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User Story Part I

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Author Topic: User Story Part I  (Read 1730 times)
The Puppet Master
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The Puppet Master...is now pulling the strings

« on: 20 June, 2007, 07:49:09 am »

Chapter 6: Betrayal and Deception

   Dawn broke across the peaceful village of Althena, in the country of Wellsinth.  The hustling and bustling society of psychics had never allowed for much to leak from their country.  The mountain walls kept most out, and the trickle of information that did escape told only of the vast expanses of wilderness, and said nothing of the psychics or their country.  In truth, no country wanted to enter, because it held no advantage for anyone else.  It was the perfect place for the peace loving people, and looking out from their village, situated on top of the tallest mountain in the world, they could observe everything around them.

   Having woken up hours before sunrise, Lumines looked out across the plains.  Using his mind’s eye, he gazed into the other countries…and saw something troubling.  There were four groups approaching them, one from each of the other countries, and they were close too.  Even more troubling was what came behind them.  There were armies charging after them, heading towards this country.

   Judgment had told them that they would not be troubled.  Somehow, Lumines knew that he had something to do with this problem.  He wrote out four letters, one to each of the four that were studying under him.  After sending these, he rushed off to confront Judgment himself.

Arriving at Judgment’s fortress, which floated above the city, he entered silently and slunk down the hallways and finding Judgment’s room.  He confronted the betrayer.  A fierce mental battle soon ensued.  After hours of struggle, Judgment vaporized Lumines…the fight was over.  His plot was revealed, but as far as he was concerned, there was nothing anyone could do to stop it…

   Sasori arrived at the spot indicated to meet in Lumines’ letter.  He was a bit early, but already the others were there.  In the small, crowded room stood NubChaos, 911, and Banjo2553.

911: We need to get out of here as fast as we can, we must intercept these groups and get them back here, before these armies can arrive and all hell breaks loose.

Nub: It seems that we will need to split up; each of us need to go to one group…

Sasori: So, how will we go about doing this?  Who will go where?

Banjo: We need to escape first…Judgment will try to stop us…perhaps we should disconnect his fortress from our city…there are four chains, one towards each country…

911: Then it is settled, let’s go…

911 headed for the Northwest gate…and found it unguarded; he quickly began to break the chain with his sword…and was attacked from behind just as the chain broke free…

There had been a guard, only invisible…lashing out with the sword he killed the foe easily…

Sasori headed for the Southwest gate…and quickly dispatched the guard with his powerful telekinesis…sending the foe off of the edge and plummeting to his death…
He then proceeded to rip the chain from it’s holding…

NubChaos arrived at the Southeast gate…the guard did not expect the mindblast that hit him…and he fell to the ground writhing in pain…he would be that way for several days.  Nub pulled out his knife and pried the chain loose from it’s seat…

Banjo headed to Northwest gate…he saw the guard from a long distance off…he used his own ability to dispose of him…he took over this guard’s mind…and forced him to break his own neck…he then whipped out a spear…and worked the chain loose…

With all four chains broken…Judgment’s fortress began to float away…


   Raizor_Blaid was troubled; if he didn’t succeed this time he would be surely punished even more severely by Judgment, and re4master’s words still hung in his head.  The four of them had decided to keep an eye on both of them, but the more dire need was to find themselves in good favor with Judgment, so that if it came to it, they would be able to betray him…

Raizor was deep in the forest looking for a contact, a lead troll who would prove useful in the forest.  The Princess and her group would not be familiar with the forest, and sending these after them would give him an edge in capturing them.  He finally found who he was looking for, WizdomKube.

He approached with caution; trolls were unpredictable and he didn’t want to set off it’s flaming instinct.  He spoke.

“WizdomKube, I require your services.  You must take out this traveling group, and make sure that they do not pass through this forest alive.”

“And why should I do that?”

This is something Raizor had worried about; the troll was not being agreeable.  He would have to take more drastic measures.  He used his elemental power to bring the earth up to Kube’s neck.

“Because…if you don’t comply…you might find yourself dead…and if you do…you will likely find Judgment’s favor in his new world order…”

“Very well…I will do this.”

Raizor gave WizdomKube a description of Devicho and her group…and left the troll…laughing inwardly.
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