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03 April, 2020, 01:11:13 pm
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My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)

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Author Topic: My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)  (Read 659 times)
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« on: 23 September, 2007, 08:20:23 am »

Leg 11: KongTown to Fourside

Lats time on the Amazing Race ERmine's team is still dominating, and wins he leg. Colonel's team comes out of their slump and finish 2. GSD and Sonic are he last team to arrive but are only marked for elimination. Ermine's team who arrived at 4:23 pm, will leave at 4:23 am.

Ermine: We need to head to the airport and fly to EagleLand. Go to the spaceship museum by desidnated cars for your next clue. There is a surprise ahead.

(They get in car and have a conversation.)

Lucario: Ermine, they're all going to team up against us, we have to watch out this leg for all of them, but especially that Luigi and ColonelDeath team. They're strong. GSD and Sonic do little things to tear themselves down, and Lumines' team just has bad luck. We might not win thisleg, and we could even be eliminated.

Ermine: You know you're really smart Lucario.

Lucario: All I know is that you are really awesome.

(Coonel's eam leaves.)

Colonel: We have to escape those last two teams, they are teaming up, I overheard them in KongTown. They're not going to be able to take Ermine's team out, but we could be taken out and they know it.

Luigi: I say we need to win this leg.

(The last two teams leave teamed up and all teams get on the same flight.)

Lumines: All tied up again.

GSD: We need to hurry. We need to elimineate Colonnel's team at least.

(The flight lands and teams gt in their cars and one team gets there first and finds a surprise.)

ColonelD: Oh my gosh there is a yield. I say we yield Ermine's team.

(A yield is when one team must stop and turnover the hour glass and wait until the sabd goes out to go again.)

Luigi: No! Let's yield either Lumines' team or GSD's team, becaue they want us out and out of the way!

Colonel: Great idea, let's yield.............................. Lumines' team.

Coonel: Anyway there's a roadblock.

(A roadblock is a task only one person may perform, in this roadblock there is a clue hidden in one of the many spaceships here. There are four in all. Get one of the clues. Perfroming this task is Lucario, GSD, Lumines, and Luigi.)

Luigi: I'll go here first.

(Ermine's team arrives and sees they are not yielded and beginsthe task. The last two come there thogether.)

Lumines: OH ****. Why would they yield us? **** them!

GSD: Sonic, should we stay or ditch thm?

Sonic: Ditchem'.

(They walk away unseen. Colonel has foud a clue.)

Colonel: There is no detour, head straight to the pit stop! It is at the top of Fourside on the helicopter landing, last team there will be eliminated.

Luigi: Letsa' go!

(They head out and the hourglass is halfway done.)

Lumines: This thing needs to hurry or we're screwed.

(GSD's team has found the clue and Ermine's team can't seem to find one.)

Sonic: Let's go GSD, let's win a leg!

(The first team has arrived.)

Ness: Welcome to Fourside in EagleLand!

Ian: ColoenlDeath and Luigi.................................... you are team number 1!

Colonel: Yes! We did it!

Luigi: We beat Ermine's team!

14Volt: I am also giving both of you your own spaceship!

(Both faint.)

Nikoleis: I guess they liked that.

(The second team arrives and Lumines' team has started their roadblock.)

Ian: GameSharkDude and Sonic you are team number 2!

GSD: Thank you! Good enough Sonic.

Sonic: Well in the finale we'll finish one position higher.

Ian: You sure of yourself?

Sonic: Positive.

(Both of the last twoteams have completed the challenge and both are going as fast as they can over to the building.)

R: Faster Lumines!

Lumines: I'm tryin!

Ermine: We're almost there Lucario.

Lucario: Don't slow down!

(The third team arrives while the other is in the elevator.)

Ness: Welcome!

Nikoleis: Nice view isn't it?

Ian: It is.

14Volt: Wouldn't wanna fall from here.

Ian: Anyway, SilverErmine and Lucario................................... you are the third team to arrive!

Ermine: I thought we were dead.

Lucario: We just have to destroy everyone in this lastleg then.

(The last team arrives.)

Ian: Lumines_God and Ratchet and Clank, you are the last team to arrive. I'm sorry to day you have been eliminated from the race.

Lumine:Well it was fun while it lasted, The first half was a little bit less stressful for my team though. We started in eleventh the first leg barely beating Otter_Prince and Zangoose's team. We went to fourth and stayed there. Now fourth is not good enough. But note Ian I had fun and would love to do this again.

R: What he said.

C: Yeah.

1. ColonelDeath/Luigi
2. GSD/Sonic
3. Ermine/Lucario
4. Lumines_God/RandC
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