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09 April, 2020, 09:28:25 pm
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My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)

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Author Topic: My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)  (Read 659 times)
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« on: 23 September, 2007, 08:14:02 am »

Leg 4 Luigi's Mansion to Yoshi's Island Heart Tree

NewsFlash! Newsflash! Master Hand has been caught for going on the road, and squeezing random people to death. The predicted cause is video games. We had to find a new host and we found late enetry in contest Ian2093 to be host.

Anyways last time on the Amazing Race..............

Fort's team got off to a bad start being the only one on the last flight, but The Kongs had bad luck when they blew a tire and didn't have a spare, but 911's team heklpd them. The made it to be safe and the last team to arrive was Fort's. It was a noneliminatio leg though. They are marked for elimination and must finish first or get a penalty. Magic's team finished first again, and they arrived at 11:53 pm and will leave 11:53 am.

*A dangerous Fast Forward is available today.*

(Magic: The clue says drive 10 miles south in the specially marked Mario Karts to the airport and go to the beach at the end and find the tree under the blue flag. Dig there and you will pick up a time card. This card says what time you will be leaving on the ferry tomorrow. There are 3 time cards for each and four for the second ferry. You must choose one and stick with it. You may not change your card again.

Shy Guy: Let's go get another first!

Shy Guy: Let's choose my kart and ROB's.

Magic: Sure.

)(Magic heads along with the top 7 teams. LuigiKong and DK start to leave along with the other two.)

LuigiKong: Let's hurry!

Fort: We need to go even faster than you! We need to beat you all!

(Magic's team and 911's teams arrive at the beach and start digging.)

911: 8:00 PM!

Wario: Don't shout! Let's take it!

Magic: (whispers) We got 7:30. Let's take it.

Shy Guy: Good

(Cheat's, Ermine's, and GSD's teams arrive).

Cheat: We got 7: 30.

Kirby: Let's take it.

Ermine: 8:00. OK fine.

GSD: 8:30, I heard soimething about thirty so let's take it.

Sonic: Sounds good.

(The last teams arrive.)

Lumines: We got 8:00. Let's take it.

Ratch: That's fine.

LuigiKong: We got 8:00. Sound good to you?

DK: Fine with me.

Fort: We have 7:30. It's probabl; the middle time but good enough.

Baby: Agreed I guess.................................

(All the other teams get 8:30. The first ferry arrives at 7:30 and everyone is shocked.)

Magic: Oh yeah!

Baby Bowser: Bye guys!

Kirby: Good bye! See you in the winner's circle.

ColonelD: Crud this makes me nervous.

Luigi: We may havethe last time.

(The 8:00pm ferry arrives.)

Ermine: We're on the second one not bad.

Lu,ines: Bye Roy!

Roy:**** you!

(The 7:30 ferry arrives and the 8:30. leaves. Cheat grabs the clue first.)

Cheat: Detour!

(A dtour is a task on;y one person may perform in this roadblock one person must scale the Giant Yoshi Falls cliff, when you gt up there you will receive your next clue. Performing this task willbe Shy Guy, Kirby,911, Lucario, Sonic, Lumines_God, DK, Luigi, and Fort.)

Magic: Go Shy Guy!

(Have to go will finish later.)

Cheat: Faster up that wall kIRBY!

Magic: Why did Shy Guy have to do this?
(Shy Guy cannot reach next step on wall.)

Shy Guy: Help me!

Cheat: Haha! He's panicking!

Magic: Shut up Cheat!
(Fort's team reaches another bad point when Fort sprains his ankle on the way to the roadblock. The 8:00 teams arrive.)

Fort I can take this, I have to do the challenge anyway. I'll try my best.
(All the other teams start and Kirby reaches the top and grabs the clue, and DK shortly after.)

DK: Easy challenge for an ape.

LuigiKong: What does the clue say?

DK: Grab a taxi and drive to Yoshi Circuit and find the clue by the start finish line. Wait there's something else in here!

LuigiKong: It's a fast forward!

(A fast forward is when a team may drive to a certain challenge and do it successfully, and if they do, they can go straight to the pit stop. Only one team may do this task/ the first one there. In this particular one teams must drive to the Monkey Villaige and make 5 classic monkey treehouses, iftthey do this rigjt they can go to the pit stop.)

DK: Too risky let's go to Yoshi Circuit.

Luigikong: Good idea.

Kirby: Let's do the fast forward.

Cheat: Good idea.

(LuigiKong's team heads off to Yoshi Circuit along with 911's team, and Ermine's team. Shy Guy is still struggling but halfway to go.)

Magic: Keep going Shy Guy!

Shy Guy:(under breath) must.keep..............going!

(He gets a surge and reaches the top. They decide they want to do the fast forwsrd racing Cheat there. Fort begins the task with all the 8:30time people. Lumines' team heads off to Yoshi Circuit. RoyRules8 gets a speed boost and finishes and they head off to Yoshi Circuit. Meanwhile Cheat and Kirby have arrived at the fast forward.)

Kirby: Let's hurry and confirm we are here.
(LuigiKong's team arrives at the other clue.)

LuigiKong: Detour!

(A dteour is a choice between twotasks.They are Race'm or Trace'm. In racem the racers together must beat five other clored Yoshis on a one lap race to the startfinish line. If both are successful you will receive thew clue. In trace'm you will receive a map and find a piece of treasure on the map. When you where it is dog it up show the Yoshi and receive your clue.)

DK: Race'm! We're good at that..

LuigiKong: OK.
(Other teams arrive and CheatC and Kirby easily tackle the Fast Forward and already are at the pit stop.

Yoshi: Welcome!(hands them watermelon.)

Cheat: Thank you!

Ian2093: CheatCrackotage and Kirby, you are team number one! nd you have won a trip to Yoshi luxury resort!

Cheat: Finally we win!

Kirby: We are awesome!

(Magic and Sht Guy learn how they are too late and head to Yoshi Circuit.)

Magic: This is bad.
All the teams from the rock climb have now arrievd at the detour and 7 teams are doing trac'm. LuigiKong and DK have already won therace and are at the pit stop. GSD and Sonic also did race'm. The clue says go to the Yoshi's Island famous heart of Happiness, last team there will be eliminated.)

Ian: Kongs, you are team number 2!

LuigiKong: Back up again DK!

DK: Awesome!
(Wario and 911 are doing trace'm.)

Wario: My traesure senses are tingling! Dig there!(They find treasure)

911: We got it good job Wario!

Wario: Thank you 911.
(They arrive at pit stop while other teams are still working.)

Ian: Wario and 911TheThug you are team number 3!

Wario: Yes!

911: That works.

Wario: My treasure senses are tingling again.

911: Good.

Ian: Glad you're determined.

(Lumines_God's a team and ColonelD's teams are arriving.)
Lumines: Lumines_God and Ratchet and Clank, you are team number 4!

Lumine: Good job guys!

Ratch: Thabk you!

Clank: No prob.
(Next team arrives.)

Ian: ColonelDeath and Luigi you are team number 5!

Colonel: Better than usual!

Luigi: That'sa wonderful!
(GSD and Soinic complete there race handlessly.)

Sonic: Nice try fellas.

Blue Yoshi: I hate that hedgehog.

Red: I second that!

Yellow: I third that!

(GSD arrives.)

Ian: GSD and Sonic you arre team number six!

GSD: We need to run a little better.

Sonic: We'll do it together!

GSD: No more corny lines Sonic!

Sonic: Sorry.

(Next team arrives after finding treasure.)

Ian: Roy's you are team number 7!

Roy: We stink.

RoyRules: We stink together Roy.

(There are three teams at the trace'm still.)

Fort: Found anything?

Baby Bowser: Nope.

Ermine: Got it Lucario!

Lucario: You still rock Ermine!

(They head off.)

(At same time Magic ad Fort): Got it!

(They go off to a dead sprint all three teams are on the raod in a deadlock. One team steps on the mat.)

Ian: Silver_Ermine and Lucario, you are team number 8!

Ermine: Too close for comfort.

Lucario: That's alright we'll get back up!

(Both teams have got out of their cars, Fort is screaming in pain sprinting and Magic had Shy Guy on his back, one team has reached the finish line.)

Yoshi: Welcome!

Ian: Fort and Baby Bowesr you did not finish first. You have a thirty minute penalty.

(Magic arrives 12 minutes later.)

Ian: Magic and ShyGuy you are team number 9!

Magic: Close one Shy Guy!

Shy Guy: Yay!

Ian: Fort and Baby Bowser step on mat. I am sorry to tell you you are the last team to arrive. You have been eliminted from the race.

(Baby Bowser starts crying.)

Fort: It's alright buddy, we'll do the next race, and win, I promise.

Baby: OK. When's the next race?

Ian: During the summer.

Fort: We're so there!

Current Order

1. CheatCrackotage/Kirby
2. LuigiKong/DK
3. 911TheThug/Wario
4. Lumines_God/RandC
5. CoonelDeath.Luigi
7. RoyRules8/Roy
8. Silver_Ermine/Lucario
9. Magic4224/ShyGuy
10. Fort/ Baby Bowser
11. fooby/Metaknight
12. OtterPrince/Zangoose
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