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02 December, 2021, 12:34:50 am
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User Story Part I

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Author Topic: User Story Part I  (Read 1730 times)
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The Puppet Master...is now pulling the strings

« on: 20 June, 2007, 07:43:03 am »

Chapter 1-Destined For Glory
Plateau Country
   The frigid wind blew across Devicho’s face, as she gazed out her window towards the fjords and the icy sea far below.  The sun set in an explosion of pink and purple, shimmering fantastically across the surface of the water.

‘How beautiful’ she thought.

Something caught her eye, a dark flash across the sky; in the last fading light of day, she couldn’t make out what it was, but whatever it was, she was sure it was no good.  Quickly, she drew the drapes, shuddering, and chanced another look, just a peek.  She saw no black shadow, and resolved that it was merely a trick of her eye.

She had a small snack, cleaned up for the night, and went to bed, and dreamed…

Beach Country

   Fooby was fishing in the bay, enjoying the warmth of the sun’s last rays for the day.  Something snagged his line.

‘Oh boy, a big one’ he thought.

After a long struggle, he finally managed to real in his quarry, a huge swordfish. He made short work of it, brandishing a knife and killing it.  He cut and cleaned it, and put it away in the icebox.

He decided to take one last swim, before nightfall.  He dove into the warm tropical waters, and enjoyed himself.  After a few minutes, he saw an enormous black shape coming towards him.  He shot out of the water and ran down the dock to his hut on the beach.  He slammed the door, and sat, out of breath.

He ate dinner, and fell into a fitful sleep, dreaming…

Field Country

   Duprav lay on the second floor balcony at the ranch where he lived and worked.  He was almost asleep, it was so peaceful.  He gazed at the stars, shimmering beautifully in the night sky.

‘Tonight, they are even more beautiful than usual’ he thought
Rolling over, he gazed across the seemingly endless plain, and wished sincerely that he could be elsewhere.  Giving the sky one last look, he saw a shooting star, and made his wish.  He was so distracted by this, that he didn’t notice the sinister shadow that fell across the moon.  He went to bed that night, thinking of new and exciting things and places, and dreamed…

Jungle Country

Magic was enjoying the wildlife in his jungle abode, a house high up in the trees, with bridges connecting it to other houses.  He listened to the sounds of the forest, finding it peaceful, and enjoying nature’s serenade.  When it was too dark to see, he got up and climbed the rope ladder to his home, and looked back down, he saw a large figure rushing through the undergrowth toward the ladder.
He pulled it up quickly, frightened by this mysterious beast…
He went inside, and ate, then blew out his light, and fell asleep to the jungle’s endless song, and dreamed…

All four dreamt the same dream…
       ……..a fair maiden appeared out of the darkness…

“Young one, you are truly destined for glory…….great honor awaits you and your nation……”

                “…………How do I achieve this?”

                                                             “………You must travel to the center of the continent, and retrieve an item of great power………doing so will allow you to set me free, and I will bring you the highest honor…….”

“….go quickly, for others will try to stop you………they want it for themselves……..”

The dream faded away…..all four continued to sleep, dreamless, until morning…….

In an evil lair far away………
The fair maiden steps off of a pedestal……….and shapeshifts

Judgment: It has begun. Re4master, get ready, they will be here in a few days time…

Re4master: Yes, my liege, I will prepare for the great war that awaits…..
Judgment: (to self) Those fools really think I’m the Oracle………buahahahahaha
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