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05 April, 2020, 03:41:30 pm
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My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)

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Author Topic: My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)  (Read 659 times)
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« on: 23 September, 2007, 08:15:53 am »

Leg 6 Mute City to Cinnabar Island

Last time on the Amazing race the Roy's had trtouble throughout th elleg as the other teams flourished. They were then eliminated. Ermine's team who was first to arrive will be first to leave at 10:31 am.

Ermine: Go to the airport and grab a flight to Viridian City in Kanto, home of the Pokemon. When you get there go to Giovanni's gym to find the first clue.

Lucario: Let's go!

(The first 6 teams have left, and then the last two take off trying to get on the same flight ad the others.)

Shy Guy: Is this the same crazy cab guy?

Cab Guy: I'm not crazy but...................I need a restraining order,

(The first six teams arrive t the airport all getting on the same flight. Theseventh team arrives.)

GSD: Can we have those early tickets please?

Seller: Just in time after this on;y two tickets left.

(Magic and Shty Guy arrive.) Is it in time?)

Magic: Ca we please! have tickets to that early flight.

Seller: Sure you had the last two.

Magic: Thank you!

(Everyone is on the same flight but Wario is now getting Sonic mad.)

Wario: Sonic could you please sing some kidz bop for me?

Sonic: I've survived an arrow in my chest I can take this.......................................

Wario: Chicken man!

Sonic: How old are you exactly?

Wario: You're mom is how old you are exactly!

GSD: Wario that was terrible...............

Wario: You're mom is terrible!

911: You're great at those Wario!

Wario: I know.

(Everyone leaves and arrive and head toward the clue.)

GSD: Roadblcok!

(A roadblock is a task on;y one person may perform, in this roadblock the person must find either a master ball, rare candy, or a gold nugget, and put it in the 6th slot in your bookbag. Performing this task will be Ermine, DK, Colonel, 911, RandC, GSD, Shy Guy, and Cheat.)

GSD: I'll head out!

(Right away he finds a master ball. Everyone else finds items soon and hold onto them, this was easy. They get a clue that says go to Red's house to find their next clue.)

LuigiKong: Isn't that breaking entry?

DK: Why yes it is.


Magic: I'll use telekinesis!

Shy Guy: Do it!

(They beat it and go on in last place.)

LuigiKong: This clue says grab a Lapras and go to Cinnabar Island where you will find your clue.)

DK: Let's get a laprest!

LuigiKong: It's a lapras.

DK: Whatever.

(They take off and alomg with the other six and closely followed by Magic's team. 911's team arrives first.)

911: Detour!

( A detour is a choice btwn two tasks one catch the MEw other catch the thing. In mew go into the mansion deepinside and throw a pokeball at mew and catch it. It is easy. In catch the thing go to the side of the Island for a surprise

(will post rest tomorrow.)

GSD: Let's go get Mew!

Sonic: OK.

(Everyone besides Lumines' and 911's do the Mew one. The other two groups wait for their surprise and reward.)

911: Where's this surprise?

Wario: Wow, I'm usually the impatient one.

Lumines: We should get it soon.

RandC: Yeah becau-

(A wild figure attacks bith Rachet and Clank and they get back up and stare at the mysterious figure.

Lumines: Missingno?

(Missingno attacks them with a curese and they attack back.)

Lumines: Ratchet toss me me superscope!

R: Got it!

(Lumines fires the gun and Missingno is down for a sec and gets back up.)

Lumines: This is gonna be harder than I thought.

(Meanwhile up north 911's team is waiting still.

Wario: What is taking the surprise so lon-

911: It's M!

Wario: Holy crud let's catch this thing, we could get a lot of money!

911l: No I remember a story about this Red guy who caught this guy once and he ate all his friends and then him and all his data!

Wario: OK, let's fight then!

(Wario and 911 take M down quickly and open thier next clue.)

911: Run to the nearby Pokemon lab and find the lab. This is the pit stop. The last team there will be eliminated.

Wario: Let's run!

(Meanwhile inside, Cheat's, LuigiKong's, and Ermione's teams have found and caught the Mew they all get thier clues. On the way out Ermine slips and falls on the wet floor.)

Lucario: Com'on Ermine you're the best Ermine ever you can do it!

Ermine: Alright maybe I can!

(The first team arrives.)

Professer Oak: Welcome!

Ian: 911TheThug and Wario yo are team number 1! You win a trip to Celadon City grand hotel also!

Wario: First baby yeah!

911: Good job Wario,, you are the best greedy genius ever.

Wario: I know.

(The next three teams are in a mad dash to get there second.)

Ian: CheatCrackotage and Kirby you are team number 2!

Kirby: That's good Kirby!

Cheat: Second's usually fine.............

Ian: Silver_Ermine and Lucariop you are team number 3!

Ermine: That's pretty good.

Lucario: I told ou you were awesome.

Ermine: Thank you Lucario.

Ian: LuigiKong and DK you are team number 4!

LuigiKong: Not bad not good either.

DK: Good enough.

(Meanwhile back with Lumines.)

Lumines: Put the knife in him Clank!

(Clank kills off MissingNo.)

Clank: Yes!

(Lumines' team gets done and Colonel's team get done.)

Ian: Lumines_God and RandC you are team number 5!

R: Not as good as I wanted..................

Ian: ColonelDeath and Luigi you are the sixth team to arive.

Colonel: We had a bad leg.

Luigi: We'll work harder next time.

(Magic's team is done with the challenge and so is GSD's they are running to the finsih, out of the Mansion, into the lab, one team steps on the mat.)

Ian: GSD and Sonic you are team number 7!

GSD: We suck!

Sonic: Yes we do Sonic, but we suck together.

(Magic's team arrives.)

Ian: Magic and Shy Guy you are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the race.

Magic: That sucks.... well I had fun.

Shy Guy: I learned I have to intimidate peiple more so they don't underestimate me more, but Magic was a great teamate and friend.

(I think you guys will like the next leg.)

Current Order

1. 911TheThug/Wario
2. Cheat/ Kirby
3. Ermine/Lucario
4. LuigiKong/DK
5. Lumines_God/RandC
6. ColonelDeath/Luigi
7. GSD/Sonic
8. Magic4224/ShyGuy
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