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22 October, 2021, 06:21:38 pm
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My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)

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Author Topic: My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)  (Read 697 times)
The Master of the Kongs/LuigiKong
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« on: 23 September, 2007, 08:08:31 am »

Leg 1 BattleField to Hideout Helm

(All the teams are at the starting lines and Master Hand flys in front of everyone.)

Gamesharkdude: Master Hand!?(hides behind Sonic)

Master Hand: I'm not going to hurt you.............. this time at least, I am your host of this race, and anyway Welcome! Before you go I have a few rules for everyone before you try to get that billion coin prize.
(everyone moans)

Luigikong: (under breath) Who needs rules?

Master Hand: I heard that! Anyway the rules are simple. One you may not use your special powers such running at the speed of sound, flying, or using any sort of weapons unless it is a challenge. This would give you a huge advantage. *coughs* Sonic.....* Cough*

Luigi: How about vacuums?

Master Hand: No. Anyway for the rst of your rules read your instruction booklet. Grab your bags also and the first clue. Anyway Racers ready?!....................................................... GOOOOOOOOOOO!

(Everyone runs to grab their bag, but Wario is falling behind his partner and looks around and punches Otter_Prince in the face. He falls and Zangoose falls back to get him. Magic and Shy Guy get to the clue first.)

Magic: Get a plane and fly to DK Island airport through the Battle field airport.

Shy Guy: Then run to Angry Aztec Temple for your first clue.

(Everyone runs and grabs a car, and everyone drives quickly to the air port. All the teams are arriving but there are many flights and times.?

Fort: Could I have two tickets to DK Isalnd please at the earliest time. Thyank you.

Ticket Seller: Sure there is a flight at 3:00 pm that lands at 10:00 pm.

(Meanwhile Luigikong's team, Lumines' team, fooby's team, Magic's team, and ColonelD's team get oon that flight and the fligjt runs out of tickets.)

Gameshark: Could I have two tickets to DK Island for soon as possible.

Ticket Seller: One is sold out but the next leaves at 4:00 and lands at 11:00 pm.

Sonic: Sounds good. Thank you.

(Meanwhile Otter_Prince and Zangoose get lost, and 911TheThug's team arrives at the airport. They get on the flight. Otter_Prince's team finnally arrives just intime. As the first plane leaves Otter_Prince and Wario have an altercation.)

Otter: That hurt and was unsportsman like Wario. You should be ashamed.

Wario I should not! I'm gonna go Wario Ware on your rear end if you don't stick your own tail up your ***!

(they leave it at that. Meanwhile the first team's flight lands.)

fooby: Grab our bags Metaknight!

Meta: Sure thing.

(cont next post.)

(Coloneld and Luigi get a jump start and grab the clue.

Luigi: Roadblock!
(A roadblock is a task only one person must go deep into the Temple and find the Temple of the Llama. When you get there you see there is a switch blocking the door. You must find in that area one of twelve oneshot grape blowguns. Find it and shoot the switch. Performing this task will be Magic, Luigi, DK, Lumines, Fort, Zangoose, 911, Roy, Silver_Ermine, Kirby, and Sonic.)

Luigi: I'll head in.
(Meanwhile the rest of the teams are getting to the roadblock as everone enters the temple.)

DK: I recognize this place.

Fort: Come back you ape!
(Beating the roadblock they find a clue behind the door and an exit from the temple.)

Fort: Go in a boat across the water into K.Rools ship, and climb the long treachorous stairway for your next clue. Just after Fort, DK, 911, Magic, Kirby, Sonic, and Roy.)

Roy: Easy.
(Everyone who complete the challenge heads over to the ship. Back at the roadblock Lumines and Ermine are lost.)

Lumines: This sucks, I can't see a thing.
(The rest eventually beat it with Ermine bringing up the rear. Kirby and Cheat get to the clue first.)

Kirby: Detour!
( A detour is a choice between two tasks. One blueprint or the other pawprint. In blueprint you must find Snide's secret lair and fix the blueprint puzzle. In pawprint go a longer distance to a nearby island and but your hands or paws in the sand by the giant head and ther Great Fairy will give you the clue.)

Kirby: BluePrint! I hardly have hands!
(3 teams go to blueprint and they all do the puzzle handlessly, and make up time, one team being Ermines. They receive a clue that says to grab a jetpac and go through the crown of the ship, and you will reach Hideout Helm. Last team there will be eliminated.)

LuigiKong: Let's go!
(The three teams are all flying siude by side and the first place team is not obvious. The 1st place team steps on the mat by greeter Krool.)

Krool: Welocme to my lair!

Master Hand: Silver_Ermine and Lucario you are team number one! And you have won a trip to this beach to stay at Cranky's Tropical Hotel!

Lucario: Oh yeah!
(Meanwhile Kirby and Cheat get second, and Luigikong and DK third.)
(Three more teams arrive Almost in a tie.)

Master Hand: Royrules8 and Roy you are team number 4. Fort and Baby Bowser you are team number 5. And 911 and Wario are team number 6.

Royrules: That's pretty good.

911: We'll take sixth.
(Four more teams arrive.)

Master Hand: Colonel Death and Luigi you are team number seven.

Luigi: We chose a bad challenge.
(GSD and Sonic arrive eighth, Magic and Shy Guy ninth after finding out Shy Guy doesn't have fingers get 9th, and fooby_kamikaze and Metaknight 10th.)

fooby: How'd we fade this much?

Metaknight: No idea.
(It is a race between Lumines and Otter_Price. The team steps on the mat.)

Master Hand: Lumines_God and Ratchet and Clank you are team nmber 11!

Ratchet and Clank:(same time) close one.
(The last team arrives.)

Krool: Welcome!

Master Hand: Otter_Prince and Zangoose you are the last team to arrive, I'm sorry but you have een eliminated from the race.)

Otter_Prince: It wasn't smooth sailing from beginning being punched by a fat guy.

Zangoose: At least we had some fun.

Current order:

1. Silver_Ermine and Lucario
2. CheatCrackotage and Kirby
3. LuigiKong and DK
4. RoyRules8 and Roy
5. Fort and Baby Bowser
6. 911TheThug and Wario
7. ColonelDeath an Luigi
8. GamesharkDude and Sonic
9. Magic4224 and Shy Guy
10. fooby_kamikaze and Metaknight
11. Lumines_God and Ratchet and Clank
12. Otter_Prince and Zangoose
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The Master of the Kongs/LuigiKong
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"That's Mama LKong to you!"

« Reply #1 on: 23 September, 2007, 08:10:57 am »

Leg 2 Hideout Helm to Lake Hylia

Last time on the Amazing Race...........
Many teams breezed through the obstacles with Ermine finishing first. Lumines God struggled through the roadblock but eventually finished eleventh beating Otter_Prince and Zangoose eliminating them from the race.

Silver_Ermine and Lucario who finished first will leave first at 3:02 am.
(It is pouring down rain They open clue.)

Ermine: Go to the airport and fly to Hyrule Field airport. When you get there take a run to Romani Ranch to get your next clue.

Lucario: Let's go!

(So they head off along with the first 10 teams, Lumines' team brings up the rear.)

Lumines: We need to get a move on!

Ratchet: Kay Lumines!

(Everyone goes to the airport by Boat and car, LuigKong and DK get lost along with Magic and ShyGuy, but end up helping each other and forming a pact.)

Magic: Let's work together to get back up there.

DK: Good Plan.

(Everyone eventually gets to the airport and everyone gets on the same flight. They land and head off to the next clue.)

911: Com'on Wario!

Wario: I'm tryin!

(Wario falls and umines_God trips over him and the whole field goes down besides Gamesharkdude and Sonic.)

Sonic: Suckers.

(Sonic grabs clue.)

Sonic: Detour!

(A detour is a choice between two tasks, they are hoop it or scoop it. In loop it you must complete a three lap horse against the assistant of the ranch, Ingo. If you win he will give you the clue, if you don't you have to start over and do it again.Then your partner will do the same. In scoop it you must go in the barn where there is cow dung all over the ground. You must scoop all of it and put it in the barrels. After your job is approved the Ranch manager Talon will give you your next clue.)

GSD: Loop it!

(Sonic goes first. He starts.)

Sonic: This is eas-

(He falls flat on face.)

GSD: This is harder than I thought.)

(Everyone else arrived. Only two teams go to loop it, the rest go to scoop it.)

Dk: Scoop harder LuigiKong!

LK: I'm tryin

Magic: This is sick..........

(Meanwhile Sonic is leading.)

Sonic: I'm gonna wi-

(He hits a tree.)

Gormon: 50 rupees please! Hahaha!

GSD: Shut up!

(At scoop it......................)

Lumines: We're done!

(They receive clue. It says grab a horse and go to Gerudo Fortress and go to the Target training challenge.)

Ratchet: OK.

(Soon after that all the scoop it people remain. Only Luigi and ColonelDeath, GSD and Sonic, and Fort and Baby Bowser remain. ColonelD had won already.)

Luigi: Ride on horse! Ride!

Colonel: You got it Luigi.

(He wins and he takes the clue. Fort and Baby Bowser get it soon after that.)

Baby B.: You are awesome with horses Sonic!

Sonic: Shut up! Concentrate Sonic. You've gotten through and saved a book with an arrow in your chest you can ride a horse.

GSD: Com'on!

(Sonic wins finally. It's now GSD's turn. He gets it on first try.)

GSD: Let's go!

Sonic: Show off.....................

(Nine teams are already at the Forttress. Silver_Ermine opens clue.)

Ermine: Roadblock!
(cont next post.)

(A roadblock is a task only one person may perform. In this roadblock the person will defeat the target challenge with the bow and arrow provided. Doing this roadblock is Shy Guy, ColonelD, LuigiKong, Ratchet and Clank, Baby Bowser, Wario, Royrules8, Lucario,GSD, and CheatC.)

Royrules8: Here I go!(misses)

Roy: ****!

Fort: Shy Guy with a bow and arrow. Haha!

Shy Guy: I won already Fort, haha!

DK: Steady.............................. Got it!

LuigiK: Yes!
(They open the clue and it says to head to Lake Hylia, home of the Zoras. This is the pit stop for this leg of the race. The last one here may be eliminated. Shortly after they get the clue Sonic and GSD arrives and Sonic is standing on sideline. It is getting dark.)

Gerudo Lady: Light your arrow in the fire and shoot now.

RoyRules8: OK!*Shoots arrow and it goes into Sonic's chest*

Sonic: Not again! Screw you RoyRules8!

(As some teams struggle GSD, Fort's, Lumines', Wario's, and Lucario's teams move out.)
(Two teams are at Lake Hylia. One team steps on the mat.)

Princess Ruto: Welcome to Lake Hylia!

Master Hand: Magic4224 and Shy Guy you are team #1! You have a won a trip to the hotel on this Lake!

Magic: Awesome!

Shy Guy: Maybe I could get a sunburn now!

(Magic looks at Shy Guy strangely.)

Shy Guy: Just kidding...........................................maybe.

(LuigiKong and DK arrive.)

Master: You are team number two!

Luigkong: That works.

(Three more teams arrive, third being 911TheThug and Wario, fourth Lumines_God and Ratchet and Clank, and Fortitude_Creed and Baby Bowser fifth.)

Master Hand: GameSharkdude and Sonic, you are team number six!

GSD: Two positions better.

Sonic: Master Hand do I ever have to ride a horse again?

Master Hand: Maybe maybe not.

(Back at challenge.)

Roy: Don;t ever go into archery RoyRules8.

(Royrules8 fires arrow at Roy.)

Roy: I'm wearing amor!

RoyRules8: Is your face wearing armor?

Roy: No! Focus!

(At pit stop.)

Master Hand: Lucario and Silver_Ermine you are team number seven!

Ermine: Let's get back up there Lucario.

Lucario: Deal.

(Another team is coming.)

Master Hand: ColonelDeath and Luigi. You are team #8!

Luigi: That's not great.

Colonel: That's ok Luigi.

(Three teams are still struggling, Roy and RoyRules, fooby and Metaknight, and CheatC and Kirby.)

Cheat: Fire!*hits target* Yes!

Metaknbight: Comon Fooby! *He hits the target*

Fooby: Oh yeah!

Roy: Com'on you noob!

(RoyRules8 finally hits target.)

Roy: Stupid bow.

(At pit stop.)

Master and: CheatCrackotage and Kirby, you are team number nine!

Kirby: We faded.

Cheat: Can't chaet at bow and arrow......................

(Fooby and Metaknight are on horse by river and suddenly it slips and falls in water along with them. Metaknight pulls Fooby out and horse runs away.)

Fooby: Let's make a run for it!

Metaknight: Good plan.

(A team has stepped on the mat.)

Primcess Ruto: Welcome.

Master Hand: Roy and RoyRules8 you are team number 10!

Roy: Wow how are we safe!

Royrules8: Don't trust me with the bow anymore.

(Fooby and Metaknight step on mat.)

Master Hand: Fooby_kamikaze and Metaknight, you are the last team to arrive. I'm sorry to tell you but you have been eliminated from the race.

Fooby: Well it was all good, me and Meta got along, only thing we didn't get along with was our horse.

Metaknight: Screw that horse. We're out but I had a good time

Current Order

1.Magic4224/Shy Guy
2. LuigiKong/DK
3. 911TheThug/Wario
4. Lumines_God/RandC
5. Fort/ Baby Bowser
6. GSD/ Sonic
7. Silver_Ermine/Lucario
8. ColonelDeath/Luigi
9. CheatCrackotage/Kirby
10. RoyRules8/Roy
11. fooby/Metaknight
12. Otter_Prince/ Zangoose
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The Master of the Kongs/LuigiKong
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« Reply #2 on: 23 September, 2007, 08:12:04 am »

Leg 3 Lake Hylia to Luigi's Mansion' Balcony

Last Time on the Amazing Race................
Everyone got off to a good start on the same flight, but everyone screwed up besides GSD and Sonic who avoided Wario's clumsiness, but they didn't take advantage of it when Sonic struggled on the detour. Then almost everyone struggled on the vow roadblock and the Roy team looked asif they were out but fooby's team had a horse incident and was eliminated. Magic and Shy Guy who arrrived at 9:31 pm will leave at 9:31am. They grab the clue.

Magic: Go to the airport and get a ticket to Mushroom Kingdom! There are 4 different flights.

Shy Guy: Then go to Princess Peach's Castle and enter and go to the room with no stars on the door.

Magic: Let's go!

(They head off along with everyone else. They get to a jump start but the cab driver of CheatC's team knows a shortcut and gets to the airport first. And FortitudeCreeds team had a slowcab driver. Kirby approches ticket seller.)

Kirby: We need two tickets for Mushroom Kingdom as quick as possible.

Ticket S: OK there is one that leaves at 10:57 and arrives at 3:23.

Cheat: Sounds good.

(Magic and Shy Guy get tickets on the same flight.)

LuigiKong: We need two tickets to Mushroom Kingdom.

Ticket S:The earliest flight is sold out but there is one that leaves at 11:15 and arrives at 3:45.

DK: Good enough.

(GSD and Sonic, Lumines_God and Ratchet and Clank, and Silver_Ermine and Lucario get on the second flight.)

Luigi: We need tickets to Mushroom Kingdom please!

Ticket S: We'll give you one that leaves at 11:03 and arrives at 3:56.

Luigi: OK

ColonelD: Those guy's flights are earlier.


(RoyRules8 and Roy, and 911TheThug and Wario also get on the flight. Fort and Baby Bowser are the only ones on the last flight.)

Fort: This isn't good, Bowser.

Baby: Good job choosing that cab.

Fort: don't blame me!

(First three flights launch, but last flight has a delay.)

Fort: this is total crud. We're last.

(The last flight is still in air and first two flights land and the third is almost there.)

Cheat: com'on Kirby!

Kirby: I'm coming, I have short legs!

Second flight lands. And everyone grabs a taxi. LuigiKong and DK are running well but have big trouble.)

DK: Oh ****! We're losing a tire!

Taxi Driver: I don't have a spare.

Luigkong: Are you approved as a taxi driver?

Taxi Driver: Maybe..................................(runs off)

DK: We're Screwed.

(GSD and Sonic drives by but skip over them. Silver_Ermine and Lucario do also.)

Lucario: It's a race Ermine.

Ermine: I don't get it but I feelbad for them.

(Third flight lands and Magic and the others in the first flight reach the clue.)

Magic: Roadblock!

(A roadblock is a task only one person may perform. Inthis roadblock one person must jump through the bomb-omb painting and race the Koopa Troopa up the hill to the flag. If you win he will give you a clue. Performing this will be Magic, LuigiKong, 911TheThug, Ratchet and Clank, baby Bowser, GSD, Silver_ermine, ColonelD, Kirby, Roy.)

Magic: Haeding out!(He jumps in)

(post rest of this tomorrow have to go)

Magic: Hey you koopa race me.

Koopa: OK fine let's race.

(Koopa gets off to great start.)

Magic: Crud.

(All flight three people are driving by LuigiKong but 911theThug and Wario help.)

Wario: Why did we do that. I thought you were a thug?

911: I don't know maybe for alliance reasons.

Wario: I don't get it.

(911 rolls eyes and Fort's flight lands and they get a fast cab driver.)

Fort: Not in bad shape anymore.

Baby: Good thing I chose the driver!

(Magic meanwhile has just woon the race and Cheat C did also they both open the clue.)

Cheat: It says go by taxi to Professer EGadd's lab by Luig's Mansion, there you will find the clue. OK let's go!

(Meanwhile 911TheThug's team long with Ermine's, Lumines_God's, GSD's, and Roy's team.)

Roy: Com'on buddy!

Royrules: I'm tryin!

(LuigiKong, Fort, and ColonelD's team just arrive at the Castle. ColonelD's team got lost on the way.)

Colonel: Let's hurry up!

(All three racers enter painting. And all three go at same time. Even thought hey on;y have to beat Koopa Troopa.)

Koopa: I'm getting too old for this.

(Magic's and Cheat's teams arrive at the clue.)

Kirby: Detour!

(A detour is a choice between two tasks. The racers must choose from Sweep for it, or key for it. In Sweep for it, racers must sweep the dusty gallery and find a gold mousetrap, this task is easy but you will not earn a map for winning it. In key for it you must look in the training room and through Egadd's junk room for the Key Hole for chest by the gallery. It is hard to find the key, but in the safe is the clue and a map of Luig's Mansion which will come in handy.)

Cheat: Key!

Magic: Sweep!

(All three at the roadblock are on their way here after defeating Koopa Troopa, and driving as fast as possible.)

Fort: Com'on diver drive!(Driver goes faster).

(At the sweeping challenge. The big pack of teams has just arrived.)

Lumines: Sweep!

Ratchet: agreed!

Magic: Got it Shy Guy!

Shy Guy: Good Job(Hold sarms up with 10 mousetraps on them.)Uhh let's get the clue.

(The clue says run to the nearby Luig's Mansion and find your way to ther balcony where Luigi fought Bolossus. The last team there may be eliminated.)

Magic: Let's go!

(At the key challenge 911's team and Ermine's team has joined Cheat's team.)

Cheat: Got it!

Kirby: Let's go!

(Magc's team has successfully moved throught the mansion and steps on the mat).

Professer EGadd: Welcome to Luig's Mansion!

Master Hand: Magic4224 and Shy Guy you are team number 1 again! You have won a trip to Mushroom Kingdom and free gas forever!

(Magic faints.)

Master Hand: He okay?

Shy Guy: Mayb-*faints*

Master: Maybe.

(Cheat arrives).

Master: You are team number two CheatCrackotage and Kirby!

Cheat: Second that's awesome Kirby.*High fives*

(911 has found the key and the last three teams have arrived.)

Luigi: This should be easy!

LuigiKong: That's cheap!

(911's team goes to mat.)

Master: 911TheThug and Wario, you are taem number 3!

911: Best yet?

Wario: Do we win anything?

(Ermine is done along with Lumines God. Lumines God gets lost in the mansion.)

Master: Ermine and Lucario you are team number 4!

Ermine: Not bad at all Lucario!

Lucario: You're awesome Ermine you know that?

Ermine: Maybe.

(In the mansion is GSD and Lumines now. GSD did sweep it. They amke it to the balcony.)

Master: Gamesharkdude and Sonic you are team number 5!

Sonic: Another position better! We did it with teamwork.

GSD: No more corny lines plz Sonic?

Sonic: Sure GSD.

(Lumines_God's team makes it upstairs).

Master: Lumines_God and Ratchet and Clank, you are team number 6!

Clank: We should've did the other detour.

Master: Roy's you are taem number 7!

Roy: We Suck!

All three of the others did sweep it and are all oin the mansion. Luigi and ColonelD fionished the challenge last. A team has reached the mat and another throught the door.)

Master Hand: LuigiKong and DK you are team number 8!

LuigiKong: That felt good!

DK: Yes!

Master Hand: ColonelD and Luigi you are team number 9!

Luigi: Good thing this was here.

(the last team arrives.)

Master: Fortitude_Creed and Baby Bowser you are the last team to arrive.

Baby: Ahhh.......... man..............

Master: But this is a non-elimination leg and you will still be in but marked for elimination, which means you must finish first the next leg or you will get a 30 minute penalty and could be eliminated.

Fort: We have to move quicker Baby Bowser, we can do it though.

Baby Bowser: We will

Current Order

1. Magic4224/ ShyGuy
2. CheatCrackotage/Kirby
3. 911TheThug/Wario
4. Silver_Ermine/Lucario
5. GSD/Sonic
6. Lumines_God/RandC
7. RoyRules8/Roy
8. LuigiKong/DK
9. ColonelDeath/Luigi
10. Fort/BabyBowser
11. fooby/Metaknight
12. OtterPrince/Zangoose
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The Master of the Kongs/LuigiKong
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« Reply #3 on: 23 September, 2007, 08:14:02 am »

Leg 4 Luigi's Mansion to Yoshi's Island Heart Tree

NewsFlash! Newsflash! Master Hand has been caught for going on the road, and squeezing random people to death. The predicted cause is video games. We had to find a new host and we found late enetry in contest Ian2093 to be host.

Anyways last time on the Amazing Race..............

Fort's team got off to a bad start being the only one on the last flight, but The Kongs had bad luck when they blew a tire and didn't have a spare, but 911's team heklpd them. The made it to be safe and the last team to arrive was Fort's. It was a noneliminatio leg though. They are marked for elimination and must finish first or get a penalty. Magic's team finished first again, and they arrived at 11:53 pm and will leave 11:53 am.

*A dangerous Fast Forward is available today.*

(Magic: The clue says drive 10 miles south in the specially marked Mario Karts to the airport and go to the beach at the end and find the tree under the blue flag. Dig there and you will pick up a time card. This card says what time you will be leaving on the ferry tomorrow. There are 3 time cards for each and four for the second ferry. You must choose one and stick with it. You may not change your card again.

Shy Guy: Let's go get another first!

Shy Guy: Let's choose my kart and ROB's.

Magic: Sure.

)(Magic heads along with the top 7 teams. LuigiKong and DK start to leave along with the other two.)

LuigiKong: Let's hurry!

Fort: We need to go even faster than you! We need to beat you all!

(Magic's team and 911's teams arrive at the beach and start digging.)

911: 8:00 PM!

Wario: Don't shout! Let's take it!

Magic: (whispers) We got 7:30. Let's take it.

Shy Guy: Good

(Cheat's, Ermine's, and GSD's teams arrive).

Cheat: We got 7: 30.

Kirby: Let's take it.

Ermine: 8:00. OK fine.

GSD: 8:30, I heard soimething about thirty so let's take it.

Sonic: Sounds good.

(The last teams arrive.)

Lumines: We got 8:00. Let's take it.

Ratch: That's fine.

LuigiKong: We got 8:00. Sound good to you?

DK: Fine with me.

Fort: We have 7:30. It's probabl; the middle time but good enough.

Baby: Agreed I guess.................................

(All the other teams get 8:30. The first ferry arrives at 7:30 and everyone is shocked.)

Magic: Oh yeah!

Baby Bowser: Bye guys!

Kirby: Good bye! See you in the winner's circle.

ColonelD: Crud this makes me nervous.

Luigi: We may havethe last time.

(The 8:00pm ferry arrives.)

Ermine: We're on the second one not bad.

Lu,ines: Bye Roy!

Roy:**** you!

(The 7:30 ferry arrives and the 8:30. leaves. Cheat grabs the clue first.)

Cheat: Detour!

(A dtour is a task on;y one person may perform in this roadblock one person must scale the Giant Yoshi Falls cliff, when you gt up there you will receive your next clue. Performing this task willbe Shy Guy, Kirby,911, Lucario, Sonic, Lumines_God, DK, Luigi, and Fort.)

Magic: Go Shy Guy!

(Have to go will finish later.)

Cheat: Faster up that wall kIRBY!

Magic: Why did Shy Guy have to do this?
(Shy Guy cannot reach next step on wall.)

Shy Guy: Help me!

Cheat: Haha! He's panicking!

Magic: Shut up Cheat!
(Fort's team reaches another bad point when Fort sprains his ankle on the way to the roadblock. The 8:00 teams arrive.)

Fort I can take this, I have to do the challenge anyway. I'll try my best.
(All the other teams start and Kirby reaches the top and grabs the clue, and DK shortly after.)

DK: Easy challenge for an ape.

LuigiKong: What does the clue say?

DK: Grab a taxi and drive to Yoshi Circuit and find the clue by the start finish line. Wait there's something else in here!

LuigiKong: It's a fast forward!

(A fast forward is when a team may drive to a certain challenge and do it successfully, and if they do, they can go straight to the pit stop. Only one team may do this task/ the first one there. In this particular one teams must drive to the Monkey Villaige and make 5 classic monkey treehouses, iftthey do this rigjt they can go to the pit stop.)

DK: Too risky let's go to Yoshi Circuit.

Luigikong: Good idea.

Kirby: Let's do the fast forward.

Cheat: Good idea.

(LuigiKong's team heads off to Yoshi Circuit along with 911's team, and Ermine's team. Shy Guy is still struggling but halfway to go.)

Magic: Keep going Shy Guy!

Shy Guy:(under breath) must.keep..............going!

(He gets a surge and reaches the top. They decide they want to do the fast forwsrd racing Cheat there. Fort begins the task with all the 8:30time people. Lumines' team heads off to Yoshi Circuit. RoyRules8 gets a speed boost and finishes and they head off to Yoshi Circuit. Meanwhile Cheat and Kirby have arrived at the fast forward.)

Kirby: Let's hurry and confirm we are here.
(LuigiKong's team arrives at the other clue.)

LuigiKong: Detour!

(A dteour is a choice between twotasks.They are Race'm or Trace'm. In racem the racers together must beat five other clored Yoshis on a one lap race to the startfinish line. If both are successful you will receive thew clue. In trace'm you will receive a map and find a piece of treasure on the map. When you where it is dog it up show the Yoshi and receive your clue.)

DK: Race'm! We're good at that..

LuigiKong: OK.
(Other teams arrive and CheatC and Kirby easily tackle the Fast Forward and already are at the pit stop.

Yoshi: Welcome!(hands them watermelon.)

Cheat: Thank you!

Ian2093: CheatCrackotage and Kirby, you are team number one! nd you have won a trip to Yoshi luxury resort!

Cheat: Finally we win!

Kirby: We are awesome!

(Magic and Sht Guy learn how they are too late and head to Yoshi Circuit.)

Magic: This is bad.
All the teams from the rock climb have now arrievd at the detour and 7 teams are doing trac'm. LuigiKong and DK have already won therace and are at the pit stop. GSD and Sonic also did race'm. The clue says go to the Yoshi's Island famous heart of Happiness, last team there will be eliminated.)

Ian: Kongs, you are team number 2!

LuigiKong: Back up again DK!

DK: Awesome!
(Wario and 911 are doing trace'm.)

Wario: My traesure senses are tingling! Dig there!(They find treasure)

911: We got it good job Wario!

Wario: Thank you 911.
(They arrive at pit stop while other teams are still working.)

Ian: Wario and 911TheThug you are team number 3!

Wario: Yes!

911: That works.

Wario: My treasure senses are tingling again.

911: Good.

Ian: Glad you're determined.

(Lumines_God's a team and ColonelD's teams are arriving.)
Lumines: Lumines_God and Ratchet and Clank, you are team number 4!

Lumine: Good job guys!

Ratch: Thabk you!

Clank: No prob.
(Next team arrives.)

Ian: ColonelDeath and Luigi you are team number 5!

Colonel: Better than usual!

Luigi: That'sa wonderful!
(GSD and Soinic complete there race handlessly.)

Sonic: Nice try fellas.

Blue Yoshi: I hate that hedgehog.

Red: I second that!

Yellow: I third that!

(GSD arrives.)

Ian: GSD and Sonic you arre team number six!

GSD: We need to run a little better.

Sonic: We'll do it together!

GSD: No more corny lines Sonic!

Sonic: Sorry.

(Next team arrives after finding treasure.)

Ian: Roy's you are team number 7!

Roy: We stink.

RoyRules: We stink together Roy.

(There are three teams at the trace'm still.)

Fort: Found anything?

Baby Bowser: Nope.

Ermine: Got it Lucario!

Lucario: You still rock Ermine!

(They head off.)

(At same time Magic ad Fort): Got it!

(They go off to a dead sprint all three teams are on the raod in a deadlock. One team steps on the mat.)

Ian: Silver_Ermine and Lucario, you are team number 8!

Ermine: Too close for comfort.

Lucario: That's alright we'll get back up!

(Both teams have got out of their cars, Fort is screaming in pain sprinting and Magic had Shy Guy on his back, one team has reached the finish line.)

Yoshi: Welcome!

Ian: Fort and Baby Bowesr you did not finish first. You have a thirty minute penalty.

(Magic arrives 12 minutes later.)

Ian: Magic and ShyGuy you are team number 9!

Magic: Close one Shy Guy!

Shy Guy: Yay!

Ian: Fort and Baby Bowser step on mat. I am sorry to tell you you are the last team to arrive. You have been eliminted from the race.

(Baby Bowser starts crying.)

Fort: It's alright buddy, we'll do the next race, and win, I promise.

Baby: OK. When's the next race?

Ian: During the summer.

Fort: We're so there!

Current Order

1. CheatCrackotage/Kirby
2. LuigiKong/DK
3. 911TheThug/Wario
4. Lumines_God/RandC
5. CoonelDeath.Luigi
7. RoyRules8/Roy
8. Silver_Ermine/Lucario
9. Magic4224/ShyGuy
10. Fort/ Baby Bowser
11. fooby/Metaknight
12. OtterPrince/Zangoose
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« Reply #4 on: 23 September, 2007, 08:15:00 am »

Leg 5: Yoshi Island Heart to Mute City

Last time on the Amazing race Master Hand got arrested and Ian became host. Cheat and Kirby one by hours by doing the fast forward with the Kongs solidly coming in second. Magic and Shy Guy who were struggling were in last when Fort and Baby Bowser arrived ninth, but they did not arrive first and got a penalty, so Magic and Shy Guy were safe and Fort and Baby Bowser were eliminated. Cheat and Kirby who arrived at 2:34am will leave at 2:34 pm.

Cheat: Go to the airport by taxi and fly to the racing capital of the universe, the F--Zero Gran Prix. Arrive at Big Blue airport as quickly as possible, then not to far south find the winners stand for your next clue. The flight leaves at 5:31pm.

Kirby: Let's go!

(They hitch a taxi and arrive at the airport.)

Cheat: Please give us the earliest flight to Big Blue for two.

Seller: Sure, there you go.

Cheat: Thank you.

(Six teams have left the pit stop and arrived at the airport all getting on Cheat's and Kirby's flight.)

GSD: We're on Sonic!

Sonic: Yes!

(The Roys and Ermine's team arriev they get on that flight.)

Roy: Good.

RoyRules8: You're right for once.

Lucario: Calm down Ermine we're on the first flight, we're fine.

Ermine: OK.

(It is 5:09, Magic's team just left the pit stop.)

Shy Guy: Faster Taxi dude!

Taxi Guy: I'll go faster now sit down and shut the **** up!

Magic: Grouch.........

Taxi Guy: I heard that! I'd love to throw you out but my boss says I can't do that to more than 500 customers a month. So I'll hurry to get you out!

Magic: Good!

Taxi Guy: I heard that!

(Everyone i now boarding the flight at 5:31. Magic's team arrives at the airport.)

Magic: Please give us tickets to the 5:31 flight!

Seller: It's too late, but-

(Shy Guy does a Puss in Boots look from Shrek.)

Seller: Oh- OK.

Magic:(whispers) Nice job Shy Guy.

LuigiKong: Oh my gosh, they made it.

Magic: Hey Guys!

Attende: Fasten your seatbelts!

Shy Guy: Alright...............

(The fliught arrives at 3:00 am exactly. Everybody hurries out and runs to the winner's stand. No one would believe who ran there first, somehow.)

Wario: Roadblock!

(A roadblock is a task only one person may perform in this roadblock you must choose out of the 9 F-Zero machines driven by the gran-prix drivers, and drive once around the track without wrecking. If you wreck you will be launched into the safety pit asdn will have to try again. Doing this task is Cheat, LuigiKong, Wario, ColonelDeath, Sonic, RoyRules8, Lucario, and Magic4224.)

911: Go Wario!

Wario: I take Golden Fox.

Dr. Stewart: Good luck!

Wario: Stalkers!
(Wario drives straight into wall. He trys again along with everyone else. LuigiKong chooses Little Wyvern(my favorite), Cheat chooses Whitre Cat, Lumines chooses Wild Goose, Clonel chooses Hyper Speeder, Sonic chooses Sonic Phantom, royrules8 chooses Deep Claw, Lucario chooses Mad Wolf, and Magic chooses Magic Seagull.)

James Mccloud: Have a good ride!

LuigiKong: Vampires!

Jody Summer: Have a nice ride.
Cheat: What's you name?(gets closer)
Jody: Jody-
Kirby: Snap out of your fantasies Cheat!
Cheat: Alright..... Call me though!

(Wario finishes along with LuigiKong, Lucario, and Cheat, Oh and Sonic.)

Wario: Run to the near Kevin Stewarts', Dr. Stewarts deeased dad's official machine builder shop, and when you get there find the clue by the model of Golden Fox.

911: Let's go!

(They all head off. Lumines finishes along with Colonel, and Magic. Royrules8 finishes fifteen minutes after them.)

Roy: last again. Good job royrules.

Royrules: At least I didn't have a love cake scene wth Marth.

Roy: Shut up!

RoyRules: Burn!

(Ermine gets to the clue first.)

Lucario: Detour!

(A detour is a choice between two tasks, they are buid or box. In build you must build a flyable F-Zero machine with all the parts and bodies provided and paint it, and they must stay together on a test flight. In Box you must box and beat three members of Bloody Chain including Michael Chain, two on one, you have a slight edge. And thren you must paint one of their F-Zero Machines. And the surprise is either challenge you do you get to keep the F-Zero Machine.)

Ermine: Build!

(The top eight teams besides 911 and Wario choose build. Roy's arrive later and choose build.)

Luigi: Let's paint it camo Colonel!

Colonel: OK!

Ermine: Get a little more red on and we're done.

Bulider: You are approved.

Ermine: Yes!

Lucario: The clue says head to Mute City's capiatl building lobby. Last team there will be eliminated.)

Ermine: Let's o Lucario!

(Colonel's team is second and LuigiKongs leaves third.. Wario and 911 are now painting the machine.)

911: Com'on Wario!

Wario: I'm finishing this end yellow?

911: Why is this thing yellow and purple?

Wario: I don't know........................................................

(Ermine and Lucario arrive at pit stop.)

Captain Falcon: Welcome!

Ian2093: Silver_Ermine and Lucario, you are team number 1! You win a trip to the F-Zero Gran Prix!

Ermine: Boom! I've always wanted to see that.

Lucario: You still rock Ermine!

Ian: ColonelDeath and Luigi you are team number 2!

Luigi: Best yet!

Colonel: We had a great leg!

Ian: LuigiKong and DK you are team number 3!

LuigiKong: That always works.

DK: Yep it does LuigiKong.

DK: Yep it does LuigiKong.
(911 and Wario are arriving.)

911: What team are we? Are we last?

Ian: No you are team number 4!

Wario: Are you kidding?

Ian: Does this face lie?

911: No.
(Cheat and Lumines are coming in a footrace.)

Ian: Cheat and Kirby you are team number 5!

Kirby: Cool.

Cheat: 5th isn't too bad.

Ian: Lumines and Rand C you are team number 6!

RandC: We dropped!

Lumines: Don't worry about it guys, we're not out.
(The last three teams finish and are heading for the pit stop.)

Ian: GSD and Sonic you are team number 7!

GSD: At least we're not out!

Sonic: We'll do better.
(The last two team shave both gpot out of their cars at different parts of the area, one is far away the other is 20 feet away.)
Captain Falcon: Welcome guys!

Ian: Magic and Shy Guy you are team number 8!

Magic: Safe.

Shy Guy.: Man I feel sorry for Royrules8 Roy treated him like crud.
(The last team arrives.)

Ian: Roy's you are the last team to arrive. Iam sorry to tell you but you have been eliminated form the race.

Roy: Sorry for how I acted getting out was my fault.

Royrules8: It's alright buddy, maybe I shouldn't tell you then I've been maining DOc and Falco lately.

Roy: You what?!

Royrules: Just kidding, or am I?
Captain Falcon: Welcome guys!

Ian: Magic and Shy Guy you are team number 8!

Magic: Safe.

Shy Guy.: Man I feel sorry for Royrules8 Roy treated him like crud.
(The last team arrives.)

Ian: Roy's you are the last team to arrive. Iam sorry to tell you but you have been eliminated form the race.

Roy: Sorry for how I acted getting out was my fault.

Royrules8: It's alright buddy, maybe I shouldn't tell you then I've been maining DOc and Falco lately.

Roy: You what?!

Royrules: Just kidding, or am I?

Current Order

2. ColonelDeath/Luigi
3. LuigiKong/DK
4. 911TheThug/Wario
5. CheatCrackotage/Kirby
6. Lumines_God/RandC
7. GSD/Sonic
8. Magic4224/ShyGuy
9. RoyRules8/Roy
10. Fort/Baby Bowser
11. Fooby/Metaknight
12. OtterPrince/Zangoose

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« Reply #5 on: 23 September, 2007, 08:15:53 am »

Leg 6 Mute City to Cinnabar Island

Last time on the Amazing race the Roy's had trtouble throughout th elleg as the other teams flourished. They were then eliminated. Ermine's team who was first to arrive will be first to leave at 10:31 am.

Ermine: Go to the airport and grab a flight to Viridian City in Kanto, home of the Pokemon. When you get there go to Giovanni's gym to find the first clue.

Lucario: Let's go!

(The first 6 teams have left, and then the last two take off trying to get on the same flight ad the others.)

Shy Guy: Is this the same crazy cab guy?

Cab Guy: I'm not crazy but...................I need a restraining order,

(The first six teams arrive t the airport all getting on the same flight. Theseventh team arrives.)

GSD: Can we have those early tickets please?

Seller: Just in time after this on;y two tickets left.

(Magic and Shty Guy arrive.) Is it in time?)

Magic: Ca we please! have tickets to that early flight.

Seller: Sure you had the last two.

Magic: Thank you!

(Everyone is on the same flight but Wario is now getting Sonic mad.)

Wario: Sonic could you please sing some kidz bop for me?

Sonic: I've survived an arrow in my chest I can take this.......................................

Wario: Chicken man!

Sonic: How old are you exactly?

Wario: You're mom is how old you are exactly!

GSD: Wario that was terrible...............

Wario: You're mom is terrible!

911: You're great at those Wario!

Wario: I know.

(Everyone leaves and arrive and head toward the clue.)

GSD: Roadblcok!

(A roadblock is a task on;y one person may perform, in this roadblock the person must find either a master ball, rare candy, or a gold nugget, and put it in the 6th slot in your bookbag. Performing this task will be Ermine, DK, Colonel, 911, RandC, GSD, Shy Guy, and Cheat.)

GSD: I'll head out!

(Right away he finds a master ball. Everyone else finds items soon and hold onto them, this was easy. They get a clue that says go to Red's house to find their next clue.)

LuigiKong: Isn't that breaking entry?

DK: Why yes it is.


Magic: I'll use telekinesis!

Shy Guy: Do it!

(They beat it and go on in last place.)

LuigiKong: This clue says grab a Lapras and go to Cinnabar Island where you will find your clue.)

DK: Let's get a laprest!

LuigiKong: It's a lapras.

DK: Whatever.

(They take off and alomg with the other six and closely followed by Magic's team. 911's team arrives first.)

911: Detour!

( A detour is a choice btwn two tasks one catch the MEw other catch the thing. In mew go into the mansion deepinside and throw a pokeball at mew and catch it. It is easy. In catch the thing go to the side of the Island for a surprise

(will post rest tomorrow.)

GSD: Let's go get Mew!

Sonic: OK.

(Everyone besides Lumines' and 911's do the Mew one. The other two groups wait for their surprise and reward.)

911: Where's this surprise?

Wario: Wow, I'm usually the impatient one.

Lumines: We should get it soon.

RandC: Yeah becau-

(A wild figure attacks bith Rachet and Clank and they get back up and stare at the mysterious figure.

Lumines: Missingno?

(Missingno attacks them with a curese and they attack back.)

Lumines: Ratchet toss me me superscope!

R: Got it!

(Lumines fires the gun and Missingno is down for a sec and gets back up.)

Lumines: This is gonna be harder than I thought.

(Meanwhile up north 911's team is waiting still.

Wario: What is taking the surprise so lon-

911: It's M!

Wario: Holy crud let's catch this thing, we could get a lot of money!

911l: No I remember a story about this Red guy who caught this guy once and he ate all his friends and then him and all his data!

Wario: OK, let's fight then!

(Wario and 911 take M down quickly and open thier next clue.)

911: Run to the nearby Pokemon lab and find the lab. This is the pit stop. The last team there will be eliminated.

Wario: Let's run!

(Meanwhile inside, Cheat's, LuigiKong's, and Ermione's teams have found and caught the Mew they all get thier clues. On the way out Ermine slips and falls on the wet floor.)

Lucario: Com'on Ermine you're the best Ermine ever you can do it!

Ermine: Alright maybe I can!

(The first team arrives.)

Professer Oak: Welcome!

Ian: 911TheThug and Wario yo are team number 1! You win a trip to Celadon City grand hotel also!

Wario: First baby yeah!

911: Good job Wario,, you are the best greedy genius ever.

Wario: I know.

(The next three teams are in a mad dash to get there second.)

Ian: CheatCrackotage and Kirby you are team number 2!

Kirby: That's good Kirby!

Cheat: Second's usually fine.............

Ian: Silver_Ermine and Lucariop you are team number 3!

Ermine: That's pretty good.

Lucario: I told ou you were awesome.

Ermine: Thank you Lucario.

Ian: LuigiKong and DK you are team number 4!

LuigiKong: Not bad not good either.

DK: Good enough.

(Meanwhile back with Lumines.)

Lumines: Put the knife in him Clank!

(Clank kills off MissingNo.)

Clank: Yes!

(Lumines' team gets done and Colonel's team get done.)

Ian: Lumines_God and RandC you are team number 5!

R: Not as good as I wanted..................

Ian: ColonelDeath and Luigi you are the sixth team to arive.

Colonel: We had a bad leg.

Luigi: We'll work harder next time.

(Magic's team is done with the challenge and so is GSD's they are running to the finsih, out of the Mansion, into the lab, one team steps on the mat.)

Ian: GSD and Sonic you are team number 7!

GSD: We suck!

Sonic: Yes we do Sonic, but we suck together.

(Magic's team arrives.)

Ian: Magic and Shy Guy you are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the race.

Magic: That sucks.... well I had fun.

Shy Guy: I learned I have to intimidate peiple more so they don't underestimate me more, but Magic was a great teamate and friend.

(I think you guys will like the next leg.)

Current Order

1. 911TheThug/Wario
2. Cheat/ Kirby
3. Ermine/Lucario
4. LuigiKong/DK
5. Lumines_God/RandC
6. ColonelDeath/Luigi
7. GSD/Sonic
8. Magic4224/ShyGuy
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« Reply #6 on: 23 September, 2007, 08:16:40 am »

Leg 7 Cinnabar Island Lab to Huh?Huh?

Last time on the Amazing race there were fight scenes, wild battles, and the sense of no Magic left in this competition. Wario and 911 who arrived at 6:52pm will leave at 6:52 am.

Wario: Go to the first room in the lab and go through the transporterthat will take you to secret leg. When you get there get the clue and go to the room with the computers in the office.

911: OK.

(They head off and make it to the portal, now all teams have left. It's close).

GSD: It's close now Sonic.

Sonic: That's right we need to keep on our toes and expect everything.

(911's team arrives.)

911: Let's haed in!

Wario: Alright.

(They jump in and arrive and go to the room.)

911: Wait I know where we are.(He opens clue.)

911: Welcome to the Gamefaqs Universe, this is a special roadblock for all the game characters!

(A roadblock is a task only one person may perform, in this roadblock the racer must make a Gamefaqs account and start a fad. This may sound hard to them but it really is not.)

Wario: I'm logging in! I need a cool username.............................whatshould it be........... maybe something that makes me think of money............... how about Money100! Here we are, ok to make a fad, a....................... this is hard.

(Meanwhile all the teams have arrived..)

Sonic: Ok a username, how about Sonic! (pauses) It says they already exists, this is weird!

Luigi: OK Luigi doesn't work, Mario doesn't work...........hmmmmmmmmm...............................I know how about TheMario! It's perfect!

Wario: Ok I've got it, I'll tell this Fortitude_Creed guy to f=draw a picture of the King!

(Wario starts a fad and receives a clue.)

Wario: Go down the hall and unlock a door with this key, inside you'll find your clue.

Kirby: OK I'll make a topic, uhhh............................. (types out) Should Sonic be in?

(Meanwhile DK successfully makes some sort of Link inside fad, and Luigi made a fad based off his username.)

DK: THis isn't working............ hmm this BlueAnnihilator guy is pretty popular................... how about I make a username to honor him! (types in screen) Y-E-L-O-W-A-N-I-H-I-L-A-T-O-R.

(He starts a fad and get the clue.)

R: OK I can't think of anything uhhhhhhhhhhhhh how about-

C: Would you like a fish to thgink?

R: Im no fish Clank- wait a minute(types in) Im no fish.

(He starts a fad.)

Luicario: Ok something stupid now............. uh... I'll see who's more popular...(Types in) Who would you is............. The Original Smash Bros.

(He obviously starts a fad. Sonis creates the Sonic official topic and gets the clue also. Meanwhile Wario's team unlocked the door and found the clue.)

Wario: Detour!

( A detour is a choice between two tasks, in this detour you may chooe between Putt or Ink. In putt both racers must play a hole round of miniputt on a special corse. In Ink racers must work together to beat random peiople in a guess the drawn picture game.)

911: Putt.

(Meanwhile all the teams have found the room and everyone but 911's team chose Ink.)

DK: LuigiKong what's an asl?

LuigiKong: Just ignore it.

GSD: That's a shoe!

Sonic: No it's a fish!

GSD: The answer is a house, this is dumb.

(Wario and 911 are on hole 11.)

Colonel: That'sa waiter ftw!

(Colonel's team gets their clue.)

Colonel: Head to the pit stop, it's outside the house and you will find me and are FAQS reps there next to the cannon.

Luigi: Let'sa go!

(They sprint there and arive first.)

BlueAnnihilator: Welcome!

14Volt: Welcome ColonelDeath and Luigi!

Ian: Colonel and Luigi, you are team number one, and you have won a free trip to Gamefaqs towers by the beach!

Luigi: That'sa wonderful!

Colonel; Good job this leg Luigi.

Luigi: You too.

(911's team is done with their game and are now at the pit stop.)

Ian: 911TheThug and Wario you are team number two!

911: That's nice.

911: Wow! Who's cannon?

14Volt: That's actually Blue's.

Blue: No it's not.

14Volt: Just joking sorry.

(GSD and Sonic are arriving.)

GSD:Where are we?

Ian: You guys are actually third!

Sonic: Yes!

GSD: That's better than we've been doing lately.

(LuigiKong's, Ermine's, Cheat's, and Lumines' teams are all done, it is a fourway foot race.)

Ian: Ermine and Lucario, you are team number 4!

Lucario: Would've been better If I had hands.

Ermine: That's alright Lucario.

Ian: LuigiKong and DK you are team number 5!

LK: Alright.

DK:That's ok.

Ian:Lumines_God and Rand C you are team number six!

Lumines: Close one Ratch!

Clank:Yes it was boss.

Ratch: A little too close.(Last team steps on mat.)

Ian: CheatCrackotage and Kirby you are the last team to arrive, I am sorry t tell you you have been eliminated for the race.

Cheat: I don't get how we did so good and got out now, well can't change it now. Kirby and I never fought and O have to keep in touch with him, and you too Ian.

Ian: That's a little creepy.

Kirby: He gets Creepy when he's upset, and anyway Blue is that your cannon?

Blue: No! Shut up!

1. ColonelDeath/Luigi
2. 911TheThug//Wario
4. Ermine/Lucario
5. LuigiKong/DK
6. Lumines_God/RandC
7. Cheat/Kirby
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« Reply #7 on: 23 September, 2007, 08:17:27 am »

Leg 8 Gamefaqs Central to Fountain of Dreams(will post halfnow half tomorrow and the whole next leg tomorrow to catch up.)

Last time on the Amazing Race........................... Everyone enetered the portal and entered the Gamefaqs world it was all tied up until ColonelD's team broke aheadand won the leg. Meanwhile Cheats team was the last to arrive and were eliminated. ColonelD's team who arrived at 7:27 pm will leave at 7:27 am.

Colonel: Go to the the underground subway station and get a ticket. Take the train to the home of the Kirbys, Dreamland. When you arrive grab the clue next to the woods.

Luigi: Let'sa go!

(They leave and go to the station.)

Luigi: Give us tickets to the earliest train please.

Seller: Sure here you are!

Luigi:Thank you!

(They are safe on the first train. The thing the other teams did not know was there were three different trains leaving at different times. 911's and GSD's teams are sprinting toward the counter. One team has arrived.)

GSD: Pleasssseeeeeeeeee can we have the earliest train to DreamLand?

Seller: Lucky you, you have the last ticket.

Wario: Wait a minute! They cut us in line!

Seller: Is this true? If it is we'll have to give them the tickets.

(Ermine's team arrives at the fight and just walks by.)

Ermine: Uhhh could we have two tickets on the earliest train please?

Seller: Uhhhhhhhhh.......sure............. last ones...................lucky you....................

Lucario: Good talking Ermine.

Ermine: Thank you Lucario.

Seller: You four can have the second train there.

911: Good enough..............

Soni: Alright........

(The Kongs and Lumines' team arrives at the ticket booth and get on the last train.)

Lumines: Listen team we have to hurry, the Kongs are fast.

R: Got it Lumines sir!

C: Loud and clear.

(All three trains have left at their times the first team arrives at the clues.

Luigi: Roadblock!

A roadblock is a task only one person may perform, in this roadblock one racer must go by Whispy Wood's tree and grab 5 apples, and not be blown away. Once you do that you will receive a clue. Performing this task is all the users.)

Colonel: Heading out!

Lucario: Hurry Ermine!

Ermine: I will!
(They head in ColonelD Charges and grabs three apples, Ermine grabs one. Colonel then grabs two more and Ermine now has 4. He gets done 5 minutes later.)

Colonel: Take a drive to the famous Kirby Buffet and find your next clue by the specially designated area.

Luigi: Let'sa go!
GSD'S and 911's train arrives and both teams are at the challenge. 911 gathers four quick;y and then the fifth, but GSD gets all 5 quickly and passes them.)

911: Dangit they passed us.

Wario: I hate that hedgehog.
(The Kong's and Lumines' flight arrives andf both teams quickly do the challenge, but the Kong's pass Lumines' team.)

Lumines: We need to go faster!
(Colonel's and Ermine's teams have arrived at the buffet.)

Ermine: Detour!
(A detour is a choice between two tasks, them being Eat it or Beat it. In eat it both racers have to eat a full plate of Kirby delicacies that may not seem good to them. In beat it racers must start beating all the eggs and all the ingredients into the giant cooking pot and put it in the oven at 212 degrees.)

Ermine: Let's do Eat it, I'm starved.

Lucario: OK.

Colonel: Let's beat it.

Luigi: Fine with me.
(At eat it.)

Ermine: This isn't that bad, not good but not bad, waiter what is this made from?

Waiter: This is waddle dee meat.

Lucario: Don't stop eating eat more, it's not like it's an otter or something.

Ermine: OK I'll try.
(At beat it)

Luigi: Dang this is really hard.

Colonel: I think we should've ate.
(The second two teams arrive.)

Wario: EAT IT!

Sonic: Let's eat!
(Wario eats all his food already and 911 finishes not too far after. They receive the clue.)

Wario: Drive to the pit stop at the Fountain of Dreams last team there, may be eliminated.

911: Let's win this leg!

Ermine: Done!

Lucario: Let's go!
(The last teams arrive.)

LuigiKong: Let's eat it.

DK: Ican't eat that kind of stuff Luigi, it hurts me.

LuigiKong: Let's beat it then.

Lumines: Let's eat it.
(At beat it.)

Colonel: Put that egg in Luigi, and then we put it in the stove at 212 degrees.

Luigi: Got it.
(They accomplish that and head toward the pit stop. GSD'S team is now heading out it is a race betwwen the two.)

Lumines: Done Clank?

Clank: Nope? Ratchet?

Ratchet: Yes!

Lumines: Hurry!

LuigiKong: We're done!

Lumines: ****.
(The first team arrives. And Lumines' team heads out.)

King Dedede: Welcome to the Fountain of Dreams!

Ian: 911TheThug and Wario you are team number 1!

Wario: We did it again!

911: Good job Wario.

14Volt: As travel agent and reward I give you a trip to Star Heights Casino!

Wario: I smell something.

911: BO?

Wario: NOOOO! Money.............

911: Ohh.............

Ian: Silver_Ermine and Lucario you are team number 2!

Lucario: Awesome.

Ermine: More friendship was added this leg.
(There is a rush for third.)

Ian: GSD and Sonic you are team number 3!

GSD: More consistency.

Sonic:A lot more.

Ian: ColonelDeath and Luigi you are team number 4!

Luigi: That's alright as long as we're mot out.

Colonel: Agreed.
(One team had a slow cab driver, another team took a shortcut. The 5th team arrives.)

14Volt: Wow, didn't expect these guys.

Ian: Lumines_God and RandC you are team number 5!

Lumines: Good enough!

R: Perfect!

C: 5 is a great number.
(The last team arrives.)

Ian: Luigiong and DK you are the last team to arrive, I am sorry to say you have been eliminated from the race.

LuigiKong: OH well, we had a good team, we just weren't consistent.

DK: Well lose or win I had a great time, and this made Me and LuigiKomg even better friends.
*Note: This leg made me sad and cry.

1. 911TheThug/Wario
2. Ermine/Lucario
3. GSD/Sonic
4. ColonelDeath/Luigi
5. Lumines_God/RandC
6. LuigiKong/DK
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« Reply #8 on: 23 September, 2007, 08:18:17 am »

Leg 9: Fountain of Dreams to Fichina

Last time on the Amazing Race..................

911's teams stayed in front the whole leg and finished first. Meanwhile Lumines' team knew what they had to do and finished 5th. LuigiKong's team was eliminated. 911's team who arrived at 8:11 pm will leave at 8:11 am.

911: Head to the official Lylat shipping company and hitch a ride on one of their 5 ships leaving at different times. You will then land at Corneria, the capital of the Lylat system. Find the real Great Fox and receive your clue.

Wario: Hurry Up!

(They leave and grab a taxi. The other teams leave closely after and the first team arrives to get their ship closely followed by the other 4.)

Ermine: We need a ship to Corneria!

Flight Guy: Sure, we'll give you the earliest one.

Lucario: Thank you.

GSD: Give us a ship please.

Huy: There's your tickets.

(The third team leaving is 911's, 4th Lumines', and 5th is ColonelD's.)

Colonel: This isn't good Luigi.

Luigi: I know.

(The first three flights have taken off. Lumines_God is talking with his team.)

Lumines: OK we're going to have the same strategy, but let's go for third this time. We're the Average Joe's gym team of this race. We need to try our hardest but not get out!

C: Got it Lumi!

(The first ship lands along with tte second, the others are still in the air.)

Lucario: Detour, and oh man there's a fast forward!

(A fast forward is a challenge that one team may complete, and after completing it can go straight to the pit stop. The detour is a choice btwn two tasks, the choices are in this detour is laser tag or don't let it drag. In laser tag teams must defeat have a laser tag match with another profesional team and a captain to guide them. In drag teams must lift 3 heavy engine blocks and carry them 75 meters without them hitting the ground.)

Ermine: Let's play laser tag!

Lucario: Let's choose Falco he has great aim.

Falco: Good choice Lucario.

Ermine: He makes good choices all th time.

(GSD and Sonic also do the laser tag with Slippy and both teams complete it easily, the other three teams completed drag. Colonel;s team had trouble and fell behind even more. Lumines' team moved into 3rd.)

Lumines: It's easier with three.

(The teams head to the roadblock, a very special roadblock.)

Ermine: Roadblock!

(The roadblock is a task only one person may perfrom, inhis roadblock one must get in a space ship and complete a real life game of Asteroids. Perfroming this is Lucario, GSD, Wario, Lumines, and Luigi.)

Ermine: Go Lucario!

(All the teams arrive. Ermine is doing well Will he complete it?)

Lucario: 5 to go This is sweet!

(He dodges 4 more the last one is coming, and he avoids it and they open the clue.)

Ermine: HEaD to Fichina by the same ship and arrive at the mat. Last team there will be elimineted.

Lucario: Go now!

(GSD and three others teams fail on their first try but another one gets it.)

LUmines: I got it!

R: Let's go!

(The first team arrives.)

Fox: Welcome to Fichina!

Ian: Silver_Ermine and Lucario you are team number 1!

14Volt: And you one a trip to all over the Lylat galaxy in your own new Ship!

LUcario: My own ship?! Awesome!

Ermine: We should go out in it often, it would be fun, since we're both awesome and all.

Lucario: Good plan.

(The second team arrives.)

Ian: Lumines and RandC you are team number 2!

Lumines: Ian you do not know how good that felt.

Ian: I probably don't.

RandC: Well Lumines_God is the best captain ever!

(The third team arrivesa as the last two teams leave at the sae eact time.)

Ian: GameSharkDude and Sonic you are team number 3!

GSD: Midpack's fine.

Sonic: Nicely said.

(The fouth tem has arrived sweating and smiling still.)

Ian: ColonelDeath and Luigi you are team number 4!

Colonel: Still in!

Luigi: Close one though.

(The last team arrives.)

Ian: 911TheThug and Wario you are the last team to arrive,I am sorry to say you have been eliminated from the race.

911: That sucks, but this was fun, wasn't it Wario.

(Wario is secretly crying.)

Wario: Yeah it was, well we get to go to the casino.

Ian: Wario, wipe your eyes to make it less obvious.

Wario: Shut up!

1. Ermine/Lucario
2. Lumines_God/RandC
3. GSD/ Sonic
4. ColonelDeath/Luigi
5. 911TheThug/Wario  
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« Reply #9 on: 23 September, 2007, 08:19:38 am »

Leg 10: Fichina to KongTown(Animal Crossing)

Last time on the Amazing race............

Ermine's team got off to a jump start, and stayed there and finished first. Lumines' struggling team meanwhile finished second strongly, and the powerful 911 and Wario team were surprisingly eliminated. Ermine's team who arrived at 5:00 pm exactly will leave at 5:00 am.

Ermine: Go to the interworlds.net taxi station and get in the taxi and be and head to the local smalltown of KongTown, where a group of animals live.

Lucario: Let's keep it up.

(They get to the station and on the way have a talk.)

Lucario: I am not trying to say anything but we are wooping *** in this competition, and we cannot loosen up or not try hard even know we are the top.

Ermine: It's hard not to but we will not.

(Every team gets a taxi but GSD's team gets the most interesting one because of the driver.)

Kapp'n: So what's your kids' names? I got bad hearin and eyesight so speak up!

Sonic: Umm, Sonic? Have you heard of me?

Kapp'n: Oh yeah I know where you were born and everything!

GSD: Ummmm.............. Are you a stalker?

Kapp'n: Stalker, no I just research everything about his life.

GSD: OK................................

(Ermine's team arrives at the town gate and gets the clue from the dog Copper.)

Copper: Here you are!

Lucario: Thanks. Alrifght..........................................................................Roadblock!

(A roadblock is a task only one person may perform, in this roadblock one person must search thorugh each houseand find the house with the clue dispenser. You will not be arrested. Performing this is Ermine, Sonic, RandC, and Colonel.)

Ermine: I'll go to the town hall to get a map. Don't show the others where it is.

Lucario.: Good idea.

(ColonelD's team leads the last three teams and GSD and Sonic run the fasteset from their taxi.)

Colonel: I'll hurry.

Luigi: We need the lead!

(Ermine gets a map and easily finds the clue.)

Ermine: Got it! Head to nearby NookingTon's and go see Tom Nook for your next clue.

Lucario: Let's go.

(ColonelD's team completes the task second, GSD'S third and Lumines' last.)

Lumines: Remember what we said last leg.

R: Uhh...............

C: We should just get third.

Lumines: Good well let's get a move on!

(Ermine's team way ahead is by Nook)

Tom Nook: Here's your clue.

Ermine: Thanks.

Lucario. Detour.

( A detour is a task between two tasks. The choices here are Fish or Fossils. In fish teams must catch fish with the poles Nook lones you and catch 5 different kinds. Bring them to Nook for your next clue. In fossils go see Blathers at the museum and then go find three fossils.)

Ermine: Let's get fossils.

Blathers: Welcome to the museum! Here you will give me fossils. Now go get'em!


(The other three teams neck and neck and are all going to fish.)

Colonel: We have to knock out the Ermine team!

Lumines: We side with you on that, how about an alliance on making the top three.

Luigi: Let's do it.

(Meanwhile at the museum).

Blathers: Thanks for the fossils here's your clue!

Ermine: Thanks, go to LuigiKong's house in the middle of town and go to the Snowman room, last team there, may be eliminated.

(They arrive and meanwhile Colonl's team completes their task.)

Ermine: Nice room. Oh and hey LuigiKong, I did not know you could be involoved anymore.

LuigiKong: Well I could welcome people to my mansion, and anyway welcome!

Ian: Silver_Ermine and Lucario you are team number 1!

14Volt: You have won your own beach house here!

Nikoles: Plus we payed the whole thing off, no insurance payments or any sort of other payments. I am the governer of these parts so good luck.

Ermine: That's awesome.

Lucario: Agreed.

(The 2nd team arrives/)

Ian: ColonelD and Luigi you are team number 2!

Luigi: Good job Colonel.

Colonel: Thanks Luigi.

(The last two teams have finished the roadblock and one is there and another entering the mansion.)

Ian: Lumines_God and Rand C you are team number 3!

Lumines: Good enough.(high fves)

Ian: GSD and Sonic you are the last team to arrive but this is a nonelimination leg and you are still in but marked for elimination and must finish first in the next leg or you will get a penalty.

GSD: We better hurry.

Sonic: That's what I do.

1. Ermine/Lucario
2. ColonelDeath/Luigi
3. Lumines_God/RandC
4. GSD/Sonic
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« Reply #10 on: 23 September, 2007, 08:20:23 am »

Leg 11: KongTown to Fourside

Lats time on the Amazing Race ERmine's team is still dominating, and wins he leg. Colonel's team comes out of their slump and finish 2. GSD and Sonic are he last team to arrive but are only marked for elimination. Ermine's team who arrived at 4:23 pm, will leave at 4:23 am.

Ermine: We need to head to the airport and fly to EagleLand. Go to the spaceship museum by desidnated cars for your next clue. There is a surprise ahead.

(They get in car and have a conversation.)

Lucario: Ermine, they're all going to team up against us, we have to watch out this leg for all of them, but especially that Luigi and ColonelDeath team. They're strong. GSD and Sonic do little things to tear themselves down, and Lumines' team just has bad luck. We might not win thisleg, and we could even be eliminated.

Ermine: You know you're really smart Lucario.

Lucario: All I know is that you are really awesome.

(Coonel's eam leaves.)

Colonel: We have to escape those last two teams, they are teaming up, I overheard them in KongTown. They're not going to be able to take Ermine's team out, but we could be taken out and they know it.

Luigi: I say we need to win this leg.

(The last two teams leave teamed up and all teams get on the same flight.)

Lumines: All tied up again.

GSD: We need to hurry. We need to elimineate Colonnel's team at least.

(The flight lands and teams gt in their cars and one team gets there first and finds a surprise.)

ColonelD: Oh my gosh there is a yield. I say we yield Ermine's team.

(A yield is when one team must stop and turnover the hour glass and wait until the sabd goes out to go again.)

Luigi: No! Let's yield either Lumines' team or GSD's team, becaue they want us out and out of the way!

Colonel: Great idea, let's yield.............................. Lumines' team.

Coonel: Anyway there's a roadblock.

(A roadblock is a task only one person may perform, in this roadblock there is a clue hidden in one of the many spaceships here. There are four in all. Get one of the clues. Perfroming this task is Lucario, GSD, Lumines, and Luigi.)

Luigi: I'll go here first.

(Ermine's team arrives and sees they are not yielded and beginsthe task. The last two come there thogether.)

Lumines: OH ****. Why would they yield us? **** them!

GSD: Sonic, should we stay or ditch thm?

Sonic: Ditchem'.

(They walk away unseen. Colonel has foud a clue.)

Colonel: There is no detour, head straight to the pit stop! It is at the top of Fourside on the helicopter landing, last team there will be eliminated.

Luigi: Letsa' go!

(They head out and the hourglass is halfway done.)

Lumines: This thing needs to hurry or we're screwed.

(GSD's team has found the clue and Ermine's team can't seem to find one.)

Sonic: Let's go GSD, let's win a leg!

(The first team has arrived.)

Ness: Welcome to Fourside in EagleLand!

Ian: ColoenlDeath and Luigi.................................... you are team number 1!

Colonel: Yes! We did it!

Luigi: We beat Ermine's team!

14Volt: I am also giving both of you your own spaceship!

(Both faint.)

Nikoleis: I guess they liked that.

(The second team arrives and Lumines' team has started their roadblock.)

Ian: GameSharkDude and Sonic you are team number 2!

GSD: Thank you! Good enough Sonic.

Sonic: Well in the finale we'll finish one position higher.

Ian: You sure of yourself?

Sonic: Positive.

(Both of the last twoteams have completed the challenge and both are going as fast as they can over to the building.)

R: Faster Lumines!

Lumines: I'm tryin!

Ermine: We're almost there Lucario.

Lucario: Don't slow down!

(The third team arrives while the other is in the elevator.)

Ness: Welcome!

Nikoleis: Nice view isn't it?

Ian: It is.

14Volt: Wouldn't wanna fall from here.

Ian: Anyway, SilverErmine and Lucario................................... you are the third team to arrive!

Ermine: I thought we were dead.

Lucario: We just have to destroy everyone in this lastleg then.

(The last team arrives.)

Ian: Lumines_God and Ratchet and Clank, you are the last team to arrive. I'm sorry to day you have been eliminated from the race.

Lumine:Well it was fun while it lasted, The first half was a little bit less stressful for my team though. We started in eleventh the first leg barely beating Otter_Prince and Zangoose's team. We went to fourth and stayed there. Now fourth is not good enough. But note Ian I had fun and would love to do this again.

R: What he said.

C: Yeah.

1. ColonelDeath/Luigi
2. GSD/Sonic
3. Ermine/Lucario
4. Lumines_God/RandC
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« Reply #11 on: 23 September, 2007, 08:20:51 am »

Prefinale: Picking the Eliminated teams

The finale is going to be a special leg, the remaining teams will pick the eliminated teams to help them through the 2 long roadbloacks with each having special talents. This is all strategy and choosing the best teams to work with. They will choose in the order they got to the pit stop.

Ian: ColonelDeath your pick.

Colonel: I choose..................... I'll take 911TheThug's team they were strong for a while.

Ian: Now GSD.

GSD: I'll take LuigiKong's team, only thing they had was bad luck. They are strong though.

Ian:Now SilverErmine.

Ermine: I'll take Lumines' team, they were fourth and hung in for a while

Ian: Now let's go to Coloenl again.

Colonel: I'll take Cheatcrackotage, because they were in first a lot at the beginning.

Ian: GSD.

GSD: I'll take Magic4224's team, they just had bad luck.

Ian: Ermine.

Ermine: I'll take Otter_Prince, I think he could've showed some steam at the beginning, but he got punched and everything blew up.

Ian: Colonel your third pick.

Colonel: I'll take fooby_kamikaze's team. They just had terrible luck, especially with the horse thing, butI think they could do something.

Ian: GSD.

GSD: I'll take RoyRules8's team. They got fourth once, but they completely sucked after that, but I think they ae stringer than Fort's team.

Ian:Ermine, your last pick.

Ermine: I have to take Fortritude_Creed's team, didn't think they were strong or fun to get along with, but I guess they could work.

Ian: The picking is over, the finale will begin shortly.

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« Reply #12 on: 23 September, 2007, 08:22:30 am »

Final leg: Fourside to Delfino Plaza

Last time on the Amazing Race............
Ermine's team and ColonelDeth's team knew they were going to get teamed up against so in esperation Colonel's team yielded Lumines' team at the yield station which led to their elimination.The teams also chose teams being:

1. ColonelDeath/911TheThug/Cheatcrackotage/fooby_kamikaze's teams
2.GSD/LuigiKong/Magic4224/RoyRules8's teams
3.SilverErmine/Lumines_God/ OtterPrince/ Fortitude_Creed

Colonel's team who arrived at 11:15 pm will leave at 11:15 am.

Colonel: Go to the airport again and pick up a ticket to Delfino Plaza! Get the ealiest ticket possible, when you land you will meet up with your other 3 teams.

Luigi: We have to huryy now!

Colonel: I'll drive!

(They leave and head to the airport with the other two close behind.)

Ermine: Lucario, what's our strategy now?

Lucario: Just go the fastest we can, hope for the best luck.

Ermine: This is going to be tough.

(All three teams are waiting at the airport all on the same flight.Sonic and GSD are discussing.)

GSD: Alright Sonic, no one thinks we will win, that's all there is to it. We are the underdogs, and we have to just try our hardest and finish first and get our other teams working, and run as fast as you can without doing super speed.

Sonic: Alroght, I'm actually sure we can win this.

(The flight takes off. It then lands and teams findthere other teams.)

OtterPrince: Com'on Ermine we came to help you win, yes my nose is fine.

Zangoose: We actually had to ice it for weeks.

)Everyone talks and leaves in the taxi.)

fooby: Wow how did you guys get this far, I mean you were almost out fourth leg. Me and Metaknight for some reason got out second leg.

Luigi: All the sudden we just turned on.

(The team arrrives to the roadblock.)

Ermine: It's that long roadblock guys! In this roadblock you must complete this very long obstacle course, every team doing at least one thing. Grb a clue after each part of the obstacle course. The first part is teammates must eat-----

Otter: We'll do that! I'm hungry!

(They run in the course.)

Ermine: OK I was going to say Mega and Mini mushrooms. We're screwed aren't we?

Fort: We always are.

Lucario: Sut up Creed!

(The other two teams arrive and send Roy and RoyRules8 and 911 and Wario.)

fooby: Go Wario and 911!

911: Mushrooms let's eat one, here's one for you, and one for me. Cheers?

Wario: Cheers!

(911 is really big and Wario is really small.)

Wario: 911.................................... is it just me or have you grown al lot in the past five minutes?

911: Actually I grew a lot and you shrunk, now run through those holes tiny or I'll stomp on you!

Wario: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

(Theycontinue that but Roy's team is already near the end of that part..)

RoyRules: Reach for the switch at the very top I need a hole open, the clue's at the other side!

(They get the clue and their walls open up.)

GSD: Good job Roy's.

Roy: Thank you.(bows)

RoyRules: Don't mention it.

Sonic: In the next part the racers must try on the iron boots and Zora tunics and walk through the water with the strong current, it is very hard and you must have a lot of strength.

LuigiKOng:Me and DK will do it Sonic. You want to do it DK?

DK: Yes.

(They begin that as OtterPrince's team finishes along wit Wario's. Doing the task for them is CheatCrackotage's team and Lumines' team.)

Colonel: Come on Cheat!

(Everyone is now in the water but the Kongs are way ahead going at a fast pace throguh. The other teams have not fallen either though.)

Roy: Kongs three more baby step and then the ladder.

(They climb the ladder, take every thing off and grab the clue which opens the wall for the other teams.)

LuigiKong: This time teams must defeat the room of dodongos with anything nececsary, you may use your powers.

Magic: Me and Shy Guy!

Shy Guy: Alright.......................................

(Lumines' team gets done, and Cheat's team is almost done.)
Lumines: So who is going to do this task?

Ermine: Me and Lucario I guess.

Ratchet: Go for it!

(Cheat arrives.)

Cheat: We're bringing up the rear.

Kirby: My head hurts.............................

Colonel: fooby;s team should do this.

fooby: Alright we're of!

Meta: Let's go.(draws sword)

(Magic is casting spells using mage skills, SHy Guy is throwing rocks, Ermine is digging underground then attacking,Lucario is using POkemon moves, fooby is throwing knives everywhere, and Metaknight is slicing everyone up.)

(fooby gets done first, then Magic's team, and then Ermine's team.)

fooby: We have to get Colonel and Luigi to do shoot archery at the target and if you hit the target will explode revealing the clue for the final part, the reamining team must do this.

(Colonel has great aim and Luigi pretty good, also doing this task is Fort's team, and GSD and Sonic.)

Baby Bowser: Let's do this Fort!

(Everyone starts shooting Colonel has hit the target and now so has Luigi and they get their clue.)

Luigi: Everyone on all four teams must run on treadmills until the clue pops out of the conveyer belt. This will take a while.

(Fort hits the target.and GSD after struggling hit the target.)

Roy: Good thing I didn't have to use the bow and arrow.

(All theam are now on the treadmills, Sonic is not going super speed, but still really fast.)

Luigi: Faster guys!

Otter: Let's move Luminnes!

Lumine: I'm tryin!

LuigiKong: I've got this guys, I run track, Sonic's the only one here faster than me.

GSD: Nice............ I'm tired...................... Com'on both of you!

Sonic: There's the clue! Grab it Magic!

Magic: Head to the local rooftop and grab a Yoshi egg. Then head to the finish line/mat first team there will win a million dollars and a million cookies, second threre will win 500,000 dollars, and third will win 250,000. Only the reamining in the race team has to land on the mat.

(The other two teams finish.)

Luigi: I'll grab the egg, I'm the best jumper aroud! Got it!

Baby Bowser: I go the egg ERMINE!

Ermine: Good job and let's go!

DK: Toss down the egg you don't have to finish!

(All the teams are now going thorough town.)

Zangoose: Tis is confiusing!

Cheat: This is one weird town.

Roy: Let's go that way!

(Ermine's team and Colonel's team are right next to each other.)

Ermine and Coonel: I see the finish!

(They are sprinting a tem has reaced the mat and won the race.)

Bowser Jr.: Welcom to the scum of Delfino.

Ian: Jr...................

Bowser Jr: Welcome to Delfino Plaza!

14Volt: We've got the money fpr the team Ian.

Ian: Good 14Volt.

Ian: Nikoleis got the other money?

Nikoleis: Yes.Ian: It is heavy.

Ina: How heavy?

Nikoleis: Really heavy?

Ian: How really heavy?

14Volt: Enough stalling tell the team their result.

Ian: Alright.

Ian: For the final time in the race, GamesharkDude and Sonic you have won the Amaing Race 1!

GSD: Oh yeah!

Sonic: This is the greatest day of my life!

14Volt: Here is your 1 million dollar reward and cookies reward!

GSD: Smells good!

Nikoleis: And also the teams who helped you this last le get 100,000 dollars! The teams who did not help you will get 25,000 each. But Lumines' team gets 50,000 for getting Fourth.

LuigiKong: Oh yeah!

Magic: Thank you for choosing all of us!

(They celebate as the secnd team arrives.)

Ian: SilverErmine and Lucario am sorry to tell you but you are the second team to arrive. You did not wi9n 1000000 but you still won 500,000 dollars and cookies, and Lumines' team wins 50,000 and the rest of your team 25,000, yes we are nice here.

Ermine: Stinks we lost but oh well, it was fun, and we still get half a million dollars!

Lucario: You are still awesome though SilverErmine. this was the most fun I;ve ever had with someone else.

Ermine: Thank you Lucario, you too.

(The last team arrives.)

Ian: I am sorry to tell you but you are the thrid team to arrive ColonelDeath and Luigi.

14Volt: You win 250,000 dollars though.

Luigi: That stinks but this was awesoem, Colonel was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet and we will definetly spend more time together as friends.

Colonel: Same to Luigi.

Ian: GameSharkDude and Sonic have won the Amazing Race, think you would have a better strategy than them try out for the second Amazing Race! Thank you all who wanted to be in it and all the reviews you gave me. Anyway keep this topic alive for the next week, than you

Final Results

1. GameSharkDude/Sonic
2. Silver_Ermine/Lucario
3. ColonelDeath/Luigi
4. Lumines_God/Ratchet and Clank
5. 911TheThug/Wario
6. LuigiKong/ Donkey Kong
7. CheatCrackotage.Kirby
8. Magic4224/ShyGuy
9. RoyRules8/Roy
10. Fortitude_Creed/Baby Bowser
11. fooby_kamikaze/ Metaknight
12. Otter_Prince/ Zangoose
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« Reply #13 on: 23 September, 2007, 08:26:49 am »

=O Great!
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« Reply #14 on: 28 September, 2007, 04:19:31 pm »

I found it funny how we were always complementing each other XD
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