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My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)

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Author Topic: My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)  (Read 659 times)
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« on: 23 September, 2007, 08:19:38 am »

Leg 10: Fichina to KongTown(Animal Crossing)

Last time on the Amazing race............

Ermine's team got off to a jump start, and stayed there and finished first. Lumines' struggling team meanwhile finished second strongly, and the powerful 911 and Wario team were surprisingly eliminated. Ermine's team who arrived at 5:00 pm exactly will leave at 5:00 am.

Ermine: Go to the interworlds.net taxi station and get in the taxi and be and head to the local smalltown of KongTown, where a group of animals live.

Lucario: Let's keep it up.

(They get to the station and on the way have a talk.)

Lucario: I am not trying to say anything but we are wooping *** in this competition, and we cannot loosen up or not try hard even know we are the top.

Ermine: It's hard not to but we will not.

(Every team gets a taxi but GSD's team gets the most interesting one because of the driver.)

Kapp'n: So what's your kids' names? I got bad hearin and eyesight so speak up!

Sonic: Umm, Sonic? Have you heard of me?

Kapp'n: Oh yeah I know where you were born and everything!

GSD: Ummmm.............. Are you a stalker?

Kapp'n: Stalker, no I just research everything about his life.

GSD: OK................................

(Ermine's team arrives at the town gate and gets the clue from the dog Copper.)

Copper: Here you are!

Lucario: Thanks. Alrifght..........................................................................Roadblock!

(A roadblock is a task only one person may perform, in this roadblock one person must search thorugh each houseand find the house with the clue dispenser. You will not be arrested. Performing this is Ermine, Sonic, RandC, and Colonel.)

Ermine: I'll go to the town hall to get a map. Don't show the others where it is.

Lucario.: Good idea.

(ColonelD's team leads the last three teams and GSD and Sonic run the fasteset from their taxi.)

Colonel: I'll hurry.

Luigi: We need the lead!

(Ermine gets a map and easily finds the clue.)

Ermine: Got it! Head to nearby NookingTon's and go see Tom Nook for your next clue.

Lucario: Let's go.

(ColonelD's team completes the task second, GSD'S third and Lumines' last.)

Lumines: Remember what we said last leg.

R: Uhh...............

C: We should just get third.

Lumines: Good well let's get a move on!

(Ermine's team way ahead is by Nook)

Tom Nook: Here's your clue.

Ermine: Thanks.

Lucario. Detour.

( A detour is a task between two tasks. The choices here are Fish or Fossils. In fish teams must catch fish with the poles Nook lones you and catch 5 different kinds. Bring them to Nook for your next clue. In fossils go see Blathers at the museum and then go find three fossils.)

Ermine: Let's get fossils.

Blathers: Welcome to the museum! Here you will give me fossils. Now go get'em!


(The other three teams neck and neck and are all going to fish.)

Colonel: We have to knock out the Ermine team!

Lumines: We side with you on that, how about an alliance on making the top three.

Luigi: Let's do it.

(Meanwhile at the museum).

Blathers: Thanks for the fossils here's your clue!

Ermine: Thanks, go to LuigiKong's house in the middle of town and go to the Snowman room, last team there, may be eliminated.

(They arrive and meanwhile Colonl's team completes their task.)

Ermine: Nice room. Oh and hey LuigiKong, I did not know you could be involoved anymore.

LuigiKong: Well I could welcome people to my mansion, and anyway welcome!

Ian: Silver_Ermine and Lucario you are team number 1!

14Volt: You have won your own beach house here!

Nikoles: Plus we payed the whole thing off, no insurance payments or any sort of other payments. I am the governer of these parts so good luck.

Ermine: That's awesome.

Lucario: Agreed.

(The 2nd team arrives/)

Ian: ColonelD and Luigi you are team number 2!

Luigi: Good job Colonel.

Colonel: Thanks Luigi.

(The last two teams have finished the roadblock and one is there and another entering the mansion.)

Ian: Lumines_God and Rand C you are team number 3!

Lumines: Good enough.(high fves)

Ian: GSD and Sonic you are the last team to arrive but this is a nonelimination leg and you are still in but marked for elimination and must finish first in the next leg or you will get a penalty.

GSD: We better hurry.

Sonic: That's what I do.

1. Ermine/Lucario
2. ColonelDeath/Luigi
3. Lumines_God/RandC
4. GSD/Sonic
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