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Blue Annihilator's Clues!

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Author Topic: Blue Annihilator's Clues!  (Read 1862 times)
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« on: 23 September, 2007, 03:28:38 pm »

Episode 1.2

*Steve and Blue go into the kitchen*

Steve: Look Blue! It's our friends, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper!

Blue: Why do I even live life anymore...

Mr. Salt: Do not forget our sweet Baby Paprika!

Blue: Yes, and we don't forget your ba-... wait a minute. Baby Paprika?

Mrs. Pepper: That is correct.

Blue: You... BREED!?!?!?

Mr. Salt: You can say that, yes.

Blue: THAT'S F**KING DISCUSSTING! Steve, your salt shaker isn't a virgin! Why does that not make you uneasy!

Steve: Why Blue, it looks like you need to learn a little bit about the birds and the-

Blue: I KNOW about the birds and the bees, but they don't have the equipment!... or do they?

*He picks up Mr. Salt*

Mr. Salt: Oy! What are you-


Steve: BLUE! That's not how we treat our friends!

Blue: I think I'm gonna barf...

Kids: A Clue! A Clue!

Blue: *sigh* What is it now?

Steve: They've found one of your clues, Blue!

Blue: Oh... Oh! Yeah, the handprint.

Steve: Our first clue is this picture of Aunt Imma! ...why is the handprint on her-

Blue: Hey man, it's not my aunt.

Steve: *sigh* I guess we just write it down in our handy dandy- wait a minute, I forgot to get the notebook! Blue, go ask sidetable drawer for our notebook!

Blue: Ask!?!? Jesus Christ man, you're friends with the salt, your friends with the clock, your friends with the soap. I'd hope you'd be friends with the toilet, otherwise-


Blue: Fine! Fine! Jeez...

*Blue goes to the sidetable drawer.*

SD: Hey Blue! On another adventure I see!

Blue: Look, just open the drawer so I can get the damn notebook.

SD: You have to say "Please".

*Blue stares for a while. He then rips the drawer out from the sidetable violently and throws it on the floor.*

SD: ACK!!! Ahhhhh, oh....

*It dies. Blue looks through the drawer*

Blue: Let's see... flashlight, phonebook, pencils... condoms!?!?!? Next to the Thinking Chair?!? Holy ****! Ah, here we go, notebook.

*He gives it to Steve*

Steve: Thank you Blue! What was all of the screaming I heard?

Blue: Nothing.

Steve: Whatever. I think I hear our friends Shovel and Pail calling from the backyard! Let's go!

*Steve leaves*

Blue: Must... not... kill...

*He follows*
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