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09 December, 2021, 04:22:42 am
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User Story Part I

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Author Topic: User Story Part I  (Read 1730 times)
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The Puppet Master...is now pulling the strings

« on: 20 June, 2007, 07:44:44 am »

Devicho awoke with the sun and ran to the palace library as quickly as possible.  She poured through books for three hours before finally finding what she was looking for.  The woman in her dream, was The Oracle…
‘So it’s true; I am destined for glory’
In excitement, she ran to tell her father, King Chafenhiemer.

He granted her permission to leave on this journey, as he knew she was very capable, but gave one condition, she must take with her three of the country’s finest.  She agreed, and they were to meet her at the city gate in two hours.

At the gates she met [3 users]. They got acquainted, and set off across the glaciers to find what lay beyond.

Fooby awoke, knowing exactly what had happened…he had seen the Oracle in his dream…she was very important to tribal heritage…
And he knew that what she said would come to pass…
He had to get permission from Queen [female user], before he could go.
He arrived at her enormous hut, but the guards would not let him through…
He looked about for a way in, and found one…he tied down a nearby palm tree and climbed on.  Then he cut the rope, and flew through the air, and in through the window…
Queen _____: Oh my!
Fooby: I have seen the oracle in a dream, and must go immediately to the center of the continent, to bring glory to our people.
Queen ____: Well, in that case, go to the harbor with this Royal Decree, and you will be granted passage across the sea…it’s much quicker than going all the way up the peninsula.
Fooby: Yes…
Fooby arrived at the harbor and presented the decree…there was a big commotion, and others became interested…three of them asked if they could join… they were [3 users]…
The four waited aboard for the departure…

Duprav ran out of the house and across the ranch.  He headed for the stable, and got his horse ready quickly.
They galloped across the plain until they reached the mayor’s house.
Duprav rang the doorbell, but no one came…after waiting for quite some time with no success, he tried a different route…he went around back, and picked the lock…(he’s a master of unlocking)
Once inside, he found his way to the Mayor’s bedroom, and woke him up…
Duprav: Mayor Hawk_v3, wake up…it’s urgent
Hawk_v3: hmm…what? Oh, what is it?
The two sat down to breakfast and Duprav told Mayor Hawk_v3 everything…
Hawk_v3:well, that is news…I think I will call the air port, and have them send you by airship, and also, take [3 users], with you…they will be much help…
Duprav: Thanks

Duprav arrived at the airport, and waited with the others in the main cabin for the airship to be readied for takeoff.

Magic awoke quickly…
   He got dressed quickly and sent out the call…
He knew what he had to do…
    Ermine, snake, and [1 user] arrived, answering the call…
He explained what had happened over coffee…
     It was decided, the four would journey across the country, to find glory…
They set out through the dense jungle when the sun was not even yet at its peak…
     It would be a long journey…..

Where I have boxed in [# user/users] I need that number of users, so ask to be put into one of the groups…..the last one with magic should be animal based…..
And I’m saving spots for Killer_Spatula and Jawooooo because they put me in their stories….and I need a less prominent female user to use for the queen of the beach peoples……because I don’t know genders……

And, as you can see, part 4 is shorter than the others……that is not going to be constant, one part will always be shorter, but it will not always be part 4…
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