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05 April, 2020, 03:46:04 pm
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My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)

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Author Topic: My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)  (Read 659 times)
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« on: 23 September, 2007, 08:10:57 am »

Leg 2 Hideout Helm to Lake Hylia

Last time on the Amazing Race...........
Many teams breezed through the obstacles with Ermine finishing first. Lumines God struggled through the roadblock but eventually finished eleventh beating Otter_Prince and Zangoose eliminating them from the race.

Silver_Ermine and Lucario who finished first will leave first at 3:02 am.
(It is pouring down rain They open clue.)

Ermine: Go to the airport and fly to Hyrule Field airport. When you get there take a run to Romani Ranch to get your next clue.

Lucario: Let's go!

(So they head off along with the first 10 teams, Lumines' team brings up the rear.)

Lumines: We need to get a move on!

Ratchet: Kay Lumines!

(Everyone goes to the airport by Boat and car, LuigKong and DK get lost along with Magic and ShyGuy, but end up helping each other and forming a pact.)

Magic: Let's work together to get back up there.

DK: Good Plan.

(Everyone eventually gets to the airport and everyone gets on the same flight. They land and head off to the next clue.)

911: Com'on Wario!

Wario: I'm tryin!

(Wario falls and umines_God trips over him and the whole field goes down besides Gamesharkdude and Sonic.)

Sonic: Suckers.

(Sonic grabs clue.)

Sonic: Detour!

(A detour is a choice between two tasks, they are hoop it or scoop it. In loop it you must complete a three lap horse against the assistant of the ranch, Ingo. If you win he will give you the clue, if you don't you have to start over and do it again.Then your partner will do the same. In scoop it you must go in the barn where there is cow dung all over the ground. You must scoop all of it and put it in the barrels. After your job is approved the Ranch manager Talon will give you your next clue.)

GSD: Loop it!

(Sonic goes first. He starts.)

Sonic: This is eas-

(He falls flat on face.)

GSD: This is harder than I thought.)

(Everyone else arrived. Only two teams go to loop it, the rest go to scoop it.)

Dk: Scoop harder LuigiKong!

LK: I'm tryin

Magic: This is sick..........

(Meanwhile Sonic is leading.)

Sonic: I'm gonna wi-

(He hits a tree.)

Gormon: 50 rupees please! Hahaha!

GSD: Shut up!

(At scoop it......................)

Lumines: We're done!

(They receive clue. It says grab a horse and go to Gerudo Fortress and go to the Target training challenge.)

Ratchet: OK.

(Soon after that all the scoop it people remain. Only Luigi and ColonelDeath, GSD and Sonic, and Fort and Baby Bowser remain. ColonelD had won already.)

Luigi: Ride on horse! Ride!

Colonel: You got it Luigi.

(He wins and he takes the clue. Fort and Baby Bowser get it soon after that.)

Baby B.: You are awesome with horses Sonic!

Sonic: Shut up! Concentrate Sonic. You've gotten through and saved a book with an arrow in your chest you can ride a horse.

GSD: Com'on!

(Sonic wins finally. It's now GSD's turn. He gets it on first try.)

GSD: Let's go!

Sonic: Show off.....................

(Nine teams are already at the Forttress. Silver_Ermine opens clue.)

Ermine: Roadblock!
(cont next post.)

(A roadblock is a task only one person may perform. In this roadblock the person will defeat the target challenge with the bow and arrow provided. Doing this roadblock is Shy Guy, ColonelD, LuigiKong, Ratchet and Clank, Baby Bowser, Wario, Royrules8, Lucario,GSD, and CheatC.)

Royrules8: Here I go!(misses)

Roy: ****!

Fort: Shy Guy with a bow and arrow. Haha!

Shy Guy: I won already Fort, haha!

DK: Steady.............................. Got it!

LuigiK: Yes!
(They open the clue and it says to head to Lake Hylia, home of the Zoras. This is the pit stop for this leg of the race. The last one here may be eliminated. Shortly after they get the clue Sonic and GSD arrives and Sonic is standing on sideline. It is getting dark.)

Gerudo Lady: Light your arrow in the fire and shoot now.

RoyRules8: OK!*Shoots arrow and it goes into Sonic's chest*

Sonic: Not again! Screw you RoyRules8!

(As some teams struggle GSD, Fort's, Lumines', Wario's, and Lucario's teams move out.)
(Two teams are at Lake Hylia. One team steps on the mat.)

Princess Ruto: Welcome to Lake Hylia!

Master Hand: Magic4224 and Shy Guy you are team #1! You have a won a trip to the hotel on this Lake!

Magic: Awesome!

Shy Guy: Maybe I could get a sunburn now!

(Magic looks at Shy Guy strangely.)

Shy Guy: Just kidding...........................................maybe.

(LuigiKong and DK arrive.)

Master: You are team number two!

Luigkong: That works.

(Three more teams arrive, third being 911TheThug and Wario, fourth Lumines_God and Ratchet and Clank, and Fortitude_Creed and Baby Bowser fifth.)

Master Hand: GameSharkdude and Sonic, you are team number six!

GSD: Two positions better.

Sonic: Master Hand do I ever have to ride a horse again?

Master Hand: Maybe maybe not.

(Back at challenge.)

Roy: Don;t ever go into archery RoyRules8.

(Royrules8 fires arrow at Roy.)

Roy: I'm wearing amor!

RoyRules8: Is your face wearing armor?

Roy: No! Focus!

(At pit stop.)

Master Hand: Lucario and Silver_Ermine you are team number seven!

Ermine: Let's get back up there Lucario.

Lucario: Deal.

(Another team is coming.)

Master Hand: ColonelDeath and Luigi. You are team #8!

Luigi: That's not great.

Colonel: That's ok Luigi.

(Three teams are still struggling, Roy and RoyRules, fooby and Metaknight, and CheatC and Kirby.)

Cheat: Fire!*hits target* Yes!

Metaknbight: Comon Fooby! *He hits the target*

Fooby: Oh yeah!

Roy: Com'on you noob!

(RoyRules8 finally hits target.)

Roy: Stupid bow.

(At pit stop.)

Master and: CheatCrackotage and Kirby, you are team number nine!

Kirby: We faded.

Cheat: Can't chaet at bow and arrow......................

(Fooby and Metaknight are on horse by river and suddenly it slips and falls in water along with them. Metaknight pulls Fooby out and horse runs away.)

Fooby: Let's make a run for it!

Metaknight: Good plan.

(A team has stepped on the mat.)

Primcess Ruto: Welcome.

Master Hand: Roy and RoyRules8 you are team number 10!

Roy: Wow how are we safe!

Royrules8: Don't trust me with the bow anymore.

(Fooby and Metaknight step on mat.)

Master Hand: Fooby_kamikaze and Metaknight, you are the last team to arrive. I'm sorry to tell you but you have been eliminated from the race.

Fooby: Well it was all good, me and Meta got along, only thing we didn't get along with was our horse.

Metaknight: Screw that horse. We're out but I had a good time

Current Order

1.Magic4224/Shy Guy
2. LuigiKong/DK
3. 911TheThug/Wario
4. Lumines_God/RandC
5. Fort/ Baby Bowser
6. GSD/ Sonic
7. Silver_Ermine/Lucario
8. ColonelDeath/Luigi
9. CheatCrackotage/Kirby
10. RoyRules8/Roy
11. fooby/Metaknight
12. Otter_Prince/ Zangoose
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