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My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)

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Author Topic: My User Amazing Race Story!(my one from May)  (Read 659 times)
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« on: 23 September, 2007, 08:22:30 am »

Final leg: Fourside to Delfino Plaza

Last time on the Amazing Race............
Ermine's team and ColonelDeth's team knew they were going to get teamed up against so in esperation Colonel's team yielded Lumines' team at the yield station which led to their elimination.The teams also chose teams being:

1. ColonelDeath/911TheThug/Cheatcrackotage/fooby_kamikaze's teams
2.GSD/LuigiKong/Magic4224/RoyRules8's teams
3.SilverErmine/Lumines_God/ OtterPrince/ Fortitude_Creed

Colonel's team who arrived at 11:15 pm will leave at 11:15 am.

Colonel: Go to the airport again and pick up a ticket to Delfino Plaza! Get the ealiest ticket possible, when you land you will meet up with your other 3 teams.

Luigi: We have to huryy now!

Colonel: I'll drive!

(They leave and head to the airport with the other two close behind.)

Ermine: Lucario, what's our strategy now?

Lucario: Just go the fastest we can, hope for the best luck.

Ermine: This is going to be tough.

(All three teams are waiting at the airport all on the same flight.Sonic and GSD are discussing.)

GSD: Alright Sonic, no one thinks we will win, that's all there is to it. We are the underdogs, and we have to just try our hardest and finish first and get our other teams working, and run as fast as you can without doing super speed.

Sonic: Alroght, I'm actually sure we can win this.

(The flight takes off. It then lands and teams findthere other teams.)

OtterPrince: Com'on Ermine we came to help you win, yes my nose is fine.

Zangoose: We actually had to ice it for weeks.

)Everyone talks and leaves in the taxi.)

fooby: Wow how did you guys get this far, I mean you were almost out fourth leg. Me and Metaknight for some reason got out second leg.

Luigi: All the sudden we just turned on.

(The team arrrives to the roadblock.)

Ermine: It's that long roadblock guys! In this roadblock you must complete this very long obstacle course, every team doing at least one thing. Grb a clue after each part of the obstacle course. The first part is teammates must eat-----

Otter: We'll do that! I'm hungry!

(They run in the course.)

Ermine: OK I was going to say Mega and Mini mushrooms. We're screwed aren't we?

Fort: We always are.

Lucario: Sut up Creed!

(The other two teams arrive and send Roy and RoyRules8 and 911 and Wario.)

fooby: Go Wario and 911!

911: Mushrooms let's eat one, here's one for you, and one for me. Cheers?

Wario: Cheers!

(911 is really big and Wario is really small.)

Wario: 911.................................... is it just me or have you grown al lot in the past five minutes?

911: Actually I grew a lot and you shrunk, now run through those holes tiny or I'll stomp on you!

Wario: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

(Theycontinue that but Roy's team is already near the end of that part..)

RoyRules: Reach for the switch at the very top I need a hole open, the clue's at the other side!

(They get the clue and their walls open up.)

GSD: Good job Roy's.

Roy: Thank you.(bows)

RoyRules: Don't mention it.

Sonic: In the next part the racers must try on the iron boots and Zora tunics and walk through the water with the strong current, it is very hard and you must have a lot of strength.

LuigiKOng:Me and DK will do it Sonic. You want to do it DK?

DK: Yes.

(They begin that as OtterPrince's team finishes along wit Wario's. Doing the task for them is CheatCrackotage's team and Lumines' team.)

Colonel: Come on Cheat!

(Everyone is now in the water but the Kongs are way ahead going at a fast pace throguh. The other teams have not fallen either though.)

Roy: Kongs three more baby step and then the ladder.

(They climb the ladder, take every thing off and grab the clue which opens the wall for the other teams.)

LuigiKong: This time teams must defeat the room of dodongos with anything nececsary, you may use your powers.

Magic: Me and Shy Guy!

Shy Guy: Alright.......................................

(Lumines' team gets done, and Cheat's team is almost done.)
Lumines: So who is going to do this task?

Ermine: Me and Lucario I guess.

Ratchet: Go for it!

(Cheat arrives.)

Cheat: We're bringing up the rear.

Kirby: My head hurts.............................

Colonel: fooby;s team should do this.

fooby: Alright we're of!

Meta: Let's go.(draws sword)

(Magic is casting spells using mage skills, SHy Guy is throwing rocks, Ermine is digging underground then attacking,Lucario is using POkemon moves, fooby is throwing knives everywhere, and Metaknight is slicing everyone up.)

(fooby gets done first, then Magic's team, and then Ermine's team.)

fooby: We have to get Colonel and Luigi to do shoot archery at the target and if you hit the target will explode revealing the clue for the final part, the reamining team must do this.

(Colonel has great aim and Luigi pretty good, also doing this task is Fort's team, and GSD and Sonic.)

Baby Bowser: Let's do this Fort!

(Everyone starts shooting Colonel has hit the target and now so has Luigi and they get their clue.)

Luigi: Everyone on all four teams must run on treadmills until the clue pops out of the conveyer belt. This will take a while.

(Fort hits the target.and GSD after struggling hit the target.)

Roy: Good thing I didn't have to use the bow and arrow.

(All theam are now on the treadmills, Sonic is not going super speed, but still really fast.)

Luigi: Faster guys!

Otter: Let's move Luminnes!

Lumine: I'm tryin!

LuigiKong: I've got this guys, I run track, Sonic's the only one here faster than me.

GSD: Nice............ I'm tired...................... Com'on both of you!

Sonic: There's the clue! Grab it Magic!

Magic: Head to the local rooftop and grab a Yoshi egg. Then head to the finish line/mat first team there will win a million dollars and a million cookies, second threre will win 500,000 dollars, and third will win 250,000. Only the reamining in the race team has to land on the mat.

(The other two teams finish.)

Luigi: I'll grab the egg, I'm the best jumper aroud! Got it!

Baby Bowser: I go the egg ERMINE!

Ermine: Good job and let's go!

DK: Toss down the egg you don't have to finish!

(All the teams are now going thorough town.)

Zangoose: Tis is confiusing!

Cheat: This is one weird town.

Roy: Let's go that way!

(Ermine's team and Colonel's team are right next to each other.)

Ermine and Coonel: I see the finish!

(They are sprinting a tem has reaced the mat and won the race.)

Bowser Jr.: Welcom to the scum of Delfino.

Ian: Jr...................

Bowser Jr: Welcome to Delfino Plaza!

14Volt: We've got the money fpr the team Ian.

Ian: Good 14Volt.

Ian: Nikoleis got the other money?

Nikoleis: Yes.Ian: It is heavy.

Ina: How heavy?

Nikoleis: Really heavy?

Ian: How really heavy?

14Volt: Enough stalling tell the team their result.

Ian: Alright.

Ian: For the final time in the race, GamesharkDude and Sonic you have won the Amaing Race 1!

GSD: Oh yeah!

Sonic: This is the greatest day of my life!

14Volt: Here is your 1 million dollar reward and cookies reward!

GSD: Smells good!

Nikoleis: And also the teams who helped you this last le get 100,000 dollars! The teams who did not help you will get 25,000 each. But Lumines' team gets 50,000 for getting Fourth.

LuigiKong: Oh yeah!

Magic: Thank you for choosing all of us!

(They celebate as the secnd team arrives.)

Ian: SilverErmine and Lucario am sorry to tell you but you are the second team to arrive. You did not wi9n 1000000 but you still won 500,000 dollars and cookies, and Lumines' team wins 50,000 and the rest of your team 25,000, yes we are nice here.

Ermine: Stinks we lost but oh well, it was fun, and we still get half a million dollars!

Lucario: You are still awesome though SilverErmine. this was the most fun I;ve ever had with someone else.

Ermine: Thank you Lucario, you too.

(The last team arrives.)

Ian: I am sorry to tell you but you are the thrid team to arrive ColonelDeath and Luigi.

14Volt: You win 250,000 dollars though.

Luigi: That stinks but this was awesoem, Colonel was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet and we will definetly spend more time together as friends.

Colonel: Same to Luigi.

Ian: GameSharkDude and Sonic have won the Amazing Race, think you would have a better strategy than them try out for the second Amazing Race! Thank you all who wanted to be in it and all the reviews you gave me. Anyway keep this topic alive for the next week, than you

Final Results

1. GameSharkDude/Sonic
2. Silver_Ermine/Lucario
3. ColonelDeath/Luigi
4. Lumines_God/Ratchet and Clank
5. 911TheThug/Wario
6. LuigiKong/ Donkey Kong
7. CheatCrackotage.Kirby
8. Magic4224/ShyGuy
9. RoyRules8/Roy
10. Fortitude_Creed/Baby Bowser
11. fooby_kamikaze/ Metaknight
12. Otter_Prince/ Zangoose
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