yuffie: Meh, it doesn't matter, so do you like it here?

Zidane: Yeah, Yuffie? about what you said to that Vincent guy, did you mean it?

Yuffie: Yeah, you did save my life and all.

Zidane: (but if vivi's here, she must be too, I don't know how I'm going to have to explain this to her)

*at the outskirts of Wutai*

Vincent: Well at least she's okay, I guess.... Damn, I can't believe this, I thought I had come to terms with Yuffie. Why am I jelous all of a sudden, I wasn't that keen on her to begin with. Well, as long as she's happy I don't care...
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This could not be a bigger crisis if it were a 15 storey hotel, with a fountain at reception and the letters on the floor in gold: "This is a large crisis"
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« Reply #7 on: 23 September, 2007, 05:59:30 am »

*at the City of the ancients*

Sephiroth: So where is mother?

Lonz: I'm sorry big brother, we have not found her.

Kadaj: There is no signal to find her Either.

Yazoo: We are truley, truley sorry.

Sephiroth: ...

*Black Waltz 3 enters*

BW3: Do not blame them sephiroth. It is a hard thing to trace but I have a much easier task for them, I need you three to aquire the living lifestream.

Kadaj: Living lifestream?

BW3: Souls that have found a new host, often combining more than one into the same body, I am asking you to bring me the prototype.

Yazoo: what does this "prototype" look like

BW3: I have created images in your minds, you will know who he is when you see him

Lonz: Couldn't you just tell us now

*the Black Waltz looks taken aback by this questioning, then he regains his composure and sends a lightning bolt directly at Lonz sending him through a coral wall*

BW3: Anymore questions or are you 3 satisfied with the mission given?

Kadaj: We shall seek this prototype as you wish.

BW3: Thought so, oh and before you go. Alive is prefered but if he's dead then so be it.

*Kadaj and Yazoo leave carrying the unconcious body of lonz with them*

Sephiroth: Was the lightning realy nececery?

BW3: No, but it got the point across.


*back at Midgar*

Zidane: so where did you get that weird boat?

Yuffie: Its not a boat, its a plane. Well it was a plane, andI just found it lying around. No one was using it and so....

Zidane: Meh, I've stolen my fair share of stuff too. Infact there was this one time I-

*The Turks Helicopter flys by creating a deafining Noise*

Yuffie: Jerks! You were saying?

Zidane: Never mind,

*Zidane looks at the Remains of Midgar, two and a half years after meteor fell, plants have started growing around the "Dead Zone" that used to surround it*

Zidane: So this is Midgar, kinda expected a huge floating city surrounded in eternal darkness.

Yuffie: Well thats what it used to be until Meteor fell....

Zidane: A meteor spell did this?

Yuffie: You've heard of it?

Zidane: Well yeah, my pal Vivi could do it all the time, wasn't that good of spell though

Yuffie: O_O

Zidane: Now Ultima. That was the City destroyer, uhhh Yuffie? something I said?

Yuffie: No no, come on, I'll show you Tifa's place.

Zidane: Are you sure, you looked kinda-

Yuffie: Race ya! *heads off*

Zidane: No fair, I don't know where we're racing to! *Follows yuffie*

*At Tifa's 7th Heaven Bar*

Tifa: Hello yuffie

Yuffie: Hey Tifa! Hey Cloud

cloud: oh....hey Yuffie

Yuffie: aww, you upset about something?

Cloud: Yuffie...

*Zidane enters panting*

Yuffie: So you finaly made it, what kept you? Zidane?

*Zidane has stoped in the doorway and is just staring, not moving or saying anything, just staring*

Yuffie: Zidane? Zidane? Say something!

Zidane: Are....are those....

*Cloud is gesturing to Zidane, trying to get him to stop before it hurts him*

Tifa: what are you talking about?

Zidane: ....are those.......real?

*cloud face palms, Tifa slowly moves closer to Zidane putting a glove on her right hand behind her back, she leans close to Zidane.... then punches him in the face, full power*

Cloud: told him not to say it
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This could not be a bigger crisis if it were a 15 storey hotel, with a fountain at reception and the letters on the floor in gold: "This is a large crisis"
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« Reply #8 on: 29 December, 2007, 08:00:26 pm »

Great story (d^.^)d
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The Puppet Master...is now pulling the strings

« Reply #9 on: 03 January, 2008, 02:50:18 pm »

the fanfic is fun...but sadly...Vivi died at the end of the game...v_v
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« Reply #10 on: 03 January, 2008, 04:00:53 pm »

the fanfic is fun...but sadly...Vivi died at the end of the game...v_v

He did!? WTF!? Epic spoilers >.>
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The Puppet Master...is now pulling the strings

« Reply #11 on: 03 January, 2008, 04:05:32 pm »

I assumed that was general knowledge for anyone who ever played FFIX
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« Reply #12 on: 04 January, 2008, 01:56:03 pm »

I assumed that was general knowledge for anyone who ever played FFIX

Well...I've played FFIX (I never finished it ._.) and I never knew he died at the end of the game.
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The Puppet Master...is now pulling the strings

« Reply #13 on: 04 January, 2008, 02:48:22 pm »

I assumed that was general knowledge for anyone who ever played FFIX

Well...I've played FFIX (I never finished it ._.) and I never knew he died at the end of the game.
the ending monologue pretty much makes it clear what happens...once you realize that it is Vivi talking
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« Reply #14 on: 04 January, 2008, 02:51:52 pm »

I assumed that was general knowledge for anyone who ever played FFIX

Well...I've played FFIX (I never finished it ._.) and I never knew he died at the end of the game.
the ending monologue pretty much makes it clear what happens...once you realize that it is Vivi talking

O well.That won't stop me from finishing the game.
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