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28 March, 2020, 10:35:01 am
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My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)

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Author Topic: My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)  (Read 659 times)
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« on: 23 September, 2007, 08:12:04 am »

Leg 3 Lake Hylia to Luigi's Mansion' Balcony

Last Time on the Amazing Race................
Everyone got off to a good start on the same flight, but everyone screwed up besides GSD and Sonic who avoided Wario's clumsiness, but they didn't take advantage of it when Sonic struggled on the detour. Then almost everyone struggled on the vow roadblock and the Roy team looked asif they were out but fooby's team had a horse incident and was eliminated. Magic and Shy Guy who arrrived at 9:31 pm will leave at 9:31am. They grab the clue.

Magic: Go to the airport and get a ticket to Mushroom Kingdom! There are 4 different flights.

Shy Guy: Then go to Princess Peach's Castle and enter and go to the room with no stars on the door.

Magic: Let's go!

(They head off along with everyone else. They get to a jump start but the cab driver of CheatC's team knows a shortcut and gets to the airport first. And FortitudeCreeds team had a slowcab driver. Kirby approches ticket seller.)

Kirby: We need two tickets for Mushroom Kingdom as quick as possible.

Ticket S: OK there is one that leaves at 10:57 and arrives at 3:23.

Cheat: Sounds good.

(Magic and Shy Guy get tickets on the same flight.)

LuigiKong: We need two tickets to Mushroom Kingdom.

Ticket S:The earliest flight is sold out but there is one that leaves at 11:15 and arrives at 3:45.

DK: Good enough.

(GSD and Sonic, Lumines_God and Ratchet and Clank, and Silver_Ermine and Lucario get on the second flight.)

Luigi: We need tickets to Mushroom Kingdom please!

Ticket S: We'll give you one that leaves at 11:03 and arrives at 3:56.

Luigi: OK

ColonelD: Those guy's flights are earlier.


(RoyRules8 and Roy, and 911TheThug and Wario also get on the flight. Fort and Baby Bowser are the only ones on the last flight.)

Fort: This isn't good, Bowser.

Baby: Good job choosing that cab.

Fort: don't blame me!

(First three flights launch, but last flight has a delay.)

Fort: this is total crud. We're last.

(The last flight is still in air and first two flights land and the third is almost there.)

Cheat: com'on Kirby!

Kirby: I'm coming, I have short legs!

Second flight lands. And everyone grabs a taxi. LuigiKong and DK are running well but have big trouble.)

DK: Oh ****! We're losing a tire!

Taxi Driver: I don't have a spare.

Luigkong: Are you approved as a taxi driver?

Taxi Driver: Maybe..................................(runs off)

DK: We're Screwed.

(GSD and Sonic drives by but skip over them. Silver_Ermine and Lucario do also.)

Lucario: It's a race Ermine.

Ermine: I don't get it but I feelbad for them.

(Third flight lands and Magic and the others in the first flight reach the clue.)

Magic: Roadblock!

(A roadblock is a task only one person may perform. Inthis roadblock one person must jump through the bomb-omb painting and race the Koopa Troopa up the hill to the flag. If you win he will give you a clue. Performing this will be Magic, LuigiKong, 911TheThug, Ratchet and Clank, baby Bowser, GSD, Silver_ermine, ColonelD, Kirby, Roy.)

Magic: Haeding out!(He jumps in)

(post rest of this tomorrow have to go)

Magic: Hey you koopa race me.

Koopa: OK fine let's race.

(Koopa gets off to great start.)

Magic: Crud.

(All flight three people are driving by LuigiKong but 911theThug and Wario help.)

Wario: Why did we do that. I thought you were a thug?

911: I don't know maybe for alliance reasons.

Wario: I don't get it.

(911 rolls eyes and Fort's flight lands and they get a fast cab driver.)

Fort: Not in bad shape anymore.

Baby: Good thing I chose the driver!

(Magic meanwhile has just woon the race and Cheat C did also they both open the clue.)

Cheat: It says go by taxi to Professer EGadd's lab by Luig's Mansion, there you will find the clue. OK let's go!

(Meanwhile 911TheThug's team long with Ermine's, Lumines_God's, GSD's, and Roy's team.)

Roy: Com'on buddy!

Royrules: I'm tryin!

(LuigiKong, Fort, and ColonelD's team just arrive at the Castle. ColonelD's team got lost on the way.)

Colonel: Let's hurry up!

(All three racers enter painting. And all three go at same time. Even thought hey on;y have to beat Koopa Troopa.)

Koopa: I'm getting too old for this.

(Magic's and Cheat's teams arrive at the clue.)

Kirby: Detour!

(A detour is a choice between two tasks. The racers must choose from Sweep for it, or key for it. In Sweep for it, racers must sweep the dusty gallery and find a gold mousetrap, this task is easy but you will not earn a map for winning it. In key for it you must look in the training room and through Egadd's junk room for the Key Hole for chest by the gallery. It is hard to find the key, but in the safe is the clue and a map of Luig's Mansion which will come in handy.)

Cheat: Key!

Magic: Sweep!

(All three at the roadblock are on their way here after defeating Koopa Troopa, and driving as fast as possible.)

Fort: Com'on diver drive!(Driver goes faster).

(At the sweeping challenge. The big pack of teams has just arrived.)

Lumines: Sweep!

Ratchet: agreed!

Magic: Got it Shy Guy!

Shy Guy: Good Job(Hold sarms up with 10 mousetraps on them.)Uhh let's get the clue.

(The clue says run to the nearby Luig's Mansion and find your way to ther balcony where Luigi fought Bolossus. The last team there may be eliminated.)

Magic: Let's go!

(At the key challenge 911's team and Ermine's team has joined Cheat's team.)

Cheat: Got it!

Kirby: Let's go!

(Magc's team has successfully moved throught the mansion and steps on the mat).

Professer EGadd: Welcome to Luig's Mansion!

Master Hand: Magic4224 and Shy Guy you are team number 1 again! You have won a trip to Mushroom Kingdom and free gas forever!

(Magic faints.)

Master Hand: He okay?

Shy Guy: Mayb-*faints*

Master: Maybe.

(Cheat arrives).

Master: You are team number two CheatCrackotage and Kirby!

Cheat: Second that's awesome Kirby.*High fives*

(911 has found the key and the last three teams have arrived.)

Luigi: This should be easy!

LuigiKong: That's cheap!

(911's team goes to mat.)

Master: 911TheThug and Wario, you are taem number 3!

911: Best yet?

Wario: Do we win anything?

(Ermine is done along with Lumines God. Lumines God gets lost in the mansion.)

Master: Ermine and Lucario you are team number 4!

Ermine: Not bad at all Lucario!

Lucario: You're awesome Ermine you know that?

Ermine: Maybe.

(In the mansion is GSD and Lumines now. GSD did sweep it. They amke it to the balcony.)

Master: Gamesharkdude and Sonic you are team number 5!

Sonic: Another position better! We did it with teamwork.

GSD: No more corny lines plz Sonic?

Sonic: Sure GSD.

(Lumines_God's team makes it upstairs).

Master: Lumines_God and Ratchet and Clank, you are team number 6!

Clank: We should've did the other detour.

Master: Roy's you are taem number 7!

Roy: We Suck!

All three of the others did sweep it and are all oin the mansion. Luigi and ColonelD fionished the challenge last. A team has reached the mat and another throught the door.)

Master Hand: LuigiKong and DK you are team number 8!

LuigiKong: That felt good!

DK: Yes!

Master Hand: ColonelD and Luigi you are team number 9!

Luigi: Good thing this was here.

(the last team arrives.)

Master: Fortitude_Creed and Baby Bowser you are the last team to arrive.

Baby: Ahhh.......... man..............

Master: But this is a non-elimination leg and you will still be in but marked for elimination, which means you must finish first the next leg or you will get a 30 minute penalty and could be eliminated.

Fort: We have to move quicker Baby Bowser, we can do it though.

Baby Bowser: We will

Current Order

1. Magic4224/ ShyGuy
2. CheatCrackotage/Kirby
3. 911TheThug/Wario
4. Silver_Ermine/Lucario
5. GSD/Sonic
6. Lumines_God/RandC
7. RoyRules8/Roy
8. LuigiKong/DK
9. ColonelDeath/Luigi
10. Fort/BabyBowser
11. fooby/Metaknight
12. OtterPrince/Zangoose
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