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Sonny and Shade (Finished)

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Author Topic: Sonny and Shade (Finished)  (Read 3226 times)
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« on: 18 October, 2007, 10:18:22 am »

For those who guessed it was a Sonic story, good for you (after all, my original username is SA2 >.>). This story won't actually be about Sonic cause it's in a different dimension. I've included a few people from the site in the story and might add a few others. ILS is also helping me do this story...but only a little.

Of course it won't be very good right now, since it's just the beginning
Chapter 1 – The beginning (Like I said >.>)

In an unknown dimension, somewhere in an unknown city, in the middle of an unknown park was a small hedgehog, who was also unknown. It was late in the afternoon, a blue beam of energy from the sky hit the hedgehog and it began to transform. 20 seconds later where the small hedgehog was, stood a small, humanoid blue hedgehog.

He looked exactly like Sonic the Hedgehog but he was a bit shorter and his spikes were shorter. He also didn’t have any gloves or shoes on. His pupils were also light blue. The hedgehog looked around for a few moments.

”Sweet! I can talk…In before other characters…” he exclaimed.

The hedgehog ran off towards the streets a few seconds later. The hedgehog ran along the streets, avoiding the traffic by moving left and right. A lot of pedestrians saw the blue hedgehog as he ran through the city and were shocked by his speed. A few minutes later the hedgehog stopped in an alleyway and sat down. He looked at his feet, which were glowing slightly red.

”Man, I need to get some shoes soon…” He said, rubbing his slightly burnt feet.

Sometime later, the blue hedgehog went out running again after his feet had recovered. Soon, several police cars were chasing him as he travelled down a road with a lot of cars ahead of him. The hedgehog jumped across the line of cars and ran down a path to the left. In an unknown area, there was a red house.

Inside was a boy, sitting on a red sofa and watching a big screen TV in front of him. The TV had a splitscreen, so he could watch two different things at once. On the right side of the screen the news was coming on. It showed a man, wearing a grey suit with a black tie, and his hair was black.

”This is 42 news!” He started. “Today is a strange day indeed. I have been informed that there’s an incredibly fast blue hedgehog running around the streets. Let’s go to the scene!” He said, as the picture switched to the scene. “In other news, I am not wearing pants.”

High in a helicopter was someone recording the blue hedgehog running from the police cars. On the left side of the TV screen, the boy was watching the first episode of Sonic X where Sonic was running from the police.

”Something here seems familiar, but I just can’t quite put my finger on it…” The boy said.

The blue hedgehog continued to run from the police with them slowly catching up.

“Heh, these guys are fast.” He said with a cocky smile. “I’ll have to try a different route!”

The blue hedgehog ran past a pizza shop where someone called SA2 was eating. SA2 was wearing a black ninja outfit, and had the Sonic Adventure 2 icon on the front of his chest. The blue hedgehog ran down the first alleyway he saw. He jumped on a trashcan then spin jumped onto a roof. The hedgehog ran along the area, jumping from roof to roof. The hedgehog fell through a red roof as he landed on it, falling into a garage.

Someone entered the garage moments later and saw the hedgehog. He was wearing black pants with a white stripe going down, a black shirt and black sneakers. He had grey pupils and brown hair with three long sharp strands of hair sticking up slightly.

”Hey, you’re the hedgehog from the news!” The person said.

”..News? What’s that?” The hedgehog asked.

”It doesn’t matter…” The boy said with a sigh. “So what’s your name?”

”I haven’t really got one…” He said. “It’s awfully sunny outside, seriously!” The hedgehog continued randomly.

”Well I guess I could call you Sonny.” The boy said.

“Sure, sounds good.” Sonny said with a smile.

”You don’t have anywhere to stay, do you?” The boy asked.

”Nope. Not at all.” Sonny said as if it wasn’t a problem.

”Great, then you can stay here, as long as my parents don’t see you.” The boy said.

”Why can’t your parents see me?” The hedgehog asked.

” Well…You’re a mutant, blue hedgehog.” The boy said bluntly.

”…I see your point.” The hedgehog said. “You never did tell me your name. What is it?” The hedgehog asked.

”Oh, right, my name is Mads.” The boy said.

”…What kind of name is Mads?” The hedgehog asked with a weird look in his eyes.

”It’s Danish.” Mads said, as if he was used to that question.

”Whatever.” The hedgehog replied.

”So, do you like anime?” Mads asked randomly.

”What’s anime?” The hedgehog asked back.

”It’s gonna be a long night…” Mads said with a sigh.

Mads and Sonny left the garage and entered the house. The living room was big with all the other rooms connected to it. The sofa was in the middle of the room with a small table to the side of it and the TV ahead against the wall in front of the sofa. The kitchen was to the left and one room to the right. Upstairs was a long hallway with three rooms and a bathroom at the end. The walls were painted green.

“Green isn’t that good of a color…” Sonny said as he walked in.

“Your opinion is void.” Mads replied.

“What does that mean?”

“It means you shut up.”

“Just saying my opinion…”

“Which is void. Anyway…” Mads pointed around the rooms. “As it was just explained, those are the rooms and there are a few upstairs.”

“Mind if I go to the kitchen?” Sonny asked.

“I’ll come with you to make sure you don’t eat up my entire fridge.”

“I was only gonna eat half…”

Mads and Sonny walked into the kitchen. The walls were light blue and there was a fan on the ceiling. “At least this place isn’t green…” Sonny said.

“Quiet you.”

Sonny looked at the counter near the sink to see an apple, orange and banana punching each other. “Well this is bizarre…”

Mads walked over and looked at the fruit. “What on earth? Why are my fruit fighting? What is this; I don’t even…get back in the fridge or meet a blendery death!” The fruit ran and jumped back into the fridge. “Now that’s what I’m talking about.”

Shortly afterwards they went up to Mads room. There was a computer on a stand five feet ahead from the door, with a television a few feet away from it. The bed was on the other side of the room and a brown wardrobe to the far right of it. There was a cupboard with many draws by the bed. The wallpaper was also green.

“Another green room?” Sonny asked.

“You suck for not liking green.”

Sonny opened one of the draws to see a comic with Sonic slapping Eggman on the cover and many anime DVD’s. “You sure do like anime…”

“It’s my anti-drug, because when you’re addicted to anime, you can’t afford no drugs.” Mads then sat on the bed and turned on the television.

Afterwards Sonny looked in Mads wardrobe to find a dozen of the same outfit. He then looked at Mads. “Limited wardrobe, huh?”

“You better believe it.” Mads then looked at the TV. “Hey, that show is starting.”

“What show?” Sonny asked.

“I don’t even-”

On the screen, Big was fishing near a lake with Sonic and Tails on the other side and Tails was holding a golden large laser cannon with the Sega logo on it.

“What’s with the laser cannon?” Sonic asked.

“Well you see, I’m testing it out to see if the beam can reach maximum velocity.”


“Because I’m bored.” Tails pointed the cannon at the water and prepared to fire. Knuckles then ran over and punched it a second before it fired; Tails then fired the cannon at Froggy and blew him up.

Tails looked at Knuckles. “What was that for?”

“Somebody’s broken the Master Emerald again; I heard you had a few pieces so hand them over.”

Sonic sighed. “Knuckles, did you get tricked again?”

“Shut up!”

Big looked over at Froggy who was completely fried. “Froggy!” He then got angry and walked over to the others while Sonic and Knuckles were arguing.

“Hey Big.” Sonic said. Big then continued to stare at them. Sonic then took out a purple necktie and gave it to him. Tails then pointed at Knuckles. “His fault.”

Amy then ran over to the area holding a frog figurine. Big then ran over to her and grabbed her then began to run off. Sonic then sighed. “Looks like I’ll be taking off.” He quickly took out red and blue overalls and put them on, then he took out a blue cap with an ‘S’ on it and put it on. Afterwards he then ran after Big.

Mads and Sonny continued watching. Sonny then scratched his head. “That was weird...”

“These shows come on often...”
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A nostalgic wind blows....

« Reply #1 on: 18 October, 2007, 10:40:55 am »

YAY! Go Mads!
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That guy

« Reply #2 on: 19 October, 2007, 07:01:29 am »

YAY! Go Mads!


Also, SA2 is the one writing the entire story, I'm just rewriting it to be more novel like.
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Marie Rose
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« Reply #3 on: 20 October, 2007, 06:19:54 am »

Chapter 2 - A Secret Weapon

Two days had passed since Sonny started living at Mads’ house. Sonny was in Mads’ room watching TV while Mads was getting ready for school. On the screen, Big ran up a slope and jumped onto a platform then started chucking barrels as Sonic ran up the slope. Sonic jumped over the barrels and eventually made it to Big, and then Big carried Amy again and climbed up a ladder with Sonic following moments later.

“So, high school, what’s that like?” Sonny asked.

“Kinda sucks.” Mads said. “Just be glad you don’t have to do that stuff.”

“Thank goodness I’m a hedgehog then...” Sonny said, relieved.

“Mutant hedgehog” Mads said with a grin.

“Whatever.” Sonny replied.

“I’ll be gone till sometime this afternoon, just make sure my parents don’t see you.” 

“Can do.” Sonny replied.

Mads left the house a minute later and walked down the street. Sonny was watching a cooking show and seemed slightly interested, but it wore off after a few seconds.

“Screw this; I’m going for a speed run.” He stated.

Sonny grabbed a pair of sneakers before leaving Mads’ house. The top half of them was red while the bottom was white. Sonny walked in them for a few moments.

“These will be good for running in, well time to breeze.” He said, and left.

Sonny ran outside, closing the door as he sped off. Sonny travelled down the streets again, jumping over cars and other obstacles. Sonny jumped on a parked yellow car, and then spin jumped onto the side of a building. Sonny started running up the side until he reached the top, and then stopped. Sonny looked around the city from up above.

“There must be something for me to do around here…” He said with a sigh.

Sonny looked far ahead towards the sea and saw a small base slowly moving across the sea. “It’s kinda funny how things just fall into place when you need them to...guess I could check that out...”

Sonny ran down the building and sped through the city. Sonny ran past a hotdog stand where SA2 was buying a hotdog. Soon, Sonny made it to a forest area where the base was far in front of him across the water.

“Well here goes nothing…” Sonny said as he got ready. 

The song ‘Supersonic’ by bad religion started playing as Sonny sped along the water towards the base. Sonny reached the base moments later, then jumped up and landed on it at a few seconds later. Sonny sped off down the grey concrete towards the base with small grey turrets outside. Sonny ran straight through the turrets ten seconds after landing on the base, then jumped up and landed in an air duct seconds later.

Sonny spin dashed along the air duct. Sonny exited the duct after several seconds, went through 3 loops and off a ramp a few seconds later. Sonny pulled off a few tricks in the air and landed on the ground after a few seconds. Sonny sped off towards some yellow robot spiders as he hit the ground. He rolled into a ball and moved around the area, destroying them.

After destroying them all and then ran towards a speed pad. He hit the speed pad two seconds later, and ran up a path to the left, hit another and went up to the right, hit another going up to the left, then hit one more going up to the right. At the end of the short path was a diagonal spring pointing North-west.

Sonny hit three other springs then grabbed a hook connected to a giant gear in mid-air moments later. He swung round the gear quickly, then jumped up and landed on the gear. Sonny continued moving and jumped on a second gear seconds later. Sonny jumped and landed in another air duct five seconds later. Sonny spin dashed around the duct, changing direction every few seconds.

Sonny made it out of the duct after a short while and ran down the path on the side of the wall. Sonny hit a ramp several seconds later, pulled off a few tricks and landed on the ground after a few seconds. Sonny sped off down the long path; Sonny started evading the doors which tried to close on him and slid under the last metal door just before it closed seconds later.

Sonny slowly ran along the big room he had just entered. As he ran past a tall pillar he stopped. He looked up and smiled at a black hedgehog with red stripes who was standing on the pillar.

“The name’s Sonny the Hedgehog.” He said. “And you are?”

The black hedgehog jumped off the pillar and landed a few feet in front of Sonny. He looked just like Shadow but was a bit shorter and didn’t have white chest fur.

”Shade the Hedgehog.” The black hedgehog said. “You must be pretty good to make it down here.”

“Indeed I am.” Sonny stated.

Shade charged at Sonny and unleashed a series of punches which Sonny dodged. Sonny ducked as Shade tried to kick him and swiped at his foot. As Shade fell, he teleported behind Sonny and kicked him forward, sending him flying. Sonny flipped, and landed on his feet then ran towards Shade. Sonny tried a slide attack but Shade jumped up as Sonny reached him.

Shade spun around and tried to attack Sonny with a downward kick but Sonny moved out the way. Sonny then got up and ran out the room with Shade following him. A bunch of scientists wearing white lab coats were watching this on a big screen.

“Hey, isn’t that mutant blue hedgehog the same one who was on the news?” The first scientist said.

“I think it is the same hedgehog...” The second scientist replied.

Outside was a battleship that approached the base. It was silver and on the top of it had an icon which was a gold sharp disk with the letters ‘RB’ in the middle, which were red. The battleship began firing at the base, causing a lot of damage to it.

“We’re being attacked!” A third scientist yelled.

“Then fire the missiles!” Another scientist shouted.

“No u!” He replied.

The battleship continued to attack from outside. Somewhere inside the base, Sonny and Shade were running side by side, a few feet away from each other along a destroyed path. They smiled at each other as they moved at the same speed. Soon they ran past a big pillar and Sonny disappeared on his side. Sonny appeared on Shade’s side and tackled him. They both went through a wall and rolled down a small path, attacking each other and eventually landing in some water. Shade climbed out quickly onto a concrete platform while Sonny splashed about in the water.

“Help! I can’t swim!” He screamed.

“The water isn’t even that deep…”

Sonny looked down and saw the water was right near the ground. “Oh…” Sonny climbed onto the platform a few seconds later.

“You aren’t the only one who dislikes water…”

“Ok, let’s continue!” Sonny said.

Using his air shoes, Shade slid across the ground quickly and gave Sonny an uppercut, sending him into the air. Shade jumped up and kicked Sonny towards a wall. Sonny back flipped, touched the wall with both feet and rolled up into a ball and spin attacked Shade. Shade fell down and landed on his feet, Sonny dropped down a second later and ran towards Shade. Shade threw a chaos spear which Sonny dodged by running left. Sonny continued to dodge his attacks while moving about the area. Sonny eventually jumped onto a giant metal sphere containing water.

Shade threw another chaos spear at the sphere, Sonny jumped off it at the last second and it exploded, covering the ground in water. Sonny landed on a wall with both feet and quickly ran up it into another area above. Shade hovered in the air using his air shoes and followed him up the wall. Outside, the battleship continued to attack the base.

“Get to DA CHOPPAH!” A scientist yelled in fear.

“No u!” Replied another scientist angrily.

The scientists ran out the room and got into a helicopter and flew off as the base began to crumble from the inside. SA2 floated past the battleship in a small blue boat while it continued to fire. Meanwhile, Sonny and Shade were standing a few feet away from each other, in a fighting stance and smiling.

“You’re pretty good...” Shade said.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” Sonny replied.

“Get out.”

“Huh?” Sonny asked.

“Well this place is gonna blow in a bit so we need to get out of here.” Shade said, sounding surprisingly calm.

“Ooooooh, for a second I thought you disliked me.”

“I do.” Shade said with a cold voice.

“Aww....” Sonny sighed.

“Now let’s move.”

Shade ran down a path ahead of them and Sonny followed him. A minute later they appeared outside and rushed to the edge of the base near the water.

“Hang on; I’ll just hover across with my air shoes...” Shade said.

“They can do that?” Sonny asked.

“As far as I know.”

Shade hovered into the air and Sonny grabbed onto his foot. They made it to the forest area safely and landed.

Someone inside the battleship then yelled, “B7!” as he pressed one button. He then fired one last missile which blew up the base.

One of the scientists then looked back as the base went down. “He sunk our battleship!”

Afterwards, Sonny and Shade ran back to Mads house and climbed in through his window. Mads was inside watching TV. On the screen, Tails and Knuckles were chasing Eggman in the tornado and Eggman’s eggmobile did a barrel roll as he approached a small gap between two large mountains and made it through. Tails and Knuckles stopped and Knuckles shook his fist at Eggman.

”Poor Knuckles.” Mads said as he shook his head, he then turned around. “There’s a door y’know.” He said, clearly somewhat annoyed.

“Doors aren’t my style.” Sonny replied.

“So who’s this?” Mads asked, looking at Shade.

“I’m Shade the Hedgehog, nice to meet you.” Shade said, somewhat coldly.

“Hi, my name is Mads.” 

“What kind of name is Mads?” Shade asked.

“It’s Danish…” He said with a sigh.

“So can he stay here as well?” Sonny asked.

“Fine but no more animals…” Mads said with a sigh. ”So Shade, do you like anime?” He asked. 

“What’s anime?” Shade asked.

“Here we go again…”

Half an hour later, Mads had explained about anime to Shade. Shade nodded afterwards. “So this anime faze is a way of enjoying yourself during your free time because you don’t have many friends.”

“Exactly…I mean, no, it’s just a hobby.”

“Because you can’t afford no drugs?”

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« Reply #4 on: 20 October, 2007, 06:35:46 am »

Chapter 3 – As Sharp as the Blaid

Late that night, Sonny and Shade were playing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Sonny was playing as Sonic and Shade was playing as Shadow. They are playing on the grind race level and Sonic is a bit ahead of Shadow near the end. Shadow used chaos control and reached the end before Sonic did.

“Oh em gee, double yew tee eff, bee bee queue!’’ (try saying it out loud) Sonny yelled, shocked by the results.

Shade jumped up and slammed the Gamecube pad on the floor then threw his fist in the air. “I am the ultimate!” 

“There’s no need to rub it in.” Sonny said, annoyed by Shade’s victory. “Besides, you cheated.”

“If I recall correctly, you used your time stop on me around the beginning, so it’s only fair.” 

“Damn it, you’re right.” Sonny said, admitting defeat.

“Hey guys.” Mads said as he entered the room.

“Hey.” Sonny and Shade replied.

“On the news there’s some building downtown which is on fire…and with people inside…and stuff.” Mads randomly said.

“Seriously?” Shade asked.

“Seriously.” Mads replied.

“C’mon Sonny, let’s go!” Shade said as he approached the window. 

Sonny and Shade jumped out the window and ran through the streets. They soon encounted a large grey building with many civilians standing outside.

A red stickman and a yellow stickman ran around in circles outside with the red one yelling, “Oh no!” and the yellow one yelling, “Oh em gee!” Sonny and Shade rushed in and split up. They moved about the area, rescuing people trapped in the building. Sonny found a pair of white gloves on the floor and put them on. They finished rescuing everyone five minutes later by the time the fire brigade arrived. When they started to put out the fire, Sonny and Shade rushed back to Mads house and climbed in through the window.

“No time for much talking because this chapter is longer than the first two.” Shade said after climbing in.

“It’s a good thing you decided to use the window this time.” Mads said.

“Why is that?” 

“My parents are downstairs.”

“I haven’t even seen them yet.” Sonny said as he sat on the floor.

“This is one of those things where I mention them but you hardly see them.”

“I see.” Sonny said, rubbing his chin.

“You see well.” Mads replied. “G’night.” Said Mads as he turned off the lights and went to bed. After a few moments, Sonny finally said something. “...So what do your parents look like?”

“Shut up, Sonny.” Shade responded. “I’m trying to get some sleep!”

The next morning, Mads was getting ready for school again while Sonny and Shade were watching TV. On the screen, Big ran through a jungle and onto another platform then chucked barrels at Sonic as he ran towards him. Sonic jumped over them as he said, “Here we goooo!” Sonic eventually made it onto the platform, Big then climbed up another ladder and Sonic climbed up afterwards.

“Remember not to let my parents see you.” Mads said as he finished getting ready.

“K.” The two hedgehogs replied in unison.

“Later.” Mads said as he left the room. Mads left the house quickly and rushed up the street. Shortly after, Sonny put on the sneakers he wore the day before.

“So Shade, you up for a race?” Sonny said with a smile.

“Sure, why not, where to?” Shade asked.

“I dunno, let’s just race somewhere along the city, maybe with a bit of city escape playing, you know, good stuff.” Sonny suggested.

Sonny and Shade left the house shortly after and ran down the street. Soon they sped along the city, avoiding cars and obstacles. SA2 was sitting at a newspaper stand. Sonny jumped over it while grabbing one of the papers, Shade then sped by half a second later and threw him a nickel. Sonny jumped onto a bus going in the other direction and ran on one spot while Shade passed him quite quickly.

“HAX!” Sonny shouted as Shade rushed by.

“Eat my dust!” Shade replied.

Shade ran round a corner and saw a big white robot with one eye run right past him with a brown bag. Shade followed the robot with Sonny close behind. The robot ran to somewhere deep in a forest. The robot approached an old factory, looked around then entered while doing the robot. Sonny and Shade entered the factory a few moments later and found two separate paths.

“Let’s find that robot.” Shade said.

“I’ll go right.” Sonny said as he turned right.

“I’ll go left then.” Shade said as he turned left.

Sonny went down the right path and Shade went down the left path. Sonny walked along a dark path and came across a big dark room. He walked slowly across the dark room.

“Sometimes I feel like, somebody’s watching me! And I don’t know why!’’ Sonny sang as he walked across the room. Sonny soon saw the white robot run past the room. Sonny followed it into another room and fly kicked it in the head. He then landed on its head, and then it began to malfunction.

“Consider yourself owned.” Sonny said with a smile. “Now let’s see what’s in this bag.” Sonny continued, as he grabbed the bag. Sonny opened the bag to find a bunch of screws. “Well this was a wasted trip…” Sonny sighed as he dropped the bag.

A bigger red robot walked up to Sonny from behind. He turned around as it got close. The robot stood a few feet away, looking at Sonny.

“Hi there.” Sonny said, waving at the robot.

The robot opened up his chest and pulled out a sharp blade. Sonny then sped off as the robot chased him, trying to chop him in half and shouting ‘Kill’ every time it swung.

“Is it necessary to say kill?” Sonny asked. “What happened to destroy?”

“Kill!” The robot replied.

“Destroy would suit a robot more.”


“You don’t have many friends, do you?”

Meanwhile, Shade entered a very large room with a lot of pipes and some wires on the floor. There was a stage ahead of him, with a chair in the middle. As Shade approached the stage the lights switched on. The person who was sitting in the chair spun around, he was a male human. He wore a white cap and shoes, his shirt was white and his jacket and pants were black. He had brown hair and his pupils were blue. He was holding a sprite can in his right hand.

“Hi there, the name’s Jawooooooooooo…but just call me Jawo’.” The person said. “Sprite?” Jawo’ asked as he offered Shade the can.

“No thanks.” Shade replied. “So you run this place?” Shade asked, looking around the room.

“This dump?” Jawo’ asked, seeming insulted by his question. “Course not; I’m just here to get paid. That Raizor guy is using this area until he builds himself a better base.” Jawo’ continued.

“So where is he right now?” Shade asked.

“Taking some giant robot into the city, to terrorize and such. Like that fire which he started last night. Raizor said you two would show up, which you did. So when you two die I get my money.” Jawo’ said.

“You’ll have to be pretty tough to beat me.” Shade said as he got into a fighting stance.

“Not me.” Jawo’ said, shaking his head. Three humanoid robots carrying glowing swords dropped down from the ceiling. One was green, one was yellow and one was orange. “Them.”

The green one swung at Shade who ducked and gave him an uppercut. Shade jumped up and kicked the yellow one in the face and then teleported as the orange one attacked and fly kicked him from behind. The green one tried to attack Shade from behind but Shade back flipped and threw a chaos spear at him then roundhouse kicked the yellow one coming at him. The orange robot swung his sword at Shade who dodged it then kicked the sword out of his hand. As the other two robots rushed over, Shade jumped up and used chaos blast which knocked out all three of them.

“I never realized those robots sucked so much.” Jawo’ said as he watched the green robot smash into a wall. “Guess I’ll fight you then.” He said as he turned towards Shade.

Jawo’ jumped off the stage and tried to fly kick Shade. Shade side-stepped and tried to kick Jawo’ who blocked the kick with his arm. Jawo’ tried to punch Shade who ducked and tried to trip Jawo’ who quickly teleported behind Shade and kicked him forward, Shade spun and landed on his feet.

“So you can use chaos control as well?” Shade asked.

“I sure can.” Jawo’ replied.

Shade and Jawo’ both used chaos control again, teleporting about the area and dodging each others attacks. They soon appeared a few feet away from each other and landed on the ground. Sonny ran into the room a few seconds later with the red robot chasing him.  He jumped onto a wall and flew towards the robot. He curled into a ball and went straight through him. The robot fell to the ground and he walked up to the robot as it lay on the floor.

“Sorry, I didn’t wanna do this but it just had to be done.” Sonny said, apologizing to the robot. “It seems we’re just two different people, you’re a kill person and I’m a destroy person.” He continued. Sonny then turned around and looked at Shade and Jawo’ who were both looking at Sonny.

“Y’know, I dislike him already.” Jawo’ said.

“He seems to have that effect with most people…” Shade said, agreeing with Jawo’.

“I’m just gonna let you two go to avoid the risk of getting my ass kicked…I still get half my pay anyway.” Jawo’ said with a smile.

“Well thanks…I guess…” Shade said, seeming confused.

Sonny and Shade left the factory shortly after and ran through the forest. They ran past SA2 who just tackled a bear.

“So what was in the bag?” Shade asked.

“Just a bunch of screws, nothing special.”

“That’s a shame.”

“So who was that guy?” Sonny asked.

“I’ll tell you later.”

Sonny and Shade continued running and approached the city. Somewhere deep in the city was a giant robot. Its body was an olive shape; there was a big red glass sphere in the middle. The robot had 4 long tentacles and was black, and it had the ‘RB’ icon the battleship had on it. It walked along the city causing destruction and eventually stopped near a park area. The person revealed himself in the red glass sphere. He had red spiky hair; he wore a blue jacket and black jeans. He was wearing gloves which were orange on the top side and black on the bottom. His shirt was grey and had the ‘RB’ icon on it. He also had a black mustache.

“Greetings, citizens of this unknown city which I do not know the name of. I am the great evil genius, Raizor Blaid. I shall now rule this city and any resistance will be crushed.” Raizor yelled.

Sonny and Shade ran up to the giant robot as he finished. “You’ll have to finish us first!” Sonny yelled.

“Oh, it’s you two hedgehogs, I thought Jawo’ finished you off.” Raizor said, sounding disappointed.

“He tried but we just can’t be taken down.” Shade said as he crossed his arms.

“It sucks that I’ve still gotta pay him.” Raizor said, seeming annoyed. “No matter, I’ll finish you myself.” He continued, as he reached for the controls.

Raizor tried to squash Sonny and Shade with one of the tentacles but they jumped out the way before it hit the ground. Shade jumped and started firing chaos spears at the robot which damaged it a bit. Sonny tried to spin attack the robot but ended up hurting his head and dropped to the ground.

“The armor is pretty thick.” Sonny said as he scratched his head. “How do I fire off those energy attack things?” He asked, imitating Shade’s stance when he throws a chaos spear.

“You mean my chaos spear move?” Shade asked.

“Yeah, that.”

“You can’t, I was made with this move, you can’t just learn it.”

Sonny spotted a donut which looked like a golden ring in a bakery shop and ran there. SA2 was eating a piece of apple pie at a table. There was a tall white male wearing a chef’s outfit behind the till. “Hey, you’re the hedgehog from the news.”

“Yeah, could I have that ring there?” Sonny said, pointing towards the donut.

“You mean the donut?” The Chef said, correcting Sonny.

“Yeah, I need it to beat that robot outside.”

“Here you go then.” The Chef said as he handed Sonny the donut.

Sonny took the donut and ate it then ran outside. Shade was busy dodging the giant robots tentacles. Raizor swung one of his right tentacles around the area, destroying part of a building which caused rocks to fall from above. Someone flew into the area wearing a purple outfit with three white stripes around the end of the sleeves and pants. The person had long black hair and was wearing black sunglasses. The person stopped the rocks using their psychokinesis then flew out of the area. Sonny ran over to Shade as the person left.

“Shade, get me to the top and I can destroy this thing” Sonny said.

“Guess it’s worth a shot.” Shade replied. Shade hovered above the giant robot with Sonny clinging to his foot.

“I know for sure I can penetrate the armor now, thanks to that ring.” Sonny said confidently.

“You mean the donut?” Shade asked.

“Yeah, the donut.” Sonny replied.

Shade spun Sonny round twice then threw him at the robot. Sonny spun into a ball and went through the top of the robot and came out the bottom, severely damaging it. Shade hovered in front of the machine, took off the rings on his wrists and blasted right through the red sphere in the middle of its body, making the robot fall to the ground and explode.

Everyone cheered as it exploded. Sonny and Shade stood a few feet away from the robot, while the Sonic 3 stage clear theme played. They stood back to back; Shade had his arms crossed and was smiling, while Sonny gave a thumbs up and was grinning. Raizor rose from the robot in a silver hovering chair as the theme ended.

“I’ll be back to take over, you’ll see.” Raizor said, pointing at the two hedgehogs.

Raizor flew off and then Sonny looked at Shade. “What was that last move there?”

“Well you see, when I take off my rings I can unleash my true power and cover myself in a fiery yellow shield and can blast through a lot of things.”

“Couldn’t you have used that move around the beginning?”

“If I did that it wouldn’t have been cool.”

“...Makes sense.”

Shortly after they ran back to Mads house and climbed in through the window. Mads was on his PC when they entered the room. On the PC screen, there was a cinematic where Eggman was walking towards Shadow in a large robot and was laughing. Shadow gave Eggman the finger then Eggman gasped while Mads also gasped. “Didn’t think I’d see that...” Mads then looked at the window “I’ve gotta put a lock on that window. So what randomness happened today?”

“Well…me and Shade had a race, chased this robot, killed that robot and got some screws, meet this Jawo’ guy, met this Raizor guy in the city and blew up his giant robot…then came back here.” Sonny said, going through the events rather quickly.

“This actually happened?” Mads asked, seeming confused.

“It did.” Shade stated.

“Seriously?” Mads asked again.

“Seriously.” Shade responded.

“There’s a good chance you’ll have another random day tomorrow as well.” Mads said.

“I’m counting on it, or else I’d get bored.” Sonny replied.

Meanwhile back at the factory, Raizor came in through the ceiling with his silver chair and saw Jawo’. “Damn it, Jawo’!” Raizor yelled, as he descended.

“Sorry, I couldn’t take both of them at once.” Jawo’ said.

“I bet you didn’t even try.” Raizor said, annoyed at Jawo’.

“My pay, please.” Jawo’ said as he put out his hand.

Raizor gave Jawo’ 100 bucks then Jawo’ walked towards the exit. “See ya when I see ya.” Jawo said as he approached the exit.


Jawo’ left and Raizor walked into another room and saw the screws on the floor. He picked them up then looked at the robot. “Expected...”
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Chapter 4 – The Psychic Angel

The next morning, Mads was getting ready for school again while Shade was playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2. He was at Hill Top Zone. Sonny was sleeping on the floor and suddenly woke up then flipped up.

“Alright! Bring on the randomness!” Sonny shouted in excitement.

“There probably won’t be much randomness today.” Shade said as he finished the level.

“If there isn’t then you can watch random anime shows to pass the time.” Mads said.

“What ones?” Sonny asked.

“A lot, Nuff Said.” Mads replied.

“Do you have high school every day?” Shade asked.

“Not on weekends, and tomorrow is Saturday…which is on the weekend.”

“K.” Said the two hedgehog’s in unison.

“Well see you later.” Mads said as he left the room.

Mads left the house and walked down the street. Soon Sonny and Shade left the house and walked around the streets while people looked at them. A black limousine soon pulled up to Sonny and Shade and someone dragged them in then drove off. There were two male agents wearing black suits and sunglasses inside the limo. One was white and one was black. SA2 was driving the limo, and there was silence for about 15 seconds.

“So what’s this about?” Shade asked, looking around.

“If this is about that donut, I didn’t steal it, that guy gave it to me.” Sonny said.

“This isn’t about any donut; we’re going to a top secret area.” The first agent said.

“K.” Sonny replied.

Shade raised an eyebrow. “What is this; I don’t e-”

“We’re here!” The black agent said, quickly interrupting Shade.

SA2 drove the limo into an old building. He stopped in the left corner of the room and the small part of the floor lowered to reveal a secret path underground. The limo was carried along a blue path and stopped at a metal door with a small red machine to type in a code on. The white agent typed in a code and the door opened. The two agents, Sonny and Shade then entered the area.

“This is messed up, right here…” Shade said, inspecting the area.

The two agents entered a large room with people at many computers and a stage where there is another agent with grey hair there. The other two agents walked away.

“Hi there.” Sonny said.

“You two must be Sonny and Shade, I am Commander Grey.” The Agent said.

“Nice to meet you.” Shade said, greeting him.

“Can I just call you Ray?” Sonny asked.

“…Sure, why not.” The Commander replied.

A tall female humanoid fox wearing a leather blue outfit walked up to Sonny and Shade and took out a remote then pointed it at a screen ahead. The fox’s fur was orange.

“Hello, my name is Kat.” She said.

“Kat the Fox? And as in Kit Kat?” Sonny asked.

“Yes…anyway, about the strange things going on is what we brought you here for. Sometime on Monday this multi-coloured meteor was blown up and scattered dozens of rocks across the planet. People who touched these pieces of this rock gained special abilities and such, like myself and Sonny for example.” She explained.

“That’s pretty random.” Shade said, commenting on the story.

“Yes, well the writer obviously couldn’t think of a better way to do this.” Kat said with a smile. “Anyway, yesterday when you fought Raizor, there was someone else in the area.” Kat said as she pushed a button on the remote.

Kat showed a screenshot of the person with the purple outfit and black hair.

“This girl possesses special powers as well and goes by the name, ‘Psychic Angel’.” Kat said.

“How do you know that?” Shade asked.

“She’s been around a few days and I think I heard her say it once.” Kat responded. Kat then remembered a scene of an old granny crossing the street. One driver ran past a red light, the girl then landed down and picked up the granny then flew her to the other side of the street.

“Thank you, young lady.” The granny said.

“No problem. I’m happy to help.” The girl said in a heroic fashion. “Psychic Angel, away!” She said as she flew off. Kat then stopped daydreaming. “She sure likes the hero business…”

“So you’re saying you want us to find this girl and make her join our team because more people with special abilities, like Raizor will try to take over?” Sonny randomly said.

There was silence for about five seconds. “That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Kat replied.

“So how will we find this angel girl?” Shade asked.

“I don’t know, that’s your problem,” Kat said, pointing at the two hedgehogs. “But try to find her as quickly as possible” She continued. “You can get back by using the lift on the left.” Kat said, pointing to the left.

“Let’s hurry up and find this girl so she can make me a sammich.” Sonny said.

Sonny and Shade walked to the lift on the left. Shade slapped Sonny in the back of his head as they entered the lift. They then ended up in the old building again.

“Well that was random…” Shade said as he walked out the lift.

“Where should we look then?” Sonny asked.

“Well maybe she goes to a school around here?” 

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” Sonny said with a smile.

“There’s a very high chance I’m not.” Shade said as he shook his head.

“Whatever, follow me.”

Sonny and Shade ran out of the building and down the street. Sonny and Shade soon arrived at Mads school. The walls were red with a black roof and there was a white sign outside which said ‘Welcome to Smal High’.

“There’s something weird about the name, I just can’t put my finger on it…” Shade said, scratching his head.

“Why not? You have five, ten if you count both hands, and eight if you minus the thumbs.” Sonny said as he counted using his fingers.

“So are we just gonna walk in like this or what?” Shade asked.

“Of course not, I have a disguise.” Sonny said with a smile.

Sonny took out black sunglasses and put them on, then grinned at Shade. Shade grabbed the sunglasses, threw them on the floor and stepped on them.

“Aww…” Sonny cried in disappointment.

“I guess we’re gonna walk in like this then.” Shade said.

“It’s no big deal anyway; plenty of people saw us yesterday.” Sonny pointed out.

“Well that’s true.” Shade replied.

Sonny and Shade walked in the main entrance, which the doors were brown. Inside were a few paths to walk down. The floor tiles were black and white squares like on a chess board. The walls were white and the lockers on the sides of the paths were grey. Sonny and Shade walked down one of the paths with students watching them as they walked past.

“Oh crap, it’s that mutant blue hedgehog!” One kid yelled.

“I’m not a mutant!” Sonny yelled as he shook his fist. He then looked at Shade. “So where to?”

“I don’t know, ask someone.” Shade suggested.

Sonny walked up to a girl with long blonde hair, a blue shirt and a grey skirt with black leg stockings, her pupils were brown and she had light blue shoes.

“Hi there.” Sonny said as he approached her.

“Holy crap! A talking hedgehog!” The girl said, shocked by him. “I’m Polly.”

“Like Polly Pocket?” Sonny asked.

“Some people call me that.”

“Have you seen someone called Mads round here?” Sonny asked.

“Yeah, just keep walking.” Polly said as she pointed door the corridor.
“Thanks.” Sonny said as he walked away.

Sonny and Shade continued walking and soon passed a young white girl. She wore a thin white long sleeved top, the collar is blue, and on the end of the sleeves were three black stripes. Her pants matched her top with three black stripes going down and her shoes were purple. She had long black hair with a purple ribbon tied into pig-tails. Her pupils were also purple. As Shade looked at her she turned her head to the side. Sonny and Shade walked a bit more and saw Mads at a locker.

“Hey Mads.” Sonny said as they approached him.

“What are you two doing here? What happened to your random day?” Mads asked.

“It actually is one of those days.” Shade replied.

“Anyway, we gotta find this psychic angel girl, who might go to this school. Know anyone who might be this person?” Sonny said.

“Well there is this girl in my class who seems to randomly disappear at times…” Mads said rubbing his chin.

“Pics or it didn’t happen.” Sonny said bluntly.

“Well you just passed her on the way here.” Mads said.

“The one with the black hair?” Shade asked, pointing in the direction she travelled.

“Yeah.” Mads replied.

“Let’s go!” Shade yelled.

“See you soon.” Mads said as the two hedgehogs left.

Sonny and Shade ran out of the school and looked around but couldn’t see the girl.

“She must have flown off somewhere.” Shade guessed.

“Search from rooftops?” Sonny suggested.

“Search from rooftops.” Shade responded.

Sonny and Shade ran to the downtown area, and then searched the area, jumping across rooftops. In an alleyway, SA2 was beating a hobo with a stick. The two hedgehogs soon saw someone standing on a building ahead. Sonny and Shade got to the area and saw the girl wearing the purple outfit.

“Hey, about time you two arrived.” The girl said as she turned around.

“You knew we were coming?” Shade asked.

“Well it was quite obvious really, considering the way you looked at me earlier.” The girl pointed out.

“He looks at everyone like that.” Sonny said as he smirked at Shade.

“Shut up.” Shade replied as he looked at Sonny.

“Well whatever you two want from me, you’ll have to beat me first.” The girl said as she got into a fighting stance.

“We’re not bad if that’s what you’re thinking.” Shade explained.

She quickly dashed towards the two hedgehogs and fired a psychic wave at them. They both jumped out the way and began to attack her while she blocked the attacks. She kicked Shade in the stomach, pushing him back a bit. She then turned around and froze Sonny in one spot with her phychokinesis.

Shade hit her with a chaos spear and she went flying but stopped herself and floated slightly above the ground. She charged at them again, Sonny tried to spin attack her but she ducked and started to attack Shade. Shade blocked some of the punches while attacking her who also blocked some of Shade’s punches. Sonny jumped up, rolled into a ball and knocked her into the building, creating a small hole where she stood.

“Nice shot.” Shade said, complimenting Sonny.

“Takes a lot of skill to master the spin attack, fo realz.” Sonny responded with a grin.

The psychic angel came flying through the space Sonny was standing on and gave him an uppercut. She flew up to him again, grabbed his arms and spun him round three times before throwing him. Sonny crashed through the roof of another building just a bit ahead. Shade jumped up and kicked her down to the ground while her back was turned then landed next to her.

“You finished?” Shade asked.

“Pretty much, the name’s Crystal by the way, so what was it you wanted to talk to me about?”

“Well there’s this random business thing, who want you to join us and help us fight bad guys like Raizor Blaid, or something like that.”

“Oh boy! I can’t wait to bomb some dodongos!” Crystal said in excitement.

“What?” Shade asked in confusion.

“I mean bad guys.” Crystal quickly replied.

Sonny climbed out from the other building and ran over to the other two.

“So I should go see them now?” Crystal asked.

“Well yeah.” Shade responded.


“Maybe we could come round your place tomorrow?” Shade said as he scratched his head. “Sonny’s gonna need something random to do.” He continued as he pointed at Sonny.

“Damn straight.” Sonny bluntly said, agreeing with Shade.

“Sure, it’s 69 Crystal road.” Crystal said.

“You have the same name as your road?” Shade asked.

“I know that’s weird.” Crystal said, like she’s used to that question. “Well I’ll see you later.” She continued, waving goodbye. 

Crystal jumped off the edge of the building then flew off.

“C’mon, let’s get back to the house.” Sonny said, seconds after she flew off.

“Yeah, this chapter was kinda long.” Shade responded.

Sonny and Shade ran back to Mads house and climbed in through the window. Mads was inside on the PC. He was playing a game where you play as Chaos and had to beat up several Eggman robots. Mads turned to Sonny and Shade after they climbed in. “Find her?”

“Yup.” Sonny responded.

“Good, end of chapter.” Mads said in a serious tone.

“What?” Shade replied in confusion.

End of Chapter
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Chapter 5 – Another Team Member

The next morning, Sonny, Shade and Mads all woke up early. Sonny and Shade were playing two player mode on Sonic 2 while Mads was writing out a list. Sonny was playing as Sonic and Shade was playing as Tails on Emerald Hill Zone.

“Hey Mads, what ya doing?” Sonny said as he looked at Mads.

“Writing out that anime list you said you wanted.” He replied while writing.

“So how many have you got there?” Sonny asked.

“I dunno, around fifth teen.”

“Cool, I’ll check it later.” Sonny said as he focused on the game again.

Shortly after, Shade passed the finish line seconds before Sonny did. “Looks like I win again.” Shade said with a smile.

“This pad must be broken or something.” Sonny said as he frowned.

“Don’t blame the pad, blame the player.” Shade said bluntly.

“Yeah, yeah.” Sonny said, ignoring him. “Hey Mads, we’re gonna go see that Crystal girl later, you coming?”

“Sure, I need more screen time anyway.”

“Cool, tell us when you’re ready.”

“I’m just gonna go down and eat first.” Mads said as he walked towards the door.

Mads left the room and walked down the stairs into the kitchen. Mads mom and dad were in the room as he entered. His mom had slightly long blonde hair, and brown pupils. She was wearing a white shirt with black and white small squares on it, going across. She wore a long pink shirt with dozens of black stripes going down around it. She was also wearing red sandals. His dad had refined brown hair and his pupils were blue. He wore a black shirt and dark blue pants. He was also wearing Aoi Cache shoes.

“Good morning.” He said as he entered the room. “I’m so hungry I could eat my stuff!”

Mads mom went to the cupboard and took out a cereal called l33t.

“OMG! L33t!” He shouted.

Sonny and Shade were watching from the stairs. “That’s the first time I’ve seen those two.” Shade said.

“Same here, I’d like to try that cereal though.” Sonny responded.

An hour later, Mads was ready. Sonny and Shade were already waiting outside the house.

“Just going to a friend’s house, I’ll be back later.” Mads said as he left the house. Mads’ shut the door and the three of them began to walk down the street.

“Shouldn’t you guys like wear a disguise or something?” Mads said, looking at the two hedgehogs.

“There’s no point anymore, like half of the city has seen us two.” Shade stated.

“Yeah, and with that girl on my team-” Sonny said.

“Your team?” Mads and Shade responded, interrupting Sonny.

“Yes, my team. And with her we’ll attract more people to notice us.”

“You’ve had time to think about this…” Shade said.

“Indeed.” Sonny replied, nodding his head. “See, in these kind of things, the hero is normally kinda lazy, eats a lot and is a bit dim-witted compared to most of the main cast. Which is why some fans don’t normally like the main hero. I kinda fit this description, as does Goku from Dragonball Z and Naruto from…Naruto.” Sonny explained.

“That’s the smartest thing you’ve said all week.” Shade said in astonishment.

“Indeed.” Mads said as he agreed with Shade.

 Sonny, Shade and Mads soon reached Crystal Road and began walking down it.

“What did you say her house number was?” Mads asked.

“69.” Shade replied, without hesitation.




“Yeah, I know.” Shade said, interrupting Mads.

“Just making sure.”

Sonny, Shade and Mads soon arrived at Crystal’s house. It was white with a hint of orange. SA2 walked by and put a few letters through her letter box then left.

“Mads, you knock on the door.” Sonny said, looking at him.

“Why me?”

“You’re human.”

“He makes a good point.” Shade said.

Mads knocked on the door while Sonny and Shade sat on the side. Crystal opened the door and saw the three of them.

“He knows.” Said Shade in a cold voice.

“He knows?” Crystal asked.

“He knows!” Sonny shouted.

“I know.” Mads said as he nodded.

Crystal was silent for a few moments. “Ok, since everyone knows, come in. My parents are out and my younger sister is upstairs.”

“K.” The three of them replied.

“Let’s go to the garden.” Crystal said as she turned around.

They all walked into the house. The carpet was brown and the walls were orange. To the left of the door was a staircase going up and to the right was the living room. A bit ahead was a hallway going left and ahead was the kitchen. There was a door at the back of the kitchen which leads outside to the garden. There was a tree ahead and a few tables to the side, near a tall fence. They all stood by the tables.

“So what did they say yesterday?” Shade asked.

“That guy and the fox? They said they would contact me and you two soon, and they said to look out for anyone else with powers.”

“So what are your powers exactly?” Sonny asked. “You never told us.”

“Ahh, of course.” Crystal said with a smile. “Well I have phychokinesis, which is a paranormal ability of the mind to influence matter, time, space or energy without the use of any currently known type of physical means.” Crystal explained.

The area was silent for a few moments.

Crystal sighed. “It means I can move objects with my mind and fire energy waves, observe.” Crystal said as she moved her hand over a chair next to her.

Crystal made the chair next to her hover in the air then let it drop to the ground.

“That’s kinda cool.” Sonny said as he grinned.

“Very interesting indeed.” Shade said.

“What those two said.” Mads said, pointing at the two hedgehogs.

Crystal’s younger sister came outside moments later. She was wearing a thin yellow top with two black lines going from her shoulders down to her hands. Her pants/trousers matched her top with the two black lines going down. She had brown shoes and her pupils were also brown. She had a bao hairstyle with a gold hair band on her head. Her name was Ruby.

“Hey Crystal, where’s my DS?” She yelled.

“Right next to the GC.” Crystal replied, seeming annoyed.

Ruby looked over and saw the two hedgehogs. “OMG! It’s that mutant blue hedgehog!” She yelled. Ruby turned around and ran back into the house.

“I’m getting sick and tired of that mutant thing…” Sonny sighed.

Minutes later, Shade was firing chaos spears at Crystal while she deflected them back with her powers.

“Now that I think about it, I’d wanna swap my powers.” Sonny said as he continued to watch.

“Speak for yourself; I don’t have powers at all.” Mads responded.

Mads’ mobile rung seconds later. He walked into the kitchen to answer it. “Hello? Amy got a hole in one? Blaze felt the heat? Who would you is?” He then came out a minute later and put the mobile away.

“Hey Crystal.” Mads shouted.

“Yeah Mads?” She replied as she deflected another chaos spear.

“A ‘friend’ wants to meet you at Starlight Road in an alleyway in about thirty minutes.”

“Who is this friend?” Crystal asked.

“They wanted to remain anonymous, but they said it was important.”

“Ok, I guess.”

“Well we don’t really need to stay any longer since you’ll be leaving in a bit.” Shade said as he stopped firing chaos spears. 

“Yeah, I think we know what we needed to know now.” Sonny said.

“Well we’ll be going now then.” Mads said.

“Ok, bye guys.” Crystal said as she waved goodbye.

Sonny, Shade and Mads left Crystal’s house and walked back. Shortly after, Crystal left and flew across the city towards Starlight Road. Crystal landed in an alleyway near the road and walked down it. In the background, was SA2 fighting some ninja’s in white. After a minute of walking around, someone from up in the sky threw a fireball at Crystal from behind. As it got near, Crystal turned around and whacked it out the way. She then flew up and landed on the roof of a building.

Ahead of Crystal stood a young white girl with long red hair which she tied with a blue bow at the back of her neck. She had two small strands of hair over her face, at the top of her forehead. She wore a thin red hooded, long sleeved top. Jeans which were blue and her shoes were blue and red. The red part curved around the outside area of the shoe while the middle area was blue. Her name was Amber.

“So you have got powers after all…” Amber said with a smile.

“Are you crazy? If I didn’t have powers you could have set me on fire!” Crystal yelled.

“But that doesn’t matter now, does it?”

“Well what if you had guessed wrong, and you did set me on fire, what then?”

“Well you’re pretty smart, you’d know to stop, drop and roll.”

“Can’t argue with you there, so what did you want?

“Well a certain someone told me you had powers, just like me, I wanted to see if that was true.”

“So what are your powers?”

“I am a pyrokinetic, having the ability to control, ignite and extinguish fire using the mind…info taken from wikipedia.” Amber explained.

“Intriguing, and I suppose you wish to test out your abilities?” Crystal asked.

“Exactly, so let’s get this over with.” Amber said as she covered her shoes with fire.

Amber quickly dashed towards Crystal as she braced herself. Amber bashed into Crystal and pushed her across the roof, stopping next to the edge. Crystal jumped up, flipped then landed behind Amber. She quickly turned around as Amber did and unleashed a series of punches which Amber blocked. Amber covered her right arm with fire and tried to punch Crystal who ducked and kneed her in the stomach.

Amber flew back and quickly landed on her feet then fired a wave of fire at Crystal. She side-stepped it and fired a wave of psychic energy at Amber who jumped up and fired multiple fireballs. Crystal moved back slightly then fired a big wave of energy which destroyed the fireballs. Amber moved to the side while Crystal did this and fly kicked her.

Amber flew after Crystal as she went flying, Crystal stopped upside down in mid-air and fired another beam of energy which Amber dodged by descending. Crystal spun and tried to attack with a downward diagonal kick as Amber landed near a window. Amber dodged the kick and hit Crystal with a fiery kick as Crystal countered with a charged punch. Crystal and Amber both flew back in different directions, spinning through the air.

Crystal and Amber both landed on a side of a building with both feet and flew at each other. They started attacking each other while ascending and moving round in a circle. When they got high in the sky they stopped, moved back a few feet, and then landed on a building.

“Heh, I’ve got to admit, you’re pretty good.” Amber said with a smile.

“Thanks I guess.” Crystal replied.

“Well I’ve got somewhere to be soon, I’ll be seeing you on Monday, Crystal.” Amber said as she waved goodbye. Amber turned around, ran to the edge of the building and flew off into the sky.

“I doubt I’m gonna like Monday very much…” Crystal said, looking up into the sky.   
Crystal then turned around and flew off towards her house.
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Chapter 6 – A Tour of Smal High

It was Monday morning. Mads was ready for school and was playing a game in his room while Sonny and Shade were downstairs. Sonny was eating the l33t cereal while Shade was making toast.

“This cereal really is the ownage!” Sonny exclaimed while eating more.

“Internet slang?” Shade asked.

“Ya-huh.” Sonny responded, while nodding.

Sonny went upstairs shortly after where Mads was the game on his PC.

“Man, this game sucks.” Mads said as Sonny entered the room.

“What’s so bad about it?” Sonny asked.

“It’s this game, but there isn’t really anything fun about it!” Mads yelled.

“That’s NO good!” Sonny said, wagging his finger.

“I know!” Mads replied. “Whenever I try to take off some girl’s bra, she nags at me!”

“It can’t be that bad, let me have a turn.”

“Go ahead.” Mads said as he got up. “I’m off to school.”

“See you when you get back.” Sonny said as he sat down at the PC.

Mads left the room, waved goodbye to Shade then left the house. After walking for a bit, he met Amber by her house, which was red.

“Hey Mads, ready to go?” She said as she shut her house door.

“I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.”

Amber and Mads walked to the main entrance of Smal High and waited there. Crystal arrived at the main entrance minutes later.

“Hey there, Crystal.” Amber said as Crystal approached them.

“Oh, it’s you…” Crystal said as she reached them.

“Since we both have powers, us two gotta stick together.”

“So what are you suggesting?” Crystal asked.

“I’m just going to show you round ‘my’ areas…as in, just my friends.” Amber said with a smile.

“Whatever, we’ve got quite a lot of time before our English lesson anyway.” Crystal responded.

Crystal, Amber and Mads walked into the school and went down the right path. They walked past SA2 who was opening a locker.

“Man, I’m thirsty.” Amber said. “Any of you guys thirsty?”

“I am a little.” Mads said.

As they walked down a bit more, to the right was a soda machine with someone leaning on the wall next to it. He was a black male, with a grey hooded, long sleeved top. He had black pants, grey shoes and was wearing black shades. His hair was black and pointing up like a rift. His name was DJ.

“Hey D.J.!” Amber shouted. “2 cola’s and-” Amber then stopped. “Crystal, you want anything?” She asked.

“No t-”

“And a sprite!” Amber yelled, interrupting Crystal.

D.J. put in some money, pressed three buttons and the soda’s rolled out. D.J. chucked them towards Amber, who caught the two cola drinks then back kicked the sprite to Crystal. Amber then threw the second cola drink to Mads.

“His full name is Dwayne Johnson but people call him D.J.” Amber explained. “He’s a good friend of mine.”

“And he’s a DJ, right?” Crystal said sarcastically.

“Of course, otherwise the nickname wouldn’t make much sense.” Mads said.

Amber, Crystal and Mads kept walking and stopped at two people leaning against the lockers. One was male the other one was female. The male one wore a black buttoned shirt and black jeans. The top half of his shoes were grey and the bottom half is black. He had black hair which covered his left eye and his pupils were grey. The female one wore a black shirt with a green Mortal Kombat dragon on the front. She wore a black shirt and black stockings with white stripes. She was wearing boots which were black. She had short black hair and her pupils were grey.

“These two are Jared and Jade.” Amber said, pointing at them. “They’re emo…” Amber whispered to Crystal.

“I see that.” Crystal said.

“You use the term ‘emo’ quite a lot, y’know.” Mads said.

“Of course I know that, I just can’t think of a better way to describe it.” Amber said as she shrugged. “Later, you two” she said as she turned around.

“Peace.” Jared and Jade slowly responded.

Amber, Crystal and Mads continued walking until they stopped by someone wearing a green hooded top with green pants.

“This here is Mike, he normally only ever says like one word at a time.” Amber explained.

Mike opened his mouth to speak seconds later.

“It’s not that he can’t talk properly, it’s that people interrupt him a lot.” Mads said as he interrupted Mike.


“Yeah, I know, I just didn’t feel the need to make my explanation long.” Amber said, interrupting Mike again.


“Let’s hurry this up please.” Crystal said, getting impatient.

“Yeah, yeah. See ya Mike.” Amber said as she turned around.

The three of them ran off before Mike could say anything. They walked down a bit more and stopped. In front of them was a white male with spiky brown hair. He wore a black leather jacket and a white shirt. His pants were also black and he was wearing black shades. His pupils were brown and his shoes were also black.

“This here is Jason, he normally doesn’t talk to people he feels aren’t cool.” Mads explained. “Hey Jason.” 

Jason remained silent and turned his attention towards Amber.

“That’s what they call a self-own, right?” Crystal said with a smile.

“Shut up.” Mads frowned.

“Hey Amber, what you been up to?” Jason asked.

“Not much, same as usual. Just showing my new friend, Crystal, around my whereabouts.” Amber said.

“Heh, you always were pretty egotistical.” Jason grinned.

“Damn straight.” Amber said as she nodded.

“Nice to meet you, Crystal.” Jason said as he shook her hand.

“Ditto. You seem to be one of Amber’s normal friends.” Crystal said, relieved.

“But what exactly is normal?” Mads said as he put on some glasses. “Is there a human out there who is dubbed normal, then we’re judged on being normal from that one person? Does anyone really have the right to say what is the true definition of normal?” Mads then took off the glasses.

There was silence in the area for 10 seconds.

“Not with you around.” Crystal replied.

“Well we’ll see ya later, Jason.” Amber said as she walked off.

“K, see ya.” He responded.

Amber, Crystal and Mads walked to the end of the corridor and went right. They then began to walk down another path with lockers.

“So since I showed you my friends, you show me the very few friends you may have.” Amber said as she smirked at Crystal.

“Oh, you’re done already?” Crystal asked, seeming surprised. “I thought it would be longer, and what makes you think I’d have very little friends?” Crystal said, questioning Amber.

“I just thought you did…” Amber blurted out.

“Well you thought right, but the point is you shouldn’t have thought.”

“I see what you did there.” Mads said with a smile.

“What did I do?” Crystal asked.

“Never mind.” Mads sighed.

Amber, Crystal and Mads walked up to two girls, one of which was Polly. The second one had long brown hair in a ponytail. She was wearing a jumper; the torso was white while the arms were red. Her pants were blue and her pupils were brown. Her name was Melissa.

“This is Melissa and Polly.” Crystal said as they approached them.

“OMG! Hi!” Polly shouted. “Who be you?” Polly asked while blinking quite a few times.

“The blonde one creeps me out…” Amber whispered to Crystal.

“She can be quite hyperactive often.” Crystal said.

“I see.” Amber said as she rubbed her chin.

“It’s a well known stereotype in anime.” Mads said.

“What’s anime?” Asked everyone but Amber.

“I’m not explaining it again…” Mads said in a cold voice.

“Are you the same Amber who seems to be cool with everyone?” Melissa asked.

“Yup.” Amber nodded.

“And the same Amber who belittles certain people?” She asked again.

“Yup.” Amber repeated.

“And the sa-” 

“Melissa, I’m just gonna get straight to the point and say, yes, it is the same Amber.” Crystal said, looking bored.

“I dislike you.” Melissa said bluntly, turning her attention to Amber.

“Thanks for being honest.” Amber grinned.

“Well that’s all really, and our lesson starts in a few minutes.” Crystal said. 

“And we’re all in the same class, how convenient.” Mads said.

“I just noticed that. So why did we just walk around the whole area meeting people when we could have just done this in class?” Crystal said angrily.

“Filler, Nuff said.” Amber responded.

“She makes a good point.” Mads replied.

“Good point, my ass.” Crystal muttered.

Meanwhile, back at Mads house, Sonny was still playing the game when Shade walked into the room.

“Mads was right, this game sucks ass!” Sonny yelled as Shade entered the room.

“What’s it about?” Shade asked as he approached Sonny.

“Some game, which there really isn’t anything fun about it since all it does is nag at you when you try something.”

“That’s pretty harsh.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Mind if I have a go?” Shade asked.

“It’s all yours.” Sonny said as he got up and jumped onto the bed.

Some time later, back at the school it was lunch time, and most people were in the cafeteria. The room was pretty big, the walls were grey and the floor, tables and chairs were green. There are eight seats at each table. Mads and Jason were already sitting at a table when Amber and Crystal approached them.

“Hey guys, Crystal will be joining us today.” Amber said.

“OMG! Gurl!” Mads yelled.

“…I’m gonna get something to drink.” Crystal said.

Crystal walked off towards the lunch line and stood behind SA2 while Amber sat down next to Mads. “How come you never say that when I sit here?” Amber asked.

“I dunno, you remind me of a guy.” Mads replied.

Amber quickly gasped. “A feminine guy.” Mads continued. Amber quickly gasped again.

“Seriously?” She asked.

“Seriously.” He stated.

“…Intriguing.” She said as she thought something to herself.

“Indeed.” Mads said as he nodded. 

A few minutes later, Crystal was walking back to the table. She ran into a white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore a blue sports jacket with a white stripe going from her shoulder down to her hand. Her pants matched her top with a white line going down. She also had white trainers. They stared at each other as they walked in different directions until Crystal reached the table.

“So who was that?” Jason asked, looking at the girl.

“This girl I used to know called Jessica.” Crystal said as she sat down.

“So you do have more than just two friends…” Amber said, relieved.

“Well duh, I’m not that unpopular.” Crystal said angrily.

“So what’s with the hate?” Mads asked.

“…I forget.” Crystal said as she scratched her head.

“Well that’s helpful.” Amber said as she rolled her eyes.

“It doesn’t matter much anyway.” Crystal replied.

At Mads house, Shade is still playing the game and Sonny was lying on the bed.

“You were right…” Shade said with his eyes wide open. “THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE!” He shouted as he ejected the CD and slammed it into its case. “Why doesn’t someone return that?”

“The shop is too far away.” Sonny responded.

“Too far away? You have super speed.”

“Still too far.”

“You lazy bum.” Shade said in a cold voice.

“Yup.” Sonny replied as he grinned.

Later at the school, it was the end of the day and Amber, Crystal and Mads were leaving.

“So are you guys always this random?” Crystal asked.

“Most of the time.” Mads replied.

“Thanks for the info.”

The three of them carried on walking. After ten minutes, Crystal went down another path. Mads and Amber continued walking for a while and got to Amber’s house a bit later. Mads continued walking and got to his house five minutes later and entered, then shut the door behind him.
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Chapter 7 – Zoom In

Late that night, something sped along the streets at super speed, scattering rubbish left on the ground. Early in the morning, Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber went to see Commander Grey and Kat and met at the old building. Crystal was extremely tired when they arrived.

“So who’s your friend?” Shade asked as they walked in.

Crystal slowly yawned. “This here is Amber, a new friend I made who also has powers.”

“Nice to finally meet you two.” Amber said.

“So what’s your powers?” Sonny asked.

“I’m pyrokinetic, having the ability to control, ignite and extinguish fire using the mind.” Amber explained.

“Why does everyone’s powers seem cooler than mine?” Sonny said as he frowned.

“Them the breaks, I guess.” Amber shrugged.

The four of them stood on the space in the left corner and it lowered to reveal the secret path underground. After walking down the path the doors opened up. The four of them then walked into the large room ahead and met Kat the Fox.

“Thank you all for coming, you’ll probably enjoy what I’m about to show you.” Kat said with a smile.

“I know I will.” Sonny said as he grinned.

Shade slapped Sonny in the back of his head. “Stop thinking dirty thoughts.”

“And if you don’t mind me asking, who are you?” Kat said, turning her attention towards Amber.

“The name’s Amber, I’m pyrokinetic.”

“Interesting, now follow me.” Kat said as she got up.

Kat left the huge room and the others followed her. They started to approach a few other rooms.

“I might as well tell you about a few of the areas around here on the way.” She said.

The five of them passed by a big black room with red stripes going across on the walls. There were many glass containers against a wall with weapons in them and a small area inside the room covered with glass. “This is the weapons room. There’s over a dozen different weapons in there and an area to test out the weapons.”

They continued walking until they reached a big white room. “This is the training room, for perfecting skills, and stuff like that. You can change the color of the area using the control system inside. You can also change the gravity level as well.”

They soon came across a light blue room with loads of screens inside. SA2 was inside watching the screens.

“This here is just the entertainment room, to like chill out and relax. You can watch Television and also play games here sometimes.”

They kept walking and got to another room and stopped there. Crystal went to sleep and started snoring but Amber quickly nudged her, waking her up.

“There may be a few more rooms or so which you haven’t seen yet, but you can see those sometime in the future.”

“Wow, this base is the ownage!” Sonny said in excitement.

“Ownage?” Kat asked.

“Internet slang.” Shade responded.

“I agree with Sonny, this place is just amazing.” Amber said, looking around.

“Well go on inside you four; I’ll see you in a short while.” Kat said as she turned around.

Kat walked off and the others walked inside the room. The room was dark blue. Ahead of them was a silver tall chamber with some screens and controls next to it. To the right was another small room which a brown humanoid Raccoon walked out of a room and into the area. The brown Raccoon walked up to them.

“You must be the ones Kat mentioned, right?” The Raccoon asked.

“Yeah, that’s us.” Amber replied.

“My name is Rush the Raccoon, I’m gonna make your armor for you after a few measurements.” He said.

Crystal pointed at him. “You’d better not do anything perverted, or I’ll punch your lights out.”

“Don’t worry; I’m not that kind of guy.”

“Alright…wait, what kind of guy?”

“Not important.” Rush then took out measuring tape. “Follow me please.” Crystal and Amber walked with him into another room.

“Hmm…” Sonny said, rubbing his chin.

“What is it?” Shade asked.

“This might be an equivalent of Tails from the Sonic universe.” Sonny said in a serious tone.

“You make a good point.” Shade responded.

Sometime later Rush was finally done and had finished the suits. He handed one to each of them. “There are some changing rooms to the right where you can try them on.” He said as he pointed to them.

They all came out a few minutes later wearing the suits. The leather outfits were fully black. They all had a different symbol on the front of their suits. Sonny had a blue circled space on the front and in the middle was the Sonicteam logo which was also blue. He has a blue line going from his shoulders to his hands. He also had a blue line going from his waist down to his feet. Around his waist he had a blue belt with the Sonicteam symbol on it and on both sides he has two small pouches to put things in.

The top half of the gloves were black with the Sonicteam symbol while the bottom half was blue. Around the fingers were three blue lines. His shoes matched his gloves. Shade, Crystal and Amber’s outfits were also the same, but slightly different. Shade and Amber’s lines were red, and Crystal’s were purple. Shade had a chaos emerald symbol on the front of his suit, Crystal had a thin purple crystal on hers, and Amber had a fire symbol.

Their belts had the same symbol on it as on their torso. Their gloves and shoes were also the same with different colors and symbols. Sonny and Shade had soft black leather helmets in the shape of their heads with white eyes and a small space for their mouths. Crystal and Amber’s soft black leather helmets had spaces for the mouth and eyes.

“So how do you like them?” Rush asked with a smile.

“These are pure win.” Sonny exclaimed.

“Remarkable work.” Shade said.

“Well these are pretty cool.” Crystal said as she felt the leather.

“We get to keep these, right?” Amber asked.

“Of course.” Rush replied. “There’s also a small screen system on your left arm with one to four buttons. Your suits are each a different number. Shade, since you said you wanted to see how it worked, I made Sonny no.1 and you no.2. Crystal is no.3 and Amber is no.4. By pressing one of the other three buttons on your suit, you should be able to talk to that person anywhere.” Rush explained.

“Anywhere?” Sonny asked.




“NO WAI!!!” Sonny shouted.

“YA WAI!!!” Rush responded. “Well you guys better go see Kat now.”

Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Amber waved goodbye to Rush and went back to the main room where Kat was.

“I see you have suits now.” Kat said with a smile.

“And they’re badass.” Amber replied.

“Well you can leave now by taking the lift on your left. I’ll be seeing you again soon.”

The four of them took the lift and ended up in the old building. It was almost six in the morning and it was still kind of dark outside. Crystal and Amber ran back to their houses while Sonny and Shade took a different route.

Sonny and Shade made it back to Mads house a bit later. Shade climbed back in through the window while Sonny ran about the streets for a bit. He sat on a bench after a few minutes. After a while, something yellow came up the road and ran straight past Sonny. Sonny jumped up and ran after it. As Sonny ran past the yellow creature it slowed down to a halt. Sonny ran back and stopped near the humanoid yellow creature. The creature’s fur was fully yellow with black stripes going across his body and three black stripes on his arms. He had spiky hair sticking up and his pupils were also yellow. Sonny took off his helmet as he approached him.

“So I see you were also gifted with speed.” Sonny said.

“And just who are you?” The yellow creature asked.

“Sonny the Hedgehog.”

“I guess you could call me Zoom.” The creature said.

“Well while we still got time, how about a race?” Sonny said as he smiled.

“Sure.” Zoon said as he got ready.

Sonny and Zoom sped off down the street as the Panic Puppet Zone Act 2 from Sonic 3D started playing. They soon went downhill and turned to the right. Sonny soon hit a ramp, went flying and landed on a building while still running across. Zoom ran down an alleyway, jumped on the side of the walls and did the same. They jumped across the rooftops keeping up with each other. After a short while, they landed on the ground and continued running through the streets. Far up ahead was SA2 who drew a white line on the ground then walked away. Sonny and Zoom turned the corner and came running up the street. Sonny passed the white line a second before Zoom did then they both came to a halt.

“Looks like I win.” Sonny grinned.

“Yeah, for now anyway. See ya round, Sonny.” Zoom said as he turned around.

Zoom sped off down the road and round the corner. After a few moments, Sonny turned around and ran back to Mads house and then climbed in through the window.

“Where did you go to?” Shade asked after he climbed in.

“I went to Zoom in on someone.” Sonny said with a smile.

“Puns are great, huh?”

“You bet they are.”

Mads then turned over from his bed. “Could you two pipe down, I’m trying to get some sleep.”

“It’s six o’clock.” Shade replied.

“Oh, then you guys woke me up too early. Guess I could watch some TV though.” Mads got out of bed and was wearing green pajamas and turned on the TV.

“Your pajamas are also green?” Sonny asked.

“Get used to it. Its kinda funny that you know what pajamas are yet you didn’t know what news was.”

“Yeah, well…I got nothing…”

On the television screen, Cream was commanding cheese to destroy several Eggman robots which got near her. A tank then came towards them. Cheese charged a beam of blue energy and fired it at the tank, creating a massive explosion.

“Awesome.” Mads said as he nodded while Sonny and Shade raised an eyebrow.

In the streets, Zoom was running and stopped near a white house then climbed up onto the roof. Jessica opened a window and saw Zoom on the roof. “Hey, who are you?”

Zoom moved down a bit to see Jessica. “Hi there, the name is Zoom the Porcupine.”

“Would you mind telling me why you’re on my roof, don’t you have somewhere to go?”

“I sadly do not.”

“Oh…I guess you could stay here for the time being.”

“Great!” Zoom climbed down and into the room then hugged Jessica.

“…What are you doing?” Jessica asked.

“Showing my appreciation.” Zoom replied.

“Please don’t.” Zoom then stopped hugging her and looked around. “So, stay out of site and I’ll be alright…right?”

“Right. Now I’ve gotta go get ready for school, try not to touch anything.” She said before walking out the room.

Zoom shrugged and lay on her bed.
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Chapter 8 – Jawo’s Book of Lymon

Sometime later, early that day after Sonny met Zoom, it was now bright outside and Mads was getting ready for school. Shade was on the PC while Sonny watched TV.

“Alright Sonny, here’s that finished anime list.” Mads said, handing him the list.

“Let’s see.” Sonny said as he looked at the list and began to read it out. “Full Metal Alchemist, Dragonball Z, Lucky Star, Naruto, Bleach, One-Piece, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Death Note, Rozen Maiden, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Magical Lyrical Nanoha, Sailor Moon and…Powerpuff Girls Z?” 

“Yep, they have an anime.” Mads said, responding to Sonny’s last few words. “These are just mainly random animes I chose; just try watching some of them.”

“Will do.” He replied.

“Well I’m off to school now, bye guys.” Mads said as he left the room.

“Bye.” The two hedgehogs responded.

Mads shut the door and left his house pretty quickly. Shade moved from the PC and Sonny took his place.

“So which one should we watch first?” Sonny asked, looking at the list.”

“Your pick, I’ll be out for a bit.” Shade responded as he approached the window.

“Ok, see ya.”

Shade jumped out the window and ran down the street. Sometime later, Amber, Crystal and Mads were in their Maths lesson. The walls were grey and they are sitting next to each other. The teacher was a tall white male with blonde hair and blue pupils, wearing a thin long sleeved white shirt and blue jeans. He was wearing black shoes.

“Ok class, what did we learn last lesson?” The teacher asked.

“How the hell are we supposed to know?” Someone shouted from the back.

“It was work on Pie Charts. In Pie Charts, the total of everything is 360 degrees.” He explained. “Now finish the problems I gave you on the worksheets.”

“The only reason I’m actually doing this is because it’s about Pie.” Amber said with a smile.

“Mads, you finished?” Crystal asked.

“I finished it two days ago.” He replied.

“He gave us the work yesterday…” 

“Well I’m just that good.” He grinned.

Outside in the city, Shade skated along the streets, avoiding civilians and obstacles. He soon came to a small parade area with loads of tables and shops in the park. The Windmill Village 1 theme from Sonic Rush Adventure started playing.

“Hmm, Sonny might have liked this.” Shade thought to himself.

Shade walked into the area and walked around for a bit. He walked past SA2 who was selling various Sonic games. Back at Smal High, everyone had finished the work and were sitting at their desks talking.

“Hey Mads, I never told you about the new suits we got, did I?” Amber said as she leaned back in her chair.

“You don’t need to, Shade told me this morning.”

“Well that sucks ass.” Amber said in disappointment.

“What sucks ass is your attitude.” Crystal replied.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Amber smiled.

After the lesson, it was break time and everyone was in the cafeteria. Amber, Mads and Jason were sitting at one table when Crystal, Polly and Melissa walked up to them. Crystal was carrying a bottle of water.

“Hey guys, my other friends are gonna sit here today.” Crystal said as she took a seat.

“OMG! Gurls!” Mads yelled.

“The fact that you don’t notice me sitting here insults me…” Amber said, seeming annoyed.

“Hi everyone! Nice day, isn’t it? I like nice days!” Polly shouted.

“She still creeps me out…” Amber whispered to Crystal.

“You’ll get used to it.” Crystal said as she picked up her bottle.

“When did you get used to it?” Amber asked.

“I still haven’t, and I doubt I ever will.” Crystal said as she took a sip.

Back in the park, Shade spotted a familiar looking human walking around. Shade ran up to the human who revealed himself to be Jawo’. He wore the same clothes but his jacket was now white and his shoes were lime green.

“Ahh Shade, good to see you, buddy.” Jawo’ said as Shade approached him.

“I’m not your buddy, now what are you up to here?” Shade asked.

“Just collecting something for a customer.”

“So you’re going to steal it?”

“That’s right.” Jawo’ said, nodding his head.

“Well I can’t let you do that.” Shade said as he got into a fighting stance.

“I don’t think we should fight here, someone might get hurt or injured, and that’s bad for business.”

Shade quickly jumped up to punch Jawo’ who ducked and then side-stepped. “Well I guess a have some time to spare.” Jawo’ said as he took out a glowing light blue sword.

“What is that?” Shade asked.

“It’s my divine sprite blade, you’d better watch yourself, it’s pretty sharp.” He said with a smile.

Jawo’ rushed over and slashed multiple times at Shade who avoided the attacks. Shade soon stopped near a tree and jumped out the way as Jawo’ hit it with the blade. Jawo’ tried to slice off Shade’s head but he ducked. As he ducked Jawo’ kicked him and he landed on his back. Jawo’ jumped up with his sword facing down, preparing to stab Shade. Shade moved out the way a second before and kneed Jawo’ in the face the moment he hit the ground. Jawo’ flew back and stabbed the blade into the ground, stopping himself upside down. Jawo’ then decided to put the divine sprite blade away and quickly dusted himself off.

“You performed better last time without the blade.” Shade said.

“I guess it doesn’t seem very useful right now.”

“Then do you give up?” Shade asked.

“Not yet, I’ll just have to resort to extreme measures.” Jawo’ said as he took out a yellow book with a black outline and opened it.

“What is that?” Shade asked again.

“This here is the book of Lymon. It contains many spells and such which I can use to my advantage.” Jawo’s explained. “Here’s an example.”

The ground suddenly started to shake. A tidal wave of sprite suddenly appeared and came towards the park. The civilians around the area ran away as it got near. Jawo’ commanded the tidal wave to land on Shade who got up shortly afterwards. Jawo’ summoned multiple floating fists of sprite which attacked Shade. Shade jumped over the first fist then slid under the second. The third fist gave him an uppercut from behind then the first fist returned and punched him. Shade went flying into a food stand and got up after a short while. Shade charged at Jawo’ who fired a big beam of sprite. Shade dodged it and then got hit by one of the floating fists which exploded and covered him with sprite.

“Well this sure seems unfair.” Shade said as he stood up.

“It had to be done.”

Shade fired a chaos spear at Jawo’, who side-stepped it and summoned another wave of sprite which hit Shade.

“I can’t really play around anymore since I’ve got a schedule to keep, I’ll be seeing you, Shade.” Jawo’ said as he turned around.

Jawo’ ran to a small hardware shop and grabbed the parts he needed then took out a small object. Jawo’ then teleported him and the items out of the area using chaos control. Shade got up shortly afterwards and saw Jawo’ was gone.

“Damn it.” Shade said angrily.

Shade quickly wiped some of the sprite off his fur then ran off. He ran past SA2 who was walking back to the park. He got to Mads house five minutes later and climbed in through the window. Mads got home from school two hours later. Sonny was in the kitchen as he entered.

“Hey Sonny.” Mads said as he entered the kitchen.

“Hey Mads, good to see ya.”

“So what have you been up to?” Mads asked.

“Well after looking at the list, I decided I would watch Bleach first. I’ve been watching it for four hours already.”

“Well that’s good to hear.”

Sonny ran back upstairs. Mads came up a minute later and when he entered his room, Shade was lying on his bed while Sonny was sitting down, looking at a bottle of bleach.

“Uhh, Shade…has he been watching that bottle for hours?” He asked.

Shade didn’t say a word but slowly nodded.

“When I put down Bleach I didn’t mean this...”

“Sonny will get bored eventually then watch the real thing.” Shade said.

The three of them remained in the same positions with absolute silence. Meanwhile, at the old factory Jawo’ arrived with several parts. “Special delivery for a Mister Blaid!”

Raizor walked up to Jawo’ and took the parts from him then gave him 100 bucks. “Thanks. Much appreciated.”

“Just doing my job.” He then turned around and walked to the exit.” Well I’ll be seeing ya, Raizor.”

“Yeah, see ya.” Raizor took the parts then walked off in a different direction.
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Chapter 9, Part 1 – A Shocking Discovery

It was 6:30 in the morning at Crystal’s house. The walls in her room were purple while the carpet was brown. Her bed was in the bottom left corner with her TV ahead. Her wardrobe was to the right with a dressing table next to it. Crystal was wearing pajamas which were pink and had hearts on them. She got up and walked over to her wardrobe, and then took out her normal clothes. At 7:00, Crystal left her room wearing her normal clothes and walked down the hallway. As Crystal got near the bathroom door, Ruby rushed out of her room and into the bathroom, and then shut the door quickly. Crystal stood there for a few seconds and then walked back to her room.

Crystal was done getting ready by 7:20; she then walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Crystal’s parents and Ruby were already sitting at the table eating as Crystal entered the room. The Sonic Advance Special Stage theme was playing on the radio as she entered. Crystal’s mom had light brown hair and yellow pupils. She was wearing an orange dress with a white outline. She had black stockings with blue high heels. Crystal’s dad had black hair with strands of hair circled around his head in different directions, and his pupils were orange. He wore a black jacket, dark grey jeans and white shoes. Crystal sat down near Ruby.

“Good morning, Crystal, did you sleep well?” Her Mom said as she sat down.

“As well as every other day.” She frowned.

Crystal reached over and grabbed a box of eggo on the table.

“Let go of my eggo!” Ruby shouted.

“It’s not all yours.” Crystal said. 

“My eggo!” Ruby shouted again.

“Ruby, let Crystal have one of your eggos.” Her dad said.

“Fine.” Ruby said as she crossed her arms.

Crystal sighed as she took one. Later, Crystal left for school at 7:40 and arrived a few minutes before 8. Crystal and the rest of her class had an English lesson at eight but the teacher wasn’t in so they sat down and started talking.

“You know what really grinds my gears? English.” Amber said randomly.

“Tru dat.” Mads responded.

“Well we’re in an English lesson right now if you haven’t noticed.” Crystal said.

“But what’s the point, after you know about how to spell, read, and write stuff it’s pretty useless. I mean, they ask stupid stuff like, ‘Why did the writer have no full stops for a whole paragraph?’ how the hell should I know?” Amber babbled on.

“You can stop the ranting now.” Crystal said.

“She rants quite often, most of the time babbling on to a point where she doesn’t have one anymore.” Mads explained.

“I see.” Crystal quietly said.

“You see well.” Mads replied.

At lunch, Mads, Amber, Crystal, Polly, Melissa, Jason, Jade and Jared were all sitting at one table.

“This is one of the first times we’ve ever had a full table of people we know.” Mads said, looking around.

“It was probably me and my coolness which influenced this.” Jason grinned.

“Yeah, sure it was.” Amber said as she rolled her eyes. “Hey Polly, you gonna do the creepy thing again?” She asked.

“Nah, I don’t do that on Wednesdays.” Polly replied.

The area was silent for a few moments except for Melissa eating a sandwich.

“Wait, what?” Crystal asked, confused.

“Am I the only one who’s noticed she isn’t that crazy on Wednesdays?” Melissa asked.

“Surprising yes.” Jared replied.

“Jade, what about you? You must notice a lot of things, did you notice Polly’s less crazy attitude?” Mads asked.

“I dislike crazy.”

“So that’s a no?”

Jade looked at Mads with a cold stare. “So that’s a no.” Mads said as he looked away.

“For being a full table, you guys suck at producing an interesting conversation.” Amber said.

“It’s the ego again.” Jason said with a smile.

“You’re barely involved at all, so that insult also applies to yourself.” Crystal said, responding to Amber’s comment.

DJ and SA2 walked towards the table moments later. SA2 walked on while DJ stopped.

“Hey DJ, what’s up?” Amber said as DJ approached the table.

“Just checking up on you guys…is that a full table?”

“Yeah, I was shocked as well.” Jason said.

SA2 walked up to DJ moments later. “C’mon man, let’s bounce!” 

“Alright, see you guys.” DJ said as SA2 and he left.

Amber then turned her attention towards the others. “So as I was saying, you guys suck at interesting conversations.”

Some time later at Mads house, Sonny was looking at the anime list while Shade was playing Sonic Adventure, as Sonic on Windy Valley.

“What’s up with you?” Shade asked.

“Just deciding what anime to watch…”

“You’ve been doing that for an hour.”

“Well I’ll decide eventually.”

Back at Smal High, Crystal was at her locker with Amber and Mads. Jessica walked past while Crystal was getting something from her locker.

“So when were you and that girl friends?” Amber asked as she watched Jessica.

“A long time ago, in middle school, we were quite close. We just eventually grew apart as time went on…” Crystal said.

“K.” Amber and Mads responded in unison.

“Didn’t think you’d care much.” Crystal sighed.

Crystal shut her locker and the three of them walked down the corridor. Hours later, school was over and Amber, Crystal and Mads were walking home.

“I’ll see you guys later.” Crystal said as she walked off.

Crystal went down another road and into an alley. She then changed into her team outfit and flew off into the sky. She flew around the city for a bit, and then noticed someone coming towards her from ahead. The unknown figure tackled Crystal and they crashed into a warehouse. They both got up quickly and moved back a bit. The figure was wearing an outfit similar to Crystal’s but it is all blue and had a lightning symbol on the front. The figure also had a blue cape.

“If you don’t mind, could you tell me the reason you attacked me?” Crystal asked.

The person took off her blue helmet and revealed herself as Jessica. Crystal then slowly took off her helmet.

“Quite surprising yet, not so much.” Crystal said, seeming amused.

“So how long did you know then?” Jessica asked.

“I didn’t, just guessed…so, your powers?”

“Right, I can control electricity, and stuff like that.” Jessica said, covering her hand in electricity.

“Pretty interesting, so I suppose you wish to fight me?”

“I wish to injure you, but yeah, let’s go with that.” Jessica said, pointing both her hands towards Crystal.

Jessica fired an electrical beam at Crystal who jumped to the left, lifted up two boxes and threw them at Jessica. Jessica charged her left fist with electricity and punched the two boxes. Jessica charged towards Crystal and tried to uppercut her. Crystal ducked and kicked Jessica diagonally up. Jessica went through the roof and into the sky again as Crystal followed her. Crystal fired a wave of energy which Jessica dodged by descending. Crystal flew towards Jessica and tried to kick her again.

Jessica side-stepped the kick and punched Crystal, sending her flying. Crystal went through the window of a big building, and then came out the other side. Jessica flew round to the other side of the building and charged her fist with electricity as Crystal came towards her. Crystal recovered and turned upside down, then fired a blast of energy at Jessica who flew into another building.

Crystal and Jessica both charged at each other, covering their fists with energy. Their punches connected in the sky, making a big shock wave. Crystal then back flipped in the air and hit Jessica with a downward kick. Jessica landed in the warehouse again and Crystal floated down to her and picked up her helmet.

“I would like to spend more time fighting you but I’ve gotta get going, I’ll see you soon.” Crystal said as she turned her back to Jessica.

Crystal flew off towards her house. Jessica got up shortly after and picked up her helmet then saw that Crystal was gone. She then flew off in a different direction. SA2 climbed onto the roof and started fixing it.

Jessica flew into an alleyway and changed back into her normal clothes then walked off home where Zoom was waiting for her. “You got owned, huh?”

“Oh, shut up…”

Meanwhile, Mads recently arrived at his house and was in his room.

“Hey guys.” Mads said.

“Hey.” The two hedgehogs responded.

“So did you watch any of those animes?” Mads asked.

“I’ll start tomorrow for sure.” Sonny said.

“Ok then.”

“So is there anything else to add?” Shade asked.

“Nope, end of chapter.”

End of Chapter
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Chapter 10, Part 1 – Chillin’ at the Carnival

Two days later, it was Friday morning. It was 7:00 at Amber’s house. The walls in her room were white with a big red line going across the middle, while the carpet was blue. Her bed was just ahead of the door in the corner with the TV to the left of the bed. Her wardrobe and cupboard were to the left of the door, and were both black. Amber was wearing lime green pajamas as she woke up and looked at the screen.

“Oh, is it my chapter already? It’s about time.” She said with a smile.

Amber jumped out of bed and walked over to her wardrobe, and then took out her normal clothes. At 7:10, Amber left her room wearing her normal clothes and walked down the hallway. The walls were light blue. Someone was walking towards Amber down the hallway. He was wearing a black short sleeved shirt with flames at the bottom. He wore red pants with yellow trainers. He had the same hairstyle as Mads but his hair was a bit darker and he had blue pupils. He was about 4’3”.

“Yo.” Amber said as she walked past him.

“Sup.” The boy replied.

“That’s my little brother, Max, he’s 11.” Amber said, looking at the screen.

Amber reached the bathroom moments later and went into the bathroom. Amber was done getting ready by 7:20, she then walked downstairs. The walls were grey and the floors were blue. Amber walked into the kitchen where Max and her dad were sitting down and her mom was at the microwave.

Her mom had brown hair which went down to the collar of her jumper. The torso of her jumper was red while the sleeves and the bottom of the jumper were pink. Her pants were red and her shoes were also red. Her pupils were also brown. Her dad had light brown hair with spikes in different directions. He wore a black leather jacket and pants which matched the top. He wore black trainers and had light blue pupils.

“Good morning, people!” Amber said as she sat down at the table and poured herself a bowl of lucky charms.

“Well you’re in a good mood.” Her dad said.

“And why wouldn’t I be? I have a wonderful home, great friends, and a brother who isn’t as annoying as hell.”

“Tru dat.” Max said as he gave a thumbs up.

“I’m not giving you any extra money.” Her Mom said.

“Fine, be like that.” Amber frowned.

“I’m gonna need some extra bucks for the carnival tonight.” Max said.

“I can only give you ten.” His Mom said as she sat down at the table and gave him the money.

“Yeah, that’ll do.” Max said as he took the money.

“…Ok, now that was just cruel.” Amber said.

Later at Smal High, Amber, Crystal, Mads were at Amber’s locker.

“So my mom gives my younger brother ten bucks but not me.” Amber said as she shut her locker.

“Ouch.” Mads said.

“Indeed.” Crystal replied.

“You guys are going to that carnival, right?” Amber asked.

“Yeah, I’m going.” Mads said.

“I guess, I also didn’t know you had a brother.” Crystal said.

“A younger brother who is 11, his name is Max, and an older brother who is 19.” Amber explained.

“What’s his name?” Crystal asked.

“I forgot his real name; he sometimes goes by the name Blitz though.”

“…Fair enough.”

“Sonny and Shade are coming, right?” Amber asked.

“Well there’s a high possibility.” Mads replied.


The three of them continued walking and soon passed Mike in the corridor.

“Hey Mike.” Mads said as they slowly passed him.


The school bell rang as Mike began to talk, Amber, Crystal and Mads then rushed off as Mike sighed. Some time later at Mads house, Sonny was looking at the anime list and Shade was on the PC.

“Still looking at that list?” Shade asked.

“Yep.” Sonny said as he nodded his head.

“Still deciding?”

“Yup.” He nodded again.

Back at Smal High, Amber, Crystal and Mads were outside on a field. A bunch of people were playing baseball. All three of them were on the bench, sitting next to SA2. Amber then looked at the screen.

“You didn’t think there was another area besides the cafeteria, did you?” Amber smiled.

“I did.” Mads responded.

“I’m not talking to you.”

“Hey Amber, you’re up!” Jason shouted from the pitch.

“About time.” Amber said as she got up.

Amber grabbed her bat then walked to the base and prepared to swing. A young male stood in front of Amber. He had blonde hair covering one eye and blue pupils. He wore a grey jacket with an orange shirt with an orange feather on it, with a white outline. He wore grey baggy jeans and dark grey shoes.

“You ready, Amber?” The boy said.

“Whenever you are.” Amber said with a smile. 

The pitcher threw the ball at Amber. Amber whacked the ball and sent it flying so high it disappeared into the sky.

“I guess I hit it a bit too high…” Amber said, looking up.

After school, Amber, Crystal and Mads were walking home.

“So who was that guy out on the field, it seemed like you knew him.” Crystal said.

“Just some guy I used to go out with, his name is Kyle.”

“The Carnival starts at 7pm so I’ll see you guys then.” Mads said.

“K.” Crystal and Amber responded.

Crystal went down another road towards her house. Amber and Mads continued walking and got to Amber’s house. Mads kept walking and got to his house a bit later. Mads walked up to his room where Sonny and Shade were.

“Hey you guys, there’s a carnival later tonight, and I was wondering if you two wanted to come.” Mads said as he entered the room.

“Yeah, sounds great.” Sonny said as he looked up from the anime list.

“Sure.” Shade said.

“You two will need a disguise though.” Mads said.

Mads went into his wardrobe and gave Sonny a black T-shirt with a star on it, grey pants and a red cap. Mads gave Shade a T-shirt with the torso being white and the sleeves being red, blue pants and a green cap. Sonny and Shade put them on quickly.

“That should be decent.” Mads said, looking at the two hedgehogs.

“These clothes suck ass.” Sonny said.

“I agree with Sonny.” Shade said.

“These are just to make you look human, and they should work hopefully.”

Mads mom came into the room minutes later and saw the two hedgehogs. 

“Hi mom, just two friends I invited.” Mads said.

“Ok, just checking who was up here.” Mads mom left and Mads looked at the two hedgehogs. “Seems to work just fine.”

Hours later, it was dark outside. Mads dad dropped off Mads, Sonny and Shade off at the carnival entrance which was in the park area. The three of them meet Crystal and Amber as they got out of the car.

“I’ll be coming back to pick you up at ten.” Mads dad said.

“K, bye.” Mads said as he waved.

Mads’ dad drove off and the five of them walked through the entrance.

“So what is there to do here?” Crystal said.

“The usual, and what’s with those outfits?” Amber asked, looking at Sonny and Shade.

“Mads suggested we wear them to look human.” Shade responded.

“That’s a load of crap, who’s gonna believe they’re human?” Crystal asked.

Polly walked up to them moments later. “Hi guys! Who be the new guys?”

“I stand corrected.” Crystal said, rolling her eyes.

“Just call me Son, and call him Shad.” Sonny said. “Wow, I didn’t think I could make that any more obvious…”

“We should all split up and look around for no reason at all.” Mads suggested.

Everyone agreed and walked off in different directions. The Carnival Night theme started playing as they all walked off. Sonny was walking down a path and saw a dunk tank to his left with SA2 sitting on it while a young boy was throwing balls at a target. Sonny grabbed one of the balls and threw it five seconds after the theme began, the ball hit the target two seconds later and SA2 dropped into the water a second later.

Shade walked past Mads playing the beat on an organ a second later while people hit each other with bumper cars in the background. After a short period it showed Ruby and Max going round on a carousel. Crystal walked up to a hammer game, picked up the mallet and slammed it on the base six seconds later; it hit the bell at the top by two seconds later. It showed Max and Ruby again on the carousel for eight seconds.

Mads played the beat again shortly. Several seconds afterwards someone dressed in a ghost outfit went around the area. Ten seconds afterwards Amber picked up the mallet Crystal used and slammed it on the base. The bars lighted up as it traveled up the pole. It reached the top two seconds later and knocked the bell of the game. Mads’ continued to play the beat seconds later then stopped playing moments after.

Very shortly afterwards, Amber went to a private area and changed into her team outfit. She then walked around for a bit and approached a booth where she could fire at targets. The man at the table offered her a gun but she refused and decided to shoot the targets with small beams of fire, using her hand. When she got to the last target, someone behind her hit it with a small ice shard.

“Nice shot.” Amber said as she slowly turned around.

He wore an outfit which looked similar to Amber’s. The torso was white while the sleeves were black with blue stripes. His pants were black with blue stripes and his helmet was blue with big black stripes going down the middle.

“Ahh, so another person with powers.”

“That’s right, Amber.”

“Since you know my name, I must know you.” Amber said as she thought. “Let me guess, Kyle, right?”

“What gave it away?” He asked.

“The fact that you knew me.”

“Well I see you spent time mastering your powers.”

“There’s no point having them if you don’t use them. Now, c’mon, I’m bored so let’s do this.” Amber said as she covered her hands with fire.

“Sure, I got time.” Kyle responded.

Kyle fired three ice shards at Amber. Amber jumped over the shards and charged at Kyle. Kyle moved out the way and Amber punched a hole through the wall. Kyle hit Amber with an ice beam; Amber went flying and landed on her feet then fired a big fireball at Kyle. Kyle dodged it by bending back, while Amber moved towards Kyle while spinning then kicked him to the right and followed him. Sonny, Shade, Crystal and Mads were sitting on a bench in one area of the carnival.

“So what did you guys do?” Mads asked.

“Well Shade and I went on this roller coaster, it was the ownage.” Sonny said.

“I went on some ride which I didn’t like much.” Crystal said, looking bored.

“Well you can ‘Ride’ with me anytime.” Sonny grinned.

“Were you implying what I think you were?” Crystal asked.

“Most likely, yes.” Sonny replied.

Kyle and Amber flew past the four of them with Kyle still flying back. Kyle recovered and sprung himself back from a handstand so he is slightly higher than Amber as she reached him. Kyle started attacking with his feet while Amber blocked the attacks. Amber soon whacked away his feet, moved up slightly and started attacking him.

Kyle blocked the attacks; soon they both come towards a merry-go-round. Kyle moved back a bit, did a handstand and spun to the left while firing multiple ice shards at Amber. Amber spun around multiple times, covering herself in fire and destroying the shards. When Amber reached Kyle she gave him an uppercut and he landed in a food stand. Kyle quickly got up and covered his hands with ice while Amber covered her hands with fire. Crystal rushed over and stood between them. “Whoa! Calm down, you two.”

“Why?” Amber asked.

“I dunno.” She shrugged. “But the fireworks are gonna start in a bit, anyway.”

“K.” Amber and Kyle responded.

“I should go change.” Amber said as she walked off.

“Yeah, me too.” Kyle said as he left in a different direction.

Crystal walked up to Sonny, Shade and Mads on the bench.

“What was that about?” Shade asked.

“Just another random moment.” Crystal said as she sat down.

Five minutes later, Sonny, Shade, Crystal, Ruby and Mads were standing in a crowded spot watching the fireworks. Amber, Max, Polly and Melissa walked up to them.

“About time you got back here.” Crystal said.

“I had to go find Max.” Amber replied.

“You guys seem to forget me an awful lot.” Melissa frowned.

“Well it’s not exactly their faults. With us four being main characters, plus Mads, we haven’t got much time for the side ones.” Sonny explained.

“Hey, you’re the two hedgehogs who beat that guy in the giant robot.”

“At least someone noticed you two aren’t human.” Crystal said.

Amber looked at the screen moments later. “Just to put the record straight, Ruby is 10 and 4’1”. Crystal is 16 and is 5’6” and a half. I am 17 because my birthday passed a while ago and I am 5’6”.” 

“Amber, who are you talking to?” Mads asked.

“It’s a secret.”

“K. End of chapter.”

“Stop saying that.” Shade said in a cold voice.

“No u.” He responded.

Soon after the fireworks ended people started leaving. Somewhere high in the sky, a giant ice shard landed in a river very far away and started to slowly freeze the river.
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That guy

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I'd make a long review but...

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I'd make a long review but...


Do it...Nao.
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Those who've watched DBZ should know what I'm doing...no, I is not doing it wrong
Ice X Saga: Chapter 11 – An Icy Domain

Early the next morning, at Crystal’s house she was playing Sonic the Hedgehog and died at the boss on Green Hill Zone Act 3 after hitting him seven times. Crystal frowned as the game over message appeared.

“Darn you crazy round man…” She said, shaking her fist.

Crystal’s mom shouted from the stairs, “Crystal, someone is on the phone for you!”

“I’ll be down in a sec.” Crystal replied.

Crystal switched the game off and went downstairs. Her mom handed her the phone and walked off as Crystal got downstairs.


“Hey Crystal, it’s me, Mads.”

“Oh, hey, so what’s this about?”

“Well Amber is coming round my house in a bit, and I just wondered if you wanted to come too.”

“Alright, I’ve got nothing better to do anyway.”

“Be round my place at 12. See you soon.” Mads said before he put the phone down.

Crystal walked into the kitchen and sat next to Ruby then quickly poured herself a bowl of cereal.

“So what are you doing today, Crystal?”

“Going to a friends house.”

“The same friend who has that mutant blue hedgehog?”


“Tell him I dislike that hedgehog.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Crystal soon left her house and into an alley, then flew to Mads’ house and rang the doorbell. Mads dad answered the door.

“Hi there, I’m here to see Mads.”

“Mads, there’s a girl down here to see you.” Mads dad yelled.

Mads came down 10 second later and his dad walked away as he came to the door. “Hey, come in, the other three are already here.”

Crystal followed Mads’ to his room where Amber was sitting on his bed and Sonny and Shade were next to the PC. Mads sat on the bed and resumed his game of Double Dragon 3 with Amber while Crystal sat down on a chair.

“What game is that?” Crystal asked.

“Double Dragon 3.” Amber responded. “It’s hard as hell.”

“How hard?” Shade asked.

“It’s so hard; it’s difficult to get past the first level.” Mads said.

“That’s NO good.” Sonny replied.

Shortly after, a small red light on Crystal’s team outfit started blinking under her normal clothes. Amber quickly noticed it. “Hey Crystal, your clothes are blinking.”

Crystal rolled up her sleeve and pressed a red button near the four other buttons. Commander Grey’s voice was then heard. “One of you four need to get down here as soon as possible.” He said before he hung up.

“How come mine was the only one which went off?” Crystal asked as she put her sleeve down.

“I’m not wearing my suit today.” Amber said.

“Neither am I.” Sonny said.


Shade slowly shook his head.

“It’s a bit surprising I’d be the one wearing it the most.”

“Why do you wear that so much under your clothes, anyway?” Mads asked.

“Well, when I was a little girl, I’d always dreamed of being a superhero and saving people and stuff, it just feels great knowing I can do that. Also, I wear the suit so much to get that feeling.” Crystal said with a smile.

“You need to get out more.” Amber replied.

Crystal sighed. “Yeah, well I’m going there now.”

“Need some help?” Shade asked.

“Nah, I think I got this.” She said as she got up.

Crystal waved goodbye, walked downstairs and left the house. She walked down the street and into an alleyway where SA2 was beating another hobo with a stick and wore her team outfit. She then flew off. Crystal arrived at the old building a few minutes later and took the lift. When she left the lift Commander Grey was just ahead of her.

“I see you’re still wearing that outfit.” He said as she approached him.

“Yeah, I wear it too much, so what’s the problem?”

“Well last night in some suburbs, something landed in a lake. By morning, the whole place was covered in ice.”

“This must be the start of the Ice X Saga…” Crystal said as she rubbed her chin.

“You think?” He said sarcastically.

“So you want me to go check what’s going on down there, and probably kill the thing causing the problem?”

“Only if it’s evil.”

“There’s a good chance it is if it’s frozen the whole area.”

“You should be able to get to the location quickly if you keep going south from here.”

“Alright, I’m off.” Crystal said as she turned towards the lift.

Crystal entered the lift and ended up in the building. Crystal flew out of the building and went south. After a minute of slowly flying south, Crystal came upon a small area entirely covered with ice. SA2 was skating on the ice. There were also icebergs around the area, Crystal landed on the river which was completely frozen.   

“Whoa, what on earth happened here?” She said as she looked around the area. 

Back at Mads’ house, Sonny, Shade, Amber and Mads’ were sitting in a circle.

“So what do you guys wanna do?” Mads’ asked.

“I got nothing.” Amber said.

“How about we play strip poker?” Sonny suggested.

“There’s no point.” Shade said, shaking his head.

“Why?” Mads asked.

“Well, an obvious fact is that me and Sonny are both naked anyway, plus I doubt Amber would feel embarrassed about taking off her clothes.”

“He’s right.” Amber nodded.

“Yes, no embarrassment does lower the greatness.” Sonny said.

“I don’t care about that to be quite honest.” Mads said.

Back at the icy area, Crystal had been walking around for a short while and soon encountered tall monsters made of ice, enslaving some humans in chains. Crystal flew towards them and went straight through one of the ice monsters, making it fall over. The others turned towards her as she landed and fired ice shards at her.

Crystal caught three of the shards using her psychokinesis, and then kicked one shard back at an ice monster, making it explode into pieces of ice. Crystal threw the last three shards at the remaining ice monsters, destroying them. Crystal then broke the chains and freed the humans in the area.

“Thank you for saving us.” One of the women said.

“Who did this?” Crystal asked.

“Him!” One man shouted as he pointed behind Crystal. A slightly big, humanoid ice creature came walking towards the area. His arms, legs and head were clear blue while his torso was dark blue; he also had a sharp tip pointing up on his head. On the back of his hands he had a black dragon symbol. The civilians ran off as the creature came near them.

“So this work is your doing, huh?”

“Yeah, I decided these people need to chill.” He said with a grin.

“Well it’s obvious you’re evil, so I’m here to kill you.”

“Don’t expect me to go down easy.” He said as he moved out of the area. Crystal followed him across the ice.
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