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My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)

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Author Topic: My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)  (Read 659 times)
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« on: 23 September, 2007, 08:16:40 am »

Leg 7 Cinnabar Island Lab to Huh?Huh?

Last time on the Amazing race there were fight scenes, wild battles, and the sense of no Magic left in this competition. Wario and 911 who arrived at 6:52pm will leave at 6:52 am.

Wario: Go to the first room in the lab and go through the transporterthat will take you to secret leg. When you get there get the clue and go to the room with the computers in the office.

911: OK.

(They head off and make it to the portal, now all teams have left. It's close).

GSD: It's close now Sonic.

Sonic: That's right we need to keep on our toes and expect everything.

(911's team arrives.)

911: Let's haed in!

Wario: Alright.

(They jump in and arrive and go to the room.)

911: Wait I know where we are.(He opens clue.)

911: Welcome to the Gamefaqs Universe, this is a special roadblock for all the game characters!

(A roadblock is a task only one person may perform, in this roadblock the racer must make a Gamefaqs account and start a fad. This may sound hard to them but it really is not.)

Wario: I'm logging in! I need a cool username.............................whatshould it be........... maybe something that makes me think of money............... how about Money100! Here we are, ok to make a fad, a....................... this is hard.

(Meanwhile all the teams have arrived..)

Sonic: Ok a username, how about Sonic! (pauses) It says they already exists, this is weird!

Luigi: OK Luigi doesn't work, Mario doesn't work...........hmmmmmmmmm...............................I know how about TheMario! It's perfect!

Wario: Ok I've got it, I'll tell this Fortitude_Creed guy to f=draw a picture of the King!

(Wario starts a fad and receives a clue.)

Wario: Go down the hall and unlock a door with this key, inside you'll find your clue.

Kirby: OK I'll make a topic, uhhh............................. (types out) Should Sonic be in?

(Meanwhile DK successfully makes some sort of Link inside fad, and Luigi made a fad based off his username.)

DK: THis isn't working............ hmm this BlueAnnihilator guy is pretty popular................... how about I make a username to honor him! (types in screen) Y-E-L-O-W-A-N-I-H-I-L-A-T-O-R.

(He starts a fad and get the clue.)

R: OK I can't think of anything uhhhhhhhhhhhhh how about-

C: Would you like a fish to thgink?

R: Im no fish Clank- wait a minute(types in) Im no fish.

(He starts a fad.)

Luicario: Ok something stupid now............. uh... I'll see who's more popular...(Types in) Who would you is............. The Original Smash Bros.

(He obviously starts a fad. Sonis creates the Sonic official topic and gets the clue also. Meanwhile Wario's team unlocked the door and found the clue.)

Wario: Detour!

( A detour is a choice between two tasks, in this detour you may chooe between Putt or Ink. In putt both racers must play a hole round of miniputt on a special corse. In Ink racers must work together to beat random peiople in a guess the drawn picture game.)

911: Putt.

(Meanwhile all the teams have found the room and everyone but 911's team chose Ink.)

DK: LuigiKong what's an asl?

LuigiKong: Just ignore it.

GSD: That's a shoe!

Sonic: No it's a fish!

GSD: The answer is a house, this is dumb.

(Wario and 911 are on hole 11.)

Colonel: That'sa waiter ftw!

(Colonel's team gets their clue.)

Colonel: Head to the pit stop, it's outside the house and you will find me and are FAQS reps there next to the cannon.

Luigi: Let'sa go!

(They sprint there and arive first.)

BlueAnnihilator: Welcome!

14Volt: Welcome ColonelDeath and Luigi!

Ian: Colonel and Luigi, you are team number one, and you have won a free trip to Gamefaqs towers by the beach!

Luigi: That'sa wonderful!

Colonel; Good job this leg Luigi.

Luigi: You too.

(911's team is done with their game and are now at the pit stop.)

Ian: 911TheThug and Wario you are team number two!

911: That's nice.

911: Wow! Who's cannon?

14Volt: That's actually Blue's.

Blue: No it's not.

14Volt: Just joking sorry.

(GSD and Sonic are arriving.)

GSD:Where are we?

Ian: You guys are actually third!

Sonic: Yes!

GSD: That's better than we've been doing lately.

(LuigiKong's, Ermine's, Cheat's, and Lumines' teams are all done, it is a fourway foot race.)

Ian: Ermine and Lucario, you are team number 4!

Lucario: Would've been better If I had hands.

Ermine: That's alright Lucario.

Ian: LuigiKong and DK you are team number 5!

LK: Alright.

DK:That's ok.

Ian:Lumines_God and Rand C you are team number six!

Lumines: Close one Ratch!

Clank:Yes it was boss.

Ratch: A little too close.(Last team steps on mat.)

Ian: CheatCrackotage and Kirby you are the last team to arrive, I am sorry t tell you you have been eliminated for the race.

Cheat: I don't get how we did so good and got out now, well can't change it now. Kirby and I never fought and O have to keep in touch with him, and you too Ian.

Ian: That's a little creepy.

Kirby: He gets Creepy when he's upset, and anyway Blue is that your cannon?

Blue: No! Shut up!

1. ColonelDeath/Luigi
2. 911TheThug//Wario
4. Ermine/Lucario
5. LuigiKong/DK
6. Lumines_God/RandC
7. Cheat/Kirby
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