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My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)

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Author Topic: My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)  (Read 659 times)
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« on: 23 September, 2007, 08:18:17 am »

Leg 9: Fountain of Dreams to Fichina

Last time on the Amazing Race..................

911's teams stayed in front the whole leg and finished first. Meanwhile Lumines' team knew what they had to do and finished 5th. LuigiKong's team was eliminated. 911's team who arrived at 8:11 pm will leave at 8:11 am.

911: Head to the official Lylat shipping company and hitch a ride on one of their 5 ships leaving at different times. You will then land at Corneria, the capital of the Lylat system. Find the real Great Fox and receive your clue.

Wario: Hurry Up!

(They leave and grab a taxi. The other teams leave closely after and the first team arrives to get their ship closely followed by the other 4.)

Ermine: We need a ship to Corneria!

Flight Guy: Sure, we'll give you the earliest one.

Lucario: Thank you.

GSD: Give us a ship please.

Huy: There's your tickets.

(The third team leaving is 911's, 4th Lumines', and 5th is ColonelD's.)

Colonel: This isn't good Luigi.

Luigi: I know.

(The first three flights have taken off. Lumines_God is talking with his team.)

Lumines: OK we're going to have the same strategy, but let's go for third this time. We're the Average Joe's gym team of this race. We need to try our hardest but not get out!

C: Got it Lumi!

(The first ship lands along with tte second, the others are still in the air.)

Lucario: Detour, and oh man there's a fast forward!

(A fast forward is a challenge that one team may complete, and after completing it can go straight to the pit stop. The detour is a choice btwn two tasks, the choices are in this detour is laser tag or don't let it drag. In laser tag teams must defeat have a laser tag match with another profesional team and a captain to guide them. In drag teams must lift 3 heavy engine blocks and carry them 75 meters without them hitting the ground.)

Ermine: Let's play laser tag!

Lucario: Let's choose Falco he has great aim.

Falco: Good choice Lucario.

Ermine: He makes good choices all th time.

(GSD and Sonic also do the laser tag with Slippy and both teams complete it easily, the other three teams completed drag. Colonel;s team had trouble and fell behind even more. Lumines' team moved into 3rd.)

Lumines: It's easier with three.

(The teams head to the roadblock, a very special roadblock.)

Ermine: Roadblock!

(The roadblock is a task only one person may perfrom, inhis roadblock one must get in a space ship and complete a real life game of Asteroids. Perfroming this is Lucario, GSD, Wario, Lumines, and Luigi.)

Ermine: Go Lucario!

(All the teams arrive. Ermine is doing well Will he complete it?)

Lucario: 5 to go This is sweet!

(He dodges 4 more the last one is coming, and he avoids it and they open the clue.)

Ermine: HEaD to Fichina by the same ship and arrive at the mat. Last team there will be elimineted.

Lucario: Go now!

(GSD and three others teams fail on their first try but another one gets it.)

LUmines: I got it!

R: Let's go!

(The first team arrives.)

Fox: Welcome to Fichina!

Ian: Silver_Ermine and Lucario you are team number 1!

14Volt: And you one a trip to all over the Lylat galaxy in your own new Ship!

LUcario: My own ship?! Awesome!

Ermine: We should go out in it often, it would be fun, since we're both awesome and all.

Lucario: Good plan.

(The second team arrives.)

Ian: Lumines and RandC you are team number 2!

Lumines: Ian you do not know how good that felt.

Ian: I probably don't.

RandC: Well Lumines_God is the best captain ever!

(The third team arrivesa as the last two teams leave at the sae eact time.)

Ian: GameSharkDude and Sonic you are team number 3!

GSD: Midpack's fine.

Sonic: Nicely said.

(The fouth tem has arrived sweating and smiling still.)

Ian: ColonelDeath and Luigi you are team number 4!

Colonel: Still in!

Luigi: Close one though.

(The last team arrives.)

Ian: 911TheThug and Wario you are the last team to arrive,I am sorry to say you have been eliminated from the race.

911: That sucks, but this was fun, wasn't it Wario.

(Wario is secretly crying.)

Wario: Yeah it was, well we get to go to the casino.

Ian: Wario, wipe your eyes to make it less obvious.

Wario: Shut up!

1. Ermine/Lucario
2. Lumines_God/RandC
3. GSD/ Sonic
4. ColonelDeath/Luigi
5. 911TheThug/Wario  
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