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03 April, 2020, 11:38:31 am
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My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)

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Author Topic: My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)  (Read 659 times)
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« on: 23 September, 2007, 08:17:27 am »

Leg 8 Gamefaqs Central to Fountain of Dreams(will post halfnow half tomorrow and the whole next leg tomorrow to catch up.)

Last time on the Amazing Race........................... Everyone enetered the portal and entered the Gamefaqs world it was all tied up until ColonelD's team broke aheadand won the leg. Meanwhile Cheats team was the last to arrive and were eliminated. ColonelD's team who arrived at 7:27 pm will leave at 7:27 am.

Colonel: Go to the the underground subway station and get a ticket. Take the train to the home of the Kirbys, Dreamland. When you arrive grab the clue next to the woods.

Luigi: Let'sa go!

(They leave and go to the station.)

Luigi: Give us tickets to the earliest train please.

Seller: Sure here you are!

Luigi:Thank you!

(They are safe on the first train. The thing the other teams did not know was there were three different trains leaving at different times. 911's and GSD's teams are sprinting toward the counter. One team has arrived.)

GSD: Pleasssseeeeeeeeee can we have the earliest train to DreamLand?

Seller: Lucky you, you have the last ticket.

Wario: Wait a minute! They cut us in line!

Seller: Is this true? If it is we'll have to give them the tickets.

(Ermine's team arrives at the fight and just walks by.)

Ermine: Uhhh could we have two tickets on the earliest train please?

Seller: Uhhhhhhhhh.......sure............. last ones...................lucky you....................

Lucario: Good talking Ermine.

Ermine: Thank you Lucario.

Seller: You four can have the second train there.

911: Good enough..............

Soni: Alright........

(The Kongs and Lumines' team arrives at the ticket booth and get on the last train.)

Lumines: Listen team we have to hurry, the Kongs are fast.

R: Got it Lumines sir!

C: Loud and clear.

(All three trains have left at their times the first team arrives at the clues.

Luigi: Roadblock!

A roadblock is a task only one person may perform, in this roadblock one racer must go by Whispy Wood's tree and grab 5 apples, and not be blown away. Once you do that you will receive a clue. Performing this task is all the users.)

Colonel: Heading out!

Lucario: Hurry Ermine!

Ermine: I will!
(They head in ColonelD Charges and grabs three apples, Ermine grabs one. Colonel then grabs two more and Ermine now has 4. He gets done 5 minutes later.)

Colonel: Take a drive to the famous Kirby Buffet and find your next clue by the specially designated area.

Luigi: Let'sa go!
GSD'S and 911's train arrives and both teams are at the challenge. 911 gathers four quick;y and then the fifth, but GSD gets all 5 quickly and passes them.)

911: Dangit they passed us.

Wario: I hate that hedgehog.
(The Kong's and Lumines' flight arrives andf both teams quickly do the challenge, but the Kong's pass Lumines' team.)

Lumines: We need to go faster!
(Colonel's and Ermine's teams have arrived at the buffet.)

Ermine: Detour!
(A detour is a choice between two tasks, them being Eat it or Beat it. In eat it both racers have to eat a full plate of Kirby delicacies that may not seem good to them. In beat it racers must start beating all the eggs and all the ingredients into the giant cooking pot and put it in the oven at 212 degrees.)

Ermine: Let's do Eat it, I'm starved.

Lucario: OK.

Colonel: Let's beat it.

Luigi: Fine with me.
(At eat it.)

Ermine: This isn't that bad, not good but not bad, waiter what is this made from?

Waiter: This is waddle dee meat.

Lucario: Don't stop eating eat more, it's not like it's an otter or something.

Ermine: OK I'll try.
(At beat it)

Luigi: Dang this is really hard.

Colonel: I think we should've ate.
(The second two teams arrive.)

Wario: EAT IT!

Sonic: Let's eat!
(Wario eats all his food already and 911 finishes not too far after. They receive the clue.)

Wario: Drive to the pit stop at the Fountain of Dreams last team there, may be eliminated.

911: Let's win this leg!

Ermine: Done!

Lucario: Let's go!
(The last teams arrive.)

LuigiKong: Let's eat it.

DK: Ican't eat that kind of stuff Luigi, it hurts me.

LuigiKong: Let's beat it then.

Lumines: Let's eat it.
(At beat it.)

Colonel: Put that egg in Luigi, and then we put it in the stove at 212 degrees.

Luigi: Got it.
(They accomplish that and head toward the pit stop. GSD'S team is now heading out it is a race betwwen the two.)

Lumines: Done Clank?

Clank: Nope? Ratchet?

Ratchet: Yes!

Lumines: Hurry!

LuigiKong: We're done!

Lumines: ****.
(The first team arrives. And Lumines' team heads out.)

King Dedede: Welcome to the Fountain of Dreams!

Ian: 911TheThug and Wario you are team number 1!

Wario: We did it again!

911: Good job Wario.

14Volt: As travel agent and reward I give you a trip to Star Heights Casino!

Wario: I smell something.

911: BO?

Wario: NOOOO! Money.............

911: Ohh.............

Ian: Silver_Ermine and Lucario you are team number 2!

Lucario: Awesome.

Ermine: More friendship was added this leg.
(There is a rush for third.)

Ian: GSD and Sonic you are team number 3!

GSD: More consistency.

Sonic:A lot more.

Ian: ColonelDeath and Luigi you are team number 4!

Luigi: That's alright as long as we're mot out.

Colonel: Agreed.
(One team had a slow cab driver, another team took a shortcut. The 5th team arrives.)

14Volt: Wow, didn't expect these guys.

Ian: Lumines_God and RandC you are team number 5!

Lumines: Good enough!

R: Perfect!

C: 5 is a great number.
(The last team arrives.)

Ian: Luigiong and DK you are the last team to arrive, I am sorry to say you have been eliminated from the race.

LuigiKong: OH well, we had a good team, we just weren't consistent.

DK: Well lose or win I had a great time, and this made Me and LuigiKomg even better friends.
*Note: This leg made me sad and cry.

1. 911TheThug/Wario
2. Ermine/Lucario
3. GSD/Sonic
4. ColonelDeath/Luigi
5. Lumines_God/RandC
6. LuigiKong/DK
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